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Clarks Summit269
Comparative study on the liability for trade mark infringement of online auction providers155
Digital evidence search kit165
A profession reborn: the enactment of the PRCs new lawyers law is a major step forward in the restoration of the Chinese legal profession147
Hong Kong's anti-terrorism measures under fire197
Bill of Rights bulletin234
The Court of Final Appeal's ruling in the illegal migrant children case: congressional supremacy and judicial review135
The global credit crisis and securitization in East Asia178
A matter of authority but not of principle: acquisition by lessees of easements by long enjoyment153
Will our civil liberties survive the implementation of article 23?122
Whither the common law derivative action205
A Hong Kong perspective and book review of Declan McGrath, Evidence, Dublin: Thomson Round Hall, 2005, 728 pp, hb euro 350422
Refugees in international law and Hong Kong’s obligations144
The right to speedy trial240
Reflections on the article 23 legislation152
Hong Kong's bill of rights: two years before 1997177
Actuarial assessment of damages in personal injury litigation in Hong Kong: Chan Pui Ki (an infant) v. Leung On202
Developing an index of the rule of law: sharing the experience of Hong Kong488
Reviewed Work: Crime, punishment, and policing in China, by Borge Bakken206
Vendor and purchaser summons: alive and well in Hong Kong327
The rule of law and access to court: some thoughts on judicial review in Hong Kong201
Race and equality: a study of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong's education system : project report and analysis233
Intellectual property protection for e-business methods115
Developing active learning of skills in professional legal education in Hong Kong: from theory to ethnography160
Protection against judicially compelled disclosure of the identity of news gatherers' confidential sources in common law jurisdictions203
Cargate: an alternative legal opinion160
One country and two systems: will Hong Kong and the mainland reach an agreement on rendition?260
What can the US system of financial arbitration learn from overseas jurisdictions? An initial responsive empirical exploration119
Financial regulation in Hong Kong: Time for a change274
Legal recognition of advance refusal needed106
China's death penalty: history, law and contemporary practices205
Criminal Defence in China: The Possible Impact of the 1996 Criminal Procedural Law Reform177
A law unto themselves: the Chinese government has acknowledged that corruption in the judiciary is a serious problem140
Neither sheep nor peacocks: T.O. Elias and post-colonial international law153
Re-education through labour in historical perspective226
Knock, knock. Who's there? - warrantless searches for Article 23 offences141
Judges and judging in the Court of Final Appeal: a statistical picture166
Is there space for "genuine autonomy" for Tibetan areas in the PRC's system of nationalities regional autonomy?306
A frolic in the law of tort: expanding the scope of employers' vicarious liability176
10 years of the basic law: the rise, retreat and resurgence of judicial power in Hong Kong359
Submission on the proposals to implement Article 23 of the Basic Law133
The Court of Final Appeal's ruling in the illegal migrant children case: a critical commentary on the application of article 158 of the Basic Law191
Hong Kong administrative law, 2nd edition157
Takeovers in China: the case against uniformity in corporate governance122
Separable and anonymous identity-based key issuing127