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The University of Hong Kong467
Neurofibromatosis type 2 and auditory brainstem implantation140
Experience in cochlear implant at Queen Mary Hospital, University of Hong Kong Medical Centre96
Evaluation of different objective hearing assessment tools in children85
Cochlear implant in Chinese children - a comprehensive assessment of outcome119
Cochlear implant in post-irradiated ear and childred-technical modifications116
Positional Vertigo44
Strategy for Endocding Fine time Structure: Concept and First Results107
AABR results on universal newborn hearing screening programme in Hong Kong369
Vestibular Hypofunction and Ocular-Motor Deficits in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)126
Speech discrimination between bilaterally and unilaterally cochlear implanted and hearing-aid fitted users154
Hirschsprungs disease: a more generalised neuropathy?106
Development of Cantonese Speech and tone viewer103
Comparison of the performance of a digitally programmable hearing aid to analog instruments in Hong Kong91
Outcome measurement in hearing aid fitting77
Minimally invasive surgery for different types of cochlear implant154
Chinese tonal language rehabilitation following cochlear implantation in children161
Eassr and behavioural cochlear implant aided hearing thresholds88
Long-term sensorineural hearing deficit following radiotherapy in patients suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A prospective study173
Effects of stimulation rates on Cantonese tone perception performance in noise113
Cochlear implants and tonal languages56
Mobile audiometric hearing screening for industrial workers83
Temporal fine structure in cochlear implants: Preliminary speech perception results in Cantonese-speaking implant users81
Management of bilateral cochlear fistula in cochlear implantation93
Correlation of pure tone audiogram results and hearing benefit of tympanoplasty for chronic suppurative otitis media207
Comparison of speech perception cores between single-channel and multi-channel cochlear implant in a Shanghainese patient76
Bilateral Cochlear Implants - Hong Kong Experience112
Radiological study of temporal bone in children with profound deafness before cochlear implant: CT vs magnetic resonance imaging48
An overview of results of cochlear implant in a Cantonese speaking population98
Tonal language perception with a temporal fine structure strategy122
Early detection of hearing impairment in prelingual children104
Tone production performance in tonal-language-speaking cochlear implantees139
Fact and fallacy in neonatal screening94
Analogue vs digital aids, hearing amplifications: whats new?77
When to consider cochlear implants and bilateral cochlear implants?88
Randomized evaluation of the audiologic outcome of ventilation tube insertion for middle ear effusion in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma172
Cognitive abilities of patients with cochlear implants in the discrimination of tone stimuli with minimal contrast177
Short electrode insertion in cochlear implantation: Speech perception performance of Cantonese-speaking subjects142
Hearing function in survivors of acute lympholbastic leukemia101
Tonal language perception in CI users with a temporal fine structure strategy151
Revision cochlear implant76
Ergebnisse einer cochlea implant86
Narrative abilities in children with cochlear implants100
Cochlear implant in Cantonese speakers99
Speech discrimination with bilateral cochlear implants in noisy conditions123
Factors affecting connected speech comprehension in Cantonese-speaking children after cochlear implant101
Translation of the dizziness handicap inventory into Chinese, validation of it, and evaluation of the quality of life of patients with chronic dizziness235
ENT Management of a Child with CHARGE Association156
Implantable bone-anchored hearing aids to solve hearing problems116
Advances in the management of hearing problems126
Effects of stimulation rates on Cantonese lexical tone perception by cochlear implant users in Hong Kong135
Audiologists role in BAHA105
Short electrode insertion in cochlear implants: the performance on speech perception130
Encoding Fine Time Structure with CSSS: Concept and First Results89
Results from a strategy encoding temporal fine structure93
Economic evaluation of cochlear implantation92
Comparison of the results of two different implant systems using continuous interleaved sampler speech processing strategy120
Noise-induced hearing loss: potential hazards from IPod and MP3127
Cognitive abilities of patients with cochlear implant in the discrimination of tone stimuli with minimal contrast103
Auditory brainstem implantation in patient with bilateral acoustic neuromas153
Cochlear implant in Chinese/Hong Kong Cantonese patients: experience from Hong Kong94
Electrode insertion depth on Cantonese Tone perception in Hong Kong cochlear implant users147
Bone Anchored Hearing Aid60
Amplification option95
Superiority of bilateral cochlear implantation over unilateral cochlear implantation in tone discrimination in Chinese patients146
Ten Minutes Vestibular Examinations but Persistent Rehabilitative Exercises53
Hearing abnormalities in children with Hirschsprungs disease103
Sound localization in using BAHA81
Effects of stimulation rate on Cantonese tone perception performance for cochlear implant users174
Vestibular Rehabilitative Therapy94
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Comparison of the performance of a digitally programmable hearing aid to analog instruments in Hong Kong80
Comparison of the results of two different implant systems using Continuous Interleaved Sampler speech processing strategy.157
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A rare cause of sudden hearing loss in Chinese: cochlear involvement of sarcoidosis90
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Hirschsprung's disease: A more generalised neuropathy?171
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Economic evaluation of cochlear implantation.63
Otological consideration prior to hearing aid fitting80
Update trend in hearing aid evaluation101