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The University of Hong Kong3167
Too Much Freedom or Too Little Speech - A Study of Internet Defamation and Privacy in China100
Reflections on Administrative Law in China87
Taking Play Seriously – An Exploration of the Right to Play23
From legal pluralism to dual state: evolution of the relationship between the Chinese and Hong Kong legal orders8
Transforming disaster response initiative through collective access, participation, generation, application and diffusion of knowledge: three case studies19
Comparative Corporate Rescue Law in Hong Kong, China, the United Kingdom and the United States14
The recent electoral reform in Hong Kong29
The Right to Food For All: A Right-based Approach to Hunger and Social Inequality100
The Mental Element in Dishonest Assistance: The Unfinished Business38
Derivative Action in Chinese Courts90
Taxation of Space—Resource Exploration: The Chinese Perspective7
Property Rights, Collateral and Creditor Rights in East Asia106
Refusal to License Intellectual Property Rights under the Anti-Monopoly Law of China39
Love and the Transfer of Sovereignty in Ng See Yuen's The Unwritten Law15
Mobility and Deep Engagement with Content13
Securitisation in China102
Public Interest Litigation in Hong Kong122
Representations of Refugees in Hong Kong Law, Policy and Public Discourse95
SOE externalities and environmental liability95
A Moral Reading of Legal Pluralism45
Defining the Content of the Fiduciary Obligation93
Reforming Privacy Law in New South Wales47
Court Mediation Reform: Efficiency, Confidence and Perceptions of Justice24
Promotion of Space Law in Asia-Pacific133
Using Western Law to Improve China's SOEs: of Takeover and Securities Fraud102
Non-performing Loans in China: Dimensions and Future Concerns115
The Gift: Organ Transplantation in Hong Kong45
Advancing humanitarian technology through open source collaborative applications at the local level25
Constitutional law and constitutional developments in Hong Kong27
The Role of Regional Space Cooperation in Procuring Space Security in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Prospect for Future23
Intellectual property protection for e-business methods105
Globalization and International Commercial Arbitration101
Subsidized housing: a hard choice between Trust Law and Statutory Schemes32
China's arbitration: restricted reform78
The changes of China's Tax System in a changing world102
Challenges to Personal Data Protection in the Cloud Computing Environment,20
The role of minority shareholder in companies with dominant owner129
Post-disaster conflict management: crowd sourced governance at the local level18
Severability of the Arbitration Clause25
Financial Planning for Mental Incapacity: The Challenges for Hong Kong 27
The Case Televisions Broadcasts Limited v Communications Authority and its Implications for the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance42
Several issues concerning regional judicial assistance in civil and commercial matters98
The Problem of Information in John Rawls (and what it means for the governance of knowledge in East-Asian Societies)24
E-education: the Experience of the University of Hong Kong94
Space protocol and its implications to the development of space legislation14
Law v. Journalism, or Sex and Power in the Edison Chen Case90
The Social Functions of Chinese Property Law48
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and WTO70
Protection of intellectual property rights in outer space116
Regulating Listed Companies from PRC: How Taiwan Could Learn from Hong Kong’s Experience22
The Four Modalities of the Perception of Human Rights152
Contractual Effect of Articles of Association in Company Law28
Cartelisation through Trade Associations: the EU and Hong Kong experience33
Piercing the Veil of Arbitration Reform in China: A Law and Market Analysis27
Understanding Copyright and Copywrong: Improving your © Intelligence16
The Gordian Knot of Global Civil Mediation Reform: Balancing the Scales of Procedural and Substantive Justice42
Relationship between WTO Negotiations and Dispute Settlement78
The Necessity, Challenges, Possibilities and Models of IP Integration in Asia42
An economic analysis of Google Books, Transformative Use, and Commercial Intermediation 38
The policy of One Country Two Systems and its application to Hong Kong and Taiwan87
Right to personal property under Basic Law78
In Defence of Extrinsic Evidence in Boundary Disputes21
Cultural appropriation and the search of identity for Hong Kong134
A Comparative Study of Arbitration Reform in the Asia Pacific22
How Copyright Law addresses the needs of luxury brands in a Digital Era35
Hong Kong's constitutional development: a historical review70
The ADR System in Hong Kong: Experience and Reflection69
Can Hong Kong Endure as a Liberal Enclave Within China?4
Analysis of the institutionalization of Chinese commercial arbitration: reflections of the Chinese Commercial Arbitration Reform in view of market economy and rule of Law40
Censorship and Cinematic Representations of Gender7
Job Security in Hong Kong or How to (Legally) Undermine an Already Minimalist Job Security Regime99
The rule of issues in Outer Space activities68
Professionalization and institutionalization of mediation in China18
Reflecting on the Role of Gender in Peace and Justice28
Personal Data Protection Regime in Hong Kong [in Chinese]13
Proximate and Ultimate Objects of Non-Cartel Agreements: Reflections on EU Competition Law and Beyond13
The Interface between Intellectual Property and Competition Law in China100
Public Interest Litigation in Hong Kong: A New Hope for Social Transformation?173
Social And Cultural Assumptions In Relation To Clinical Decision-making For Patients35
The new challenge to free speech and privacy: a study of online Social Evaluation Sites22
International Commercial Arbitration and ISDS Developments in Hong Kong in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative22
'Out of sight, out of mind'- Hong Kong's asylum seeker policies and the rejection of its refugees23
Application of Mediation in Investor State Dispute Resolution and Other Potential Disputes33
Conceptualizing the Chinese Trust165
Faces of atonomy in the context of PRC Constitutional Law101
Domestic Criticisms of Foreign Judges: The Case of Hong Kong12
Path dependence: implications for legal transplantation76
Personal Data Litigation before Hong Kong Courts126
A Sliding Scale of Reasonableness in Hong Kong Administrative Law125
Advance directives, dementia, and best interests46
From emergency responses to risk management: Food Safety and sustainable development in China after the tainted milk incident90
The RTA Strategy of China: A Critical Visit78
儒家与宪政: 从张君劢先生的生平和志业谈起52
Commercial Law Reform in China and Its Implications114
Financial Services Modernisation in the US and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999131
China: Breaking New Ground for Community Foundations?100
Accountability of Law Enforcement Agents under Hong Kong’s Basic Law16
Law and religion from the religious market analytical perspective20
15 years of the Handover: the rise, discontent, and convergence of cross-border arbitration in Hong Kong40
The reform of the doctrine of Utmost Good Faith in the UK and the possible implications for Hong Kong69
Political Legitimacy, Constitutionalism and Charter 08160
Economic Markets, Political Markets and Religious Markets, and Protecting the Environment under Laudato Si’34
The law and politics of constitutional reform and democratization in Hong Kong39
National Court's Judicial Review over the Panel's Decision on gTLD and ccTLD Domain Name Dipsutes in China83
Prosecution response to occupy Central?20
Duty to Report Suspicious Property: Conceptual and Practical Aspects5
Behind the text of the Basic Law: some Constitutional Fundamentals96
The Need for Multidisciplinary Cooperation in Child and Family Justice in Hong Kong41
Mediation for IP Disputes45
Climate Governance in China: Using the "Iron Hand"96
A study on effect of mediation agreement25
The Role of Comparative Law in Global Civil Mediation Reform Research: Balancing the Scales of Procedural and Substantive Justice20
Status quo post bellum and the legal resolution of the territorial dispute between China and Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands37
Sir Neil MacCormick24
Shedding Light on EU Financial Regulators: A Sociological and Psychological Perspective12
Feedback for Learning: Feedback Tutorial31
The Clean Development Mechanism107
Keynote Dialogue13
Constitutionalism, constitutional resources and constitutional moments13
Solidarity: Perversions and Promises 19
Protecting ring-fenced assets from the insolvency of the asset manager50
Authentic Assessment in Legal Education24
An Exploration of the Legal Implications of Precision and Genomic Medicine52
The Authoritarian Commons: Divergent Paths of Neighborhood Democratization in Three Chinese Megacities29
Copyright and Creative Industries23
Delivering on the Promise of Equal Protection under the Law: Ethnic Minority Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence39
Students as Partners in Innovative Learning and Teaching: Case Studies in Mainland and Hong Kong Universities28
The review and development of the Hong Kong Land Law26
Trans Identity and Constitutional Law in Comparative Perspective18
Dancing with the Dragon: Impact of China’s Participation in the WTO82
Trusts in divorce: recent developments in Hong Kong93
The Developing World of Arbitration in the Asia Pacific9
Towards an agreement on investment in Mercosur: complementarity and conflict between International Investment Law and International Trade-in-Services Law35
China's Accession to the WTO and Opening Its Securities Market133
Striking A Balance Between Enforcement Of Antitrust And Intellectual Property Laws In A Developing Country: The Chinese Perspective110
The constitutional status of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region23
The Politics and Dynamics of Chinese-Style Privatization: A Case Study of Institutional Development in Property Rights Regimes86
Presuming Altruism35
Property Rights Arrangement in Emerging Natural Resources: A Case Study of China’s Nationalization of Wind and Sunlight20
The Legal Framework for Med-Arb Developments in China: Recent Cases, Institutional Rules and Opportunities34
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Patenting in China101
International Human Rights Law and Refugee Protection in Asia: A Study of the Hong Kong Unified Screening Mechanism27
Exploring the Relationship Between Remorse and Amnesty in South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission39
Legal Implications of Precision Medicine and Regenerative Medicine34
Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with Universal Suffrage?143
Environmental Public Interest Litigation in Hong Kong43
Proportionality and invariable baseline intensity of review21
Strengthening the Combatant-Civilian Divide with a Constant Uniform Policy23
Legal Capacity and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: An Alternative Framework to Promote Reform in Hong Kong and Beyond6
Adult guardianship law in China: traditional values and modern developments55
Regulation of sale of uncompleted residential flats in Hong Kong142
Building a New Institutional Infrastructure52
Mergers and Acquisition by Foreign Investors in the Course of State-owned Enterprise Reform132
Care or protection orders of the juvenile court41
Hong Kong’s Future88
Integrating Domain Knowledge in AI-Assisted Criminal Sentencing of Drug Trafficking Cases15
China and the WTO130
Defamation by Search Engines: Exploration of Algorithm and Accountability82
Parameters of the Competition of Financial Centres77
Three Political Coinfucianisms in Half a Century93
Protecting Dignity In Private Law34
Law and Aesthetics: The Case of Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution7
The relationship between the legislature and the executive in the HKSAR (in Chinese)22
The Changing Landscape of Arbitration Agreements in China: Has the SPC-led Pro-Arbitration Move Gone Far Enough?113
Convergence and divergence in the Worlds of the Trust: duties and liabilities of trustees under the Chinese Trust106
The Impact of Medical Malpractice Law Reform on China's Tort Law and Implications for the Insurance Market77
王永慶繼承人爭產糾紛的反思--論受益人的信託知情權 22
Business transactions governed by common law: selected remedies for contractual problems20
Copyright Buyout6
Should companies be allowed to recover their regulatory fines against directors and employees?9
Interest-Based Negotiation and Facilitative Mediation41
The management of gossip on the Internet: an exploration of shaming and privacy137
Toward Reflective Comparative Research in Dispute Systems Analysis32
Law and constitutional responses to COVID-194
Morality of conciliation in international arbitration86
Creating a TDRs market: a key to Chinese Land Reform?23
Privacy and free speech in the private public sphere: a study of online social evaluation sites28
Sharing under Copyright Law120
Law, Literature, and Gender in Nineteenth-century France7
Doctrinal Principles and Policy Goals in Ostensible Authority29
China's communism myth and its path to modernization89
Discussions on Mediation Legislation in Hong Kong: reflections from Mainland’s people’s Mediation Law135
Privacy Protection in Hong Kong89
The Promise of World Peace82
Confucianism and Code of Ethics17
Interdisciplinarity and Legal Education149
New Perspective on Sustainable Development: Modelling on China’s Space Cooperation28
Public Health and Drug Patenting25
The boundary of Intellectual Property Law42
Advances in Civil Mediation Reform: Balancing the Scales of Procedural and Substantive Justice51
Arbitration under the Convention on Fishing and Conservation of Living Resources of the High Seas42
The Use of Offshore Trusts by Chinese Clients29
Competitive Neutrality from an Asian Perspective43
China's 'stir fry' of environmentally related taxes and charges: Too many cooks at work190
More market-oriented than U.S. and more socialist than China: a comparative public property story of Singapore17
Public Policy and Harmonization in International Commercial Arbitration: The Asian Context under "One Belt, One Road"117
The impact of the Road and Belt initiative on HK property market34
Multi-tier Resolution to Cross-border Commercial and Investment Disputes in China38
Securitisation: Recent International Developments82
Changing perceptions of copyright protection in the context of Media Piracy20
Fajia (Legalism) and the Social Credit System: A Model of Rule-based Governance in China12
Is Liberal Democracy Universal?52
Legal Environment and Development of Higher Education in Hong Kong109
Chinese Perspective on the New Development of Space Sustainability: Realizing Common Development in Outer Space35
Expanding Global Rule Making: The Role of the UNCITRAL Regional Centre in Enhancing Participation in Cross Border Dispute Resolution Design25
Going Out: The Legal and Regulatory Issues in Outward FDI by Chinese Enterprises17
Prospects of utilizing Investor-state Mediation and UNCITRAL Rules on Transparency for Polycentric Environmental Disaster-Related Disputes: the Case of Vattenfall v. German32
Principle of integrity in the criminal process22
Human Rights Education and building capacity for refugee protection in Hong Kong25
The concept of One Country Two Systems and its application to Hong Kong and Macau134
Towards An Inclusive And Sustainable Access To Credit16
Why do they not comply with the law? Illegality and semi-legality among rural-urban migrant entrepreneurs in Beijing59
Law and Economics Studies into China’s Arbitration Market: The Formation, Expansion, and Complication1795
Conversations with legal thinkers16
The TPP: A 21st Century High Quality Agreement20
Corporate Social Responsibility and Profit Maximization51
Recent Developments in Trusts Law in Asia93
The Constitutional Foundations of Criminal Law Enforcement in Hong Kong10
Monetary Arrangements and Financial Stability77
Med-Arb: Revisiting Issues of Public Policy in International Commercial Arbitration70
Trusts in Hong Kong: History, Practice, and Theory15
Challenges and Opportunities for Law Schools: The Hong Kong Perspective123
Digitalization of Legal Documents: Online Privacy Protection in China26
Impact of Joint Shadow Reporting on International Treaty Monitoring Processes and Implications for Gender Mainstreaming28
The subversive and the obscene: on the limits of free expression in China’s cyberspace90
Portfolios in teaching and learning149
Ascertaining land boundaries: a legal analysis15
The offence of scandalizing the Court in Hong Kong49
HK Insolvency Law Reform22
Religious Faith, Language Games and Public Discourse145
Promoting Peace in a Troubled World9
Charity without Politics? Examining the Limits of ‘Politics’ in the Law of Charity185
Open Access in the Economic Sphere but Restricted Access in the Political Sphere: The Case of Singapore26
Citation Distance: Measuring Changes in Scientific Search Strategies6
Tracing the Future of Romalpa Clauses153
What is wrong with shareholder profit maximization?26
Public Law Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from Hong Kong12
The corrupting effect of immunity accomplice witnesses: realising integrity while granting immunity to the corrupt accomplice36
Creating a TDRs Market: a key to Chinese land reform?45
Hong Kong Perspectives24
Foreign Arbitration Institutions in the Free Trade Zone28
Public Policy in International Commercial Arbitration: a real occurrence or an illusion80
Constitutional controversies in the history of the HKSAR23
The constitutional issues of 'co-location' of immigration and customs facilities in West Kowloon36
The essential rights and duties of trusts91
Interpreting Regional Public Policy in International Arbitration: the case of Greater China24
Asian Perspectives on the EU as Promoter of Equality:Flexing Soft Power42
Social stability and freedom of information in China: public interest balancing, judicial review and beyond18
Jurisdictions of the Common27
Trauma and the possibility of Legal History98
International Financial Centres: Development and Competition128
Human Rights in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: The First Four Years83
Fundamental Principles of Contract Drafting for International Contracting96
Privacy and Its Discontents: The Exploitation of Shame and the Right to be Forgotten in the Global E-Village111
The Evolution of HK Company Law since the Second World War15
Regulatory Governance of Big Data and AI in Healthcare18
State Immunity and International Arbitration28
An authentic assessment proposal24
Prospects for an East Asian Economic Community: The Case of Financial Services95
Protection of Copyright Users’ Rights: Case Study of Remix51
The Development of Trust Law and the Corporate Trustee in China: Concerns and Opportunities93
Hong Kong Competition Law - Recent Developments and Looking Ahead10
Developing a legal regime for space tourism: Pioneering a legal framework for space commercialization79
Public Policy and harmonization in international commercial arbitration: a real occurence or an illusion?31
Sexuality, Law, and Oscar Wilde26
Recent Development in Competition Law in Hong Kong48
Reforming Personal Property Security Law19
Family Trust in Hong Kong: some practical problems and case study105
Ground Up Research Approaches in Transnational Dispute Resolution34
The Latest Amendments to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Its Development Trend84
The theory of civil society and its significance for contemporary China118
Official Administration109
Corporate Governance in China: Directors' Duties, Independent Directors and Shareholders Action146
Lifelong learning: can universities contribute? 28
The Strategic Roles of Hong Kong Corporate Governance in The Belt and Road Initiative76
Informal financing in China’s private sector36
Mediation immunity and future Mediation Legislation in Hong Kong133
International Arbitration and Emerging Powers in the Asia-Pacific56
Ethical Aspects of Phase 1 Clinical Trials26
International Standards Supporting Academic Freedom39
Globalization and financial dispute resolution: examining areas of convergence and informed divergence in financial ADR76
Fragmented Laws, Contingent Choices: The Tragicomedy of the Village Commons in China19
Entrapment in administrative investigation: the case of fishing-style law-enforcement in Shanghai86
Western constitutionalism in Southeast Asia: some historical and comparative observations139
Expanding Asian Representation in Soft Law Design: The Role of the UNCITRAL Regional Centre in Developing Cross-Border Dispute Resolution Instruments16
Government Regulation and Human Rights Protection in the Taxation Law System14
Impact on Market - Issuer's Perspective82
Rule by Data and the Quest for Data Justice45
Too Little Freedom or Too Much Speech? – A Study of Cyber-bullying of Chinese Netizens and ISPs’ Liability116
Private Conciliation of Discrimination Disputes: Confidentiality, Informalism and Power88
Reconstructing copyright to promote creativity in internet era255
Assessment for student learning in Law and beyond34
Substantive Review of Administrative Discretion in Hong Kong under Chinese Sovereignty: Divergence between Rhetoric and Practice42
Domestic application of International Human Rights Treaties and refugees' right to work in Hong Kong164
Public Policy under New York Convention105
Clarifying Charges30
IP Creation, Valuation and Commercialization47
International Law and dispute resolution: challenges and opportunities of forging collaborative partnerships for humanitarian relief in precarious times21
Dispute resolution of financial products in Hong Kong: lessons from Lehman Brothers case79
Balancing Freedom and Security4
Understanding Hong Kong’s Low Grant Rate for Non-Refoulement Protection under the Unified Screening Mechanism36
Cross Border Securities Collateral: Issues And Solutions46
Costs in public interest litigation: whose pocket should be picked?80
Trade associations and cartel conduct under the new Hong Kong Competition Law regime - an enforcement priority for the Competition Commission?31
Equality Law and Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities in Hong Kong133
Bank Governance and Lending to Related Persons80
Response to Justice Carlos Bernal Pulido and Prof Alec Stone Sweet37
An Outsider's Perspective on the Defence Strategies Used in the Lee Ming Tee Case77
Technology, Correlativity and Reasonable Care: in defence of variable standard39
Representations of Law in Hong Kong Cinema7
Enforcing the Market Abuse Regime79
On the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangements between the Mainland China and Hong Kong (in Chinese)79
Insights from Comparative Court Mediation Reform35
The Evolution of Constitutional Courts in East and Southeast Asia29
权利的边界:宗教自由vs.同性恋平权 ——从奥贝格费尔诉霍奇斯案谈起39
History of China's Taxation System and Its Impact on the Constitutional Development in the Modern Time17
建立一個更多加透明的批地程式: 對香港的賣地機制的批判127
Online Privacy Protection in China: Present and Future46
International Investment Law versus International Environmental Law in the Nuclear Energy Sector82
Financial Stability, Systemic Risk and the Role of Law116
A Cause of Action for Invasion of Privacy?22
China's State-Centric Model of Steered Economic Liberalization15
Corporate Social Responsibility in China: Can Taxation and Mandatory Compliance Enhance Sustainable Growth74
Financial regulation and the Asian growth model post-crisis153
AI & IP Transcending the Global Divide26
Constitutionalism in Hong Kong and Taiwan107
The Courts, Public Opinion, and the Constitutional Protection of Same-Sex Couple Rights in Hong Kong40
The legislative debate on article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law101
Corporate Governance Mechanisms in China88
China's 'Responsive Justice' during Economic and Societal Transitions24
China And The Wto Dispute Settlement System113
Minority Language Rights in Education: Toward an International Human Rights Framework?103
The political constitutional studies of Gao Quanxi24
The right to social welfare: some challenges91
Conflict of Laws Considerations in Cross-Border Insolvency63
Shooting the Messenger? ISPs & Intermediaries caught in the Crossfire102
Going Out: Overseas Investment by Chinese Entities96
Disability Rights in China51
Comparative Assessment of the Role of Patents in Innovation in the U.S., China and Hong Kong25
Effective Board Leadership30
The Practical Ethical, Legal And Social Implications Of Precision Medicine: A Common Law Perspective33
Interpretation of the Basic Law: the NPCSC and the Hong Kong Courts40
Mediation and building management in Hong Kong: the way forward85
What is a Constitution? What is Constitutionalism? The Case of China47
UNCITRAL Expedited Arbitration Rules and MSMEs8
Police Powers under the National Security Law: A Commentary12
Regional integration of IPR system in Asia91
One Country Two Systems' and the Implementation of the Basic Law in Hong Kong14
Why courts borrow?116
Rethinking the Concept of Privacy in the Internet Age of Transparency124
Judicial Review over Mainland China Arbitral Awards in Hong Kong21
Legal Education in Hong Kong: the Historical Review, the Development since the Reunification, and the Current Challenges95
Public Law Implications of Profiling-based Punishment16
Constitutional provisions on villagers' self-governance: an interpretation109
Overcoming barriers to mediation24
Asian Debt Market Initiatives and the Role of APEC88
APEC Initiative on Development of Securitisation and Credit Guarantee Markets: China105
Implementing China and Hong Kong’s Preliminary Reference System: Transposability of Article 267 TFEU Principles208
Challenges in Geo-location Privacy, and Protecting Privacy in Social Networking Sites23
Rise of the rule of credit: New bottles for old Legalism?10
Designing Responsive ADR Mechanisms in Financial Markets: Synthesizing experiece in the UK, US, Australia, and Singapore in Developing Hong Kong’s Proposed Financial Dispute Resolution Centre22
The achievement of constitutionalism in Asia: moving beyond 'constitutions without constitutionalism'30
Legal Education in Hong Kong87
China-Hong Kong constitutional relations: problems and prospects1
Big Data and Health: The Hong Kong Perspective39
Taking Anti-Corruption Laws to the Next Level18
Regulating Lawyers' Behaviour in Mediation: A Chinese Perspective22
The Expansion of Users' Rights in Internet Environment23
The Values of International Organizations6
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in China45
The trend of Patent Law Reform in the world89
Language and the law in Hong Kong: from English to Chinese111
The Granting of Land by the HKSAR Government: Should Government resume regular public land sale or should the current Application List System continue?133
Understanding the Dynamics of Court Mediation Reform30
Obstructions, Noise and Smells: Nuisance Liability in Hong Kong143
Equality, inclusion, and Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities96
Constitutionalism and Constitutional Change in East and Southeast Asia – An Historical and Comparative Overview21
Constitutional development in Asia: a comparative study72
Should the WTO Promote Socially Bounded Economies?30
The reform of the international financial regulatory architecture: Addressing legitimacy issues32
Highlights of Hong Kong's Anti-Terrorism Legislation72
Back to Basic: Legal Education in a Changing World101
China's Banking Reform: Achievements and Challenges78
Export control regime for space items in China: opportunities and challenges in the new era131
Essential Function of a Trade Mark: From BMW to O2125
The legal aspects of Hong Kong-Taiwan relations after 1997104
Outcasts: Homophobia and Repetition in the Well of Loneliness Trial101
Auctions in the People's Republic of China: Practice, Problems, Lessons, and Law Reform49
China’s Belt and Road Development and A New International Commercial Arbitration Initiative in Asia57
Patient Confidentiality & Ethical Obligations29
'Datong' as the Chinese concept of the common good22
Transparency 2.0 at the Cost of Privacy?: Disclosure of Administrative Penalty Records under China’s Social Credit System50
Copyright in Teaching & Research26
Adaptive Efficiency and Financial Development in China: The Role of Contracts and Contractual Enforcement119
The struggle for universal suffrage in Hong Kong, 2013-1535
Shareholder Derivative Actions and Securities Arbitration in China25
Privacy Protection in Open Government Big Data [in Chinese]41
Copyrights, fair use and infringement liability in digital and Internet environment104
Genetic discrimination in Asia: A Review of Public policies, practices and incidents30
Interpreting the Definition of Discrimination in Hong Kong94
"农村地区的接近正义: 规范, 制度与文化变迁"工作坊25
Decentralized Transnational Legal Ordering: Cross Border Dispute Resolution Design through the UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific6
Evaluating Alternative Approaches to GATS Negotiations: Sectoral, Formulae and other Alternatives80
National report on Hong Kong142
'China's Long March Toward Rule of Law' or 'China's Turn Against Law'?44
The Concepts Of Property In Common Law: Comparative Comments On The Drafting Of Prc Law Of Right Over Things117
The roots of historic title: Non-Western Pre-colonial Normative Systems and legal resolution of territorial disputes35
Do Courts Really Matter?7
Trust Law in China94
Law, Politics and Art in Hong Kong's Occupy Central17
Cleaved International Law through the indeterminacy of Tertiary Rules24
Judicial Empowerment and Competition, ASEAN Style17
The Rise of Administrative Law in Singapore95
Media Freedom23
To Serve and To Protect: Law Enforcement and Human Rights43
Pursuing Open Source Justice: Challenges and Opportunities of Forging Collaborative Partnerships for Humanitarian Relief in Precarious Times25
Best Interest of Child vs. Best Intention of Parents: A Study of Judicial Attitudes in Corporal Punishment at Home in Hong Kong106
Echoes of Wilde14
Arbitration in Comparative Perspective31
Constitutionalism in Southeast Asia91
Corporate governance and cross border issues39
Critical Analysis on the Merchandising Rights of Fictional Characters: Chinese and American Perspectives99
Constitutional Dialogue in Common Law Asia 33
Regulation of Sale of First Hand Residential Property in Hong Kong: the New Law25
International perspectives on financial dispute resolution79
The Role of Courts in Democratization37
From Civil Justice Reform in Hong Kong to Civil Procedure Law Reform in the Mainland126
IP disputes between Chinese and other companies: trends and implications83
Legal Aspects in Formulating Child Protection Policy17
WTO Dispute Settlement System and China101
Stripping the jurisdiction from established investment arbitral tribunals24
Legal Rights Lawyering vs. Political Lawyering: A Comparative Study of Taiwan and Mainland China41
Do Hong Kong People Treasure Rights30
The Regulation of Executive Compensation: An Agency Perspective109
Hong Kong Financial Regulation and RMB Internationalisation21
Designing a Legal Framework for Online Dispute Resolution9
Socio-legal perspectives on when not to use mediation121
Chinese tso/tongs as British trusts: a modern review18
Legal Characteristics of Red Chip Companies and Certain Issues Concerning Their Governance84
Democracy and Economic Development: Implications for Reform Sequence and Regime Choices30
IP strategy in China: from a business perspective13
Examining dynamics of community participation in Global "North" and "South"20
Divorce: the pitfalls in clean break107
Statutory Rights in Hong Kong39
Responsive justice in China during Transitional Times: revisiting the juggling path between Adjudicatory and Mediatory Justice37
A New Chapter of Hong Kong’s Constitution: From Conflict to Consensus?259
Further Development of Rescue Agreement in Outer Space99
Addressing SOE environmental externalities in the new CSR Movement in China’s State Sector118
Law of the Philippines and Maldives: Counter-Terrorism, Money Laundering, and Cyber-Crime9
Mental Capacity for Wills and Lifetime Dispositions: An Interest-based Framework of Assessment3
Reflection on Law and Economics Scholarship in Greater China21
Hong Kong's legal culture23
Basel III? Capital, leverage, liquidity121
Understanding Public Interest Litigation in Hong Kong232
Legal ethics in the Art world: reflections on and possible solutions to the global challenges of Art Fraud70
To Serve and To Protect: Law Enforcement and Human Rights4
Globalisation and Culture: the Experience of the University of Hong Kong97
Embracing Legal Harmonization through Decentralized Transnational Legal Ordering: The Role of the UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific in Enhancing Participation in Cross Border Dispute Resolution Rule Design7
Review of air pollution laws in Hong Kong: Review of APCO23
Special Needs Trust in Hong Kong: Promises and Pitfalls3
Public Policy and Harmonization in International Commercial Arbitration33
Harmonization and cross-border mediation: a Chinese perspective17
National Space Legislation, with reference to Hong Kong's Practice1236
Back to the Basic100
The role of bilateral and multilateral agreements in international space cooperation35
The Internationalisation of Human Rights: Problems, Politics and Prospects84
Conflict Management through Civil Mediation Reform: Balancing the Scales of Procedural and Substantive Justice56
Debates about the Rule of Law in the HKSAR Region 1997-200284
National Security and Institutional Strengths33
Coordinating Secured Transactions Law Reforms and Prudential Regulation6
Bangladesh 2010: Prosecuting International Crimes from the 1971 War of Liberation in a 100% domestic court10
Implementation of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in China: the Impact of Human Rights Education on Civil Society Advocacy19
Fiduciary Duty without Equity: Fiduciary Duties of Directors under the Revised Company Law of the PRC117
Rethinking 'Personal Data' in the Cloud22
Law, Literature, and the World7
Uncovering Originalism and Textualism in Singapore32
Geoengineering: an ASEAN position52
International Commercial Arbitration in Hong Kong and China30
ILO Standards and Education in Hong Kong97
Party Politics and Judicial Independence108
Global Public Financial Law and Financial Sector Reform in Emerging Markets99
Adding Remix Right as a Secondary Copyright8
Market Definition in the Hong Kong TVB Case of Broadcasting19
Cross-border Judicial Assistance on Commercial Matters: Lessons from Reciprocal Arbitraiton Arrangement between Hong Kong and the Mainland88
Twenty years of practice of 'One Country Two Systems' in the HKSAR33
Authentic assessment and learning in Law128
LawOf: the development of an open online legal Index116
A bottom-up approach to understanding obscenity99
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Regulating rainmaking: a critical survey of States' Regulations on weather modification23
Smuggling Responsibilities: Refugee Convention through Constitutional Law in Hong Kong26
Regulating economic local protectionism in China100
Impediments and Issues: Securitisation in PR China107
What is Corporation for? Shareholder Value Verses Stakeholder Interests revisited32
The Reception of Trust in Asia: Emerging Asian Principles of Trusts?81
Modeling annual supreme court influence: The role of citation practices and judicial tenure in determining precedent network growth32
Equality, Law, and Literature7
Reform of Family Justice in Hong Kong: Children 's Dispute Resolution Issues17
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Recent developments in Corporate Governance in the US, UK and HK106
Rescue Agreement in Outer Space95
Justifying public advocacy by charities: when does political activity become charitable?56
Immigration Policy and Human Resources Planning81
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Governmental Policies on FOI and Privacy in China20
In the Age of Art-Appropriation: A Case Remade78
Mainstreaming for a multicultural school environment: identity, equality and integration20
Corporate Governance: Does One Model Fit All?76
The new Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance: Merging of split regimes127
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Evaluating international financial crisis response mechanisms19
The Sense of Sovereignty in the Age of the Anthropocene 26
One Principles, Two Principles...3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Factors107
Google Book Search as Fair Use: An Economic Perspective16
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Piercing the Veil of Arbitration Reforms in China: Patterns, Prognosis, and Prospect67
Legal Aspects of Depositor Protection Schemes: Comparative Perspectives87
Online Privacy and Social Policing97
Government’s position and public debates on UGC and Fair Use in Hong Kong56
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Discussion on extending/modifying the 1992 nuclear power sources principles to broader space operations99
Human Rights and the Basic Law: The Onset of a New Constitutional Era?104
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Principles of Interpretation of the Basic Law: A Preliminary Enquiry130
The Nature of Arbitration in Mainland China and Its Correlation with the Market44
Toward Greater Inclusivity in ADR Soft Law Design: Tracing the Role of the UNCITRAL Regional Centre on the Development of Cross Border ADR31
Legal Paradigms in Tissue Ownership25
International Water Law and the Rule of Equitable Utilization42
Academic Freedom and the National Security Law: The Role of International Human Rights Law5
Delivering on the Promise of Equal Protection Under the Law: Understanding the Experiences and Help-Seeking Behaviours of Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence47
Reforming Court Mediation: Lessons from Global Experience16
Domain name dispute resolution and its future development13
Building blocks for reforms on key issues in corporate governance: the case of Hong Kong83
Corporate Governance Reform24
Hong Kong's judiciary under 'One Country Two Systems'65
Realising universal suffrage in Hong Kong after the Standing Committee's decision23
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Sex and power in the Edison Chen Case304
Challenges of China's Accession to the WTO to Its Insurance Market and Related Legal Issues (in Chinese)88
Systems Theory as a Theoretical Framework for Interdisciplinary Study of Law185
Patent Protection for Biotechnology in Hong Kong126
Cyber Law - What to look out for on Social Media and the Internet24
Ukraine, Armed Conflict and State Succession in Investor-State Arbitration31
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Space Commercialization and Space Law7
China’s Social Credit System and the ‘Transparent Self’ before the State34
Addressing SIFIs25
Theoretical and Practical Development of 'Public Policy' in Enforcing of Foreign Arbitration Awards (in Chinese)92
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Maintaining Institutional Strength: The Court and the Rule of Law69
HK's Corporate Governance Review - the culture of good corporate governance or East meets West in HK?88
Patent and Innovation in China53
Security and the Pandemic: a View from Hong Kong29
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Dispute Resolution Research and Scholarship Across Borders38
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The rule of law and access to court: some thoughts on judicial review in Hong Kong103
From Research Data to Clinical Practice: Legal and Ethical Governance of the Clinical Application of Biomedical Research7
Sustainable Learning, Leading and Living in the 'I' Age25
International Regulations of Commercial Contracts: Complementary Roles of UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT and HCCH8
Designing institutions for enforcing corporate and securities laws in Hong Kong and Singapore15
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EGJ tumors: controversies in treatment18
Review of Privacy Protection in Hong Kong23
In or Out? Seeing exclusions from Constitutional Law from the theory of constitutional game269
Legal, Institutional and Implementation Problems of Emission Trading between Legal Systems: A Preliminary Review of the Implementation Framework of the Emission Trading Pilot Scheme for Thermal Power Plants in the Pearl River Delta Region286
A Multilateral Regime for Space Resource Exploration and Utilization19
Property rights arrangement in emerging natural resources: a case study of China’s nationalization of wind and sunlight20
Interpreting the Basic Law and the Adjudication of Politically Sensitive Questions149
Emerging Approaches in Development Efforts: Chinese Perspective on Space and Sustainable Development31
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Intellectual Property Ambassador Scheme – the skill and will necessary for lifelong learning and global citizenship38
A Forward-Looking and Cross-Disciplinary Approach Towards IP Research in the Internet Era'5
Algorithmic Accountability: Social Credit System and Administrative Law18
Fusion and Fission in Tracing: Solving the Innocent Volunteers Conundrum7
Good Faith and Fiduciary Duty114
Developments in dispute resolution in Asia: cultural, commercial and policy changes41
Prevention and Regulation: Who is Responsible87
Improvements to Personal Property Security Regulation26
The Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters in China17
Hypocritical constitutionalism: a root for the development of a hypocritical society in China134
Financial Cooperation in East Asia: The Role of Law119
Dispute Resolution in China and Hong Kong79
International Dispute Resolution during the Covid-19 Pandemic29
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The adjudication of socio-economic rights using administrative judicial review principles in Hong Kong33
Piercing the Veil of Arbitration Reform in China44
Comparing Roadblocks and Facilitators of Settlement Among Arbitration Practitioners in East Asia109
Experience Sharing on Online Court29
The Proposed New Law on Advance Directives in Hong Kong: A Piecemeal Attempt at Codification?12
Freedom of Expression, Private Controllers and Internet Governance126
Assessment for Learning in Social Context100
Article 23, Theft of State Secrets and the Proposed New Offence of Unauthorized and Damaging Disclosure of Protected Information94
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Financial dispute resolution innovation in post-crisis financial regulation: Hong Kong’s experience37
ODR for MSME's Cross-Border B2B Disputes11
Impacts of Humanity Factors on Corporate Governance109
The role of regional space cooperation in procuring space security in the Asia-Pacific Region: a prospect for future53
Unbalanced food safety regime in China100
Financial Dispute Resolution and Corporate Governance23
New Developments in Insider Trading Regulation in PRC and Hong Kong86
Deference on the Ground of Democratic Legitimacy116
The Future of Law in Medicine11
Human rights in Hong Kong; Looking beyond international human rights law for enforcement of the right to equality17
The Regulation of Stem Cell Research: An Asian Perspective36
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'Hong Kong's Corporate Governance Review - The Culture of Good Corporate Governance84
Ownership and Political Control: Evidence from Charter Amendments29
Towards the End of European Cosmopolitanism30
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The Discourse of Political Constitutionalism in Contemporary China26
Globalization of Constitutional Law19
Missing the Target of Ring-Fencing Trusts6
Discussion on extending/modifying the 1992 Nuclear Power Sources Principles to broader space operations106
Old Law in New Bottles, Reintroducing National Security Legislation in Hong Kong51
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Interpretation of 'Foreign-related Elements' in Foreign-related Cases in China29
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Law and Social Policy in China: From Communism to Marketization37
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Governance, Property Rights and Financial Development105
Domain Name Dispute Resolution in Greater China86
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Implications of FG Hemisphere v Congo on judicial autonomy in Hong Kong141
Law, Literature, and the Question of Reading8
Promoting peace and resolving conflict: new youth and the promotion of peace99
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WTO and Financial Services: Financial Liberalisation and Regulation115
Towards an Economic Approach to the General Economic Torts36
Optimal Property Rights for emerging natural resources: a case study on Owning Atmospheric Moisture33
From Data Subjects to Data Sovereigns: Addressing the Limits of Data Privacy in the Digital Era18
Trusts in China86
Hong Kong as an International Mediation and Arbitration Centre: a success story of a Community-wide Partnership99
Four models of equality in Common Law Asia35
Internet Technology And Intellectual Property Protection96
Jurisprudence, Globalization and Inter-disciplinarity119
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Legal and Institutional Impediments to Cross-Border Capital Flows to the Asian Bond Markets85
Challenges to the Current Space Legal Regime in the Era of Space Commercialization83
Bad Faith and Reverse Domain Name Hijacking5
Rethinking the Public Policy in Cross-border Arbitration between Hong Kong and Mainland China28
Judicial Review over Domain Name Administrative Decisions in China115
Contract enforcement in China: theory and facts149
Building Harmony in Diversity through Strengthening Effectiveness of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms Applicable in the BRI Jurisdictions5
Directors Duties, Independent Non-executive Directors, and Derivative Actions: Recent Debate in Corporate Governance83
Reading Law Reading in the Well of Loneliness Trials44
Impact of ACTA and TPP on Asia-Pacific IP System15
Tackling cyber-bullying from a children’s rights perspective182
The Rule of Law Under One Country Two Systems: The Case of Hong Kong 1997-2009140
Unconscionability and Performance Bonds47
The Identity of Arbitral Awards in China97
Discussions on Mediation Legislation in Hong Kong, with reference to the People’s Mediation Law in Mainland China120
Publishing in US Law Reviews125
E-Portfolio and Assessment113
Corporate Governance of Chinese Private Enterprises at the Crossroads129
Financial Integration and Development in East Asia101
Sino-British diplomacy and the drafting of the Basic Law of the HKSAR15
Valuing International Organizations21
Procedural Justice or Procedural Excuse?: An Empirical Investigation of Eminent Domain in Chinese Courts52
Doing Justice to Fiction18
After the Decennial: the New Doctrine of Precedent in the Hong Kong Court of Appeal183
Can the Hong Kong Immigration Regime sustain HK as a World Financial Centre? 21
What’s Left for China after the 2015 US Space Mining Law: From Unilateralism to Multilateralism22
Copyright and Creative Commons in Teaching and Learning9
The role of HK corporate governance in the Road and Belt initiative45
Rule of Law and Protection of Private Economic Rights in China102
Constitutional Developments in Hong Kong and Taiwan100
Comparative Law in Hong Kong and Mainland China113
Securities dispute resolution in China140
Prudential Regulation and Secured Transactions Law: Is a Sound and Inclusive Credit Environment Achievable?14
Takeovers of Corporations and Governments: implications for regime choices27
Are China's IP Industries Prepared for the WTO?94
Low structure, high ambiguity: selective adaptation of international norms of corporate governance mechanisms in China152
Learning About Community Capacity Building for Service in Hong Kong86
‘Some for All’ or ‘All for Some’? Assessing the Realization of the Right to Social Welfare in the Retirement Protection Reform in Hong Kong25
Commercial Dispute Resolution in Asia: Recent Trends and Developments27
What is Government's Role and Responsibility to Future Generations regarding Soverign Wealth Funds Management18
Biomedical Technology, Law & Social Response28
Fiduciary Duty of Controlling Shareholders in Mergers and Acquisitions: References and Comparison with the Delaware Case Law80
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Rule of law, reason and human progress49
Creative Commons: Design, Contributions to Open Innovation, and Legal Challenges5
The nature of trusts: Private Purpose Trusts113
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The Oscar Wilde Trials, or the Interpretation of Legal Interpretation7
Scientific and Character Education of Children79
Costs of Public Interest Litigation: Whose Pocket Should be Picked?162
Harmonization of International Arbitration Norms in Asia: China’s Contribution in Context of ‘One Belt, One Road’45
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Novel Remedies and New Democracies32
Development of Rescue Agreement in the era of Commercialization131
Two recent judicial decisions on the National Security Law14
Law and Development of International Financial Centres225
The Constitutional Orders of "One Country, Two Systems: a comparative study of the written and unwritten bases of Constitutional Review and Proportionality Analysis in the Chinese Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau"67
Search and Seizure of Mobile Phones Incidental to Arrest: Balancing Law Enforcement Powers and Privacy Protection114
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Reflections on Intellectual Property Reform in Hong Kong42
Is there a Future for Wilkinson v Downton?120
Attempting a Strict Liability Offence - Revisiting a Lost Cause99
Constitutions and constitutionalism in East Asia21
Data Privacy Considerations for Blockchain Technology224
Bringing Intersectionality Home: Delivering Contextualised Justice in Gender Based Violence74
Major public law decisions of the Ma Court25
Rule by Data and the Quest for Data Justice: Lessons from China’s Social Credit System334
On Police 'Further Interrogation' in China: A Power Relations Approach85
China's food safety problems and their impact on Hong Kong: a legal perspective96
Subject Access Right under China’s Big Data Surveillance13
Legal status of the airspace over an indeterminate territory: the case of the Spratly Islands77
The Role of Christian Faith in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement15
The Direction of the Development of the Rule of Law in Hong Kong138
The struggle for equal treatment: ethnic minorities in Hong Kong33
China’s Approach to International Economic Law27
Legal issues in China's possible participation in the International Space Station (ISS)154
Negotiation Skills for the Banking Sector91
Recent WTO Rulings on Privatization and the SOE Reform in China94
Exponential Inequalities and Intersecting Crises in Hong Kong5
Forged independence and impartiality: conflicts of interest of International Arbitrators in investment disputes67
Transparency versus Stability: The New Role of Chinese Courts in Upholding Freedom of Information10
The Hong Kong Legislative Council election of 2016 and the oath-taking incident79
Report on the Provision of Government Legal Services in Hong Kong129
Elevating Conversation for Meaningful Dialogue91
Legal Pluralism & Political Legitimacy55
What other competitors in this region have done: recent developments in Malaysia and Singapore82
Striking A Balance Between Merger Control And Industrial Policy In The Developing Country Context120
Human Trafficking in Hong Kong: Taking Stock of Prevention, Protection and Punishment Policies26
Subnational Constitutionalism: The Case of Hong Kong49
True grit and the strange wonders at the limits of the law17
Obligations to Surrender Accused to the International Criminal Court: The Case of the Hong Kong SAR as a Non-State Party205
Transparency in Investor-State Arbitration after the Mauritius Convention81
Statutory rights and de facto constitutional supremacy in Hong Kong?57
Evaluating Proposals for Political Reform for Hong Kong's Constitutional Development and the Introduction of Universal Suffrage in 2017: A Minority Rights Perspective22
Valuing International Organizations Law25
Academic Freedom in the context of One Country, Two Systems45
IP, innovation and competition: US perspective80
Against Legal Origin: Of Ownership Concentration and Disclosure104
IP issues in AI Technology4
Policing and Prosecuting Money Laundering: What Are We Achieving?18
Jurisdiction of the Common21
Legal Challenges to the Economic Integration of Mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region87
Copyright, Fair Use, Public Licenses and Open Access79
Outlook for Shareholder Activism: Strategies of Engagement and Shareholder Dialogue - or Legal Strategies of Attack and Defense in Hong Kong? 24
CEPA: Progress and Problems82
Rights, proportionality and deference: an empirical study of judgments in Post-Handover Hong Kong194
Designing Stakeholder Board20
Human rights and the protection of refugees in Asia: moving beyond the Refugee Convention24
New developments of International Economic Law21
Regularity through reason: a foundation of virtue for International Arbitration22
International Listing Standards: Implications for Stock Exchanges in China93
Legalizing politics: an evaluation of Hong Kong's recent attempt at democratization44
Institutionalization and Professionalism of Mediation in China32
Deference, Expertise and Intelligence-gathering Powers125
Internet Service Provider’s Liability under the Human Rights Regime of Freedom of Expression83
Ethics in international mediation and arbitration: a cross cultural perspective84
Anti-corruption Law and enforcement in Hong Kong75
Regulations on Open Environmental Information (The People’s Republic of China)104
The Clean Development Mechanism in Southeast Asia73
Developments in Personal Property Security Law53
Seeking governance solutions in Global-Local Post-Disaster ADR: lessons from the field33
An identity that must be suppressed: legal hermeneutics and the construction of lesbian identity in the Well of Loneliness trials118
The APEC ODR Framework: Opportunities and Challenges6
Law and Financial Design103
Technology, Innovation and the Democratization of Financial Services18
Perspectives on the new Companies Ordinance23
CEDAW and the Protection of Women Refugees in Asia52
Rating Reputation: Online Defamation44
How Law Students Learn128
Framework for Measuring Judicial Deference in Constitutional Rights Cases13
Breathing Life into the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission13
Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Democracy: Recent Experience of Hong Kong and China75
Post-Crisis Financial Integration in East Asia89
The Canadian Charter of Rights in Hong Kong Jurisprudence24
Formulating a Viable and Interesting Paper Topic/Thesis: The Evolution of a Recent Research Project51
From fair dealing to fair use to UGC - three steps to Copyright Reform or Pseutopia?70
The Global Language of Human Rights43
Corporate Governance of Overseas-listed Chinese Companies: Implications for Cross-border Co-ordination on Securities Regulation between Hong Kong and the PRC139
Abuse of Dominance in the Hong Kong Television Sector: The TVB Case and its Implications for the New Competition Ordinance 77
Pretrial Rules and Practice in the US98
Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders Board15
Globalisation of Securities Offerings91
The transparent self in China's big data ecosystem28
A Global Norm for Fairness and Morality in IP Law: An Attainable Goal?4
What next for Stock Exchanges?23
Capacity and Undue influence: A Unified Approach for Wills and Lifetime Dispositions16
The origins of the Hong Kong Basic Law13
Cross-border arbitration between Hong Kong and Mainland China: retrospect and prospect60
Improving Corporate Governance: the protection of minority shareholders and the role of independent directors and board of supervisors in Macau95
Teaching Corporate Governance in Asian Universities: Perspectives from Business and Law85
Applying the efficiency rationale to separation of powers in Hong Kong58
Open Innovation and IP Protection of Small-Medium Enterprises7
Abuse of Dominance in the Television Sector: The Case of Television Broadcasts Limited36
The emerging discourse of CSR in China23
Treason, Secession, Subversion and Proscribed Organizations: Comments on the Consultation Document141
The Development of Judicial Review of Administrative Actions in Hong Kong's New Constitutional Order166
Learning and living become seamless and synonymous, and lifelong learning is archievable27
Takeovers in China: The Case Against Uniformity in Corporate Governance97
Best Practices to Achieve Best Interests in Child Care and Placement Planning38
Commercialization of Telecommunications Services19
IP and Innovation92
Dialogic review in Hong Kong130
COVID-19 Lockdowns: A Public Mental Health Ethics Perspective34
Mismatched Copyright Objective and Reality and Proposed Reform17
From the UNCITRAL Rules to Mauritius Convention: Review, Treaty Interpretation and Comparison22
Security for Costs of Claims and Counterclaims32
Paradox of Chinese property rights91
Inequality and Intestacy Reform in China13
Settling the Liberalism's Holy War Against the Holy (in Chinese)82
Money and power: economic and political competition in the Religious Free Market21
Hong Kong in the Era of Asian and Global Trade Regionalism109
Beyond Good Governance: Judicial Review in Governance Processes175
Critical Review on Hong Kong Proposed Personal Data Reform88
Copyright Buy-out in the Music Industry: A Comparative Study of the Asia-Pacific Region21
From Teitel's 'Transitional Justice' Framework in Central and Eastern Europe to China's ‘Responsive Justice’ Argument90
Regulation of remote sensing activities in Hong Kong: privacy, access, security, copyright, and the case of Google172
Can Hong Kong Endure as a Liberal Enclave in China? An analysis of the Hong Kong National Security Law3
Hong Kong's International Legal Obligations Under CEDAW88
Unser generated content from International and Chinese Perspectives24
The Hong Kong Legal Information Institute Experience131
Freedom of Information without a Statutory Right to Know: Open Government in Hong Kong31
Intellectual property and public health: two sides of the same coin120
Implications of Basel II for Securitisation76
Dispute Resolution in China: Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and Their Interactions5
The (Moral) Responsibility of Internet Intermediaries10
The China-Asia 'One Belt, One Road' : Geolegal Considerations and International Commercial Arbitration45
Domain Name Dispute and Future Development of Online Dispute Resolution21
The regulation of securities in Hong Kong17
Learning health literacy via online learning system among university students In Hong Kong53
Corporate governance challenges in HK since the GFC22
The Tension between Law and History in the Context of International Humanitarian Law14
Chinese Judiciary: Quo Vadis?126
Arbitration Harmonization in Asia under China’s Belt and Road Initiative36
Community Reflection on Study Circle Sustainability in Hong Kong79
Literature and Empathy7
Governing China’s financial disputes in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008176
Financial Market Development in the Pearl River Delta98
Sustaining post disaster open source governance17
Anti-terrorism Laws in the People's Republic of China104
Copyrightability of Remix Works and the Right of Remixers16
Optimal Deterrence, Corporate Attribution and the Illegality Defence9
Genomic Data Sharing and Privacy in China32
Corporate governance & Corporate Social Responsibility: Asian perspectives20
Serendipitous Justice: A Study on Wrongful Convictions in China109
Reflections on the Relationship between WTO Negotiations and Dispute Settlement – Lessons from the GATS99
Gender and Constitutionalism in Hong Kong44
The Changing Face of International Arbitration in Asia24
Masculinity and the Trials of Modern Fiction7
Constitutional adjudication and substantive gender equality in Hong Kong121
Methods of Deference in Human Rights Adjudication5
A worthy predecessor? The Privy Council on Appeal from Hong Kong, 1853-1997146
Developments In Refugee Protection In Southeast Asia28
Hong Kong Courts and Chinese Institutions: Pluralism, Autonomy and Power Balance in Hong Kong’s constitutional adjudication47
The Role of Regional Space Cooperation in Procuring Space Security in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Prospect for Future57
Law and humour in Johnnie To's justice, my foot!134
Legal Thought and Legal Development in the People's Republic of China93
Are Radiologists in Hong Kong Prepared (Ethically and Legally Speaking) for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?9
Development of Chinese domain name in Mainland China121
International Legal Issues of the Belt and Road Initiative5
The State, Yahoo! and You80
State formation and autonomy: Does Chinese practice in Tibet meet international standards?36
Holding accountable those who improperly switch between arbitrator and counsel in investment arbitration27
Democracies and Courts in Asia40
Governance: How Much Transparency13
Civil society in Hegel's legal philosophy95
Global constitutionalism and the case of Hong Kong15
Conflicts between Access to Information and Privacy Protection in China: Implications for Healthcare and Medical Data29
Comparative study of corporations and clans: ideologies behind comparative law81
More market-oriented than U.S. and more socialist than China: a comparative public property story of Singapore20
'One Country, Two Systems' and the Unfinished Project of Chinese Constitutionalism33
Cross-border Arbitral Awards in Greater China25
Oral advocacy in Arbitration18
Reflections on the Key Ingredients for Successful Reform of International Commercial Arbitration in the Asia Pacific39
The Right to Food For All: A Right-based Approach to Hunger and Social Inequality97
Hong Kong Insurance Law Updates82
Demise of 'One Country, Two Systems'? Reflections on the Hong Kong Rendition Saga21
The Spratly Islands as a Single Unit in the 12 July 2016 Award of the Arbitral Tribunal in the Philippines/China South China Sea Arbitration and Its Implications on the Superjacent Airspaces of the Relevant Areas of the South China Sea60
Status quo post bellum and the legal resolution of the territorial dispute between China and Japan over the Senkaku/diaoyu Islands67
Advancing human security through post-disaster open source collaborative governance at the local level32
Cyberbullying in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China: in Search of a Regulatory Framework41
Corporate Governance in Asia3
The Developing World of Arbitration and Trade Dynamics in Asia11
The (somewhat) irrelevancy of state-ownership in emerging natural resources: a comparative case study of China’s regulatory regime for weather modification33
A Moral Reading of Legal Pluralism34
The Western tradition of the Rule of Law21
Legal Issues in the Economic Integration Agreements between China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao82
China-Brazil Space Cooperation: Realizing Space Sustainability6
Corporate Social Responsibility, Profit Maximization and the Stakeholder Board56
Policies and Innovations in Asian Capital Markets110
Corporate Social Responsibility and Profit Maximization13
Discussant's report on Hong Kong's judicial system after 1997111
Recent Developments in Dispute Resolution in East Asia – Public and Private19
Financial Integration and Cooperation in East Asia114
Optimal Deterrence, the Illegality Defence, and Corporate Attribution15
Student-Selected Multimedia Learning 15
Aggressive Legalism: The East Asian Experience and Lessons for China90
A Quarter of a Century's SOE Reform in China93
New Development Trends in Hybrid Dispute Resolution: Med-Arb Reform in China and Asia34
Legal aspects of commercial space activities in China19
The Rule of Law in Contemporary Western Thought48
Publication and Dissemination of Disability Rights Research32
Advancing Justice through Civil Mediation Reform: Comparative Perspectives23
Comparative Law of International Organizations17
Examining best practices in financial dispute system development: a comparative perspective72
Patent Law Update19
Review of Arbitral Awards across the Border: Lessons of Hong Kong to Mainland94
New governance and humanitarian aid42
Cyberbullying: In Search of a Legal Definition and a Legal Response20
The Concept of Dignity as a Constitutional Value in Hong Kong85
Open Access Order and Interconnected Institutions in Brazil: A Challenge50
Transnationalization of ADR: Tensions and Developments18
Transparency Circumvented: Judicial handling of Extra-legal Rules of Information Control10
Legal Responses to Innovations in Medicine6
Theorizing Adult Guardianship Laws: Chinese and International Perspectives21
Asian Condominium (Strata Title) Law: Hong Kong Report95
Article 4 of the Outer Space Treaty and Peaceful Use of Outer Space100
Re-conceptualizing Learning and Assessment for Life-long Learning16
The Development of Trust Law in Hong Kong and China36
Constitutionalism and Governance in Asia129
Online Shaming in the Global E-Village: Privacy and the Right to be Forgotten103
The Reception of Trust in Asia: Emerging Asian Principles of Trust?75
The Case Law of the Hong Kong Basic Law45
APEC Courts and Arbitration Centres During the Pandemic9
Judicial Review and Social and Economic Rights22
Creating paradigm shifts in teaching and assessing law32
A Critical Review of the One-man Company Legislation in Mainland China107
Copyright Protection of Remixed Works20
Respecting constitutionalism by changing the constitution: revisiting the Chng Suan Tze Saga40
Fundamental Rights and the Basic Laws of the Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions125
European Banking Union: Implications for East Asia38
Role of Institutions in Administering Online Disputes: What Could the Future Hold?10
Liability of Internet Host Providers in Defamation Actions: From Gatekeepers to Identifiers43
Two Decades of the Handover and First Decade of Mainland Judgments Ordinance: Cross-border Enforcement of Mainland Judgments in Hong Kong32
Representing Law in Hong Kong Film6
Measuring Judicial Deference in Human Rights Adjudication26
From the UNCITRAL Technical Notes on ODR to the APEC ODR Framework and Procedural Rules: The Way Ahead for a Regulatory Regime for ODR4
The Mighty Pen, the Almighty Dollar, and the Holy Hammer and Sickle: An Examination of the Conflict between Trade Liberalization and Domestic Cultural Policy with Special Regard to the Recent Dispute between the United States and China on Restrictions on Certain Cultural Products131
Open Access Order and Interconnected Institutions in India88
Exploring New Drivers: Reform II, Development and Regulation of the Chinese Financial System36
Clinical Legal Education and domestic implementation of International Human Rights Law: the development of a Refugee Legal Clinic in Hong Kong30
IP and Competition: a New Balance Game in China80
Rescue Agreement in Outer Space83
The Registration of Company Charges46
What Counts as Evidence of Opinio Juris?46
Legal status of the airspace over an indeterminate territory: the case of the Spratly Islands27
Global financial regulation post-Lehman109
M&As by Foreign Investors in China: Legal Framework and Problems131
Financial dispute resolution in the context of globalization79
International Regulations of Commercial Contracts: Complementary Roles of UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT and HCCH6
The yet-to-be effective but effective tax: Hong Kong's buyer's Stamp Duty as a critical case study of legislation by press release20
Issues relating to the Self-Authorizing Agent42
The WTO Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services Case and its Broader Implications82
What Law Cannot Give: 'From The Queen to the Chief Executive'120
Liability for academic secrets that are accidentally obtained85
Migration Law and Regulations in Hong Kong97
Blogging by judges and lawyers in China101
The security law, the separation of powers, and rule of law responses50
E-commerce Dispute Resolution and Online Arbitration106
Fragmented Laws, Contingent Choices: The Tragicomedy of the Village Commons in China28
The Invention of Tradition: Same-sex Marriage and its Discontents in Hong Kong24
Adaptation and resiliency in global Finance: Europe and Asia85
Legal issues in China's future participation in the space protocol to the Cape Town convention52
Cross-border Jurisdictional Conflicts between Mainland China and Hong Kong on Civil and Commercial Matters105
E-Finance in Greater China: Hong Kong SAR107
Developing a legal regime for space tourism: Pioneering a legal framework for space commercialization85
Women, Censorship, and Early 1990s Hong Kong Cinema, University of Warwick, United Kingdom9
The Right to Fair Hearing in International Law15
The 1967 Outer Space Treaty and its Future Development33
China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership20
Cross-border Listing of Mainland Companies in Hong Kong and Certain Legal Concerns93
Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy - Competition Law15
The implications of and possible responses to the mandated use of outcomes-based learning in a Law School: the case of the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law96
God’s laws in Caesar’s courts: delivering justice through deliberative decision making97
Arbitration in Comparative Perspectives39
Balancing competing interests in apparent authority25
Why Europe rejected American judicial review: and why it may not matter15
Regulatory Framework of International Commercial Mediation in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao38
Autonomy, death and dying: a legal survey49
Response to David Dyzenhaus, 'Legal Theory and The Politics of Legal Space'36
Understanding The Term Of 'powerful' In The Outlines And Its Implications To China's Future Development Of Technology And Culture13
From Legal Pluralism to Dual State: Evolution of the Relationship Between the Chinese and Hong Kong Legal Orders5
Revisiting Privacy and Dignity: The Problem of Online Shaming23
改善私人公司與公眾公司之公司治理: 小股東保護與獨立董事及監事會的角色93
Reforming the priority rules in Hong Kong: a comparative perspective122
Reform of Securities Regulatory Regime in China: Securities Law of 199881
Hong Kong's ADR in Transition: Change and Continuity in its Ideas119
Protecting Consumers from Unfair Contract Terms: Current Law and Suggestions for Reform19
Research funding’s ‘endorsement effect’ on scientific boundary work and research production: government legitimization of alternative medicine32
Social Action and the Role of Lawyers: The Experience of Hong Kong53
Accessing to the EU at the time of Brexit 14
Securities Arbitration in China: A Better Alternative to Retail Shareholder Protection19
State Ownership of Large Companies in China and the Protection of the Rights of Capital Suppliers159
Stare Decisis and Anthony Trollope's The Eustace Diamonds113
Perspectives of Reform to Copyright Law under the Challenges of New Media42
The Hong Kong Bill of Rights 1991-95: a statistical analysis78
The strange vitality of Customary International Law in the international protection of property, contracts and commerce16
Space Commercialization and Civic Scientific Literacy9
Tools for immediate regulatory tax implementation: Subsidiary Legislation vs Legislation by Press Release24
Derivative action or securities arbitration in China: seeking a better alternative to retail shareholder protection60
Civic Engagement & Collaborative Governance: Examining the Public Consultation Process Regarding the Establishment of the Financial Dispute Resolution Center in Hong Kong105
When Local meets International: mediation combined with arbitration in China and its prospective reform in a comparative context23
Solicitors' Right of Audience in the Higher Court106
The Process of Developing and Reforming Equal Opportunities Legislation in Hong Kong101
National security vs human rights in 'one country, two systems': the case of Hong Kong99
Simulated On-Line Arbitration (Case Study)94
Diversity and the Law: Hong Kong's Approach to Equality101
Legal bilingualism and legal education in Hong Kong114
Tracing the Role of the UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific on Soft Law Formation in a Global Context38
State and Professional Autonomy: Conflicting Rights and Obligations in the State-Profession Relationship13
Review of the Trustee Ordinance (Hong Kong) and Regulation of Trust Companies: Too Little, Too Late?24
Contractual Dispute Resolution in China30
Commercial Regulatory Reform in China during Transition: An Alternative Path to the Regulatory State127
The influence of internet technologies on intellectual property law79
What next in HK property market? (in Chinese)37
Depositor Protection Schemes: Comparative Experiences and Key Legal Issues102
Duties of Majority Shareholder to Minority Shareholders in Mergers and Acquisitions128
Mediation: how does it fit into Hong Kong family law147
Silencing the Press - 1997 and After?95
Gay rights in Taiwan and Hong Kong28
The Role of Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements in International Space Cooperation11
Religions, Religious Conflicts and the Peaceful Co-existence of Religions: Insights from Tang Junyi’s Philosophy31
The anti-extradition movement and the crisis of 'One Country, Two Systems'35
The Social Credit System’s Impact on The Law: Rise of Pseudo-Moralised Rules41
A preliminary framework for measuring deference in rights reasoning41
Less is More? Different Regulatory responses to Crowdfunding and Why the Hong Kong Model Stacks Up Well82
Film Industry and Copyright Protection in Hong Kong21
China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Development and a New International Commercial Arbitration Initiative in Asia30
Regime(s) of Access to Information in China: Implications for Transparency Report29
Online Court: Internet Court of Hangzhou as an Example17
Beyond Good Governance: Judicial Review in Governance Processes120
Not Constitutional Framers but Voters, Disentangling Hong Kong's Democratic Reform from Constitutional Design97
Designing Consumer Financial ADR Mechanisms: Lessons from Hong Kong in a Global Perspective30
From the historical path of models of political institution to see the development of constitutionalism in China170
Pharmaceutical Patents Prosecution and Litigation: Specifics of Procedural Issues and Formalities41
Genetic Information and the Family: The Future of the Duty of Disclosure & The Limits of Confidentiality51
Balancing Interests in IPRs: A Forever Difficulty and and A New Challenge83
Dualism as colonialism: the case of Hong Kong85
The importance of supporting legislation: mental capacity law in Hong Kong16
Tort Law in Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal89
Statutory Duties and Obligations of the Controlling Shareholder and the De Facto Controller (bi-lingual)103
Law, literature and obscenity in the Well of Loneliness Trials89
Dispute resolution of Chinese Companies investing Overseas: Regional Studies through the perspective of Public Policy in Greater China24
Charting the New Frontiers of Institutional Arbitration Market in the Asia Pacific20
Understanding and integrating cultural frames of reference in the development of intervention strategies to address domestic violence among ethnic minority victims and perpetrators of domestic violence33
Ethics and law in the Art World34
Plasticity, jurisdiction and the interruption of sovereignty 21
Exploring Underlying Assumptions Regarding the link Between Adversarialism and Justice4
Chinese Bankruptcy Law in an Emerging Market Economy: The Shenzhen Experience116
Armed Conflict in Outer Space and International Humanitarian Law24
Ways to improve situation of refugees, torture claimants and asylum seekers in Hong Kong33
Public Interest Litigation and Refugees in Asia101
Running business as usual: deference in Counter-Terrorist Rights Review22
Disturbing the past and jeopardising the future: retrospective and prospective overruling45
Taking Security Over Securities: The Choice of Law Question33
Mediation and Cross-border Commercial Disputes along the Belt and Road53
The New Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Law in China116
Law, Literature, Rhetorisation112
Copyright and Internet Technologies35
Trust and confidence: developing a comprehensive system for adult guardianship in China and Hong Kong51
Protection of Remix Works and Remix Right in Copyright Law17
Hong Kong’s ICA and ISDS Developments in Light of Covid-195
Regulatory Regime for the Development of ODR in the Digital Era22
The Regulatory Framework of China’s Environmentally-related Taxes and Charges: Call for a Chief Chef93
Claim Prediction in Health Insurance: The Ethics of AI-Based Big Data Analytics20
The process for realising Hong Kong universal suffrage: how could we have done better?18
Building inclusive societies: the role of substantive equality, ideas of justice and deliberative theory176
Cadavers, Tissue and Cells: Beyond Property v Person?28
The Bid Challenge Procedures under the WTO Government Procurement Agreement: A Critical Study of the Hong Kong Experience88
The Court of Appeal's decision in the case of the anti-mask regulation24
The Aftermath of the 2015 US Space Mining Law: What’s Left for China?8
'Your only right is to obey': Securing Identity in the PRC13
Topics on Competition Law - Legal Implications16
Measuring success in devolved collaboration76
The Implementation of ILO Standards in Hong Kong152
Legal Shocks19
The Politics of International Financial Law99
Social Bookmarking Repositories -168
The Role of Public Interest Litigation in Advocating Economic and Social Rights14
Consensus Analysis, State Practice, and Majoritarian Activism in the WTO13
Beyond compensatory damages: gain-based and exemplary awards in English and Hong Kong Law21
Rethinking the Characterisation of issues relating to securities27
Neutrals Changing Hats: The Legal Framework for Med-Arb in East Asia: Recent Cases17
Dispute Resolution System in China and Its Concerns116
Reflections on Centennial Transplantation and Integration of Chinese and Western Copyright Laws98
Directors’ Liabilities in Hong Kong116
Taking Authors’ Rights More Seriously22
Technology and Social (In)Justice40
Winning a WTO Case based on non-WTO Law: Illusion or Reality?98
Asking the right questions: using Media as assessment problems19
An Asian Center for Space Law: the way forward for promoting awareness of Space Law in Asia113
Resolving Telecommunications Interconnection Disputes in China19
Construction Arbitration in Hong Kong: Experiment from Airport Core Project87
The Making of PRC Legislation Law: Problems and Difficulties101
Stripping the gains of wrongful fiduciaries: let a hundred flowers bloom?131
Legislative History, Original Intent and the Interpretation of the Basic Law88
Insolvencies Crossing the Borders of Mainland China and Hong Kong: Jurisdictional and Choice of Law issues37
Social justice and market economy: role of corporate law (in Chinese)22
Aggressive Legalism: The East Asian Experience And Lessons For China80
Asia’s Response to the US Indo-Pacific Strategy120
RSD for status, RSD for resettlement: standards and opportunities26
Redesigning the Architecture of the Global Financial System18
Past and Future Offences of Sedition in Hong Kong669
Patents and Innovation in Hong Kong126
Law in the Risk Society: Challenging Legal Concepts46
Explaining the persistence of authoritarianism in China: towards a multivariable approach39
The need to reconceptualise notions of justice Asian women121
Chinese Small Property: The Co-Evolution of Law and Social Norms103
Current Company Law Reform in Hong Kong112
Who is a Data Controller? Effort, accountability and indeterminacy31
Policy formation across oceans: building Hong Kong’s financial dispute resolution architecture in the context of globalization92
Living Under the Shadow of Law: A Study of Press Freedom in Post-Colonial Hong Kong111
Antitrust Enforcement and State Restraints at the Mainland-Hong Kong Interface16
The Mental Element in Equitable Accessory Liability15
Open data and copyright protection21
Real name registration of Chinese internet users: imbalance between Personal Data Protection and Surveillance14
Should weighted voting right structure be allowed in an IFC?: the Hong Kong Story31
Residency, Inclusion and Access to Socio-economic Rights in Hong Kong20
China’s Belt and Road Development and Developing World of Arbitration in the Asia Pacific24
Liability Immunity of mediators: The Trend of Future Hong Kong Legislation82
The (moral) responsibility of Internet intermediaries35
The Tango of Chinese Courts and the Internet: a study of public opinion supervision in China32
Google Book Search, transformative use, and commercial intermediation: an economic perspective154
Antitrust Issues of the Google Book Search Settlement and Copyright Collectives24
PRC Patent Reform: prioritizing innovation19
Outcomes-Based Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education: Cultural Transformation? or 'Job done, now can we get back to work?'44
Recent changes in the Regulation of Sale of Uncompleted Flats in Hong Kong: has the Government done enough?96
Intellectual Property Protectiosn for Genomics99
Rethinking Privacy in the Global E-Village85
The Linkage between Government Regulation and Individual Rights Protection17
Hong Kong’s Criminal Law Framework for Financial Centre Development24
The Charlot s'amuse Trial and the Scandal of Naturalist Fiction in France8
Overcoming the Geneva Impasse: why Regional Trade Agreements can help Global Trade Contact14
Confucianism and Constitutionalism22
Social welfare, constitutional rights and the law in the PRC16
The Regulation of Women's Passion on the Internet87
Studio Without Borders: Collaborative Learning for Law and Architecture17
orientalist fantasy, psychoanalysis, and the genesis of Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary119
Financial dispute prevention and resolution in China: synthesizing global experience168
Enforcement of Foreign Export Sanction/Regulations99
Legislating for Third Party Contractual Rights: Two Potentially Problematic Provisions46
The battle of microblogging for legal justice in China187
Universal Human Rights? Problems, Politics and Prospects98
Interdisciplinarity and Legal Education162
Laws of Men v. Laws of God: Models of Interaction109
The Concept of Dignity as a Constitutional Value in Hong Kong20
Judicial Review and Prosecution: Judicial Review in Criminal Process25
Re-enfranchising the Investor of Intermediated Securities35
Challenging Eminent Domain in Chinese Courts105
Relational property: a network story of Chinese small property21
Patent and Innovation in China’s Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries150
Addressing Land Disputes in Myanmar through Community Level Consultation: Experiences of Daidanaw following Cyclone Nargis 29
Exploring the Significance of the UNCITRAL Singapore Convention on Mediation14
The role of mortgages: a case for Formal Law83
Spratly Islands as a Single Unit under International Law27
Using Western Law to Improve China's SOEs: of Takeover and Securities Fraud98
Accountability in Data-Driven Governance: A Critique of the Joint Punishment Scheme under China’s Social Credit System53
Freedom of Information Law in China23
Antitrust Issues in the Pharmaceutical Sector in China40
Moral Disarmament: A Legacy of the First World War73
Interest-Based Negotiation and Facilitative Mediation13
The Fault Element in Dishonest Assistance: The Unfinished Business14
Publishing and Speaking in the Field of International Arbitration15
Government Transparency and Privacy at the Big Data Era: Issues in China33
Protecting human rights in a mixed constitutional context: the case of Hong Kong7
The Moral Loss Theory of Punishment46
Corporate Governance Issues in Hong Kong67
Surrogacy in Singapore119
The Concept of 'Agreement' under Article 101 TFEU: A Question of EU Treaty Interpretation12
A comparative study of mediation enactment in Mainland China and Hong Kong136
Constitutions, constitutionalism and the case of modern China44
China’s Belt and Road Development and Developing World of Arbitration in the Asia Pacific35
The Influence of International and Comparative Jurisprudence on the Interpretation of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights84
Piercing the Veil of Arbitration Reform in China: Law and Market Analyses33
The global expansion of constitutional judicial review: historical and comparative perspectives21
Mediation in Investor-State Dispute Settlement31
The Development and Application of Private Family Trusts in Hong Kong23
Armed Conflict in Outer Space: International Humanitarian Law as a Solution28
Judicial review of elections in Hong Kong: resolving a contradiction22
Criminal Justice in Hong Kong under the National Security Law2
Modernising Charity Law in China88
The development of Free Trade Zone and Rule of Law54
Copyrightability of Digital Remix Works and the rights derived therefrom54
Legal Pluralism: a Means of Sustaining Liberal Constitutionalism Within Authoritarianism? The Case of China and Hong Kong36
Securities Arbitration in China: An Alternative to Private Enforcement of Securities Regulation123
Judicial Protection of Social Rights in Hong Kong19
The Global Bank Insolvency Initiative115
The history of the drafting of the Basic Law8
The National Security Law of the HKSAR21
When Universal Values are Lost: Back to the Future8
Discussions on the enforceability of Mediation Agreement93
A history of investor protection in Securities Regulation in Hong Kong24
Obedience, Freedom, Engagement16
Changing Face of Patent Litigation in China-local companies as plaintiffs against their international competitors129
Hong Kong Human Reproductive Technology Bill: Legal Issues106
The Rule of Law and Respect for Law133
Law and Finance, Rule of Law and Relational Contracts107
Moral Disarmament: A Legacy of the First World War21
The Basic Law jurisprudence of Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal24
Collective Action with International Water Disputes38
Masculinity and the Trials of Modern Fiction4
Does Human Rights Law Matter to Asset Recovery32
Civil Justice Reform in Hong Kong107
Reconstitution of Law in the Heart of Empire: Ma Haitao v. Li Yulan36
The Role of the Courts in Protecting Welfare Rights in Hong Kong44
An overview of the SEHK’s proposed corporate governance rules99
Financial and Non-Financial Aspects of International Cooperation: Realizing Common Development in Outer Space36
Derivative action in Hong Kong98
Copyright and Creativity38
Purposes and Regulations of Pre-Trial Mediation in Mainland China and Hong Kong19
The Concept of Dignity as a Constitutional Value in Hong Kong40
The Shadow Banking System - why it will hamper the effectiveness of Basel III and The Shadow Banking System in China82
Confidentiality in International Commercial Arbitration109
The Role of Law in Hong Kong’s Development as a Financial Hub103
In search of the nature and function of fiduciary loyalty of company directors: Some observations on Conaglen’s analysis93
Emerging Approaches in Development Efforts: Chinese Perspective on Space and Sustainable Development10
Law and Code for Financial Inclusion in Hong Kong25
Outsourcing, sub-contracting and the avoidance of Labour Law Obligations49
Amendment to Copyright law in Hong Kong and Its Implications91
The Challenge of Diversity: Minority Rights, Dignity and Liberal Democracies115
規範在香港上市的內地公司: 跨境執法的挑戰21
Law and Religious Market Theory51
What’s After the UNCITRAL Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution?12
Taking Autonomy Seriously in Assessing Testamentary Capacity11
Standards, Interoperability and Competition on the Internet1253
China's Participation in the WTO100
Substantive Equality and the Democratisation of Diversities21
Days in Court: A Look at Chinese Values in Family Cases in the Post-Colonial Period87
Patent professionalism: a holistic approach21
The uphill battle for sustainable development: can the use of judicial review protect the natural environment of Hong Kong?36
Freedom of Religion and Anti-Cult Policing in China - The Case of Falun Gong213
Why Hong Kong’s Hidden Stories Matter: Breaking Through Dominant Discourses Around Racism30
Exploring effective financial dispute resolution design models through a Dialectic Process: experiences from East Asia82
From Imitation to Innovation: the Role of Patent in China's Pharamaceutical Industry332
Knowing You, Knowing Me: Privacy and Beyond in the Social Media Age32
New Thoughts on “Public Policy” in Regional Private Law in China: Comments on Gao Haiye Case29
Dispute Resolution in International and Bilateral Agreements38
Privacy Protection and Freedom of information in China: Resolving Conflicts and Promoting Accountability51
Comment on Corporate Governance16
Mediation under the Civil Justice Reform in Hong Kong84
The discourse of 'human dignity' in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China167
The Global Financial Crisis and redesign of the international financial architecture141
Exploring public spaces of belonging among minority youth in Hong Kong34
Jury Integrity before the Internet30
Establishing a Domain Name Claim under the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre and ICANN Rules16
Enforcing International Mediated Settlement Agreements14
Case studies of IP and Innovation25
Mental Capacity: Guiding Families Through Change2
Avenging the Wild Raging Media For Victims of Sex Scandals84
Law and Religion: The Hong Kong Model and its Adaptability to Mainland China272
State-sponsored Activism: How China's Legal Reforms have Impacted NGOs' Litigation Practices15
US-China Fiduciary Duties26
The Intersectionality of Law, Religion, Culture and Family91
How patents affect innovation in China?105
Biotechnology, Patent and Chinese Innovative Culture88
The problem of corporate abuses and dysfunctioning board15
Job Security Issues in a Laissez-faire Economy: the Case of Hong Kong119
Feminist Literary Theory and the Law: an Encounter8
The Legal Regulation of Money Laundering in the Post September 11th Anti-Terrorism Era80
Best Interests of the Child before the Hong Kong Court? – Justification and Limitation of Corporal Punishment by Parents105
Social justice and social rights in Hong Kong: recent judicial review developments and proposal for legislative change53
Low Structure, high Ambiguity, the Corporate Governance Model in China121
Regional Financial Arrangements: Experiences and Lessons91
The significance of the rule of law in taxation to the development of human rights in China114
The need for consolidating international financial regulatory architecture34
What Makes Hong Kong An International Arbitration Center in Asia21
Should Dual Class Share Structure be Allowed in Hong Kong?31
Legal Challenges in Healthcare Innovation on Medical Use of Radiation11
Legal Structure for Microbusiness in Hong Kong17
Constitutionalism in China: Retrospect and Prospects83
Should Companies be Allowed to Recover Competition Law Fines from their Directors13
The rise of rights: some comparative civilizational reflections95
Law and the Globalized Religious Market: Preliminary Analysis of Foreign Religious Activities in China28
Culture, legitimacy and constitutional development in China151
Linkage of Patent Protection with Pharmaceutical Registration in Hong Kong: A Way Forward?152
The External Dimension of a City in Protest: The Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Bill Movement and Dynamics with the International Community17
International human rights law and the protection of refugee women in Asia27
Same-sex Marriage in Hong Kong: Past, Present, Future6
Financial Services Liberalisation and Restructuring in China84
Directors' duties and human rights96
Commentary on the Shenzhen Municipal Government's Proposal for the Evaluation of Progress towards the Rule of Law120
Legal Developments in the HKSAR: The First Ten Years99
The Challenge of Diversity: Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Liberal Democracies117
Land disputes in HK23
The Growth and Development of Legal Education in International Business Transactions and Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong83
Humanitarian Relief in East Asia: Challenges and Opportunities of Forging Collaborative Partnerships for Aid Distribution in East Asia25
International Commercial Arbitration in the Hong Kong SAR & China: The One Country, Two Systems Principle in Practice88
Informal financing in China's Private Sector14
Refugees in international law and Hong Kong’s obligations130
Twenty years of the constitutional history of the HKSAR (in Chinese)26
Facilitating settlement at the arbitration table? Comparing views on settlement practice among arbitration practitioners in East Asia and the West84
Impact of Covid-19 on International Arbitration32
Shifting Paradigms: Genomics, Law And The Future Of Medicine17
Law Reform on Privacy: The Hong Kong's Experience89
Standards and Competition: New Legal and Interoperable Framework for Growth29
Legal transplants in Asia: a comparative study of adaptations of family violence provisions in Asia95
Calibrating Fundamental Rights: An Impossible Choice for Religious and Cultural Minorities107
Judicial Protection of Freedom of Information in China: A study of the Effects of Extra-legal Rules of Information Control19
Cross-border Insolvency and its Threat to International Trade: Proposal for a Comprehensive UNCITRAL solution89
The trend of IP litigation in China131
Causation and Breach of Fiduciary Duty100
Governance and Reform of Charitable Fundraising in Hong Kong (in Chinese)26
The BRI and the Reform of Dispute Resolution Systems in Mainland China and Hong Kong14
Television Broadcasts Ltd v Communications Authority: implications for the New Competition Ordinance26
A Hong Kong Perspective on Equal Opportunities in Education for Ethnic Minorities17
Striking a balance between allocative efficiency and dynamic efficiency in intellectual property licence refusal cases under the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law26
Intellectual property and free access to information82
Digital Health Research & Equity4
Cross-border Conflict of Laws: Public Policy Concerned in the New Context131
Some Thoughts on Democratization in Hong Kong94
International Arbitration and Business in China23
Copyright in simple words23
Political Confucianism and Democracy83
Re-Imagining Global Rule Making: Decentralized Transnational Legal Ordering and the Role of the UNCITRAL Regional Centre in Enhancing Participation in Cross Border Dispute Resolution Rule Design9
Legal Education Review and Reform in Hong Kong79
Rights-Weakening Federalism51
Private Property in China & Government Controls on Outbound Transfers75
Relevancy between Corporations and Clans: Ideologies behind Comparative Law145
Oath of Allegiance - Law or Politics?50
Domain Name Dispute Resolution and Its Implications to the Future development of Online Dispute Resolution67
Trust Law in China78
Legal Issues In The Art World: Art Fraud30
Vocational Legal Education in Asia: innovation, interaction and information technology38
The Part III Offences: Content and Context105
Global monetary and financial arrangements: the role of China113
Latest Company Law Amendment in Hong Kong16
A Network Theory of Patentability: Towards an Empirical Measure of Patent Nonobviousness69
Hong Kong-China Cross-Border Insolvency58
Personal Information Protection without a Public Right to Privacy: Revisiting the Recent Development of Chinese Law-making regarding Data Privacy and Surveillance61
Enforcement of Cross-Border Mediated Agreements, Delegate on behalf of ASIL40
Undue Influence and Equitable Compensation (accepted for publication)153
Tools for immediate regulatory tax implementation: subsidiary legislation vs legislation by press release17
A study of Title Registration System Development in Singapore: what lessons can Hong Kong learn108
An interdisciplinary project to develop a digital multimedia resource to meet law students’ legal English needs: findings, progress and resources97
ODR Collaborative Framework: The way Forward,6
An Online Dispute Resolution Platform for Greater Bay Area17
Binding Leviathan: Credible Commitment in an Authoritarian Regime62
Space technology and the development of Space Law28
The Search for the Rule of Law in HKSAR Region 1997-200288
The Ecology of Obligations17
Disability is Political: A Comparison of the Impact of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan35
Approaches to the Regulation of Gene-Modifying Technologies21
Chapter One of Hong Kong's New Constitution: Constitutional Positioning and Repositioning176
On the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangements between the Mainland China and Hong Kong (in Chinese)100
The Education, Training and Language Provisions in Hong Kong's Race Discrimination Bill114
Inclusivity in the Global Classroom17
Constitutional controversies in the history of the implementation of the Basic Law10
The Aftermath of the 2015 US Space Mining Law: What’s Left for China?42
ILO Standards in Hong Kong: an Update96
The RTA Strategy of China: A Critical Visit78
Big Data and Development: the Role of Competition Law and Policy38
Commercial arbitration in China for US-China trade disputes34
Law and Market Analysis into the Arbitration Reform in China: The Debate between Institutional and Ad Hoc Arbitration42
Cyber Policing or Bullying in China? An Examination of Privacy in the Internet Age95
Economic integration between Mainland China and Hong Kong: the importance of bilateral co-operation between their Competition Authorities21
Domain Name Dispute Resolution Mechanism and Its Implication to the Development of Online Dispute Resolution21
Legal Regime for Space Resource Exploration and Utilization18
The Role of Hong Kong Police in Law Enforcement and their Duties Towards Sexual Minorities57
From uncommon asian laws to a ius commune64
PRC succession and community property issues15
Collaborative Governance in Disaster Response25
The Impact of Globalization on Financial Dispute Resolution85
Legal Issues related to the Collision of Space Objects15
Which kind of party? The role of crime victims in Chinese criminal procedure94
The autonomy of the HKSAR under 'One Country Two Systems'62
Privacy Protection: The Hong Kong Experience131
The Principle of Space Cooperation and the Achievement of Space Security28
Promotion of the Public Interest and the Amendment of the Regulations on Open Government Information [in Chinese]17
Online privacy protection in China: present and future28
An International, Interdisciplinary and Innovative Discussion Platform for Real Estate and Legal Education in Hong Kong65
The reform of China's individual income tax93
The Hong Kong Crisis - a legal perspective3
Accountability of Law Enforcement Agents under Hong Kong’s Basic Law18
The Law and Politics of Constitutional Reform and Democratization in Hong Kong58
Guardianship and Trust in Hong Kong and UK31
From Social Work Praxis to Transformative Social Justice: Cultivating Cultural Competence in an Age of Diversity103
Cross-border Arbitration in Greater China33
Taxation and Constitutionalism in the PRC12
Rethinking Proportionality with a Rubber Band and Two Wooden Pegs27
Have IBA Rules of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration Been helpful in Harmonizing Document Disclosure Practice?103
Regulation of sale of uncompleted flats in Hong Kong186
Fast-Tracking Digitalization in East Asia9
Chinese as a Second Language: Next Steps21
The Authoritarian Commons17
Mortgagees Exercising Power of Sale: Nonfeasance, privilege, trusteeship and duty of care137
A Case Study of Public Opinion Supervision in Mainland China - The Attempt of a Loyal Lapdog to be a Barking Watchdog82
In Search of Reasonably Competent Mediators at Common Law22
A Multilateral Regime for Space Resource Exploration and Utilization5
Blogging and blocking in China cyberspace: a study of virtual communities of judges and lawyers89
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect: some choice of law issues61
Race with an Institutional Advantage: A Comparative Study of Competition Law Regime in India and China115
International human rights law and Hong Kong’s autonomy54
The right to equality before and under the law for persons with disabilities: the CRPD vs. domestic protections22
Copyright and Sense of Humour across Cultures and Jurisdictions42
Asian leader in outer space in the 21st century: from science and technology to space law22
A Comment on the "Structure of Intentional Torts" and "The Role of Intention in Wilkinson v Downton"101
The future of competition law in Hong Kong: lessons to be learned from other jurisdictions 28
Legal Issues in Judicial Assistance between Mainland and Hong Kong33
Toward a Collaborative Inquiry into Pedagogical Excellence9
Understanding the Social and Psychological Dimension of Financial Regulation11
Adaptive Efficiency and Economic Development in China: The Definition and Enforcement of Property Rights117
New Bottles for Old 'Legalism'? A Case Study of the Social Credit System17
Does Independent Director work in Hong Kong?49
Marriage Law Reform in China: An Economic Perspective90
Students as Partners in Implementing and Evaluating Virtual Learning and Teaching9
The Impact of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan34
The pros and cons of establishing IP Court in China17
Climate change and the courts133
Small House Policy and Housing issues in Hong Kong: implication for Hong Kong's Competitiveness as an IFC31
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Directors’ Duties19
Online Legal Education in Hong Kong20
Transnational Law and Global Dispute Resolution37
Opportunities and Challenges for China on International Commercial Arbitration under the ‘One Belt, One Road’ National Development Strategy52
Reforms in Hong Kong and Their Impact26
The anti-extradition movement: Hong Kong and Mainland perspectives13
From legal pluralism to dual state: evolution of the relationship between the Chinese and Hong Kong legal orders9
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the Business of Governance - China's Legislation on Content Regulation in Cyberspace91
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The Google Book Search Project29
Legal Risk91
When a Solicitor Meets Social Innovation20
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