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Dr Wong, Thian Sze 黃天仕

Assistant Professor


Professional Qualifications
YearAwarding InstitutionQualification
2005The University of Hong KongDoctor of Philosophy
2008The University of Hong KongMaster of Laws
2000The University of Hong KongBachelor of Science

Head and neck caner is a major human malignancy. Particular head and neck cancer such as throat cancer (encompasses hypopharyngeal and laryngeal cancer) is strongly associated with the occupational class and educational level and is more prevalent in the disadvantaged group. Head and neck regions contain many essential sensory organs. Cancer arising in the head and neck regions will incur irreparable damage to the organ function. The primary research interest of our group is to explore and identify suitable molecular markers for use in early head and neck cancer diagnosis through the study of head and neck epigenetic. We are the first group performing microRNA screening in oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma and reported that it could be use as surrogate serological makers in the head and neck cancer patients. When the tumor is small, it is usually treated with radiotherapy. Concurrent radiochemotherapy is required for advanced disease. Usually, treatment failure is caused by the development of resistant phenotype.  Hence, another focus of my research interest is on the prediction of the resistant phenotype in order to individualize the treatment strategy for this subgroup of patients by characterizing the distinguished epigenetic signatures. Clinicians could offer intensive radiochemotherapy to the resistant group then in order to maximize the chance of cure. Alternatively, clinicians could select other treatment modality that is effective for these patients. Last by not least, our team also explores the use of demethylating agents and natural polyphenols that interact with the epigenome of head and neck cancer as an adjuvant treatment modality for our patients who suffered from the side effects and toxicity acquired during the course of intensive head and neck cancer treatments.  

Honours, Awards & Prizes
AwardeesAward DateHonours / Awards / PrizesCategory
2003-01-01Wong Ching Yee Medical Postgraduate Scholarships
Research Achievement
2004-01-01Mary Sun Medical Scholarships
Research Achievement
Professional Societies
Term PeriodPositionProfessional Societies
since 2014Full MemberCenter for Cancer Research, LKS Facuty of Medicine, HKU
2010Associate MemberThe Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
since 2002Active MemberAmerican Association for Cancer Research
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