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Brain Systems Responsible for Chinese Language Processing: Applications of Basic Research Findings to Language Learning Practice and Translational Medicine26
How to Tell a Persian from a Turk: Safavid Ambassadors and the Visual Culture of the Papal Court from Gregory XIII (1572–1585) to Paul V (1605–1620)36
Participatory Cultural-Social Innovation in the Living Preservation of the Blue House Heritage Cluster178
The canonical word order myth: investigating a processing-typological puzzle in the Cantonese double object construction123
Production for Festival Use: Hong Kong Women Filmmakers, International Circuits, Regional Networks, and Ann Hui’s My Way23
The epistemology assumption: why ‘knowledge’ isn’t the right concept for metaphilosophy25
Songs of Delusion: Wong Kar-wai's 'Fallen Angels'122
'Benedictine Monasticism and Religion in Colonial Australia'88
The eastern edge of Southeast Asia?: a linguistic area seen from its fringe58
’Curse of the Community’; Beachcomber Youth in Colonial Asia19
Eighteenth-century botanical cosmopolitanism: books, seeds and herbaria51
Becoming Time: Cyclicity in Schubert's Expanded Secondary Theme Area28
Why truthmaking is not grounding35
Freedom and Legitimacy107
Comprehension of presupposition triggers in Cantonese-speaking children with and without autism spectrum disorders27
The Tragedy of Liberation21
To China and Back: Circularities in European Art and Gardens, 1700-1900”129
Participation as empowerment process: preserving blue house and building a sustainable community121
Chinese Dyslexia: Multiple Problems Without A Core Deficit32
University of Hong Kong Women and their Struggle with Discrimination (1920s-1970s)56
Redeeming Freedom102
Brecht in Hong Kong Cinema: Ann Hui’s Ordinary Heroes (1999)120
(De-)Altaicisation as convergence and divergence between Japonic and Koreanic languages14
The Dispositional Interpretation of the DGZ Bohmian Ontology14
The Prosodic System of Japanese as a subtype of Tone System: evidence from Prinmi146
Selling NASA: skylab student experiment project61
Areal features of Englishes in Asia?72
(De) Constructing the disciplinary identity of music theory: the case of theories of rhythm at the turn of the Twentieth Century28
Emergent phonological representations: no need for autosegmental architecture46
Taking Suffrage Seriously: Hong Kong Women Media Artists, Digital Democracy, and the 2014 Umbrella Movement42
Vowel harmony in emergent grammar: the case of Kinande42
The Inescapable Desire for Truth26
China since the Communist Revolution21
A National Custom: Debating Female Servitude in Late-Nineteenth-Century Hong Kong119
Incompatibilist about what?25
Xunzi vs. the Primitivists on Nature and Culture38
Zhuangzi, perspectives, and greater knowledge84
Rhetorics of Display: Brighton Pavilion and the End of Chinoiserie37
In Face of Globalization, Neoliberalization, Mainlandization: Shifts in Libidinal-Political Economy and Changing Plural Masculinities in Post-1997 Hong Kong133
Object Functions and the Syntax of Double Object Constructions in Lexical Functional Grammar69
Conserving the National Landscape: The Barbizon School in the Forest of Fontainebleau'104
A Bottom-up approach to Margi tone28
Differential argument marking in the Himalayas32
Universal vs. language-specific aspects in human vocal attractiveness: an investigation towards Japanese native listeners' perceptual pattern98
Plagued in Hong Kong: Disease in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction38
Gender, Race, and Beauty19
Philosophy Sometimes Relies on Intuitions24
Imagined Profits: Converging and Diverging Representations of Chinese Agrarian Labor in Late-Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century China and Britain42
Shen Yuan’s Speechless ‘Tongues’: Speaking out beyond language barriers47
Going Viral13
'Minding Gaps’: Theorizing Bodily and Musical Motions in the Early 20th Century30
The Dialectic of Agency in Confucianism84
Clara Law, Asia and World Cinema: Letters to Ali (2004)48
Prescience as Decadence; 'Tristan' in Visconti's 'Ludwig'109
The State as Parent: Children, Public Schools and the Contest over State Power in the United States, 1900-197512
Comparing linguistic minorities in Hong Kong and Nepal12
Conceptualising Colonial Childhood13
Empire, Panic, and the Business of Disease99
Ayurbarwada the ‘Mongolian Candidate’ and Wang Zhenpeng’s Vimalakīrti and the Doctrine of Non-duality68
Tales of Courtship: Encountering the Mongols136
Prosodic morphology in Dagaare93
Diffusion MRI registration using orientation distribution functions73
Diversity in Sino-Tibetan Languages11
The way without crossroads revisited130
The Transnational and rhizomatic politics of creativity in Wong Bik-wan’s fiction131
The Cultural Revolution: A People's History, 1962-197627
The Tragedy of Liberation21
There’s No Place Like It: Promoting Colonial Hong Kong as a Tourist Destination26
Cultural thickness: the possibility of cultural cluster formation in Wanchai114
Challenges For Communicating With A Globalised Patient Population: A Look At Prenatal Counseling In Hong Kong133
Constructing cultural identities in multicultural workplaces in Hong Kong109
A Pandemic of Local Concern: Dengue in Pamanukan21
Reverse transfer in trilingual acquisition of relative clauses87
Constructing a new pantheon of Confucian worthies: Portraits of four Yuan scholars60
When civilisations meet: What East Asia wants from the West37
France's Colony in China and Modern Zhanjiang (湛 江): Events, Memories, and Research37
Attention as dual process84
Sinicization of the Tai-Kadai minority languages in China: A typological survey6
Impressionism and the Formation of Modern Culture34
Coming of Age in Post-Urban Hong Kong: An Eco-critical Approach to Land-filming51
Hong Kong Time18
Illiberal China and Decoding Terms24
Of racial contracts42
America, for and against: European faultlines in the Twentieth Century34
The Epistemic Status of Intuition25
Ann Hui and the Law12
Codemixing and social change: observations from Suriname66
Anti-transfer effects in third language acquisition182
Morality beyond Humans: the early Mohist attribution of ren to tian and the Socratic reinterpretation of the traditional gods29
Mother, murder and matricide in China's uneven modernity143
Rebuilding the Soviet Far East: the politics of industry and infrastructure after WWII44
Tone in Nubri14
Incompatibilist about what?44
Departing from THE DEPARTED (2006): The INFERNAL AFFAIRS Trilogy (2002-3) and Ten Years of Film in (and out of) the HKSAR”149
Word Order, Information Structure and Intonation of Discontinuous Nominal Constructions in Cantonese100
Island of Sovereignty: The British Position in Hong Kong and its Implications for the Suppression of Piracy in the China Seas, 1841-186027
Les Maoïstes, les Chinoises, and Jean-Pierre Léaud: China, France, and the sexual politics of the Cultural Revolution35
Challenging the Ming: music enterprises at Tokugawa bakufu and Manchu Court in the early 18th century95
Livestock Production and Negotiating the Terrain of the Law in Nineteenth-Century Philippines4
Audiovisual cue enhancement in the production and perception of the COT-CAUGHT contrast27
Decorating the Bund: semi-colonial ideology in the early history of the Shanghai Municipal Orchestra106
Chinese Cinemas and Global Modernity33
華語語系文學跨地域、基進的創新策略: 以黃碧雲的小說為例136
'Mr. Anglo-American': Arthur Lehman Goodhart, the Scholar as Diplomat90
Half a billion speakers in 2100? Aspects & implications of the growth of the English creoles & pidgins of West Africa44
Coevolution of language and intentionality sharing73
Animals and their relationship to Hong Kong people's life during the Japanese Occupation36
Multi-contrast diffusion tensor image registration with structural MRI83
The Boy Scout program and the construction of new citizenship in the Nanjing Decade (1928-1937)24
Locative constructions and the genealogical differentiation of the Afro-Caribbean English-lexifier Creoles42
When folk art meets the literary world119
On Pichi (Equatorial Guinea): sociolinguistic, typological, and contact-related aspects16
The Look, the Leer, the Glare, the Glance and the Gaze: #MeToo in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China17
Roughing it in the Far East: Portrayals of Life and Leisure in Colonial Hong Kong21
Coming of Age in Post-Urban Hong Kong: An Eco-critical Approach to Land-writing and Land-filming56
The quantum-classical divide understood in terms of Bohm’s holographic paradigm28
Decolonizing neoliberalism: new preservation movements in Hong Kong89
Chung Chang-Wha in Hong Kong: A Redemptive Action Cinema of Confucian Virtue38
Consuming the Nation: Food, Drink, and Diaspora in the American Missionary Memoir12
Hong Kong Police on Screen44
The mandarin proved himself a gallant, active, and efficient ally': British and Qing Interaction in the Suppression of Piracy, 1841-186019
Keeping the forests dry: Colonial prohibition and the attempts to combat indigenous population decline in British North Borneo, 2920s-1930s11
Revisiting face in Chinese business meetings in Hong Kong29
An experimental ethics of fiction: Foucault with Beckett29
Putting Chinese natural knowledge to work in an eighteenth-century Swiss canton: the case of Dr Laurent Garcin45
The Age of Openness: China before Mao30
Case variability in Nubri40
The Kissinger Phenomenon: Villain, Victim, or Cold War Statesman?131
Working with Community, Government, Professional and Business Stake-holders: Knowledge Exchange in the living preservation of the Blue House Heritage Cluster66
Cantonese datives as complex predicates: insights from typology, processing and acquisition127
Research in the maritime history of Hong Kong and South China in the late nineteenth century: the Jebsen History Project134
A Brief Survey of Multidisciplinary Approaches in Evolutionary Linguistics186
Co-operatives in Germany1301
Theology and Music51
Chinese cinematic cities in the midst of destruction and consturction106
Fabulating Animals: Journey to an Affective Sphere in Asian Film Scene151
Narrating the city: depictions of street life in Guangdong paintings46
'A Horrid Practice' and 'So Extraordinary a Custom': British Observations on Infanticide and Footbinding in Pre-Opium War China18
The Image and the Witness: Paintings in post-Opium War Guangdong104
Caring for Empire: Colonial Nursing in Hong Kong and Cape Town (1880-1914)22
Representations of the pheasant in the Song and Yuan dynasties: Shifting identities of the ideal literati17
The Self-knowing Copy: A Copy Of A Copy Of The Qingming Shanghe Tu89
Western firms and Chinese compradors: the case of Jebsen & Co. and Chau Yue Ting42
Conventionalization of linguistic categories under simple communicative constraints55
Foregrounding marginal groups in historical analysis 9
Phonation in Fuzhou and Bumthang50
Revising women’s work: Representing the Production of Cotton in 18th-century China27
Popularizing botany in France: Barbeu Du Bourg, Le Breton and Bulliard102
The cultural-spatial turn in Hong Kong social movement36
Lean In or Bend Over? American Feminism and Hong Kong’s WONDER WOMEN76
The problem of images in Post-Linnaean Botanical Texts115
Trauma, authority, and memoryscape in Chinese Films59
The Self-making of Hong Kong Identities: An Ethnography of Anthem Singing15
An Emergent Phonology is a Transparent Phonology36
Rooftop Queering: Scud's Permanent Residence (2009) and Amphetamine (2010) and the Queering of Hong Kong166
A real live, peppy rendezvous: Café Culture and the Problem of Young Colonials in Interwar Hong Kong12
Sexual Citizenship and Social Justice in the HKSAR: Evans Chan’s Raise the Umbrellas (2016)19
Typological variation across Mandarin dialects: An areal perspective26
Roundtable: Doing China Studies in China: What's the Difference?27
Women as Cultural Intermediaries within the Chinese Diaspora: The Search for Esther Eng in S. Louisa Wei’s Golden Gate Girls (2013)16
Technologies of Knowledge: Gender, Class, and Keeping House20
An Ethics of Fiction: Beckett’s Disarticulations18
Social Entrepreneurship for Health127
Rebuilding An Eco-village From The Ruin Of Developmentalism: making Utopia In Choi Yuen Village, Hong Kong95
Giving credit where credit is due: Or why searching for a needle in a haystack is worth it4
New approaches to ‘Race’ in Asia13
‘Le “disciple critique le « maître”: Jean-Jacques Rousseau et la nomenclature linnéenne’56
Where’s the conflict: writing for the Singapore History Gallery108
'This Abominable Traffic': Child Slavery and Imperial Networks78
The grammar of displacement in Cantonese heritage speakers167
Courting China: Qing Arts in European Palaces52
The marking of comitative, instrument and coordination in Chinese Pidgin English and Melanesia Pidgin52
Mission civilisatrice au féminin dans la France de la Troisième République110
Multiple etymologies in Chinese Pidgin English: phonological, semantic and syntactic conflation in the case of 'long'37
Can Bohmian Mechanics be a good candidate for Ontic Structural Realism?23
Maoist Discourse, Historical Breaks, and Liberalism's Vengeance89
Neuchâtel, the Journal helvétique and the Republic of science, ca. 1740-176530
Serial Killer: Imagining SARS46
Sino-European Aesthetics at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton54
The long-term impact of McCarthyism on studies of China in North America92
"I am an Earthquake": the political and pedagogical use of stories by children who survived Japan’s 1923 catastrophe80
Orientalism Versus Occidentalism and Sinography105
Chinese women filmmakers and world cinema in the 21st century28
Tones in Cantonese English and Musical Intervals21
From Urbanscape to Waterscape: Place-(Un)Making in Contemporary Chinese Independent Cinema28
Modelling language competition without prestige107
Screen Feminisms with Hong Kong Characteristics13
Mohist fa and Platonic Idea29
Differential argument marking in New Guinea27
Tiny times, big deal, Hong Kong films, getting real94
'A Nugget If You Dug It!': Music Revivalism, Retro-nostalgia, and the Transnational Garage Rock Scene31
The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, 1962-197627
Contesting neoliberalism: the cultural and community movement of Blue House, Hong Kong100
Haunted Cities81
Multiple personalities at work: Wang Meng's Spring Tilling at the mouth of a valley18
Contact, maintenance, and attrition in Surinamese Javanese31
Modernizing China in the Wake of Normalization: US-RPC Economic Relations, 1979-1984'20
Moral reminder as a way to improve worker performance on Amazon Mechanical Turk110
Between Biblical and Political: The Reinvention of Samson in Twelfth-Century León-Castile17
Let's Party! Youth and Sociality in China's Independent Music Scene10
Maybe you are not interested in screening test but I will tell you about it’, or Is non-directiveness attainable in prenatal genetic counselling of Chinese patients?133
A Class of their Own: Colonial Working Women in Indochina111
Testing the long-before-short performance preference in Japanese with a Murakami novel24
Chinese Maoism, the actually existing P.R.C., and the critique of cosmopolitanism140
Labor, Nation, and Textile Production: Thomas Allom (1804-72) and the Representation of Chinese Weavers23
Lives Of Dakou In China. From Waste To Nostalgia.81
A Hong Kong odyssey: stories of (no) return from ROUGE (1987) to FROZEN (2010)157
Community Cultural Movements in Neoliberal Governance102
(Re)Valuing Rock Music: Curatorship in the Production of Anthology Compilation Albums28
Searching for women's narratives in the colonial archives120
The Origins of Interdependence: U.S.-China Economic Relations, 1979-8021
Exoduses to Hong Kong: Narrating Immigration and Refugees in the Hong Kong Museum of History12
Strategies for the Documentation and Revitalization of the Zhuang Language of Southwestern China110
The Grammaticalization of kho5 'give' in Hui'an Southern Min130
Testing Implicit Learning with Case Marking Variation19
Beauty, Race, and Pain in the Sinophone14
Understanding of literal and figurative language in Cantonese-speaking children with and without autism spectrum disorders33
Stain upon the Flag: Child Slavery in the French Colonies85
Begin with the Mothers? Malnutrition in Interwar Hong Kong22
Introduction to the Non-rigid Image Registration Evaluation Project (NIREP)78
Liberalism, Illiberalism, & the Politics of Knowledge: The PRC in the Global Conjuncture28
The status of minority dialects in Hong Kong10
Get Over Yourself! Critique and Desubjectivation34
Researching Colonial Women’s History86
Discourse Analysis of Genetic Counseling Communication22
Methodological contribution to the experimental study of sound symbolism: comparison of four different associative tasks16
For an approximate continuity of structure between Newtonian and Bohmian Mechanics42
Living Preservation, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development143
Anarchism and the Other in Imperial Japan28
Preserve what? The politics of preservation in Hong Kong103
In Search of the Disappearing Rhymes: Topographical Writings in Three Hong Kong Documentary Films36
Farang Fictions: The Short Stories of Rattawut Lapcharoensap and the post-1997 Thai Economy26
Modelling the peer disagreement debate17
China's Cosmopolitan Age between Empire and Communism129
Dystopia in Hong Kong Literature143
The myth of the method of cases26
Distributed control of emergence: Local and global anti-component strategies in particle swarms and ant colonies50
An Anti-Garden Manifesto19
Curriculum Reform and Teaching Quality in Hong Kong108
Gestural reduction of Hong Kong Cantonese syllable-final oral stops66
Expressing Cantonese tone contrasts in musical intervals29
Naturalistic Quietism or Scientific Realism?102
On Domain Minimization in Cantonese85
Leprosy and contagion in late imperial China114
Taotie, Dragon, Phoenix, and Farmer: A Highly Decorated Qin Excavated from Jiuliandun46
The status of the wave-function in Bohmian Mechanics13
Clotilde Chivas-Baron and Colonial Female Emigration136
Indigenous Peoples and Eighteenth-Century Plant Prospecting35
Cognitive phenomenology113
Asian Citation: Postmodernism, Politics and Global Cinema16
Cumulative Effects of L1 Syntactic Experience on L2 Production: Evidence for Error-based Implicit Learning38
Daehan Neo-realism and the Conundrum of Aimless Confucianism in Yu Hyun-Mok's Obaltan (1961)82
Discrete cortical areas responsible for semantic processing of Chinese characters and sentences as identified with fMRI125
Cross-linguistic influence in bilingual children: from syntax to prosody41
‘Fabricating’ Social Conviviality: Yin Xiuzhen’s Transcultural (Dis) identification26
The Role of Domain in the Lexical Tone System32
Suriname as a multiple convergence area62
The role of physicality and materiality in Europeans' global sensibilities when responding to Chinese Painting and Calligraphy after 1600 and before 186041
Taalwetenschappelijke opgravingen: de wortels van Sranan en Sarnami22
Chong Ch’ang-hwa in Hong Kong: a redemptive action cinema of Confucian Virtue54
Tonal Coarticulation of English Spoken in Hong Kong25
Portrait on the Double Ninth: A Glimpse into the Recirculation of Twelfth-Century Literati Music in Eighteenth-Century Yangzhou47
The Inefficacy of Gods39
Language-specific neural systems for semantic organization36
Clara Law's RED EARTH: the HKIFF and the cultural politics of the sponsored short54
The functions of long in Chinese Pidgin English26
Colonial port cities in China (1842-1914)113
Cinematic Memoryscape of the Cultural Revolution in Global/Local Frames: the Instinctual Turn97
From Bruce Lee to The Avengers: The Ideational Connection between Hong Kong Martial Arts Cinema and Hollywood Action Cinema23
Pomeranian Senior Presidents in the German Revolution of November 191828
Logic and/of truthmaking54
Early colonial state intervention in Chinese death practices in Hong Kong (1856-1880)44
Americanization and the Aesthetic Annihilation of Asian Cinema: The Case of Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster (2013)99
Laughter as an Interactional Resource in an L2 Context: Evidence from Prenatal Genetic Counseling Sessions in Hong Kong142
Lexical tone processing in Chinese reading46
Tsunami of Aid: Compassion, Delusion and Betrayal Following Japan's 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake 8
Structure in action41
Catastrophe, Opportunity, and Contestation: The Great Kanto Earthquake and the Chimera of National Reconstruction in Japan18
David Bruce and the Triangular Relation of China, the US, and the USSR103
Learning new lexical categories induced changes in gray matter in adult human brain60
Between Praxis and Episteme: the herbarium as boundary object121
To Sing or not to Sing: Understanding Hong Kong's Anthem Law Controversy through a reception history of the March of the Volunteers in Hong Kong in the 1930s-1950s35
On ergative case in Himalayan languages46
Development of Perfective Aspect in Contact Scenarios: insights from bilingual acquisition34
Queer Crossroads: Contours of Internalized Homophobia in the Physical and Imagined Space of Orosa-Nakpil (Malate, Manila City)48
HKUx on edX: Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens11
Girl Power as Soft Power: Hong Kong Women Filmmakers and the Chinese Dream in the People’s Republic of China318
A History of Aesthetic Annihilation: Hollywood, Hong Kong Action Cinema, and the Latest Case of Wong Kar-wai's The Grandmaster (2013)58
Chinese Feminism on Screen: Women Filmmakers and the Rise of China in the 21st Century38
Reference by matching86
Bad news and good news: risk and reassurance in telephone- mediated counselling109
Occidentalism, Sinography, and the Avoidance of Orientalism112
Linnaeus, Chinese flora and 'linguistic imperialism'106
Hearing pauses: theories and analyses at the turn of the 20th Century97
'Trouble in Fairyland': ministering children and imperial childhoods26
Illiberal China: The P.R.C. as Ideological Challenge14
The Subdivided Qin42
Demolition Literature: Hong Kong, Taiwan, China102
Accounting for the Great Leap Forward Famine: missing millions, excess deaths, and a crisis of Chinese proportions92
Lexical expectation and the processing of Chinese converb phrases19
Yin Xiuzhen’s Fabrication of ‘Home’: A Legacy of Caring and Domestic Preservation21
Umbrella Femmes35
Advice-giving in antenatal screening for Down Syndrome in Hong Kong97
Comprehension of figurative language: an experimental study49
Skirting Across Borders: Women Artists In Hong Kong88
LIKE A DREAM: Asian American Masculinity and Transnational Chinese Cinema120
Hong Kong Women Filmmakers Since 1997: Screening Feminism in the HKSAR16
Safeguarding Children: Lessons and Legacies from the Great Kantō Earthquake33
Using a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in a Crisis22
Picturing Moung Kyaw: A student from Burma in the 19th-century US18
“Cultural studies in Illiberal Times.”37
Grasping compositional pattern in an artificial language by Chinese participants32
Semantic Load as a constraint on contact-induced language change18
Roudtable, History of Children, Childhood and Youth24
Images of Blackface in Asia12
Another Sri Lanka? Colombo as cosmopolis, 1870-1920125
Making an urban wilderness: water and the Technological Imaginary in Hong Kong, 1860-191863
Popes and Persians in the Quirinal Palace33
Hong Kong’s Public Works in an Age of Small Government: The Photographic Evidence, 1869-194515
Sorting out China: British accounts from pre-Opium War Canton138
The dispositional property in Bohmian Mechanics: a disposition of a dynamical structure?48
Perspective in Chinese Imagery of the late seventeenth and eighteenth century: Mathematical methods and imagined ideals105
The Structures of two nominal possessive constructions in Pagu30
Focus perception in Japanese: Effects of focus location and accent condition59
Cruel stories of youth: trauma and memoryscape in peacock and Shanghai dreams125
German Missions, Hong Kong Colonial Government, and the First World, War11
The French Territory of Kwang-chow-wan and its Postal Steamer Line 1900-191543
Mama or Baby: Abortion and Infanticide in Hong Kong in the 1930s30
Writing practices and ideologies of power: a sociolinguistic study of advertisements in Nigerian Pidgin14
The Wildly Unorthodox Proceedings of Fairyland: British Youth in Colonial Hong Kong116
From Standard to Singular: The Legal Status of the Anglican Diocese of Victoria, Hong Kong, 1849-193015
Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens MOOC97
Research in the Maritime and Business Histories of Hong Kong and China (19th and 20th Centuries)107
Sanitized Sex: Regulating Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and Intimacy in Occupied Japan, 1945-195215
Intonation of statements and question in Cantonese English: acoustic evidence from a smoothing spline analysis of variance53
Learning alternations in Korean noun paradigms35
Rumor in the Ecology of Infection54
The emergence of the psychology of music in the late 19th Century and its conceptualization of the human psyche266
The Southern Min tone circle from the bottom up59
What does fMRI inform the study of Chinese reading development?87
Kirk, Alan Goodrich (1888-1963)18
Chapter 38 of Dao De Jing as an Imaginary Genealogy of Morals128
Pomeranian Shipping Companies during the Transition from Sail to Steam: Economic Interests and Government Policies (1815-80)17
OCP effects in Dagaare101
Obaltan: Choson Neorealism and the Conundrum of Aimless Confucianism63
Landed Mobility: the Court of Augmentations and the Circulation of Crown Land in England, 1536-5393
Thomas Martyn’s translation of J.-J. Rousseau’s botanical writings: a posthumous distortion99
'Lust, Caution, Fashion'153
An analysis of topics in Prinmi: In a cross-linguistic perspective64
Anglo-Chinese cooperation and conflict in Customs Affairs99
L'aspect dans les créoles afro-caribéens34
Undercutting Buddhist Non-Conceptualism23
Hong Kong as feminist method: analyzing gender/sexuality in films by women in the HKSAR31
Gods at leisure: myths, history and intimacy in Su Renshan’s Literati Buddhist Art96
Musical intervals as analogues of Cantonese tone contrasts20
Novels in Cantonese: the Case of Sit Ho Ching40
Right Against High Risk Impositions18
Constructing Theme Parks and the Anti-Theme-Park Movement: Contesting culture-led urban re-development in Hong Kong118
Looking back and reconstructing: dialogical voices in Hugo Riemann's Theories on phrasing and rests126
'Gene' and Experimental Philosophy of Science133
Reassurance and Moore's proof98
Do Different Feature Encodings in Spoken vs. Written Pronouns Influence Pronoun Use?27
American Studies in China: State of the field and the way forward83
Performing the Underground: the Tokyo Garage Rock Scene16
The role of UG in phonology39
Language contact and Chinese nationalism39
A dialect-based investigation of the future marker in Likpakpaln (Konkomba)30
Notes toward a social critique of human rights87
Non-Governmental Archives and Private Papers99
The Racialisation of the Globe: Historical Perspectives120
Sibling Terminology in Prinmi119
Beyond simplicity: linking phonological generalizations in acquisition and typology12
ROMEO MUST DIE: Interracial Romance in Action119
Embodied Madrigals as Events: From the Renaissance, to the Renaissance of Performers as Interpreters14
Archetypal areal features in the African English-lexifier Creoles42
A Highly Decorated Qin Excavated from Jiuliandun30
Picturing tools for a perfect society: The Presentation of agrarian tools in the Yuan-dynasty Book of Agriculture17
The importance of meaning in understanding case: Understanding case-marking in four-place predicates10
The transient use of perfective already in Cantonese-English bilingual children: Developmental asynchrony and typological incompatibility30
Networking through the Y: the role of YMCA in China’s search for new national identity and internationalization146
Women at the University of Hong Kong, 1911-199526
Typological variation across Sinitic in relation to its neighboring languages7
Jindou: A Musical Form Found in Southern Song Lyric Songs32
Seeing violence: geovisualizing Humanitarian Crisis127
Tracing Voice: The Human Voice and Its Signification in Early Music Psychology38
Perspectives on lexical and grammatical aspect 19
Of Ruins and Silence: Topographical Writing of Nature and Urban in Three Asian Documentaries57
Russian Images of Xinjiang: Past and Present132
Constructing Japan's 1923 earthquake calamity for relief and reconstruction33
Years of the Yearning Youth: Growth, Flows, and the Dilemma of Maturity in Chinese Cinematic Bildungsroman32
Hong Kong Cantonese Tones: Replication Study33
Lessons from history for today and tomorrow: Disaster prevention and education in Japanese schools following the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake46
"Native" or "Foreign"?: The ambiguous nationality of foreign-flagged Chinese junks plying between Hong Kong and Canton (1890s-1900s)121
Shipping and Trading in East Asia: The Company of Jebsen & Co. in Hong Kong 1895-194534
The Filmmaker as Music Bricoleur: Wong Kar Wai’s Soundtracks17
The History of Opium in China26
Beyond ruins and poetic silence: topographical writing of nature and urban in two Chinese documentaries34
The significance of economics for the epistemology of peer disagreement18
Influence of Ming-Qing Studies on the Establishment of Gender Studies22
The Cultural Patronage of Archbishop John Bede Polding, 1834-187733
Commentator, panel on 'The U.S., China, and the Cold War: New Evidence'24
New landscapes in contemporary Chinese Art: from Daoist ecology to eco-materialism36
Historical approaches in ethnomusicology116
Authentic Digital Assessment: Online Conversations16
Hong Kong's creative future127
Reasons and Reassurance73
Hollywood and the strange case of the Korean Ethio-Masquerade: Koreans as substitute Chinese and perpetual Japanese43
Dangerous liaisons: race, gender and prostitution in early Colonial Hong Kong150
Accessibility as a cross-linguistic mechanism of pronoun use: Evidence from Cantonese48
From passive to ergative marking in Cantonese104
'So it's normal or abnormal?': Patients’ perception of risk in screening for Down Syndrome85
Orchestrating the 'Pearl of the Orient': The Establishment of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra34
Verbal Working Memory and Semantic Processing in Hong Kong Bilingual School-Age Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder63
Human nature and ritual behaviour (li) in Hsun Tzu108
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