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Pedagogical Agent Design for Distributed Collaborative Learning1208
Students Taking Charge: Creating and Web-casting TV Programs for Language Learning - A Whole School Approach96
Researching a Decade of ICT in Post-Secondary Education71
Summary and Reflections50
Learning from the eLeadership Stories1241
Moving on from e-Learning: Searching for disruptive pedagogies1239
Pedagogically Sound Learning Objects1244
Taking care of business - online technologies changing practice at universities?58
A Whole New Generation of Learning1044
IT as a Lever for Change in Teaching and Learning66
Digital Culture and Educational Change53
Initial use of knowledge forum for Chinese students: Productive discourse and knowledge building47
Web2.0 Paradigm and Possibilities for Educational Application1076
Doing Small Scale Research Experience Sharing - Implementation of ICT in chemistry classrooms: A Case Study107
Mapping intellectual disciplines using author co-citation analysis (ACA)1270
Learning computer networks in an international, distributed course1254
Visual Literacy: Implications for Library Education in K-12 Settings1060
The Effect of the Interdisciplinary Agenda on Science Learning5
Teacher practices, technology and change in Hong Kong45
Technical Report: Evaluation Study on the Roles of Teacher-librarians in Public Sector Schools105
A comparison of a computerized minimal pairs treatment program using drill and practice method versus game format in the remediation of phonological processes in children1371
Examining the application of Web 2.0 in medical-related organisations119
Assessing Students' Skills in Science & Technology1351
Collaborative knowledge construction and workplace research65
Fostering the culture of reading and enhancing information literacy: exemplars of school libraries1365
Exploring information literacy in secondary schools in Hong Kong: A case study130
The Development of An Information Literacy Framework for Hong Kong Students1371
Functional Affordances for Research and Developments in Knowledge Building68
Supporting Web-based Learning at the University of Hong Kong1131
The relationship between Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital in listed companies of mainland China138
Undergraduate student experiences in context-aware educational uses of handheld devices1061
Determinants of School Level Success in Design-Based Innovation Networks35
Factors Influencing the Impact of ICT-use on Students' Learning78
Teacher Characteristics, Contextual Factors, and How these Affect the Pedagogical Use of ICT87
System-Wide Evaluation of ICT in Education1120
Toward a Framework of Programming Pedagogy138
Multimedia Design: Interactions among the team1221
Issues that concern e-learning environments1257
Application of Data-Logging Technology in Secondary School Science Classrooms: A case Study81
Trends and Issues in Education for Teacher Librarianship in Australia1115
Exploring the Determinants of Teacher Learning Opportunities in Joint School Innovation Networks64
A Global Framework of Reference on Digital Literacy Skills for Indicator 4.4.2117
Learning Commons at HKU: Empowering Learning, Teaching and Research through New Environments, Services and Tools1249
IT, Pedagogical Innovations, and Teacher Learning74
ICT Implementation in Hong Kong Schools: findings from an preliminary review of the HKSAR 5-year IT in Education strategy plan67
Teaching online...reluctantly65
Models of Collaboration in Teacher Co-design Teams24
Studying ICT supported pedagogical practices103
Developing a framework for Hong Kong Teachers' IT professional developmemnt1328
Comparing pedagogical innovations87
Teaching & Learning with ICT1342
Entering the mainstream: transforming teaching through technology in universities58
Teacher Support Network for Pedagogical Innovation as a Preferred Model of Professional Development57
E-Learning Pedagogy and School Leadership Practices to Improve Hong Kong Students’ Computer and Information Literacy: Findings from ICILS 2013 and beyond133
eLeadership Professional Development & Change Strategies109
Using E-Portfolios For Evaluating Students' Learning Performance1058
Group development and leader's role in CSCL1295
Web 2.0 and Social Networking1100
Human-Centered Development of Games-Based Learning Environments1278
Study design and methodology90
Technological cultures – staff beliefs, attitudes and understandings of ICT76
e-Learning in Formal, Informal and Open Learning Contexts: A Study of Global Trends, Policy Options and Their Implications for Sustainable Development in Hong Kong202
Designing for Small Screens: Learning Objects for Educational Applications via Handheld Mobile Technologies1318
What happens to the innovation when project funding ends? Learning architecture matters!69
Revisiting Affordances for Learning in Mobile Technology Based Environments144
Understanding learning together1081
Assessing Collaborative Problem Solving: What and How?15
Technology and teacher practice and change73
Psychometric assessment of ICILS test items on Hong Kong and Korean students: a Rasch analysis151
A Network to Support Educational Changes62
Altiris -IT Lifecycle Management in Education1375
Effective E-Learning: Perspective of Adult Learners in Hong Kong83
Educational Technology in Higher Education at China1369
Pedagogy and ICT in an Information Society: Perspectives from International Comparative Studies1246
Policy Impacts on Pedagogical Practice and ICT Use: An Exploration of the Results from SITES 200661
Development of automated school timetabling in Hong Kong1386
Information and Communication Technology in Education in China: Policies and Practices1295
Developing epistemological pluralism through a web-based post-graduate science and mathematics education course85
Implementation of web-based collaborative tool for learning computer programming: A case study95
Qualitative Research and Computer Analysis: New Challenges and Opportunities1196
Development Research in/on Educational Development1403
Engagement in Supporting New Teachers: A Role for Computer-Mediated Communication in Teacher Learning within Informal Professional Communities1319
Interactive teacher's network: technological support for teacher professional development87
Distance and Open Learning students' access to the Internet41
Computer Supported Content Analysis: Challenges, research and developments1331
Unexpected effects of new technology adoption70
Implementing knowledge building: analysis of a face to face discussion by grade four students132
SARS epidemic: Teachers' experiences using ICTs75
Knowledge building in project-work: social and affective aspects1239
PDAs In and Out of the Classroom1199
Indicators for advances in knowledge building - Application of content analysis tools to two sets of CSCL discourse data from two comparable classes1293
CoPs-Centered Knowledge Management1322
Explorations in promoting conceptual change in electrical concepts via ontological category shift98
Design, Development and Reuse of Pedagogically Sound Learning Objects1327
Use of Role Play Simulation in Crisis Management Training1104
Developing Frameworks To Encourage Learners In Higher Education To Think More Critically When Using Digital Video Archives1362
Using a wiki-based collaborative process writing pedagogy to facilitate collaborative writing among Chinese primary school students414
The Impact of Computing on Culture and Education: A Brazilian View1284
Assessing Group Work1366
Unintended effects of learning technologies69
Bridging the Digital Divide: Supporting the Development of e-Educational Leadership in APEC Countries69
Construct Knowledge and Nurture Creativity Education Theory and Case Studies1420
Changing media, changing times: coping with new technology adoption.149
A decade of published English language research on school libraries in Hong Kong: A content-analytic study139
Exploring the correlation between knowledge management maturity and intellectual capital efficiency in Mainland Chinese listed companies94
Collaborative Academic Writing Online in a Second Language53
Web2.0 Paradigm & Possibilities for Educational Applications1072
IT support for the learning of Chinese characters59
Digital epistemologies:stimulus to change our practices?57
Pedagogical orientations in mathematics and science and the use of ICT68
ICT and changes of higher education1323
Library Information Anytime Anywhere1292
Using the Web to Support a Community of Learners (& Teachers) in a Cooperative T & L Environment1103
The Role of Information Technology Coordinator in the Implementation of Information and Communication Technology in Schools of Hong Kong83
Dynamic E-Supply Chain Integration – A Knowledge-Based Decision and Coordination Framework1306
An analysis of the participation of an online educational discussion forum - the study of Hong Kong Cyber Campus Forum139
Globalisation and reflexivity: challenges for research into quality education mediated by ICTs1269
An application of social network analysis to knowledge building154
Precarious school level scalability amid network level resilience: insights from a multilevel multiscale model of scalability123
English Vocabulary: tests and tasks60
Web 2.0: A Case Study of Using Blogs with a Postgraduate Class1060
Teacher learning beyond knowledge: an ecological model for fostering pedagogical innovations with ICT85
Supporting teacher learning for pedagogical innovation through collaborative co-design: issues and challenges122
Factors Predicting Impact of ICT-Use on Students: An Exploration of Teachers’ Perceptions78
e3Learning Tools: Showcasing and Test Driving1317
ICTs and Educational Research in Changing Times1279
Student, teacher and researcher perspectives on self-Study and knowledge building56
Learning from International Case Studies on Innovative Classroom Practices Using Technology: Second International Information Technology in Education Study81
ICT as a lever for Teacher Change and Development1296
Learning how much about gases using MBL? A case study from a chemistry classroom58
Technological neutrality and practice in higher education54
Generated-versus selected-explanations: results from California and Hong Kong96
IVLE: Integrated Virtual Learning Environment1321
Digital culture and educational practice48
促進電腦與資訊素養的電子學習教學法和學校領導策略: ICILS 2013國際比較研究的啓示98
On the declining interest in physics among students - from the perspective of teachers122
Education Leadership: the post-industrial challenge1329
Pedagogy and ICT Use in Schools around the World: Findings from the IEA SITES 2006 Study232
Introduction to SITES 200660
Digital technology and schools: Hong Kong experiences during the SARS epidemic61
Implementing an Online Learning Environment at a HK International School120
Provision of Consultantation Service: Revamp of the Teachers' IT Training Framework1205
Policy impacts on pedagogical practice and ICT use: An exploration of the results from SITES 200696
A Perspective on Managing Educational Technology Change1198
Introducing a Vocational Technical High School in an Urban American K-12 School Systemaradigm Shift Compels Change: Is anyone prepared to make a decision?1278
Meaning: Playing with words or changing minds?1239
The Design and Instantiation of an Ontology for Teaching1345
Rasch modelling of a scale that explores the take-up of Physics among school students from the perspective of teachers119
Building Educational Partnerships through Virtual IT62
Educational uses of handheld devices: undergraduate student experiences1319
Learning in an Online World1249
What Happens in Project-based Learning?79
Motivation Types in Knowledge Building Project Settings66
Unintended effects of using web-based asynchronous discussion groups64
Modeling Community Building Through Working Online67
Changing School Culture - Using IT to Cope with Individual Learning Differences in Schools1380
Using wireless technology in the HKU Library and implications for education1137
E-learning: a new wave of innovative practices or just a new distribution system?59
Online Narrative Inquiry as an Assessment Tool1204
Refining Design Principles for Scalable Innovation Networks through International Comparative Analysis of Innovation Learning Architectures33
Changing Teaching, Changing Times: Integrating ICT into Hong Kong Schools54
Innovations in Teacher Development for the Knowledge Age1271
Partnerships between pedagogy and technology: designing an online course about putting courses online57
Interactivity in Web-based Teaching of Linguistics Courses64
EssayCritic: A Computer-Supported English Essay Critiquing System using Latent Semantic Analysis1378
Changing schools through exploring innovative pedagogical practices using ICTs79
Good Practices of the Use of Information Communication Technology in a Second Language Classroom: An Alternating Use of Small Group Learning and Computers for Independent Learning50
The mind beyond time and space: Online collaborative knowledge building using Knowledge Forum60
Supporting Pedagogical Practices Through the Interactive Learning Network (ILN)1135
ICT as a Lever for Student Change and Advancement1297
Enhancing Spoken Vocabulary Performance in Children with Autism in a Multimedia-supported Context112
Ecologies that foster intentional learning for the pursuit of excellence in the 21st century78
Multimedia Data Analysis: How to Handle the Video Data on Innovative Classrooms with the Use of an Analytical Software93
Learning and Power Relations on Collaborative Knowledge Building Cyber- Discourse50
Views of physics teachers on how to address the declining enrolment in physics at the university level85
Teacher Knowledge and Teacher Learning for Pedagogical Innovation with ICT54
Tools for learning design and learning analytics for teaching as an evidence-based design profession116
Information Search Process3292
Implementation of Computer Simulation Software in Learning Low-Level Computer Language: A Case Study70
The revolution of schooling? Changing patterns of teacher-student interactions in the era of new technology1200
In Search of Explanations60
ISF Academy: Creating Global Citizens of the 21st Century1335
Scaffolding at the Inter-group Level: An International Collaboration Experience between Hong Kong and Canada Students62
Computer Supported Collaborative Physics Learning: Developing Understanding of Image Formation by Lenses76
Mac OS X1529
Responding to SARS47
Teacher Adoption of Web-based Learning in Blended Environment73
From Diagnostic Feedback to University Policy1283
Unintended effects of using web-based asynchronous discussion groups'60
The case study of a simulation training course designed by Hong Kong Police Force1564
The Impact of Out-of-School IT and Media Use on ICT in Education79
Teacher Learning Beyond Knowledge for Pedagogical Innovations with ICT74
Harnessing Technology to Promote Science Learning and Scientific Literacy1315
Access to Computers in Schools: Are Tablet PCs the Way Forward?64
Digital Rhetorics - Technological Change & Practice in Higher Education1315
Going Fully Online: An Institutional Approach to Supporting Online Students1275