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Sex Work In China’s Pearl River Delta: Accumulating Sexual Capital As A Life-advancement Strategy.85
The Deviance Of Normalcy: A Study Of Si-nais (married Women) In Hong Kong92
Doing being observed: Experimenting with collaborative focus group analysis in post-Umbrella Movement Hong Kong3
Reflections On Love, Sex And Marriages: An Intergenerational Dialogue136
Problem-based Learning Approach102
From Normalcy To Deviance: Women As Erotic Subjects.172
Hong Kong Politics as a starting point for investigating masculinity32
Expanding paradigms: Art as performance and performance as communication in politically turbulent times44
Pray the gay away: Identity conflict between Christianity and sexual minorities in HK62
A Casebook For Social Word Education In China 2008104
Who is not a negative asset? Gender politics in the age of the internet54
Beyond virtual carnival and masquerade: In-game marriage on the Chinese Internet215
Un(learning) research methods through a participatory storytelling padagogy: A Hong Kong case.17
Mothers, daughters and sex: the negotiation of young women’s sexuality in Britain and Hong Kong154
Speaking against Silence: Finding a Voice in Hong Kong Chinese Families through the Umbrella Movement80
Scripting Sexual Practice in Differing Social Contexts: Young Women Negotiating Mothers' Expectations in Hong Kong and Britain115
Squaring the ('charmed') circle: Normality and happiness of middle-aged married women in Hong Kong72
The Future Of Research On Chinese Sexuality Studies98
An Embarrassment of Riches: Good Men Behaving Badly in Hong Kong77
Collaborative Focus Group Analysis: Co-Constructing Reality through Researcher-Participant Dialogues46
Eternal mothers or flexible housewives? Middle-aged Chinese married women in Hong Kong240
Interviewing across cultures: talking to mothers and daughters in Hong Kong and Britain62
Rigors in art-based research131
Democratising qualitative research methods: Reflections on Hong Kong, Taiwan and China49
The Many Faces of Desire – Discourse and Practice among Chinese Peoples110
Not so great expectations: Sex and housewives in Hong Kong234
Recognition struggle: One woman's politics of iconogenesis137
Psychosexual Issues in Women86
The (charmed) Circle Game: Reflections On Sexual Hierarchy Through Multiple Sexual Relationships229
Beyond the vagina-clitoris debate - From naming the genitals to reclaiming the woman's body99
前進就是心碎 (反之亦然) : 七問靈魂80
Happy Swinging: Life Choices Of Chinese Men And Women In Hong Kong128
Does similarity breed marital and sexual satisfaction?109
Beyond Sex Work: An Analysis Of Xiaojies’ Understandings Of Work In The Pearl River Delta Area, China.172
"Money in the private chamber": Strategies for retirement planning among Hong Kong Chinese women41
A Body-Mind-spirit Model in Health: An Eastern Approach187
Road to Better Health and Integration: A Delphi Study on Health Service Models for Hong Kong Migrants107
Iron girls, strong women, beautiful women writers and super girls: a discourse analysis of the gender performance of women in contemporary China229
A Tale Of Two Societies: The Doing Of Qualitative Comparative Research In Hong Kong And Britain61
Hong Kong men’s stories of intra-national cross border romances51
Life inventions - Art, scholarship and sex111
Violence and desire in Beijing: A young Chinese woman's strategies of resistance in father-daughter incest and dating relationships2826
Negotiative Intimacy: Expectations of Family Relationship and Filial Piety among Only-child Parents194
Beyond Being Gay: The Proliferation of Political Identities in Colonial Hong Kong156
Beyond Orgasm: Si-nais In Hong Kong Rearticulating Desire110
Older Chinese men and women's experiences and understanding of sexuality136
The marginalia – Si-nai/ identity/ sexuality85
Envisioning a Future for Women's Sexuality Research in East Asia87
Vagina Never Has Monologues: Young Women in Hong Kong Talk About Their Little Sisters144
Reshaping tradition? Women negotiating the boundaries of tradition and modernity in Hong Kong and British families.76
My sassy girl: A qualitative study of women's aggression in dating relationships in Beijing122
Audio visual documentary as a research tool: a methodological reconsideration68
Women Doing Intimacy: Gender, Family And Modernity In Britain And Hong Kong16
Erotic justice: Explorations on queer politics50
Researching with a broken arm: Finding sisterhood in injury66
Dialogues on the Intersection of Art and Scholarship102
Marriage and outcomes of people with schizophrenia in rural China: 14-year follow-up study297
The things girls shouldn't see: relocating the penis in sex education in Hong Kong216
The Real Deal Or No Big Deal - Chinese Women In Hong Kong And Their Orgasmic Experience134
Sex & life politics formed through the Internet: Online & offline dating experiences of young women in Shanghai168
Sex And Desire In Hong Kong194
Gender, self and pleasure: Young women's discourse on masturbation in contemporary Shanghai278
Men in upheaval: integrating Hong Kong politics and critical studies of men and masculinities7
Social work doctoral education in Hong Kong: a post-colonial snapshot123
Expanding Paradigms: Art As Performance And Performance As Communication In Politically Turbulent Times88
'Female virginity complex' untied: Young Chinese women's experience of virginity loss and sexual coercion201
Studies on women's sexuality in China since 1980: A critical review189
Cyber Self-centres? Young Hong Kong Women and Their Personal Websites145
Beyond Obedience and Virtue: Love, Sex and Marriage in Hong Kong.107
Breaking down or breaking through: an alternative way to understand depression among women in Hong Kong111
Advice to a 24-year-old: Wisdom from a middle-aged woman101
Intimacy and modernity.76
Male homosexual identity in Hong Kong: A social construction153
Contextualising transformed intergenerational relationships in China: Using adult daughters’ mate selection as an example96
Sex, Sexual Problems, and Sexual Agency in Hong Kong Chinese Women150
Developing a social constructionist therapy approach for gay men and their families in Hong Kong181
Re-visiting Orgasm And Desire: The Representations Of Si-nais In Hong Kong165
Lost in translation: Sex and sexuality in elite discourse and everyday language153
Beyond Orgasm: 'normal' Women Rearticulating Desire96
Beyond Being Gay: The Proliferation Of Political Identities In Colonial Hong Kong164
The seven-year struggle: injustices at home for Chinese immigrant women in Hong Kong126
Negotiating Anal Intercourse in Inter-racial Gay Relationships in Hong Kong249
Desperate housewives: The case of Chinese Si-Nais in Hong Kong135