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StatusStudentField of StudyThesis TitleSupervisors
1987 Phd
Lo Man Chiu
Philosophy of law in modern China
1989 Phd
Wong Kin Ki
Human Resources Management and Business Policy
Emeritus Professor Redding Stanley Gordon
1990 Phd
Ko Chi Keung Anthony
Comparative study of enterprise structureStrategy and Performance of Listed Firms in Hong Kong: 1975-1994
Emeritus Professor Redding Stanley Gordon
1991 MPhil
Ho Chung Fong
Denture Base PolymersPoly(methylmethacrylate) dentures reinforced with highly drawn polyethylene fibres: dimensional changes during processing and in service
Dr Ladizesky Noe Hugo
1991 Phd
Chung Ting Yiu Robert
Social development - study of rural leadership in Hong Kong Traditionality Amidst Modernity: A Study of Two Legislative Council By-elections in New Territories West (1991-1992)
1991 Phd
Halliday Peter Ernest
Suicide Predicting when we die: The design and testing of a tool to predict, at useful levels, the intent to commit suicide in the Hong Kong community (and a review of suicides in China, Taiwan and Singapore)
Professor Pearson Veronica Jane
1991 Phd
Leung Yin Hung
The development of Political Parties in Hong KongState and Society: The Emergence and Marginalization of Political Parties in Hong Kong
Professor Scott Ian
1991 Phd
Li Zheng Ming
Western AccountingPolitical Costs and Accrual Adjustments
Dr Lin Zhijun
Professor Tung Samuel Shui Liang
1991 Phd
Zhou Wei
Conflict and Coordination: Future Relationship Between The Laws of HK Special Administrative Region and Mainland ChinaMarxism & Human Rights: A Theoretical Perspective
Emeritus Professor Wacks Raymond Ivor
1992 MPhil
Dias Andrew Paul Lakshman Henry
Magnets in DentistryAspects of the use and design of magnets in dentistry
1992 MPhil
Hogan Mary Vivianne
ASEAN: integration prospects for the futureThe development and role of ASEAN as a regional association
Mr Roberts Elfed Vaughan
1992 Phd
Anthony Mely Caballero
The role of regional organizations in conflict resolution: the case of ASEAN and the Cambodian conflictRegional Organizations and Regional Security: The Role of Regional Organizations in Conflict Management - The Case of ASEAN
1992 Phd
Chew Lim Fee Yee
Organizational CultureEvolution of Organisational Culture: A Singaporean Experience
Mrs Stewart Sally Elizabeth Acland
1992 Phd
Chung Koon Ying Louis
Use of information systems to gain competitive advantageA Study of Strategic Information Systems Planning Practices in Hong Kong
Professor Tricker Robert Ian
1992 Phd
Hall Greg G.
Architecture: the architectural design and construction market of the People's Republic of ChinaDesign management of mass housing: Key issues in Shanghai and Hong Kong
Dr Ganesan Sivaguru
1992 Phd
Itakura Hiroko
Discourse analysis researchDominance in L1 and L2 Conversation: A Study of Japanese Male and Female Learners of English
1992 Phd
Lee Oi Man Grace
Personnel Management and Industrial RelationsLabour Importation in Hong Kong: A Study of its Implications on Human Resource Management and Workplace Relations
Professor Ng Sek Hong
1992 Phd
Lovelock Peter
Contemporary Chinese politics and economics The Evolution of China's National Information Infrastructure (NII): A policy-making analysis
1992 Phd
Mak Kwai Ming Simon
FinanceDividend and Growth Financing Strategies of Large Public Companies in Hong Kong
1992 Phd
Ng Chi Yun Jeanne
Environmental management
Dr Barron William Francis