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Securitization of state-owned enterprises in China264
Promoting the development of green technology in China : using patent law as an environmental instrument576
A critical review of the present securities & futures compensation arrangements in Hong Kong276
Combating challenges in E-business: scope and limitations of international law and national legal measures in USA and China and therole of Hong Kong as a hub230
The incorporation of ILO Conventions into Hong Kong legislation and the implications for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region239
A disciplinary model of the asylum process : case studies from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong168
Regime fragmentation and interaction : a case study of Kenya's marine fisheries regulation493
The actual and potential roles played by Chinese NGOs in human rights promotion and protection in China290
The development of organized crime legislation in Hong Kong: traditional and contemporary approaches269
Reconciling authority and sovereignty in international law : a case for autonomy and compliance48
Re-examining territorial sovereignty in international law : a new perspective of the settlement of the China Seas disputes477
Multiplicity of international courts and tribunals: implications for the coherent application of publicinternaional law273
Corporatization: a step towards privatization281
Chinese workers and their freedom to associate48
The right to vote in Hong Kong268
Managing financial stability and liquidity risks in Hong Kong's banking system : what is the optimum supervisory model?382
An analysis of the changing nature of law and social solidarity in contemporary China : the application of Durkheim's theory of solidarity to Chinese society738
A children's rights audit of the International Criminal Court469
Taxation and constitutionalism in the People's Republic of China324
Recent developments in damages for personal injury cases271
Post-WTO judicial review in China: inspiration, impetus and progress : establishing an independentjudicial review within the review mechanism275
Global justice : the right to life and the global community181
The need and prospects for an enforcement mechanism in the post-crisis reconstruction of international financial regulatory architecture199
Reconstructing the origins of contemporary Chinese law: the history of the legal system of the Chinese communistsduring the revolutionary period, 1921-1949315
A genealogy of sovereignty in modern China, 1840-today429
Cultural incentives behind the failure of internalization of international law in the late Qing dynasty : a case study of the Boxer Rebellion171
Forming a legislature by universal suffrage in Hong Kong: a study based on political representation231
Article 39(3) TRIPS : understanding the obligations, exploiting the flexibilities372
Regulating government ethics in China140
Medical negligence law in transitional China: a patient in need of a cure491
Towards cultural-rights-based-approaches to reconciling trade liberalization and cultural diversity : the role of the WTO in governing trade in motion pictures114
The mandatory bid rule, hostile takeovers and takeover defences in China492
The need and prospects for an enforcement mechanism in the post-crisis reconstruction of international financial regulatory architecture351
Administrative policymaking procedure reform in China : a failure of success?217
Rethinking access regulation from the transaction cost economics perspectives : a comparative analysis of the legal and policy developments for first and next generation access networks in the US, the UK, Australia and Hong Kong484
Islamic finance & maritime trade: economic, legal and regulatory challenges356
The public participation system in the government policy-making in China: a shortcut to legitimizing the stateor an entrenchment of its democratization?258
The preferential liberalization of trade in financial services : lessons from RTAs for GATS12
Environmental law and the construction industry in Hong Kong427
A regional approach to maintain the long-term sustainability of outer space activities : the Asia-Pacific space cooperation organization as a case study190
Federal frontiers : the constitution of Hunan Province in 1920s republican China146
The emerging fourth generation of Chinese BITs : implications for international investment and economic law267
Constructing the corporate governance system within the regime of corporate law from the perspective of a revised mechanism design theory : the shareholder primacy model versus the stakeholder theory model291
The interpretation of the Basic Law: a study of the common law and Chinese principles of constitutionalinterpretation463
Regulating government ethics in China244
Judicial review of arbitral awards in China: the need for reform265
An empty promise of freedom of information? : assessing the legislative and judicial protection of the right of access of government information in China364
Long-term growth through structural reform in China : are the social, institutional, and regulatory foundations of the economy sufficient to support a transformation of household consumption?62
A legal and economic analysis of goals of reorganization of listed companies under the enterprise bankruptcy law of the PRC282
An analysis of modernization and law concerning same-sex sexuality in China462
The legal geography of Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong's 'last Ghetto'57
The rise of multilateral investment treaties : and the development of customary international investment law245
Social movements and the law in contemporary China : a comparative perspective714
The compatibility of patent law and traditional Chinese medicine594
Regulation of sales descriptions and information disclosure in off-plan sales in Hong Kong489
Taking basic education in the PRC forward: a study of the enjoyment of the right to education in the PRC ininternational and domestic law252
Arbitral power in the People's Republic of China: reality and reform266
A study on the role of UGC platforms in copyright law : an intermediary-oriented approach110
Regulation of dual class share structures in listed companies : a comparison of Hong Kong and the United States229
ASEAN economic and political integration: legal and institutional enquires into prospects for deep integration389
The Christian dimension of the origin of constitutionalism: St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Richard Hooker and John Locke614
The feasibility of court mediation in today's southwest China : an empirical study of the grassroots courts in Yunnan province394
Fair use regime in China : findings from an exploration into judicial experiences518
Foreign exchange controls and strategies for the People's Republic of China264
The Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special AdministrativeRegion: a study of its role, powers andfunctions in Hong Kong's political system487
Fiction and human rights discourse in China : 1897-1927564
The Convention of Peking, 1898: imperial diplomacy and colonial expansion.318
The fair hearing guarantee under Article 14 of the ICCPR, and the common law principles governing the conduct of a criminal trial: identical or overlapping? :the Hong Kongexperince497
For a critical theory of law: a Levinasian critique of Dworkin's theory of law as integrity and Habermas's discourse theory of law370
Venture capital and the corporate governance of Chinese listed companies356
A critical analysis of the marriage law of the People's Republic of China1137
The business of futures274
A study on the work of the obscene articles tribunal of Hong Kong froma human rights perspective484
Does China's patent law system provide an adequate response to the innovation characteristics of China's telecommunications industry?252
Regulation of foreign mergers and acquisitions involving listed companies in the People's Republic of China282
Institutional fragmentation of international intellectual property law in a world society : ontological ethos, structural biases and regime interaction305
Challenges and concerns on securitization of non-performing loans in China: from the state banks' perspective274
Transitional product-specific safeguard mechanism in the WTO legal framework: an analysis of its terms andapplication297
Dynamic balance and lever effect in the WTO agriculture dispute settlement : case study of China and implication for the WTO reform75
Confucianism and constitutionalism in Vietnam325
The effectiveness of plain language in the translation of statutes andjudgments326
Banker and customer: incidents of their relationship in a changing financial world282
Emergency powers and law in China152
The introduction of a bilingual legal system in Hong Kong: cross-cultural and cross-linguistic views ontransferability and translatability446
The dialectic of the cave : self-determination, constitution and the phenomenology of deprivation574
Regulating municipal water supply concessions: accountability in transitional China270
The place of law : institutional influences on financial sector agglomeration and location choice49
Emergency powers and the constitution : a case study of the Republic of China (1912-1991)489
Shaping the virtual state: internet content regulation in China (1994-2009)368
What drives reforms in local people's congresses?: the dynamics of local congressional developments in PRC :1979-2011329
Copyright protection in the People's Republic of China: a discussion of issues as discerned in the case of WuGuan Zhong v. Shanghai Do Yun Xuan and Hong Kong Yong Cheng AntiqueCompany Limited273
Corruption and its impact on human rights in India : comparative perspectives on improving goverance192
An analysis of rules governing limited liability companies in China : between contracts and regulation484
The death penalty, the right to life and human rights in China423
Rethinking the limits of private justice in the information age70
The EU's anti-dumping policy towards China: adiscriminatory policy and unfair methodology?277
The regulation of arbitration agreements in China: practical constraints and prospective reforms forChinese arbitration353
Corporate governance of Chinese privately owned enterprises listed in Hong Kong : an empirical study of three levels of agency problems703
Adapting laws of contract, tax, and IP to accommodate e-commerce in Thailand: problems and recommendations435
The integration of the mainland and Hong Kong securities markets321
A critical exploration of internal self-determination under international law, with particular reference to the Sri Lankan conflict483
On the basis of F.A.v. Hayek's idea of a free market monetary system and his publication: "Denationalisation ofmoney : an analysis of the theory and practice of concurrentcurrencies" (1976) about currency competition on financial markets inthe times of electronic commerce and the introduction of "e-money"312
An alternative model of e-commerce law1094
The effectiveness of environmental impact assessment(EIA) as a regulatory legal framework in Hong Kong418
Realization of mortgage rights amid PRC bankruptcy proceedings348
Regulating China's corporate control transactions : accountability of transition to an investor protection centered regulatory system172
The effectiveness and legitimacy of investment incentive regime in China: dilemmas of state intervention350
Government intervention in reorganisation of the listed companies in the context of socialist market economy of China137
Unnatural justice: town planning enforcement through the criminal justice system in Hong Kong346
A study of platform-oriented copyright dispute resolution mechanism on WeChat21
Necessity and the law of state responsibility : a contextual approach154
Forceful intervention for human rights protection in Africa: resolving systemic dilemmas in theimplementation of the African Union's right of intervention329
Director's responsibilities : a study of Thai corporate governance and ethics369
Unifying space financing through space assets protocol to the Cape Town Convention : a desirable effort for the space sector?232
Exploring derivative action in Japan and China317
Corporate governance in China's listed companies: ownership structure and market disciplines305
Law and policy: PRC export restrictions underthe WTO compared with US export controls371
The myth of the Chinese well-known mark : formation, debunking and judicial practice223
Chinese inventiveness criteria and their impacts on industry : inspiration from bio-patents275
The right of control: is it an appropriate approach in the Rotterdam Rules for the carriage of goods by sea?374
Does Hong Kong need tax treaties?302
Judicial discretion within adjudicative committee proceedings inChina: a bounded rationality analysis321
The virtue-based paradigm of judgment in the world of investment disputes311
A court without resort?: comparative aspects of the "Act of State" doctrine : traditional limitations on thejudiciary's power of review, and its implications for Hong Kong'scourt of final appeals281
Humanitarian intervention and the use of force355
Admitting digital evidence obtained from overseas : a preliminary proposal for adoption of an international standard132
Representative democracy and the development of electoral law in Hong Kong584
Toward a more balanced approach : rethinking and readjusting copyright systems in the digital network era354
Transfer pricing in China333
Party autonomy in contractual conflict of laws : a Chinese perspective on the adjudication of the enforceability of choice of law clauses163
The interpretation of the Hong Kong Basic Law: an institutional analysis716
Application of intellectual property rights to outer space activities : an adaptive regulatory approach in the context of space commercialization401
Private non-enterprise institutions in China in an era of charity law reform406
An empirical study of US and Chinese perspectives on barriers and possibilities for the expansion of online commercial arbitration229
Patent and trade mark laws of the People's Republic of China272
Strong court, mild punishment : the death penalty and the role of court in contemporary China14
Is there a human right to a clean environment?299
Provisional supervision: an analysis of the proposed corporate rescue procedure of Hong Kong652
A comparative study of national security review in China and US foreign investment laws and practices26
Examining information disclosure in the Chinese securities markets: an alternative explanation275
The application of the consumer protection principle in the UNCITRAL ODR rules and its implications for the ODR practice in China206
Stamp duty in the People's Republic of China288
Comparative studies of anti-corruption law between Hong Kong andChina439
A comparative study of the meaning and importance of several constitutional cases in the highest courts of the PRC, Hong Kong, &Taiwan335
The legal issues relating to human resources for foreign investors in Hong Kong and/or China861
Institutionalizing the effective use of ADR for the resolution of shareholder disputes in Hong Kong127
The exploitive use of criminal enforcement of copyright in Thailand : causes, consequences, and solutions200
Domestic and Cohabitation Relationships Violence Ordinance: a piece of work in progress or the ultimatesolution for gay victims?334
China consumer protection law: panacea or placebo?289
Patentability of internet business methods in The People's Republic ofChina307
Confucian values and corporate governance : a comparative analysis83
Critical assessment of the reform in respect of the statutory minimum registered capital system of the company law of China (2005) indealing with undercapitalization with reference to Hong Kong'sexperience333
Re-examining the discourse of the 19th century international law : a case study of the first Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895146
Equality, human dignity, and the grounds for the legalization of same-sex marriage591
Towards portable pensions : the pension reforms in China and the impact of the recent extension of the pension coverage220
Counter-majoritarian difficulty?: constitutional review : Singapore and Hong Kong compared335
The Sino-French controversy over Vietnam 1880-1885 : from tributary system to international legal system304
In defence of a moral right to immigrate : explicating the moral importance of the right to immigrate from a moral commitment to the right to domestic migration and freedom of exit37
Professional failure and the degradation of international humanitarian law : narcissist responses to the post 9/11 so-called war on terrorism108
Mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between Hong Kong and the Mainland400
China's antitrust measures on foreign mergers and acquisitions346
Judicial construction of the Basic Law : the independent judicial power of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region647
Judicial interpretation / fictionalization395
Marxism and human rights: a theoretical perspective363
Microfinance in China : the postal bank and credit cooperatives as key players286
Consumers and banks in dispute : from litigation to mediation : how outlier consumers and banks in Hong Kong engaged in dispute resolution in the wake of GFC496
Autonomous legislatures under China's regional ethnic autonomy: law, reality and potential344
Corporate governance in China's listed companies: sinonization and agency problems417
The trade and culture debate in the digital age : towards an adaptive regulatory approach from fragmentation to coherence229
Security and lending aspects in Hong Kong building project financing267