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AF - Africa310
HKU - The University of Hong Kong214
OC - Oceania109
SA - South America43
UND - Undefined79
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US - United States2648
GB - United Kingdom1631
HK - Hong Kong1235
FR - France740
DE - Germany427
KR - Republic of Korea331
HKU - The University of Hong Kong214
NG - Nigeria202
RU - Russia129
OTH - Others1369
Central District671
Clarks Summit575
Introduction to assessment and allocation system52
Quality assurance in education: The East Asian perspective97
Hong Kong students' science achievement in the international comparison32
The Transformation of Academic Autonomy in Hong Kong85
Causes of Children's Emotional and Behavioural Problems58
Theories in Teaching Chinese Characters43
Changing classrooms & changing schools: Conclusions and recommendations38
Recent Educational Changes in Taiwan and Their Implications for Hong Kong52
Special education in Hong Kong63
Teaching methods for Chinese language for students in remedial classes in primary school76
The traditional Chinese views of Mathematics and education: implications for Mathematics education in the new millenium57
Computer assisted learning of Chinese characters: theory and design49
Towards improved understanding and professionalism: perspectives and actions46
Human resource development and education strategies in Shenzhen43
Metalinguistic awareness and lesson planning50
Factors affecting the decisions of the schools in selecting medium of instructions in senior forms of secondary schools99
The design of the new curriculum for the Chinese language47
Asian Higher Education: Growth, Diversity, and Change69
Higher Education and Colonial Transition in Macau: Market Forces and State Intervention in a Small Society64
The future of the Hong Kong academic profession in a period of profound change69
Hong Kong pupils' mathematics achievement in the international comparison71
Engineering values: Education policies and values transmission42
The evaluation of the higher education system in Hong Kong60
Information technology assisted reading: design of curriculum and evaluation44
Two Faces of the Reed Relay - Exploring the Effects of the Medium of Instruction118
The Teaching of Reading Chinese Characters in Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas Chinese Communities65
Probing the depth of student teachers' reflections39
Hong Kong students' Mathematics achievement in the international comparison58
New Theory in Teaching of Writing55
A study on the national writing project of United Kingdom47
Giftedness and creativity158
Efficiency, equity and quality of higher education in a time of expansion: The case of Hong Kong68
The new assessment method of practical writing of Chinese by primary school pupils36
Methods and Practice of Teaching of Chinese Characters in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Overseas48
Solving the Paradox of the Chinese Teacher130
Composing processes in Chinese writing: generating73
Fieldwork in geography teaching: the case in Hong Kong97
Globalisation, Education and the Colonial Transition of Two Remnants of Empire: A Comparative Analysis of Hong Kong and Macau57
Marking Minban Education from Public Education (in Chinese)66
An assessment of the ability of primary 3 pupils in communicative writing181
Hong Kong57
Privatization of Secondary Education: Issues and Policy Implications74
Education and Decolonization: Comparative Perspectives on Change and Continuity63
Learning science through technology: a curriculum model40
The influence of information technology on communicative writing53
Emerging pedagogical practices: Hong Kong in an international context52
Chinese language education reform in primary education: From research to practice73
A mathematics project experience44
Education in the People's Republic of China since 1978: Emergence of New Actors and Intensification of Conflicts47
The quality of education in private schools: historical patterns and the impact of recent policies50
Survey results of the academic profession in Hong Kong higher education62
Text structure: learning, testing diagnosing and evaluating54
Peer Tutoring and Learning Outcomes66
Using ICT in social constructivist approach59
Education Reform in Hong Kong46
Chapter 7 The Teaching of Aural & Oral Skills - New Concepts & Development48
The neglected dimension: cultural comparison in educational administration199
Chinese language education and the medium of instruction in Chinese51
The model of teaching Chinese characters47
The teaching of expressive writing: theory and practice55
Education, Democracy and Colonial Transition: The Case of Hong Kong. In: Ryba, R. (ed.)41
Educational policies and policy-making in Hong Kong: processes, priorities and products49
Education: decentralization and the market85
Communication styles of tertiary teachers54
Education development , II, in Wang, G.W. (ed.)54
Schooling & the changing Socio-Political Setting: An Introduction67
Analytical Framework66
Introduction: State Schooling and Ethnicity in China62
Privatisation of Schooling: Strategies and Policy Implications in Less Developed Countries33
Schooling and Social Stratification107
Problem-based learning using ICT40
Awareness raising about classroom interaction66
Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong: Moving Towards Child-friendly Policies, Curricula and practices152
Education and the Labour Market54
Psychological Research of Teaching and Learning of Chinese Characters52
Information Era and Lifelong Learning: Public-Private Partnership in East Asian Culture50
Setting the oral benchmarks for teachers of Mandarin Chinese42
Implications for Policy and Practice56
Quality of education as perceived in the Chinese culture171
New trend of teaching writing - An implication from learning report writing in a senior secondary Chinese class in Melbourne67
Defining the nature of the Putonghua curriculum for Hong Kong46
Learning the Native Perspectives31
Tensions between school expectations and the need for professional learning45
CARE' for the web-based learning environment48
Thinking styles across cultures: Their relationships with student learning105
The grammatical awareness and knowledge of Hong Kong teachers of English50
The teaching and learning of communicative writing: theories and practice59
The theory and construction of ordered-outcome items66
Beyond labels: teacher-centred and student activities79
From popular culture to Chinese language teaching - a bridging experience47
Classroom Interaction Research169
Student Interaction & Relationships54
The development of educational research in Hong Kong75
Be slow to celebrate: a response to the green paper on equal opportunities for women and men64
The teaching of Chinese characters in Hong Kong and Taiwan59
Segmentation and punctuation of Chinese: learning, testing, diagnosing and evaluating52
National Minority Regions: Studying School Discontinuation70
Review of Chinese curriculum secondary schools in Hong Kong54
Effective and pleasurable learning: creative writing48
Teacher Expectations44
Hong Kong65
Education and Community in Africa: Looking Back to 197643
Discussion, recommendations & issues to be explored54
Education and Political Transition in Hong Kong and Macau: A Comparative Analysis46
Integrating Newly Arrived Children from the Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong: A reaction paper to the experience of a starter school55
Education: evolving patterns and challenges60
Markets in a socialist system: Reform of higher education in China63
Managing Classroom Behaviour187
Appreciating culture: Networking in East Asian communities64
Peer Support for Professional Learning: Rewards and Challenges49
An analysis of an open mathematics lesson59
ICT implementation at the school level: Cultural integration model57
Key words, topic sentences, clusters of sentences, paragraphs and themes: learning, testing, diagnosing and evaluating76
International Comparisons of Student Achievement: A Critical Analysis42
Maximizing computer mediated communication as a collaborative learning environment for ESL teachers36
Emerging through active participation: the professional journey of a primary Chinese teacher68
Vision building among school leaders43
Extending the frontiers of teacher education45
Review of the curriculum and textbooks of advanced complementary level Chinese and other subjects in Hong Kong43
Building up website to promote Chinese as medium of instruction and develop high quality education55
Whole language approach in teaching Chinese writing: practice60
Reforms in the administration and financing of higher education in China45
Assessing & Evaluating Learning Outcomes in the Chinese Language Lessons83
Reflective classroom practice: Case studies of Hong Kong student teachers66
Education and Political Transition in East Asia: Diversity and Commonality47
Issues amidst assistance: Foreign aid to education in China. In K. King and L. Buchert (ed.)39
Implications for Conceptual Understanding44
Towards a framework for the analysis of aid-related consulting for education and development: a working group report54
The Teacher Assessment Scheme (TAS) in Hong Kong: the case of science teaching77
Financing Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific: Patterns, Trends and Options48
Partnerships in Practice36
Hong Kong's Universities within the Global Academy62
Hong Kong students' mathematics achievements in the international comparison37
The teaching of Chinese characters in Singapore67
Continuity and Change in Education60
The Taiwanisation, Democratisation and Internationalisation of Higher Education in Taiwan61
The traditional Chinese views of mathematics and education: Implications for mathematics education in the new millennium39
Learning to teach English in Hong Kong classrooms: patterns of reflections59
Learning to teach: some theoretical propositions45
Des pratiques occidentales dans une culture orientale: I'efficacite9 du syste8me d'e9ducation e0 Hong Kong49
Education, decentralisation and regional disparity in China62
Financing Basic Education: Issues and Challenges37
Reforms in the administration and financing of higher education in China48
Classwide Peer Tutoring: What Role Does Reinforcement Play?51
Review of Chinese textbooks for secondary school students in Hong Kong65
Hong Kong pupils' science achievement in the international comparison39
Community Financing of Education: Rationales, Mechanisms and Policy Implications in Less Developed Countries. In: Colclough, C. (ed.)40
Hong Kong Higher Education75
Education and development: the neglected dimension of cross-cultural studies43
Re-inventing the view: Education Reform53
The meaning of decentralisation: Looking at the case of China190
Hong Kong51
Children's Knowing Through Map Constructs of 'Their' World50
Informing policy-making: policy related research in China37
ICT implementation at the school level: An introduction51
Changing cultures and schools in the People's Republic of China: tradition, the market and educational change47
Educational Policies and Policy-making in Hong Kong37
Probing the depth of student teachers' reflections37
Using computer in Chinese language education: New force in the 21st century40
How to help Cantonese speaking children to learn to write modern standard written Chinese43
Control of Education: Issues and Tensions in Centralization and Decentralization75
Empowerment of the powerless through the politics of the apolitical: Teacher professionalisation in Hong Kong81
Chinese Higher Education for the Twenty-first Century: Expansion, Consolidation, and Globalization93
Information Era and Lifelong Learning: Public-Private Partnership in East Asian Culture42
Series general editor's foreword61
Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands53
'Foreword' to Ruth Hayhoe59
Studying ICT supported pedagogical practices in schools: Introduction41
Pre-Service and In-Service Education for Language Teachers53
Traffic light simulation system: A learner-centred multimedia tool for learning algorithm design47
Ethnographic methods in educational policy research. In Z.F. Yuan (Ed.)49
Examination Systems in Small States: Meeting National Needs in a Global Environment34
Developing Emotional Intelligence in the School of the 21st Century: Thought Power in Action42
Some questions relating to basic arithmatic operations in primary mathematics in Hong Kong46
Role learning of Chinese52
Chapter 9 Assessment & Evaluation in Language Education46
Comparative educational studies and the role of a comparative education society in Hong Kong63
Schooling and Social Change: The People's Republic of China47
The theory and construction of ordered-outcome items147
Teacher education as an enabling process34
Technological adoption model of change46
Qualitative research and educational policy-making: Approaching the reality48
National Minorities and Nationalities Policy in China69
Computer assisted learning of comprehension in Chinese and teaching: theory and design45
The education system64
(Enhancing the pleasurable and effective learning of Chinese language)44
Educational development in a knowledge society. [published in Chinese]37
Methodology and Focus in Comparative Education78
The theory of teaching communicative writing54
The traditional Chinese views on mathematics and education40
Psychological aspects of teaching and learning of Chinese characters54
China's educational reforms: Efficiency at the expense of equity64
Teachers' Association: Implications of Taiwan's Experience to Hong Kong49
Education in China686
The direction of reform of education system, curriculum and Chinese language key learning area in Hong Kong83
Children's stroke sequence errors in writing Chinese characters176
Tension between school expectations and the need for professional learning38
Basic education and school discontinuation in national minority border regions of China83
The future of business education in Hong Kong secondary schools54
Weaving Development into Teacher Education: An Essay-Review of 'Educating Teachers for Leadership and Change',52
The decolonization of Hong Kong education218
Community Financing of Education: Cultural Variations and Policy Dilemmas in Less Developed Countries41
Community financing of education53
Understanding basic education policies in China: What ethnographic research can tell126
The quest for quality education: The quality assurance movement in Hong Kong108
Curriculum diversity and the influence of imported textbooks: patterns and developments in secondary school mathematics (in Chinese)51
A Chinese model of high education? Lessons from reality.58
The teaching and learning of persuasive writing54
Planning and developing the new Chinese language curriculum (secondary)34
Education: crises amidst challenges50
The Academic Profession in Hong Kong Higher Education within a Period of Profound Change80
Studying ICT supported pedagogical practices in schools: Research framework and design39
The grammatical knowledge/awareness of native-speaker EFL teachers: what the trainers say241
Professional learning in a context of change40