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Optogenetic and pharmacological resting-state functional MRI reveals thalamic modulation of brain-wide functional connectivity24
Active, large-scale tuning of optical dispersion by free-space angular-chirp-enhanced delay (FACED)160
Intrahippocampal and hippocampal-cortical interactions driven by frequency specific optogenetic stimulation70
High-throughput cellular imaging with high-speed asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy under FPGA platform44
Addressing a cavity with patterns at ultra-wideband detune113
High-speed wavelength-swept source at 20 μm and its application in imaging through a scattering medium47
Bringing Optical Bioimaging to a New Time Scale19
Green silicon photonics219
Dynamic tuning of birefringence in silicon waveguides124
A Real-time Coprime Line Scan Super-resolution System for Ultra-fast Microscopy30
Ultrafast optical imaging at 20  μm through second-harmonic-generation-based time-stretch at 10  μm35
High-throughput single-cell imaging by multi-modal FACED microscopy18
Cellular imaging by time-stretch confocal microscopy in the 1 µm window65
Multi-MHz laser-scanning single-cell fluorescence microscopy by spatiotemporally encoded virtual source array23
Ultrafast optical diagnostics by serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM)11
Spatial Chirped Cavity for Temporally Stretching/Compressing Optical Pulses156
All-optical laser-scanning imaging cytometry for ultralarge-scale deep single-cell image-based analysis15
Two-photon photovoltaic effect in silicon wavelength converters169
Ultrafast label-free imaging cytometry enables massive and in-depth single-cell biophysical phenotyping7
Wavelength-Swept Source at 2.0 µm through Second Harmonic Generation29
Spatio-temporally wideband ultrafast imaging24
Nonlinear silicon photonics235
Serial Time Encoded Amplified Microscopy (STEAM) for high-throughput detection of rare cells166
Magneto-optical Kerr effect and photonic band gap in cobalt nano-disc array197
Large-scale multi-class image-based cell classification with deep learning28
Deep-learning-assisted biophysical imaging cytometry at massive throughput delineates cell population heterogeneity4
Exploiting few mode-fibers for optical time-stretch confocal microscopy in the short near-infrared window42
All-passive pixel super-resolution of time-stretch imaging86
Coherent laser source for optical time-stretched microscopy55
Three-photon fluorescence microscopic imaging by a compact Er-doped fiber laser at 1.6 µm43
Flexible pulse-stretching for a swept source at 20  μm using free-space angular-chirp-enhanced delay36
All-fiber optical parametric amplifier for life-science application86
Short pulse generation from a passively mode-locked fiber optical parametric oscillator with optical time-stretch64
Enhanced supercontinuum generation by minute continuous wave seed177
Megahertz all-optical swept-source optical coherence tomography based on broadband amplified optical time-stretch48
Characteristics of supercontinuum generation under the influence of a weak continuous-wave trigger189
Energy harvesting in silicon Raman amplifiers158
Kilohertz two-photon fluorescence microscopy imaging of neural activity in vivo3
Time-stretch microscopy based on time-wavelength sequence reconstruction from wideband incoherent source47
Local EPI distortion induced by blue light delivery in the naïve brain: implications for optogenetic fMRI studies70
60-MHz wavelength-encoded tomography (WET)101
High-throughput image-based characterization of the size distribution of emulsion droplets57
Giga-pixel Spinning Time-Stretch Quantitative Phase Imaging Cellular Assay14
Multi‐ATOM: Ultrahigh‐throughput single‐cell quantitative phase imaging with subcellular resolution103
Surface modes in two-dimensional photonic crystal slabs with a flat dielectric margin143
Speed-dependent resolution analysis of ultrafast laser-scanning fluorescence microscopy58
Subsampled scanning holographic imaging (SuSHI) for fast, non-adaptive recording of three-dimensional objects43
Ultrafast laser scanning cellular microscopy by spatiotemporally encoded virtual sources52
Ultra-broadband spatiotemporal sweeping device for high-speed optical imaging25
2D spectrally encoded confocal microscopy and its application for simultaneous imaging and laser surgery with a single fiber probe181
Ultra-wideband fiber optical parametric amplifier for spectrally-encoded microscopy86
Silicon-based waveguide-coupled planar photonic-crystal-embedded microcavities126
Comment on 'Ghost cytometry'25
Performance of serial time-encoded amplified microscope219
Enlarging the scope of possibility in nonlinear silicon photonics39
Control of optical rogue waves in supercontinuum generation with a minute continuous wave215
Theory of amplified dispersive Fourier transformation308
Optogenetic fMRI reveals differences between paralemniscal and lemniscal somatosensory thalamocortical circuit60
Frequency specific optogenetic recruitment of evoked responses in the somatosensory thalamocortical circuit94
Amplified optical time-stretch optical coherence tomography for endoscopic imaging70
Versatile laser and optical amplifier for ultrafast imaging applications40
Amplified dispersive Fourier-transform imaging for ultrafast displacement sensing and barcode reading164
Unveiling multi-scale laser dynamics through time-stretch and time-lens spectroscopies21
Low frequency stimulation of hippocampus evoked large-scale cortical and subcortical responses: an optogenetic functional MRI study39
Synchronized dual-repetition-rate two-color fiber lasers for coherent Raman imaging56
Periodically poled silicon (PePSi) for efficient and electronically-tuned nonlinear optics in silicon41
Compact fs ytterbium fiber laser at 1010 nm for biomedical applications60
Optical time-stretch microscopy for ultrafast optofluidic imaging129
Stress and piezoelectric tuning of silicon's optical properties128
A study on spectral dynamics of Raman-assisted mode-locking fiber cavities with time-stretch technique85
Breathing laser as inertia-free swept source for ultrafast imaging107
Essential basics of photonics48
Encrypted wide-field two-photon microscopy with single-pixel detection and compressed sensing13
Real-time optical time-stretch statistical characterization of supercontinuum suppression by minute continuous wave52
Shot-to-shot spectrally-resolved characterization of continuous-wave-triggered supercontinuum near 1 um27
Fast swept-source generation based on fiber optical parametric amplifier150
Serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM) based on a stabilized picosecond supercontinuum source221
Accelerated Pheno-Tree (APT) for large-scale, label-free of image-based single-cell analysis20
Label-free phytoplankton analysis by high-throughput quantitative phase imaging cytometry and machine learning19
Enhanced supercontinuum generation in the normal dispersion pumping regime by seeded dispersive wave emission and stimulated Raman scattering48
Periodically poled silicon172
Ultrafast flow imaging by 1 μm time-stretch microscopy64
Photonic Nanojet Mediated Backaction of Dielectric Microparticles20
Stabilized Wide-band Wavelength Conversion Enabled by CW-Triggered Supercontinuum42
All-optical laser-scanning optofluidic imaging for high-throughput single cell analysis11
Label-free multi-class classification of phytoplankton based on quantitative phase time-stretch imaging15
Quantitative phase asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (Q-ATOM) for ultrafast cellular imaging57
Spectral dynamics measurement using a free-space angular-chirp-enhanced delay cavity20
Energy harvesting in silicon wavelength converters181
Interferometric time-stretch microscopy for ultrafast quantitative cellular and tissue imaging at 1 μm119
Serial time encoded amplified microscopy113
Computational optical imaging goes viral3
Ultrafast, All-optical Laser Scanning Multiphoton Microscopy44
Volumetric two-photon microscopy with a non-diffracting Airy beam33
Real-time observation of round-trip resolved spectral dynamics in a stabilized fs fiber laser33
Time-stretch microscopy on a DVD for high-throughput imaging cell-based assay58
Pulsing Manipulation in a 1.55- μm Mode-Locked Fiber Laser by a 1- μm Optical Pattern41
Optical time-stretch microscopy using few-mode fibers60
Energy harvesting in silicon photonic devices102
Nonlinear photovoltaic effect164
Real-time measurements, rare events and photon economics109
Video-rate centimeter-range optical coherence tomography based on dual optical frequency combs by electro-optic modulators20
Compression of optical pulses using a free-space angular-chirp-enhanced delay cavity21
Pixel super-resolution in serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM)171
Ultra-high-throughput Optofluidic Cellular Microscopy by Optical Time-Stretch Technology16
PARC: ultrafast and accurate clustering of phenotypic data of millions of single cells32
Ultrafast and broadband inertia-free swept source for optical coherence tomography38
Erratum: Theory of amplified dispersive Fourier transformation (Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (2009) 80 (043821))137
Fluorescence microendoscopic system for image-guided holographic photostimulation and laser microsurgery43
Gain-spectrum flattening in a wideband parametric amplifier at 1.0 μm43
High-contrast, fast chemical imaging by coherent Raman scattering using a self-synchronized two-colour fibre laser13
Ultrafast Microfluidic Cellular Imaging by Optical Time Stretch122
Electrical control of parametric processes in silicon waveguides165
Spectrally-resolved statistical characterization of seeded supercontinuum suppression using optical time-stretch41
Effect of the CW-seed's linewidth on the seeded generation of supercontinuum59
Ultrafast label-free multi-parametric cellular analysis by interferometric time-stretch microscopy48
What’s next for ultrafast time-stretch imaging? 29
Pixel super-resolution in optical time-stretch microscopy using acousto-optic deflector60
Broadband hyperspectral coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy for stain-free histological imaging with principal component analysis81
Real-time and ultrafast phase retrieval in optical time-stretch using a modified Gerchberg-Saxton Algorithm53
Resolution enhancement in an extended depth of field for volumetric two-photon microscopy12
Depth-resolved volumetric two-photon microscopy based on dual Airy beam scanning10
High-throughput time-stretch imaging flow cytometry for multi-class classification of phytoplankton29
Serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM) by fully incoherent noise58
110  nm versatile fiber optical parametric amplifier at 1.0  μm116
Photonic-crystal-embedded microcavities125
102-nm, 445-MHz inertial-free swept source by mode-locked fiber laser and time stretch technique for optical coherence tomography63
Wide-band error-free wavelength conversion based on continuous-wave-triggered supercontinuum143
FluorATOM: high-throughput imaging flow cytometry for synchronized biophysical and biomolecular phenotyping19
Two-photon photovoltaic effect in silicon197
Versatile laser and optical amplifier for ultrafast imaging23
Robust Quantitative Phase Imaging Cytometry with Transfer Learning6
Enhance The Backaction Force Mediated By Photonic Nanojet With A Broadband Supercontinuum Source15
Breathing laser as a versatile inertia-free swept source85
Recruitment of distinct cortical and subcortical activations by layer and frequency specific optogenetic stimulation in primary visual cortex72
Ultrafast Laser-Scanning Time-Stretch Imaging at Visible Wavelengths199
Reducing the Language Barrier between ESP Classroom and Professional Practice63
Optical coherence tomography with balanced signal strength across the depth for pearl inspection6
A High-throughput Quantitative Phase Imaging Flow Cytometer for Label-free Cellular Phenotyping and Classification21
Interferometric time-stretch microscopy for ultrafast quantitative cellular imaging at 1 μm53
Fiber-optical parametric amplifier with high-speed swept pump184
Quantitative phase imaging flow cytometry for ultra-large-scale single-cell biophysical phenotyping3
Optical time-stretch microscopy at visible wavelengths35
Coherent laser source for high frame-rate optical time-stretch microscopy at 1.0 μm43
Scattering Resilient Single Pixel Imaging With A Gain-switched Thulium-doped Fiber Laser7
Dispersive fourier transform at 1 μm based on high-order modes in few-mode-fiber153
Self-healing highly-chirped fiber laser at 10 μm41
High throughput cellular time-stretch imaging on a spinning planar platform94
Microfluidic Imaging Flow Cytometry by Asymmetric-detection Time-stretch Optical Microscopy (ATOM)68
Ultrafast quantitative time-stretch imaging flow cytometry of phytoplankton66
Reducing the Acquistion Time of Optical Scanning Holography by Compressed Sensing62
Periodically-poled silicon169
28 MHz swept source at 1.0 μm for ultrafast quantitative phase imaging86
Ultrafast swept source at 1.0 μm for high-speed phase sensitive imaging36
All-Optical Laser-Scanning Approaches for Ultralarge-Scale Single Cell Imaging14
Breathing laser as inertia-free swept source for time-stretch imaging modality86
Optical time-stretch microscopy using Bessel spectral shower illumination62
Parametric spectro-temporal analyzer (PASTA) for ultrafast spectroscopy and its microscopic application58
Dispersion-guided resonances in two-dimensional photonic-crystal-embedded microcavities119
Ultralarge scale single-cell image-based biophysical phenotyping: opportunities and challenges8
Ultra-large-scale single-cell Quantitative Phase Imaging20
Megahertz-scan-rate quantitative tissue imaging by interferometric time-stretch microscopy44
Harnessing all-optical laser-scanning imaging for deep and large-scale image-based analysis19
Optical time-stretch imaging flow cytometry of phytoplankton55
High-throughput single-cell second harmonic generation imaging in ultrafast microfluidic flow25
Dispersive Fourier transform using few-mode fibers for real-time and high-speed spectroscopy140
Advancing time-stretch imaging for deep single-cell image-based assay26
Long-range projections coordinate distributed brain-wide neural activity with a specific spatiotemporal profile73
Pixel super-resolution of time-stretch imaging by an equivalent-time sampling concept58
Compact Airy-beam optical swept-source at 1.0 μm52
Ultralarge-scale spinning time-stretch quantitative phase imaging system for label-free cell and tissue imaging17
Nonlinear Photovoltaics and Energy Harvesting71
Erratum: Periodically poled silicon (Applied Physics Letter (2009) 94 (091116))132
Ultrafast all-optical laser scanning imaging with spatiotemporally encoded pulses15
Enhanced supercontinuum generation in the normal dispersion pumping regime by seeded dispersive wave emission and stimulated Raman scattering99
A versatile breathing laser for ultrafast imaging applications92
A minute-continuous-wave-stabilized picosecond supercontinuum source for ultrafast serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM)122
Optical Time Stretch for High-Speed and High-Throughput Imaging—From Single-Cell to Tissue-Wide Scales57
Optofluidic time-stretch imaging – an emerging tool for high-throughput imaging flow cytometry65
Simultaneous mechanical-scan-free confocal microscopy and laser microsurgery208
Single-cell Fourier-transform light scattering analysis by high- throughput label-free imaging flow cytometry15
Ultrafast, laser-scanning time-stretch microscopy with visible light53
Demonstration of minute continuous-wave triggered supercontinuum generation at 1 µm for high-speed biophotonic applications64
Electrical tuning of birefringence in silicon waveguides177
An Ultrafast Wideband Discretely Swept Fiber Laser42
High-speed nonlinear FACED microscopy with multiplexed time-gated photon counting35
Manipulating supercontinuum generation by minute continuous wave177
Parallelized 3D microscopy based on reconfigurable incoherent light-sheet array multiplexing25
Ultrafast Green-Light Swept-Source Imaging Through Advanced Fiber-Optic Technologies31
High-performance multi-megahertz optical coherence tomography based on amplified optical time-stretch59
Accelerated cell imaging and classification on FPGAs for quantitative-phase asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy67
Quantitative asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (Q-ATOM) for ultrafast quantitative phase imaging flow cytometry133
1 GS/s time-stretch imaging at 532 nm through fiber optics227
Broadband fiber optical parametric amplification for ultrafast time-stretch imaging at 1.0 µm40
Two-photon microscopy using hollow Gaussian beam5
Demonstration of amplified optical time-stretch optical coherence tomography (AOT-OCT) in the magehertz A-scan rate regime66
Time-Stretch Imaging and its Applications to High-throughput Microscopy and Microsurgery119
Spectral-temporal dynamics of multipulse mode-locking61
Ultrafast high-contrast microfluidic cellular imaging by asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (ATOM)102
Multi-ATOM: Ultrahigh-throughput single-cell quantitative phase imaging with subcellular resolution3
Ultrawide C- and L-band mode-locked erbium-doped fiber ring laser and its application in ultrafast microscopy65
Quantitative phase imaging flow cytometry for ultra-large-scale single-cell biophysical phenotyping27
Optical time-stretch microscopy enabled by free-space angular-chirp-enhanced delay63
Energy harvesting in silicon Raman amplifiers97
A versatile DVD-based time-stretch imaging cytometry platform12
High-contrast coherent Raman scattering imaging using a self-synchronized dual-color fiber laser5
Stress-induced χ(2) in silicon - Comparison between theoretical and experimental values177
Video-rate volumetric imaging by coded light-sheet array microscopy68
Asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (ATOM) for ultrafast high-contrast cellular imaging in flow73
Periodically poled silicon137
A high-throughput all-optical laser-scanning imaging flow cytometer with biomolecular specificity and subcellular resolution40
Essential Basics of Light–Matter Interaction in Biophotonics48
Ultrafast spectral-domain optical coherence tomography realized by parametric spectro-temporal analyzer70
Asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (ATOM) for high-contrast and high-speed microfluidic cellular imaging92
Cost-effective approaches for high-resolution bioimaging by time-stretched confocal microscopy at 1um68
Energy harvesting in silicon photonics103
Investigating the influence of a weak continuous-wave-trigger on picosecond supercontinuum generation191
Optogenetic fMRI investigation of the spatiotemporal characteristics of the somatosensory thalamocortical circuit41
High-throughput intrinsic single-cell phenotyping by quantitative asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (Q-ATOM)58
Dispersion-guided and bandgap-guided resonances in semiconductor waveguide-coupled hexagonal photonic-crystal-embedded microcavities91
Ultrafast measurements of optical spectral coherence by single-shot time-stretch interferometry59
Performance of megahertz amplified optical time-stretch optical coherence tomography (AOT-OCT)59
Parallelized volumetric fluorescence microscopy with a reconfigurable coded incoherent light-sheet array15
Low frequency optogenetic stimulation of dentate gyrus enhances brain functional connectivity revealed by resting-state fMRI59
5 MHz all-optical swept-source optical coherence tomography based on amplified dispersive Fourier transform110
Two-dimensional spectral-encoding for high speed arbitrary patterned illumination51
Hysteresis In Backaction Force Mediated By Photonic Nanojet7
Back-action of dielectric microparticles mediated by photonic nanojet8
High-throughput image-based single-cell analysis by ultrafast asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy69
Arbitrary two-dimensional spectrally encoded pattern generation—a new strategy for high-speed patterned illumination imaging146
Volumetric two-photon microscopy with a non-diffracting Airy beam4
Optical time-stretch confocal microscopy at 1um171
Performance of serial time-encoded amplified microscopy116
An ultrafast barcode reader using amplified dispersive fourier transform122
Ultrafast time-stretch imaging at 932 nm through a new highly-dispersive fiber43
Label-free cell-cycle analysis by high-throughput quantitative phase time-stretch imaging flow cytometry12
Real-time characterization of spectral coherence of ultrafast laser based on optical time-stretch120
Ultrafast imaging for deep and large-scale image-based single-cell analysis24
Sensitivity enhancement by all-fiber optical parametric amplifier for bioimaging at 1.0 µm58
Effect of the CW-seed's Linewidth on the Seeded Generation of Supercontinuum45
Deep Single Cell Imaging - An Optical Time-Stretch Approach and Beyond11
Deep single-cell image-based analysis by high-throughput all-optical laser-scanning imaging cytometry14
Overcoming the limitation of phase retrieval using Gerchberg–Saxton-like algorithm in optical fiber time-stretch systems90
Revisit laser scanning fluorescence microscopy performance under fluorescence-lifetime-limited regime67
Ultrafast spectro-temporal analyzer for the multi-scale laser dynamics studies22
Serial time-encoded amplified imaging for real-time observation of fast dynamic phenomena229