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Searching for the existence of unusual nuclear shapes inside neutron stars289
Electromagnetic interactions of cosmic ray muons259
High energy photons from accretion powered X-ray binaries250
AZ classification for topological insulators and superconductors : case study255
Molecular clusters on surfaces: a Monte Carlostudy292
First principle calculation: current density in AC electric field781
Luminescence in anthracene268
Nucleation and growth of GaN islands by molecular-beam epitaxy264
Galactic dark halos265
Study of epitaxial thin films of YBa2Cu3O7-[delta] on silicon with different buffer layers219
Preparation and properties of epitaxial thin films of La1-xBaxMn03 on various substrated287
Soliton solutions to gravitational field and Yang-Mills gauge field265
Non-thermal X-ray and soft gamma-ray radiation from the young pulsars234
Studies of impurities and vortices in high temperaturesuperconductors234
Studying gamma-ray pulsars with fermi large area telescope107
Fabrication of superconducting YBa2Cu3Oy thin film on YSZ substrates with or without a Eu2CuO4 buffer layer284
K-DV solutions as quantum potentials: isospectral transformations as symmetries and supersymmetries313
Charge and spin transport in mesoscopic systems220
Full-counting statistics of charge and spin transport263
BEC-BCS crossover in ultra-cold Fermi gases207
Probing roles of dense celestial objects at galaxy centers via gravitational wave and gamma ray92
Extracting real market behavior in complex adaptive systems through minority game279
Defect studies of single crystal and thin film zinc oxide by positron annihilation spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence242
Optical studies of exciton-phonon coupling in nonpolar plane GaN280
Metal oxide nanomaterials for photocatalysis and catalysis213
An investigation of the shower front structure as a test of the Linsley effect271
Physics of magnetism in copper doped ZnO materials259
Comprehensive defects study of Sb doped ZnO films : the insights of donors and acceptors130
Searching for gamma-ray signals form pulsars and periodic signals fromthe galactic gamma-ray sources254
The study of type Ia supernovae273
Study of ³He neutron spectrometer with bonner spheres and its application in low background environment264
Some AB initio studies of positron annihilation in semiconductors268
High energy radiation from rotation-powered pulsars282
Observational studies of the night sky in Hong Kong847
Optical transitions and excitonic effects in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides173
Search for chargino and neutralino production in final states with two same-sign leptons, jets and missing transverse momentum at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector95
Effect of morphologies and electronic properties of metal oxide nanostructure layer on dye sensitized solar cells260
Fabrications of tin-doped indium oxide nanostructures and their applications276
Millimeter-wavelength spectral line surveys of evolved circumstellar envelopes213
Suppression of collective fluctuations and generation of entanglement in a spin ensemble233
[square root of three] x [square root of three] reconstruction of SiC(0001) surface and 2x1 reconstruction of Si(111) cleaved surface: a LEED study231
Two-body operators and correlation crystal field models299
Deep level defects study of arsenic implanted ZnO single crystal248
Determination of the absolute intensities of cosmic-ray muons at sea level264
Vortex physics of unconventional superconductors: Ginzburg-Lindau theory256
First principles transport study of molecular device268
Positron beam studies of fluorine implanted gallium nitride and aluminium gallium nitride375
A study of the characteristics of storm surges at Hong Kong301
A study of surface growth mechanism by kinetic Monte-Carlo simulation226
Metal oxide nanomaterials for photocatalytic and photovoltaic applications355
Constraining neutrino oscillation parameters [th]12 and [d]m212 with ashort baseline reactor anti-neutrino experiment227
Photoluminescence study of ZnO materials430
Photocatalytic application of metal oxide nanostructures317
Condensation of tri-excitons in high temperature superconductors259
Investigation on the effect of ZnO nanoparticle properties on dye sensitized solar cell performance231
Theoretical studies of ultracold atomic gases with synthetic gauge fields231
First-principles studies of nanostructure assembly and heterogeneous catalysis on surfaces11
The structure of the electronic component of cosmic-ray small air showers245
Thermoelectric transport properties in nanoscale systems217
Magnetic circular dichroism and Hall measurement of cobalt-doped zinc oxide thin films272
Positron annihilation spectroscopic studies of GAAS and INP related systems317
Theoretical studies of topological DIII-class chains and Weyl semimetals / y Ting Mao, MSci. Nanjing University240
Physical conditions in the circumstellar gas surrounding supernova 1987A253
Experimental studies of the properties of metal-semiconductorcontacts302
Modeling and analysis of continuous opinion dynamics using statistical mechanical methods305
The construction of a focused low energy positron beam facility and its application in the study of various optoelectronic materials263
Construction of a positron-lifetime spectrometer and its application to studying electron irradiation induced defects in 6H siliconcarbide216
A new UHV cleavage-evaporation and analysis system for the study of metal-semiconductor contacts242
Radon potential mapping in Hong Kong350
Theoretical studies of electronic tunneling properties in monolayer and bilayer graphene lattices260
The equatorial ionospheric anomaly in East Asia from solar minimun to solar maximum336
Synthesis of one-dimensional tungsten oxide nanostructures228
VLBA observations and kinematic modelling of the high velocity molecular jets from the water fountain IRAS 18286-0959243
Growth of chalcogenides on non van der Waals substrates by molecular beam epitaxy133
Simulation model for the time delay and broadening of gamma raybursts284
High energy processes around the accretion disk of AGN269
Condensation of generalized cooper pairs in superconductors314
Characterization of exciton properties in two-dimensional materials42
Study of x-ray supernovae and supersoft/quasisoft x-ray sources with an automated source search program307
Biham-middleton-levine traffic model in different spatial dimensions261
Development of a deep level transient spectrometer and some deep levelstudies of Gallium Arsenide285
Novel quantum magnetic states in low dimensions239
Magnetotransport properties of Dirac materials50
Modelling and observations of the circumstellar ring system of supernova 1987A with the Hubble Space Telescope237
New analytical solutions to the Korteweg-De Vries equation and the nonlinear equation: Yt + Yxxx - 6y2yx + 6[lambda] yx = 0276
High-resolution radio study of the pulsar wind nebula MSH 15-5285
Zinc oxide nanorods: hydrothermal growth, properties and applications320
Theory and design of a new submillimeter magnetically guided positron beam at the University of Hong Kong235
Exact solutions for electron pairing models with spin-orbit interactions and Zeeman coupling199
Growth of transition metal dichalcogenide thin films by molecular beam epitaxy370
Maser and infrared properties of red supergiants embedded in the superstar cluster Westerlund 1273
Effective continuous model on topological insulators282
Chemistry and morphology of evolved circumstellar envelopes46
The equilibrium spectrum of cosmic ray positrons285
Ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy study of transition metal diselenide cystalline thin films192
Low energy electron diffraction from SI(111)7X7 and ultrathin films onsubstrate crystals362
Growth, doping and nanostructures of gallium nitride279
Physical applications of the excitonic enhancement model to superconducting systems291
Quantum information processing with a geometric scenario222
Measurement of PeV cosmic rays extensive air showers at mountain altitude295
Superposition model of orbit-lattice interactions286
Some special features of gyro-radiation arising from anisotropy in a magnetised plasma283
Pulsar wind tori and the spin-kick connection80
Theoretical studies of correlation effects in graphene and graphene layers279
Phase separation in poly (styrene-b-ethylene oxide) thin films on different substrates286
Galvanomagnetic size effects in polycrystalline metal films256
Theoretical study of high transition temperature superconducting Cu-oxide226
Optical properties of graphene/GaN hybrid structure231
A study of background radiation and cosmic muon detection at the Aberdeen Tunnel laboratory in Hong Kong269
Quantum information processing with quantum dots and Josephson junctions320
Properties of strange stars270
Theoretical study of inhomogeneous properties in unconventional superconductors236
Luminescence and transport processes of charge carriers in the GaxIn₁-xP/GaAs double-junction tandem solar cells228
Counter telescope measurements of the variation of sea-level cosmic-ray intensities in Hong Kong269
Transport properties of some topological insulators and topological superconductors in two dimensions151
Preparation and post-annealing effects on the optical properties of indium tin oxide thin films254
Supercurrents across unconventional superconducting junctions267
Phase transition of certain iterative cellular automation models274
Theoretical studies of PT symmetric topological gapless photonic crystals226
Structure determination by low energy electron diffraction of GaN films on 6H-SiC(0001) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy216
Simulations and software developments for cosmic-ray and particle physics experiments in underground laboratories243
Quantitative study of pattern formation on a density-dependent motility biological system347
Implementation of fault-tolerant quantum computation with superconducting device334
Disordered transport in topolotical semimetals137
Photoluminescence and reflectance spectra of Si-doped GaN epilayers318
Weakly nonlinear and low frequency quantum transport in mesoscopic systems284
Electron content and other related studies of the ionosphere using theFaraday rotation of a radio signal from a geostationary satellite292
Gamma-ray emissions from pulsar binaries247
Determination of atomic structure of Co/GaN(0001) surface by using LEED Patterson inversion and tensor LEED fitting287
The absolute intensities of cosmic-ray muon271
Reheating the universe in brane world cosmological models274
Geometric redshifts for distant faint galaxies100
The kinematics of muon-induced neutrons in the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment154
Superfluid inside neutron stars and their signature of existence400
Time-resolved photocurrent and photoluminescence spectra of GaInP/GaAs single-junction photovoltaic devices248
Defect sensitivity and resolvability limits in positron-lifetime spectroscopy345
Computer simulation studies of the ionospheric equatorial anomaly in East Asia272
Fabrication and characterization of microcavity organic light emittingdiodes293
Quantum-size-effect studies in bismuth and antimony318
Polarization transfer of electromagnetic waves in inhomogeneous magnetized plasma313
Synthesis and characterization of LiNi0.6Mn0.35Co0.05O2 and Li2FeSiO4/C as electrodes for rechargeable lithium ion battery344
Correlation effects in crystal field splitting276
Ion implantation induced color emissions in ZnO274
[Beta] decay of the nucleus ²⁶P at the proton drip line19
Geometric phases of mixed states in trapped ions291
The thermal afterglow of a pulsar glitch in non-spherical symmetric case237
A new method of studying the ground-state properties and elementary excitation spectrum of superfluid helium at very low temperature272
Investigation of the lifetime spectrum of monoenergetic positrons in silicon involving secondary electrons emission from a carbon foil as start signal, and positron annihilation spectroscopy studies of strontium titante183
Spin photocurrent induced by interband transition205
Synthesis and characterization of tungsten oxide nanostructures321
Photoluminescence study of InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-wells nanopillars193
Studies of gadolinium-loaded liquid scintillator used in the Aberdeen tunnel experiment in Hong Kong266
Time dependent study of quantum transport in mesoscopic systems255
General gauge invariant theory of transport in mesoscopic systems308
A study of the 'equatorial anomaly' in the topside of the ionosphere during the northern winter at sunspot maximum265
Full counting statistics of charge transport for disordered systerms136
Theoretical and experimental studies of electronic states in InAs/GaAsself-assembled quantum dots329
Installation of direct-vision prism spectroscopy into a 32CM cassegrain telescope318
Theoretical calculations of sea-level muon and neutrino spectra, and under-ground neutrino-induced muon spectra324
Detector noise reduction in positron doppler broadening related spectroscopy systems300
Observational studies of supernova 1998S278
Diurnal variations of the earth's magnetic field throughout East-Asia interpreted in terms of ionospheric winds and electric currents269
A numerical study of Hodgkin-Huxley neurons267
Inversion of low energy electron diffraction IV spectra of reconstructed structure of SiC (0001)300
Electrochemical capacitance in a mesoscopic structure349
Photocurrent study on bulk and few layers MoS₂ field effect transistors232
The image of physics and physicists in modern drama: portraits and social implications291
A study of geometrical properties of SiC and GaN surfaces by auger electron spectroscopy264
Investigations of time-dependent quantum transport properties in nanoscale structures192
Neutron spectrum measured in Aberdeen Tunnel underground laboratory with multisphere neutron spectrometer322
Improved secure key rate for the decoy state protocol in the finite key regime145
The covalency effect in spin interactions306
Geometric phase and quantum transport in mesoscopic systems292
Theoretical predictions for observational signatures of granulation in wave dark matter33
Optical characterization of organic materials for optoelectronic applications269
Blackman-Esterling-Berk based FCS-CPA method in off-diagonal disorder system24
Optical properties of single walled carbon nanotubes321
Strange star cooling227
Molecular beam epitaxy of three dimensional topological insulator Bi₂Se₃ thin films238
Enhanced dielectric property of ZnO materials via acceptor-donor co-doping method33
Frequency dependent admittance in one and two dimensions315
Electrical, optical and magnetic properties of Er-doped ZnO grown by pulsed laser deposition227
An analysis of electrical transport and magnetic susceptibility properties of YBa2Cu3O7-[delta] and La2-xSrxCuO4 high Tcsuperconductors284
Quantum transport study of mesoscopic systems and nanostructures340
Some aspects of the growth of tropical cyclones265
Fabrication and transport properties of ramp-type Y Ba2Cu3O7-8/Nd2CuO4/Y Ba2Cu3O7-8 Josephson junctions228
Growing of GaN on vicinal SiC surface by molecular beam epitaxy260
Thermal X-ray pulses resulting from pulsar glitches288
Polymer blend film for photovoltaic applications optical characterization and solar cell performance199
Properties of neutron stars in the relativistic mean field theory264
Microstructure studies of various oxide materials using electron microscopy284
Characterization of superconducting properties using internal frictionmeasurement290
Quantitative observation and modulation of cellular dynamics246
An investigation of the density spectrum of extensive air showers [of cosmic rays]275
Quantum control of spins in semiconductor nanostructures265
Optical and electrical characterization of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides151
Photocurrent studies on encapsulated two-dimensional transition metal dichacogenides31
Structure determinations of SnO₂ and TiO₂ surfaces by low energy electron diffraction Patterson inversion method209
The potential roles of nitric oxide in carbon tetrachloride induced liver injury of mice and the protective effects of green teapolyphenols270
Determine the atomic structure of a surface with mixed structure phases by using LEED Patterson function253
Observational studies of contributions of artificial and natural light factors to the night sky brightness measured through a monitoring network in Hong Kong1046
A theoretical study of defect-grain boundary interactions263
Minimising the calculation time of the cluster program by choosing theminimum convergent cluster size and the best relaxation factor229
Studying the gamma-ray properties of glitching pulsars95
The planar hall effect in thin foils of Ni-Fe alloy282
Three dimensional structure and kinematics of the inner ejecta of supernova 1987A277
Semi-analytical and numerical studies on the dynamics of scale-free complex network260
Quantum statistical mechanics: a Monte Carlo study of clusters282
Numerical study of an isolated vortex and the lower critical field of a type-II superconductor in the presence of a twin plane277
Probing gamma-ray emission of Geminga & Vela with non-stationary model115
Positron beam study of carbon foil and titanium dioxide nanotubes, andproposing a design of a lifetime positron beam based on secondaryelectrons emission from carbon foil260
A study of GaAs and CdZnTe by positron annihilation spectroscopy267
Deep level transient spectroscopy studies of gallium arsenide and silicon carbide276
Positron annihilation spectroscopic studies of undoped n-type zinc oxide single crystal259
Hydrodynamics studies of spin-orbit-coupled Bose systems141
Extensive air shower simulations and mass composition for shower size in the range 10[power 4]-10[power 6.5]280
Binary pulsar PSR1913+16 as a laboratory for gravitomagnetism and structure of neutron stars285
Study of the giant electroresistance in epitaxial thin films of La0.9Sr0.1MnO3245
Modeling the minority-seeking behavior in complex adaptive systems243
Transport property of infinitely large 2D material124
Nanostructured materials for high performance energy storage and conversion devices405
On the computational ability of cellular automata285
Studies of oxygen implantation induced deep level defects in zinc oxide single crystal309
Analytical and numerical study on agent behaviour in various market structures through the minority game297
Some experimental studies of n-type GaN and Au/GaN contacts270
The structure and cooling of strange stars258
Experimental and theoretical studies of defects related emissions in ZnO crystals262
Ab-initio calculation of quantum ac transport in nanoscale structures274
Defect study of N-type 6H silicon carbide using positron lifetime spectroscopy257
Shape co-existence of neutron-rich 69, 71, 73Co nuclei106
Thermal diffusivity measurement of polymers, metals, superconductors and a semiconductor by combined piezoelectric and pyroelectricdetection286
The initial growth and evolution of microstructure of YBa2Cu3O7-8 thinand ultrathin films287
A Monte Carlo study of the statistical properties of gamma-ray pulsarsin the gould belt241
Growth of AlInN and zinc blende GaN by molecular beam epitaxy264
Modelling complex network dynamics: a statistical physics approach242
The study of phase-resolved spectra of gamma-ray pulsars283
Fast algorithms for large scale quantum transport simulations with applications113
Some experimental studies of neutron irradiation and beryllium implantation induced defects in 6H-SiC259
Defect emission of ZnO and its related origins219
Positron deep level transient spectroscopy in semi-insulating GaAs using the positron velocity transient method298
Hydrogen peroxide treatment induced rectifying behavior of Au/n-ZnO contact226
Application of cellular automata to one-dimensional density classification309
Experimental studies of positron annihilation in semiconductors271
A novel sliding mode control method for induction motor drives288
Ab initio calculations: an extension of Sankey's method318
Resonant Andreev reflections in superconductor-carbon-nanotubedevices265
Wide band gap nanomaterials and their applications271
A study of magnetic spectrograph measurements of muons at sea-level300
Spin-valley coupling in 2-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides334
Transition intensities and energy transfer of lanthanide ions in crystals263
Study of the inclusive cross sections in P-P collisions and their application to interstellar cosmic-ray calculation277
Optical properties of direct bandgap semiconductors : from bulk to low dimensional structures313
Some defect studies on the compound semiconductors GaAs, InP and SiC using positron annihilation spectroscopy310
A study of horizontal drifts of irregularities in the ionosphere by analysis of fading records from spaced aerials315
Special features of cyclotron, synchrotron and Čerenkov radiations in anisotropic plasmas282
Deep level transient spectroscopic study of intrinsic defects in particle-irradiated ZnO single crystal materials378
Use of the Richardson-Lucy algorithm in analyzing positron annihilation spectroscopy data269
Atomic structure studies of zinc oxide (0001) polar surface by low energy electron diffraction at multiple incident angles267
Topological theory of gapless and gapped fermionic systems374
Theoretical study of magnetic topological insulators240
Observational tests of wave VS. particle dark matter predictions for early galaxy formation in the hubble frontier fields116
Observation and simulation on the variable Gamma-ray emission from PSR J2021+4016253
First direct mass measurement of a distant supermassive black hole through gravitational lensing84
Numerical exact simulations of actual-size bosonic optical lattice systems189
Numerical investigations of the terrestrial conductivity anomaly undervarious geophysical conditions253
Ba¨cklund transformations, the Painleve̓ property and some of their applications293
Primary cosmic ray composition at 10 [to the power] 15--10 [to the power] 17eV studied from extensive air shower simulations263
The (3x3) reconstruction of SIC(0001): a low energy electron diffraction study268
Analysis of nitric oxide generation in various organs of animal modelsduring ischemia-reperfusion242
Defect study of zinc oxide bulk materials by positron lifetime spectroscopy229
Nonlinear dynamics of transport in mesoscopic systems221
Positron beam studies of the metal-GaAs (110) interface377
Quantum phase operators: theory and applications255
Pulsar statistics in our galaxy265
Variation of the fine structure constant in 5D Kaluza-klein theory295
The rotation evolution of interstellar asteroids under the interstellar environment19
Galaxy radio pulsar population modelling and magellanic clouds radio pulsar survey298
Heteroepitaxial growth of InN and InGaN alloys on GaN(0001) by molecular beam epitaxy265
A study of Mg doping in GaN during molecular beam epitaxy440
Studies of the optical properties and the calibration of neutron detectors in underground laboratories394
Ground state properties of conducting polymers286
All-electron and full-potential positron annihilation calculations forintrinsic and defective zinc and zinc oxide285
Theoretical study of spin transport in low-dimensional systems383
Radio study of the lighthouse pulsar wind nebula112
A three dimensional approach for determining the surface magnetic field of strange stars293
Moire superlattice and excitons in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides56
Positron studies of silicon and germanium nanocrystals embedded in silicon dioxide286
Analysis of cosmic-ray-muon induced spallation neutrons in Aberdeen Tunnel experiment in Hong Kong222
Positron lifetime and mobility studies of SiC315
Theories of strange stars284
Electronic transport in the nanotube quantum dot325
Electronic characterization of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes242
The fabrication and characterization of heterojunctions composed with manganite perovskite107
A study of the cosmic ray muon charge ratio using a magnetic spectrograph272
Measurements of the cosmic ray muon spectrum in the near vertical direction262
Survey of supersoft and quasisoft X-ray sources in the Magellanic Clouds with XMM-Newton and Chandra184
Electronic states and optical properties of GaAs/AIGaAs and GaInP/AlGaInP quantum wells226
Heteroepitaxial growth of InN on GaN by molecular beam epitaxy327
MBE growth of AlInN and Bi2Se3 thin films and hetero-structures281
A study of the optical afterglows of gamma-ray bursts242
Cluster structure of neutron-rich beryllium isotopes investigated via (p. p[alpha]) reaction in inverse kinematics at 150 MeV/u15
Current conserving AC quantum transport in two-dimensional mesoscopic systems268
The structural and electrical properties of manganese telluride370
Single component fermion near a P-wave resonance and few-body problem with correlated disorder potential107
Time delay and broadening of gamma ray bursts in various energy bands263
Three dimensional morphology of the dumbbell nebula and the ring nebula553
Multi-pulse laser holography of vibrating objects259
High-energy radiation from millisecond pulsars186
Interaction among dopants and fullerene cluster in doped superconducting C60 specimens268
Anisotropic heat transfer inside rotating neutron stars313
Some studies towards improving positron lifetime spectroscopy for semiconductors272
Search for quasisoft X-ray sources in the Galactic center279
Electroluminescence in evaporated films of ZnS: Cu, Mn, Cl.304
Capacitance measurement of single walled carbon nanotubes299
Ab initio calculations of silicon clusters261
An experimental system for the study of the double beta decay problem292
Physics of ultra-cold atomic gas in unconventional optical lattice141
SiO-emitting condensations throughout the envelope of the yellow hypergiant IRC+10420386
A study of implantation and irradiation induced deep-level defects in 6H-SiC308
2D and quasi-2D perovskites for optoelectronic applications34
Numerical studies of phase fluctuations in cuprate superconductors270
Interacting binary jets in L1551 IRS 5 protobinary system286
Improvement in positron beam optics and some positron beam studies of GaN and Amorphous-si:H thin films334
Search for heavy Higgs bosons in lepton + jets final states with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider83
Geometric phase and spin transport in quantum systems351
Two dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides grown by chemical vapor deposition340
Metrics of unitary matrices and their applications in quantum information theory283
Magnetotransport in topological insulators and semimetals246
Positron lifetime study of Zn-doped GaSb330
Physical properties of some magnetic systems282
A real space approach to LEED computation with flexible local mesh refinement260
Improvement of polymer solar cells through device design228
Large scale computer-simulations of many-body Bose and Fermi systems at low temperature249
Inflation and late time acceleration of the universe by variable Branetension on Braneworld model257
Plasmonic enhancement of organic optoelectronic devices205
Adhesion of diamond-like carbon thin films on various substrates262
Identification of oxygen-rich evolved stars by maser surveys and statistical studies on infrared data227
Optimization of etching parameters for STM tips and an STM study of SiC (0001) [square root]3 x [square root]3 reconstruction306
Scanning tunneling microscopic study of layered phosphorus and molybdenum ditelluride51
High electric field current transport in semi-insulating GaAs and InP300
Analysis of discrete quantum mechanics and Higgs vacuum theories basedon concepts involving infinities288
Development of optimized deconvoluted coincidence doppler broadening spectroscopy and deep level transient spectroscopies with applicationsto various semiconductor materials295
Characterisation and application of praseodymium doped YBa2Cu3O7-[delta] compounds307
The electrical properties of vanadium oxide films287
Investigation of magnetization dynamics in nanostructures237
Run-and-tumble motion and differential dynamic microscopy241
A study of irregularities in the ionosphere by observation of the scintillations produced in received signals from satellites267
Dynamical effects in ultracold atomic gases : macroscopic quantum tunneling and bulk viscosity71
Monte Carlo simulation of positron induced secondary electrons in thincarbon foils466
Multi-fields modulation on transport properties in perovskite manganites110
Measurements on electron and muon components in small cosmic ray air showers317
A study of surface properties of III-nitride semiconductors by first principles total energy calculation223
Surface structure determination by Patterson inversion of multi-incidence LEED IV-curves257
Scanning tunneling microscopic study of transition metal dichalcogenide ultrathin films298
Electronic structures of impurity and orbital-resolved vortex core states in iron-selenide superconductors284
Defects and doping in transition-metal dichalcogenide thin films grown by molecular-beam epitaxy50
A prototype raindrop-size distrometer and its application to Hong Kongrains267
Temperature dependent hall effect: studies ofGaN on sapphire280
Gamma-ray radiations from the mature pulsars275
The electrical properties of N-TYPE GaN288
Nature of highly-extended CS(7-6) emission from protostellar envelopes210
The effects of equation of state and heating mechanisms on the thermalevolution of neutron stars255
An investigation of a truncation method applied to the one-space dimensional free boson lattice field theory247
Solutions of wormhole in the generalized Brans-Dicke theory295
Numerical study of topological insulators and semi-metals444
Semiquantum approach to scattering of waves in a magnetoactive plasma340
Measurement of the electron-positron charge ratio in extensive air showers276
Surface structure determination of Ga/Si (111) 3x3-R30 by Kikuchi electron holography299
X-ray observations of the starburst galaxy IC 342270
[Beta]-delayed neutron emission measurement of neutron-rich Sn to Cs isotopes95
The astronomical observation system of 12" telescope: its automatic control system and astronomical application241
The origin of extragalactic gamma rays249
Molecular beam epitaxial growth of GaN on Si(111) substrate377
A study of the gamma ray production from extragalactic objects251
Strain and electronic structure studies of bismuth selenide and antimony selenide grown by molecular beam epitaxy222
The physics of neutron stars269
Effect of dark halo on the evolution of galaxies285
Metallopolyyne polymers based bulk heterojunction (BHJ) solar cells307
Electric field distribution in metal/semi-insulating GaAs contacts investigated by positron lifetime technique294
Anisotropic cosmology in einstein-cartan theory288
The phase-resolved spectra of the crab pulsar908
Light emitting diodes based on ZnO nanorods291
Morpho-kinematic modeling of planetary nebulae294
An investigation of the applicability of the method of images to dynamic problems in electromagnetism267
Frequency-dependent quantum transport through nano-devices243
Resonant spin Hall effect in two-dimensional electron systems335
Annealing studies on the structural and magnetical properties of Co implanted ZnO single crystal211
Comprehensive optical spectroscopic investigations of GaN epilayers and InGaN/GaN quantum structures278
Construction of the preparation, growth and characterization chamber of molecular beam epitaxy system and some studies of the iron-galliumnitride system with a view to spintronics applications339
Photoelectron diffraction for structure analysis-a comparison of cluster and slab approaches268
Deep level transient spectroscopic study of nitrogen-implanted ZnO single crystal333
Dissipative behaviour in alloys and high Tc superconducting ceramics251
The development of positron deep level transient spectroscopy using variable energy positron beam and conventional deep level transientspectroscopy using digital capacitance meter308
Organic optoelectronic materials: optical properties and 1D nanostructure fabrication235
Transport properties of InAs/(A1Sb)/GaSb/(A1Sb)/InAs heterostructure systems280
Positron re-emission from silicon carbide surfaces405
A search for periodic neutrino signals and gamma-ray burst neutrinos with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory270
Growth kinetics of GaN during molecular beam epitaxy345
Quantum transport through a C48N12 based nanodevice245
Emission morphologies and phase-resolved spectrum of gamma ray pulsar237
Aspects of acoustic surface wave propagation256
Nonlinear optical properties of zinc oxide316
A study of epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-8 thin films with a well-defined orientation and related topics290
Theoretical studies on disordered topological semi-metals111
A comparison between the northern and southern crests of the 'equatorial anomaly' within the Asian region287
Some physical effects of the orbit-lattice interaction272
Interface state generation induced by Fowler-Nordheim tunneling in mosdevices362
A study of atomospheric gravity waves in East Asia by investigation oftheir effects upon the ionosphere293
Unpulsed gamma rays from the Crab pulsar and nebula245
Application of photoacoustic techniques to solid and liquid materials279
Atomic structure studies of holmium on SI(111) surface by low energy electron diffraction Patterson inversion at multiple incident angles208
Nonlinear optical characterization of two-dimensional materials under pressure63
Local lattice distortions near paramagnetic impurities284
Full counting statistics of phonon thermal transport for disordered systems108
Dynamic conductance of nanostructures271
Transport properties of YBaCuO/PrBaCuO/YBaCuO ramp type Josephson junctions256
Synthesis of one-dimensional tungsten oxide nano-structures by thermalevaporation247
Acoustic surveys of the sea floor near Hong Kong330
Charge and spin transport in two-dimensional mesoscopic systems332
A study of Bose gas at zero temperature and its connection with the superfluid phase of liquid 4He333
Gravitational waves from the phase-transition-induced collapse of neutron stars using 2-dimensional general relativistic code331
Observation of positronium spin rotation in silica aerogel312
A study of the large-scale distribution of gamma-rays in the galaxy273
Acceptor defects in P-type gallium antimonide materials308
Microstructure characterization of high Tc superconducting thin films and multilayer Josephson junctions271
Studies of Ga vacancy related defects in GaSb335
Parameter estimation in small extensive air showers264
Optical studies of a slow-position beam257
Optical properties of III-nitride semiconductors294
Study of the structural transition of two-dimensional metal chalcogenides106
A study of step kinetics by kinetic Monte Carlo simulation274
An integrated microprocessor system for the simultaneous measurements of raindrop size and charge and its application to Hong Kong rains282
Model of high energy emission from young pulsars300
Applications of optical spectroscopy to studies of electronic and vibrational states in semiconductor nanostructures244
An integrated approach to depth estimation using a monocular image sequence265
Block copolymer thin films for nanometer pattern generation and nanostructure synthesis241
Equation of state of nuclear matter318
Quantum control of spins in nanostructures of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides271
Geophysical studies of sediments in waters near Hong Kong and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence252
Muon-induced ¹²B and ¹²N on Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment216
Low energy cosmic rays at sea level283
Boltzmann equation and semi-classical magnetoconductivity in Weyl semimetal347
The AC-responses of flux motion in High-Tc superconductors262
Development of the customized radon detector and studies of the radon background onsite for the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment233
Evolution problems in supersymmetric quantum mechanics306
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