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The University of Hong Kong592
A non-parametric item analysis of the motivated strategies for learning questionnaire163
Pleasurable Learning' of students studying in North West Districts of the New Territories of Hong Kong133
Learning How to Teach Writing66
Algebraic thinking of secondary-one students in Hong Kong: a case study113
Using computers for promoting Chinese language comprehension: learning of key words, topic sentences, sentence clusters, paragraphs and main theme75
The transition from English to mother-tongue Chinese as medium of instruction; issues and problems as seen by Hong Kong teachers110
Holistic reform of the mathematics curriculum - the Hong Kong experience81
Effective methods in teaching writing77
Teaching development: a response to external pressures?43
Supplementary Private Tutoring in East Asian Countries86
Environmental Education in Guangzhou in the People's Republic of China: global theme, politically determined60
International Comparisons of Student Achievement: Can They Tell Us Which Nations Perform Best and Which Education Systems Are The Most Successfull?51
Teaching computer programming: A connectionist view of pedagogical change75
Environmental challenge and curricular responses in Hong Kong281
A new method in teaching Chinese writing in primary schools: the whole language approach145
Transition from socialism and the financing of higher education: the case of Mongolia68
An Investigative Approach to Congruence26
Fortress state, cultural continuities and economic change: Higher education in mainland China and Taiwan105
Analysis of types of classroom questioning in secondary Chinese language teaching77
The implication of Confucianism for education today208
Nedveis de Comparae7e3o em Estudos Educationais: Diversidade de Percepe7f5es a Partir de Differentes Literaturas e o Valor das Ane1lises em Multinedveis39
Editor's introduction41
Rethinking the teaching of Chinese reading - integrating it with the training of oral and writing skills using a genre approach55
Thinking Styles and the Big Five Personality Traits76
Education and the Poor. In47
Views from outside: Perspectives about private education49
Implications of Hong Kong's Change of Sovereignty43
Relationships between word recognition, reading comprehension and writing performance of grade six students in Hong Kong68
Explaining curriculum change: Social studies in Hong Kong73
The dialectic of the international and the national: Secondary school examinations in Maldives74
English as a medium of instruction in post-1997 Hong Kong: What students, teachers, and parents think297
Pre-teenage children's vernacular perception and experience of maps in Hong Kong77
Setting standards and language variation: A dilemma for language education80
Three views of fairness in a school-based assessment scheme of practical work in biology167
Implementing Media Education in Hong Kong Secondary Curriculum83
A software design for the learning of Chinese text structure recognition and comprehension strategies123
Exploring language difficulties CMI teachers encountered in setting examination questions by using error analysis53
A means to an end: let students solve problems69
Classroom discipline and management of children with severely mentally handicap: A case study72
Discovering Successful Second Language Teaching Strategies and Practices: From Programme Evaluation to Classroom Experimentation70
Behind the High Achievement of East Asian Students113
A study on the assessment method of communicative writing by primary and secondary school students90
Psychological well-being and relational satisfaction of university students48
Cognitive Dimensions of Classroom Interaction42
Education Reform in Taiwan: The Search for National Identity through Democratisation and Localisation49
The accommodation and resistance to the decolonisation, neocolonisation and recolonisation of higher education in Hong Kong101
The incomplete naturalist. Donald Willower on science and inquiry in educational administration49
How to construct a Cloze test: Lessons from testing measurement theory models258
The use of popular culture as a stimulus to motivate secondary students' English learning in Hong Kong135
New Method in Teaching Chinese Language: Guided Fantasy51
Comparative Education in the Asian Region: Implications for the Field as a Whole38
Parental influences on Chinese literacy development: A comparison of preschoolers in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore149
Understanding environmental education in the People's Republic of China: a national policy, locally interpreted83
Confucian merchant as politician: the differences between Cheng Kuan Ying and Tung Cheng Wah46
Anonymity of response to self-evaluations: are we misinterpreting self-concept research?59
A study of cognition in context: The strategies employed by advanced writers when composing in an academic setting62
Bottom-up or top-down processing as a discriminator of L2 listening performance190
A cross-cultural investigation into students' evaluation of university teaching62
Views of young teachers and educators on Physics teaching36
School based action research of target oriented curriculum of Chinese language - readers' theatre and creative drama approach76
A whole-school approach to guidance: Hong Kong teachers' perceptions207
Implementation of computer-based training for reading and comprehension in Chinese, programme in secondary classrooms: a case study54
Validity of the learning process questionnaire with students of lower academic attainment67
Of Time and Content Coverage in Instruction: Lessons from Paired Reading45
Information era, knowledge economy, learning society. [published in Chinese]60
Chinese dimensions of parenting: Broadening western predictors and outcomes116
The application of systemic functional linguistics to Chinese language education - the teaching of practical writing62
The Development of Geomatics Education in Hong Kong70
Quality school education and teaching training program in the 21st century44
Questioning Decentralisation52
The revised causal dimension scale: a confirmatory factor analysis with Hong Kong students85
Enhancing reflective teaching: Teacher education innovation in Hong Kong55
A Path Model for Adult Learner Feedback58
Teachers' Attitudes towards Mathematics Teaching in Beijing, Hong Kong and London46
Thinking styles and personality types revisited109
Reflections of professional growth of Chinese language student-teachers in a school-university partnership scheme in teacher education56
School discontinuation in national minority border regions of China39
Language and the curriculum in Hong Kong: Dilemmas of triglossia188
Computer assisted learning of Chinese characters and comprehension: development of cognitive abilities55
School-Based Management as the Panacea for Effective School? The Hong Kong Experience70
China's Expansion, Consolidation, and Globalization168
An analysis of the issue of medium of instruction in Hong Kong from the hegemonic-state reproduction perspective60
Customising Linguistics: Developing an Electronic Grammar Database for Teachers42
Thinking styles, abilities, and academic achievement among Hong Kong university students273
Using computers for promoting Chinese language comprehension: training, diagnosis and evaluation117
Cognitive development of students in China and the USA: Opposite directions?119
Can feet trimming make shoes fit?42
Peer Tutored Instruction in Reading63
Reasoning algebraically with IT: A cognitive perspective65
Comparative education in greater China: Contexts, characteristics, contrasts and contributions99
The third international Mathematics and Science study: a comparative study relating the intended, implemented and achieved curriculum48
Classwide Peer Tutoring with or without Reinforcement: effects on academic responding, content coverage, achievement, intrinsic interest and reported project experiences83
On the historical consciousness of Hong Kong students48
Supplementary Private Tutoring: How Widespread is it?58
Exploring the conditions for school - university partnership for training Chinese language teachers: the administrative dimension53
Adolescent Students Conceptions of Different Environments Through Photographs85
Issues in teacher education reform: an international perspective53
An analysis of conference interactions on telenex - A computer network for ESL teachers89
Students as expert system developers: a means of eliciting and understanding commonsense reasoning48
Thinking styles and the five-factor model of personality132
Male, female and transgender: Stereotypes and self in Thailand1989
Reflective classroom practice: Case studies of student teachers at work87
Assessment must lead to action47
An analytical approach to the teaching of Chinese rhythemical prose (1) - Transformation of prose64
A Study of the School-Based Curriculum Tailoring Scheme (Chinese Subject)91
Metalinguistic awareness and teacher explanation173
Comparative Education in East Asia: Growth, Development and Contributions to the Global Field54
Introduction of CERC, University of Hong Kong65
Colonial Models and the Evolution of Education Systems: Centralization and Decentralization in Hong Kong and Macau231
Relationship between Chinese language competence and inferential skills109
Primary school arithmetic in Hong Kong: Shall we discard the procedural paradigm?41
Relationship between thinking styles inventory and study process questionnaire109
A study of Hong Kong primary students stroke sequence performance in writing Chinese characters85
Introducing technology in algebra in Hong Kong: Addressing issues in learning72
Education and colonial transition: The Hong Kong experience in comparative perspective67
Teaching Chinese language in the 21st Century - A new drive of information technology63
Recognising the burden on households: Family and Community Financing of Primary Education in East Asia33
Professional learning of teacher educators through the teaching practicum51
Comparison of modes of instruction of teaching Chinese report writing in senior secondary classrooms in Melbourne and Hong Kong67
Teacher education as an enabling process (in Chinese)37
Financing education in transitional societies: Lessons from Russia and China101
Experience in designing databases for learning Chinese characters84
Teacher stress and guidance work in Hong Kong secondary school teachers104
A comparison of U.S. and Chinese university students' cognitive development: The cross-cultural applicability of Perry's theory146
Adult views on learning and development in Hong Kong preschool children76
Starting from quality school education and teachers training program in the 21st century38
Levels of comparison in educational studies: different insights from different literatures and the value of multilevel analyses216
A longitudinal study of the psychosocial environment and learning approaches in the Hong Kong classroom53
Guidance as a whole school approach in Hong Kong: From remediation to student development135
The window effects on education and development in South China41
Personal Capacity, Social Competence and Learning Together75
The significance of ox symbolism in ancient China37
Raising the quality of equality - Asia's challenge for Y2K41
The 'Unobservable' in classroom interaction85
A study of the new method of teaching writing: guided fantasy123
Abilities, Academic Performance, Learning Approaches, and Thinking Styles: A Three-Culture Investigation104
Learning experiences of overseas non-English speaking background students: a case study of an Australian University83
National Self-determination and International Dependence: The Organisation and Control of Secondary School Examinations in the Small States of the Commonwealth48
Teachers' expectations towards disruptive students in Hong Kong72
Functional parenting in Pakistan88
The Future of The Hong Kong Academic Profession43
Approaches and thinking styles in teaching120
Students' environmental concerns and opinions: A Chinese perspective85
The Traditional Chinese Views of Mathematics and Education:Implications for Mathematics Education in the New Millennium55
Metalinguistic awareness and ELT textbooks42
Educational reform in a small state: Bhutan's new approach to primary education63
International aid and China's education45
A study on the classification of types of writing of Chinese language text-book writers81
The role of the state in higher education reform: Mainland China and Taiwan81
The pentagonal implicit theory of giftedness revisited: A cross validation in Hong Kong58
Equity issues in local resourcing of education: Community financing of primary schools in Bhutan73
Imported textbooks, non-interventionist policies and school curricula: patterns and developments in a small East-Asian territory80
Enhancing Quality in Assessment by Wynne Harden61
Are Thinking Styles and Personality Types Related?72
A research on the development of transitional sentences used in the compositions written by pupils73
External Aid and Education in Small States: Structural Issues, and Insights from a World Bank Assisted Project in Solomon Islands54
Hong Kong Student Teachers' Personal Construction Of Teaching Efficacy77
Do styles of thinking matter among Hong Kong secondary school students?107
The background of curriculum reform in the 21st century in Hong Kong69
Affective variables, learning approaches and academic achievement: a causal modeling investigation with Hong Kong tertiary students29
Furthering a whole school approach to guidance: Contributions from the Comprehensive Guidance Program54
The Cultures of Teachers in China and Hong Kong - A Comparison69
Ongoing Comparative Education Research in Hong Kong58
Out-of-School Supplementary Tutoring87
Stress, suppport and psychological symptoms among guidance and non-guidance secondary school teachers in Hong Kong49
Development and validation of the Chinese creative writing scale for primary school students in Hong Kong143
Self-esteem and Ability Grouping: a Hong Kong investigation of the Big Fish Little Pond Effect131
The metamorphosis of the 'virtuoso': Pedagogic patterns in Hong Kong primary mathematics classrooms87
English in Asian bilingual education: From Hatred to Harmony a response65
The effectiveness of using computer software for teaching communicative writings in Chinese65
The language awareness of the L2 teacher: its impact upon pedagogical practice142
Achievement Motivation: From the perspective of Learned Hopelessness69
Roles and relationships in tripartite supervisory conferencing processes74
A study of the construct validity of the physics examination for The National University Entrance Examination65
An evaluation of the proposed Chinese language curriculum for secondary schools in Hong Kong79
The innovation projects in the teaching of language in Hong Kong44
Teaching literature through monologues45
Dealing with plagiarism when giving feedback86
A hypermedia database and english as a second language teacher knowledge enrichment196
Providing meaningful contexts for scientific investigations40
From training to education. Lifelong learning in China225
Partnership and professional development: a unified approach in an Asian context38
Financing Higher Education in Asia: Patterns, Trends, and Policies44
History Reconstructed51
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Asian or American Paradox? Some reflections on The Teaching Gap49
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Hong Kong higher education and its academic profession: Entering the red chamber85
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Teachers' grammar on the electronic highway: design criteria for TeleGram83
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Scientific Literacy: Charting the Terrains of a Multifaceted Enterprise58
Guest Editor's Introduction57
On the pedagogy of examinations in Hong Kong180
Assumptions underlying new approaches to educational assessment: implications for Hong Kong214
Comparative Education Research in Hong Kong: A Decade of Development, and an Agenda for the Future34
Supporting gifted students in Hong Kong secondary schools: School policies and students' perspectives58
Government and Community Partnerships in Education: Structural Issues and Lessons Learned44
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Editorial introduction53
The effect of family background and school policies on parental involvement in children's education. Review in49
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Comparative Educational Research in the Asian Region: Implications for the Field as a Whole67
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Approaches to learning and achievement in specific school subjects of Black African Students61
Developing positive attitudes for life in the 21st century: The 'thought power' programme used with teenage students in Hong Kong45
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Teachers' Role in School Guidance: Implications for School Social Workers36
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Privatization of Schooling34
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Human Resource Strategies for Small States62
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21世紀的中國高等教育: 市場經濟條件下的若干發展性思考68
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Oh! I can use a map to find my way!65
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Business in the curriculum of secondary schools in Hong Kong: some reflections and considerations60
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