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Use of photographs to delineate the northern and western boundaries of the Pos Selim landslide and study the northern earthflow190
Site geology of Tung Chung reclamation area 56330
Permeability studies in rock fractures211
Time-dependant deformation of embankment fill at Po Shan Road, Hong Kong: y Shek Wai Chung.206
Systematic risk management approach to deal with boulder and rock fallhazard for road slope works186
Grouting: a review on minimsing [sic] water inflow for subsea rock tunnel excavation224
Site-specific quantitative risk assessment in the slope safety system in Hong Kong217
Metamorphic P-T paths of different tectonic domains in the North China Craton and their implications69
Validity of approaches on stability assessment of toppling rock slope70
Storm surge hazard in Hong Kong under global climate changes427
Study of the movement behaviour of the Pos Selim landslide from land survey data143
Construction problems of large diameter bored piles in karstic marble and disputes on unforeseen ground conditions667
Natural terrain landslide study in Lung Fu Shan area194
Microgravity survey and 2-D modelling for underground tunnels177
Geological model for the proposed underground tunnel salt water reservoirs at Lung Fu Shan201
Exploring the marine litter problem in Hong Kong and the ways to improve data collection in marine litter survey272
Comparison of pile loading test results of instrumented frictional H-piles with predictions from classical theory of pile capacityequations212
Review of rockfall mitigation measures in Hong Kong188
A study of site investigation for housing development on hillslopes237
Arctic oscillation and southeast China winter temperature anomalies65
Impact of blasting vibrations in an urban environment184
The role of global warming in tropical cyclone behaviours : case study of the western North Pacific region14
Mini piles design and construction in current engineering practice608
Delayed failures of cuttings in saprolites in Hong Kong158
OSL dating of palaeoshorelines of saline lakes at Inner Mongolia262
Landslide at Chainage 23+800 of Simpang Pulai-Lojing Highway,Malaysia: the observations and datainterpretation247
Oceanic hazard risk in low-lying areas of Hong Kong421
Progressive failure as a possible mechanism of deep-seated failures insaprolite cut slopes in Hong Kong227
The movement behaviour of the Pos Selim landslide185
Internal sedimentology of washover deposits in Tai Long Wan, HongKong192
Petrological study of high-pressure granulites of Shandong : implications for tectonic evolution of the Jiao-Liao-Ji Belt (JLJB) in the eastern block of the North China craton (NCC)149
Re-assessment of three rock slopes in Hong Kong using block theory212
Geology of Tiu Keng Leng new development area245
Environmental impacts of land reclamation: a case study of the proposed Lantau Port Development1569
Mineralogy of porphyritic intrusions in the Discovery Bay area, east Lantau Island56
Geological fieldguide of Lung Fu Shan area, Hong Kong190
Analysis of aeromagnetic data in Tuen Mun and Lantau area174
Limit equilibrium analyses of the cut slope at chainage 23+800 Pos Selim highway Malaysia196
Strain analysis of displacement data from the pos selim landslide296
Coastal sea surface temperature change in the East China Sea during the late Holocene166
The relationship between the geological setting and the groundwater condition in a natural hill area in Ma On Shan45
Review of the Lai Ping Road slope failures and the influence of the local structural geology349
Climate change: the role of carbon dioxide211
The statistic energy profile analysis and carbon renovation plan of the household energy use : taking the Region of Waterloo as an example194
Problems associated with water ingress into hard rock tunnels235
How marble constrains tunneling and possible solutions198
An analysis on the sedimentary characteristics and sedimentary rate for the Deep Bay Wetlands145
Coastal landslide study: a case study at ShekKok Tsui, Lamma Island227
Mass spectrometric and quantum chemical studies of geological fluids194
Re-assessment of future sea level and its potential impacts in Wan Chai183
Piling design and construction in Hong Kong504
Processing of the 2010 LiDAR data at the Pos Selim landslide and assessment of the uncertainty of survey information242
Columnar joints of high island formation in Hong Kong : comparison with overseas examples89
Decentralizing the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme of Hong Kong: the reasons and the potential modifications207
The use of horizontal directional coring technique for ground investigation of tunnelling projects in Hong Kong316
The description and interpretation of complex geology encountered at aTung Chung construction site223
Comparision of P-T paths for Archean and Paleoproterozoic terrene and tectonic implications55
Limit equilibrium methods for slope stability analysis426
A comparative study on zircon Hf isotopes of neoarchean tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite (TTG) in Trans-North China Orogen and eastern block of the North China craton189
Geology and mineralogy of tantalum and niobium deposits in Southern China299
Study on the effect of calcareous cementation on sand dune of desert145
Natural terrain hazard assessemnt: a case stury196
Marine geological model of Ling Ding Yang: anintegrated geological and geophysical analysis248
A comparison study of rock strength with onshore platform morphology in Hong Kong: a case study at Shek O234
Factors affecting soil erosion in weathered granite hills at Tai Lam, Hong Kong265
Study of vegetation densities on groundwater recharge215
Application of aerial photograph interpretation in geotechnical practice in Hong Kong350
The study of the effect of PDO and ENSO on the monsoonal precipitation in Hong Kong29
A review of Hong Kong’s current aggregate supply for concrete production and possibility of using aggregate processed from excavated rock from construction sites to manufacture concrete220
20th century warming: what fractions are fromanthropogenic greenhouse gases and from natural on solar effects?949
Review of Menard pressuremeter test in weak rocks278
Dishonesty within ground investigation practice in Hong Kong213
Determination of geophysics properties of seabed sediments with multi-scanner core logger (MSCL)151
Factors affecting debris mobility of open hillslope failures17
The study of the impact of ENSO and NAO on the rainfall pattern of Hong Kong317
Neoarchean crustal evolution of the eastern block in the North China Craton : lithological, structural and metamorphic constraints7
Evaluation of the performance of the Po Shan drainage tunnels130
Effectiveness of horizontal drains in slope stability212
The habitats of bird-like (Paravian) dinosaurs50
Identification of fault zones using gravity survey and subsurface exploration: a case study197
Large diameter pile load tests in Hong Kong: a contractor's perspective262
Geotourism development and improvement in Guizhou province260
The seismic analysis for underground structure in Hong Kong90
Application of permeation grouting in soils in Hong Kong944
Mixed face tunnelling in Hong Kong178
A case study of site investigation for piling in karstic bedrock at Yuen Long, Hong Kong341
An evaluation on the sustainability of Southeast New Territories (SENT) landfill extension in solid waste management506
U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology for Tabbowa beds in Sri Lanka193
Petrographic study and geological model of the contact between meta-tuff and meta-sedimentary rock under Liantang boundary control point (BCP) area113
Application of suspension P-S velocity logging method in Hong Kong41
Use of block theory in tunnel stability analysis226
Comparative study of granite in Tung Chung area70
Laboratory testing of unconfined compressive strength of cement stabilised soil cores26
The application and significance of sediment colour intensity on the study of offshore quaternary deposits195
Stone columns for treatment of soft ground120
A comparison of manual and automated means of acquisition of permeability data in small diameter standpipes with reference to sitesin Hong Kong197
A mineralogical study of the Lin Ma Hang Pb-Zn deposit, NE Hong Kong202
Analysis of self-boring pressuremeter tests: a case study from Wanchai reclamation site247
The relationship between ground water response and rainfall behind slope at Kwai Chung191
Bioengineering and its applications190
A study of the coastal scenery between Po Pin Chau and Pak Lap30
Application of rock mass classification systems for tunnel temporary support : a case study47
Ground investigation in karst area: a case study in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China207
A study on the effect on tropical cyclone activity in Western North Pacific due to global warming265
Design of barriers against recurrent debris flows213
Mineralogy of granites in the Discovery Bay area, east Lantau Island83
Reinforced earth wall design & construction in northern access road for Cyberport Development226
A geological field guide to the east and central Lantau Island454
The impact of water ingress in terms of groundwater drawdown and settlement during tunnel construction249
Geochemistry of mafic dykes from the Discovery Bay granitic pluton, Hong Kong209
Characterizing crustal melt episodes in the Himalayan orogen243
The impact of sea level rise216
Creep in sands: a study of time dependent deformation of reclamation sand fill under constant effectivestress361
The geological stratigraphy in the northwestern Ma Shi Chau280
The mineralization of trace elements in a skarn exposure of Hong Kong181
Characterization of faults and shear zones and their impact on temporary and permanent construction of the MTRC Kwun Tong line extension alignment268
The impact of the global-warming-led climate change on agricultural production of major grain producing regions in China421
Correlation of PCPT and SPT data from a shallow marine site investigation211
Analysis on quantitative data of discontinuities : automatic clustering & spacing distribution57
Analysis of slump structures at Lai Chi Chong, Eastern New Territories66
Conservation of geoheritage in Hong Kong312
Use of micro-gravity technique to detect underground cavities192
Landslides in Sri Lanka82
A numerical investigation of reduction in capacity of driven H-piles due to deviations from vertical213
Material identification and subsurface stratigraphy of Penny's Bay reclamation site: by the method of subsurfaceexploration : piezocone penetration test and drilling197
Lai Chi Chong as a fieldtrip destination for the new senior secondary geography curriculum392
Nutrient input of Tolo Harbour by river, atmospheric deposition and submarine groundwater discharge218
Stereographic projection and mapping of engineering geology: case study near Jordan Valley, Hong Kong273
Use of satellite imagery at the Pos Selim landslide178
Quaternary stratigraphy of an offshore borehole from northern Lantau, Hong Kong241
The diagnostic features of fault zones from core samples and outcrop study in Hong Kong208
Enhancing the ground effectively by tube á manchette (TAM) grouting and jet grouting for tunnel excavation176
Rock stress determination in Hong Kong Island by using hydraulic fracturing method173
Relationship between groundwater ingress and geology by pre-excavation grouting197
A comparative engineering geological study of HATS stage 1 Tunnels C and F282
A study on Tafoni of Cheung Chau259
Geological hazards affecting horizontal directional drilled installations in Hong Kong264
Comparison of hydrocarbon generation conditions between Sichuan Basin in southwestern China and Uinta Basin in western USA165
The effect of water to the stability of man-made slope in Hong Kong230
Geological study and performance in soft ground tunnelling by TBM218
Engineering geology of slope deposits in the vicinity of Tai O206
Analysis of surface strains and velocities at the Pos Selim landslide223
A discussion on wall trees in Western District1162
Drowned and partially drowned landslide deposits off Tai O and their engineering implication208
Petrographic and borehole geology study of northwest nearshore area of Lantau Island193
Project report on direct shear tests for rock joints245
A comparison of different reconstructed climate series of the southern China161
Relationship between P-wave velocity & SPT N values and application toassessment of excavatability of terrain268
Relationship between geology and spatial distribution of landslides265
Geochemistry of igneous rocks in the Tai Mo Shan area: implication for tectonic setting233
Effect of submarine groundwater discharge on coastal ecology166
Stratigraphy of colluvial-alluvial fan deposits in Northwestern Hong Kong Island242
Landslide mobility factors at Tsing Shan area271
Comparison on different configurations and geological conditions to utilize the cavern development48
Interactions between geology and urban development in Kwun Tong : suggestions of geological feildwork at secondary school level59
Comparitive studies on prefabricated vertical drain & stone column on consolidation73
Hypothetical studies on ground settlement triggered by groundwater loss during tunneling activities225
Review and assessment of in-situ rock stress in Hong Kong for territory : wide geological domains and depth profiling86
Geology and engineering properties of offshore quaternary sediments inthe Yam O reclamation area, Lantau Island225
Review of approaches, applications and updating 1-hour and 2-hour probable maximum precipitation (PMP) estimates for Hong Kong167
Geology of Mo Tat Wan123
A preliminary study on the impact of hillfires on slope stability213
Creation of 3-D geological model on a geographical information system (GIS) platform114
Soil nailing: a robust design for joint-controlled weathered rock in Hong Kong224
N-alkane-based reconstruction of late Holocene lake-level changes at Lake Qinghai230
Marine geological model in Mirs Bay, NE Hong Kong, using marine seismic reflection195
Beach erosion and recovery on the beaches of southeast Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR, China329
A study of radon-level in the Tai Po to Butterfly Valley Tunnel243
Climate's influence toward global viniculture quality180
The relationship between earthquake seismicity of Heyuan area and water level of Xinfengjiang Reservoir213
A discussion on the origin of quartz-syenite in Cha Kwo Ling Kaolin Mine Site288
Development of the curriculum resources on earth sciences in HongKong204
The effect of secondary compression during the primary consolidation phase286
Borehole geophysics limitations of natural gamma and gamma-gamma density logging methods274
The mesoproterozoic to paleozoic crustal growth and rejuvenation in the Central Asian orogenic belt : constraints from the Nd-Hf Isotopic studies37
A framework of a national slope safety system for Malaysia516
Discontinuity survey using laser scanning technology166
Prediction of fluctuation in groundwater flow regime at the pos selim landslide in response to rainfall using a numerical modellingapproach191
OSL dating of sediment and climate change of late quaternary188
[Delta]¹³C as a palaeo-environmental indicator in a sediment core fromHong Kong217
Magnetic and gradiometer survey of a site in northeastern Lantau Island Hong Kong214
Environmental and climatic implication of a grain size record from theLake Manas, Xinjiang, China219
Reconstruction of site history of boulders near Shek Lung Tsai, Ma On Shan country park241
The study of the effects of change in meteorological factors on rainfall pattern change in Hong Kong185
Idealisation for mathematical modelling in geotechnical practice207
An assessment of potential future sea-level rise and its impacts on coastal development in Hong Kong236
TBM tunnelling through unfavourable ground conditions : a case study, SSDS tunnel F, Hong Kong337
Numerical simulation of UCS test of rocks based on PFC3D modeling19
Geology and ore genesis of the Ma On Shan iron deposit, Hong Kong466
The geology study of Tolo Habour area based on integrated geophysicial and borehole geology data195
Rock formation at Lung Lok Shui at Ping Chau30
Geology of Needle Hill tungsten mine118
Stability and predicted ground movements of slurry trench excavations238
Quantifying the climatic impacts on rainfall in South China and water discharge in the Pearl River (Zhujiang), China200
Correlation of P-wave velocity and weathered180
Patterns and behaviors of global tropical cyclones185
Geology and mineralogy of the Yunshan graphite deposit, Heilongjiang, North China185
Determination of design magnitude of debris flow hazard for mitigationmeasures in Hong Kong190
Engineering geology and the assessment of channelised debris-flows: a Hong Kong case study259
Evaluate the designs of hiking trails in Hong Kong: case study: Shing Mun Valley and Dragon's Back Trails280
A study of the contribution of site investigation on minimizing the risk associated with tunnel failure218
Design and construction related defects of large diameter bored piles,prevention and remedial measures347
The study of cone penetration test in use of site investigation for Tsueng Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel Cross-bay link construction110
Parametric study for a cavern in jointed rock using a distinct elementmodel164