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Learning object: an interactivie representation and a mediating tool in a learning activity118
Children’s digital practices: case studies of children viewing and representing with dgital text32
Emerging ICT technologies and challenges for education91
Reflection on educational technology: moving forward and beyond117
Learning object design considerations for small-screen handheld devices205
Social Bookmarking-Repository-Networking: Possibilities for Support of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education303
Design of learning objects for concept learning: effects of multimedia learning principles and an instructional approach104
Mobile Learning Design: Theories and Application145
Hong Kong Perspectives on Educational Technology Research and Practice89
Exploring the educational affordances of the current mobile technologies: case studies in University teachers’ and students’ perspectives35
A framework for developing pre-service teachers' competencies in using technologies to enhance teaching and learning142
Design, Development and Reuse of Pedagogically Sound Learning Objects116
Blogs, other Web 2.0 technologies and possibilities for educational applications137
Web2.0 Paradigm & Possibilities for Educational Applications96
Learning Commons at HKU: Empowering Learning, Teaching and Research through New Environments, Services and Tools99
Personal biometric information from wearable technology tracked and followed using an eportfolio a case study of ehealth literacy development with emerging technology in Hong Kong Higher Education83
Using wearable technology to improve the acquisition of new literacies: a new pedagogical approach of situated individual feedback coming from the Activity Trackers and reflected upon in the ePortfolio286
Web 2.0 social bookmarking and its application in education12
Emerging ICT and challenges for education149
Expanding the idea of the learning object131
Transformation of the Web into a Platform: Key Issues and Possibilities for Teaching and Learning9
Conceptual model learning objects and design recommendations for small screens102
Designing for Small Screens: Learning Objects for Educational Applications via Handheld Mobile Technologies100
Web 2.0 and Possibilities for Educational Applications152
The Framework of Viewing and Representing Skills Through Digital Text36
Student-centered learning design: key components, technology role and frameworks for integration138
Web 2.0: A Case Study of Using Blogs with a Postgraduate Class98
Mental models123
Towards a useful classification of learning objects201
Effective use of technology for construction of learners’ mental models.116
Using sentence openers to support students' argumentation in an online learning environment127
Integrating mobile technologies, social media and learning design85
Web 2.0 in a Singapore’s primary school: classroom teachers’ experience with blogs121
Pedagogically sound learning objects265
The effect of social interaction on learning engagement in a social networking environment264
Learning Object Design considerations for small screen handheld devices152
E-learning: concepts and issues for higher education142
Using handhelds to support students' outdoor educational activities162
Learning object for conceptual learning98
Digital storytelling and digital literacy learning.123
Digital Literacy Learning In Higher Education Through Digital Storytelling Approach216
Educational applications of Web 2.0: Using blogs to support teaching and learning: Original Articles219
Mobile Web 2.0 in the workplace: A case study of employees' informal learning66
Education via PDA technology: designing effective learning objects110
Leading ICT in education practices: a capacity-building toolkit for teacher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific217
A teacher's reflections on educational applications of blogs with a postgraduate class97
Pedagogically Sound Learning Objects150
Learning objects, learning tasks and handhelds125
Using blogs to support teaching and learning in a university85
A Review of Empirical Studies of Affordances and Development of a Framework for Educational Adoption of Mobile Social Media45
Support students’ outdoor educational activities with handheld technology89
Conceptual model design and learning uses180
Designing and implementing personal learning environments to enhance learning engagement: two case studies in Hong Kong42
Immunogrid: Towards agent-based simulations of the human immune system at a natural scale104
Exploring the characteristics of an optimal design of digital materials for concept learning in mathematics: Multimedia learning and variation theory105
Beyond learning objects: from tools in the world to capacity in the mind130
Social Bookmarking Repositories -194
ImmunoGrid, an integrative environment for large-scale simulation of the immune system for vaccine discovery, design and optimization57
iWrite : 運用平板電腦學習漢字的自適性和移動性112
Educational affordances of PDAs: A study of a teacher's exploration of this technology187
Design, applications and learning effect of interactive and visual conceptual models115
Effects of prior knowledge and content representation on mathematics concept learning in small screen environments64
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Study of affordances of iPads and teacher's private theories252
Blogs, other Web 2.0 technologies and their applications in education98
Web 2.0 in education: A study of the explorative use of blogs with a postgraduate class133
Learning objects and their applications via handheld technology120
Understanding Design of Learning Objects for Educational Application via PDA Technology105