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Social problems and social needs (In Chinese)217
When trauma meets bereavement: The recollection of practice wisdom84
Grief after suicide: a Hong Kong Chinese perspective78
Problem-based Learning Approach93
Reconsidering corporal punishment on children95
Our Memorial Quilt: Recollections of Observations from Clinical Practice on Death, Dying and Bereavement112
(In)fertility and Loss: Conception and Motherhood in the Era of Assisted Reproductive Technology71
Integrative Body-mind-spirit social work practice: Achieving holistic wellbeing51
生活滿意度指數: 中國長者175
Needs of chronic patients and how mututal help group can help137
From Pragmatism to Search for Spiritual Peace (in Chinese)99
Reflection on the Use of Solution - Focused therapy among Hong Kong Chinese (in Japanese)98
Community participation: past, present and future136
Restorative Justice Approach to Youth-at-risk100
Process Evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong58
Policies and Social Services of Child Protection in Mainland China and Hong Kong177
Health Literacy and Health Behavior71
Using large Datasets for research on older adults and families120
Family-oriented care model in community-based end-of-life care55
Children and youth services87
Catering for the elderly85
Consumer’s perspectives: Employers and graduates109
Social cohesive efforts to meet youth development needs in Tin Shui Wai in Hong Kong161
Beyond Being Gay: The Proliferation of Political Identities in Colonial Hong Kong141
Child Maltreatment and Protection in China21
Working with Epileptic Children and their Families95
Inequality in Educational Opportunities of Migrant Children in China45
Age-Friendly Hong Kong182
Medical and health services (In Chinese)98
Social support for divorce among Chinese women80
School social work service in Hong Kong: The social work practitioner's perspective47
Chinese traditional belief systems, livelihood and fertility135
Understanding and Managing Youth and Elderly Suicide in Developed East Asia: The Imperative of Compassion in Public Health76
Case 3.1 Issues of choice and coercion: working in a psychiatric hospital in the USA: commentary 2118
Policy change: the case of World Bank and pension reforms28
Grandparenting and Volunteering Among Older Adults in Hong Kong: A Dilemma112
A Business-like strategic model that works?: Lessons learned from a Non-Profit Incubator in China138
Social work and social changes in Hong Kong308
Medical social work80
A Longitudinal Study on Deliberate Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviors Among Chinese Adolescents119
Community care services: A good way to meeting the needs of people with severe disabilities?35
Social welfare108
Problems Confronting the Community Work Field98
Making Hong Kong a better place: The Contribution of Social Workers in innovation91
Knowing the community94
Social welfare and women: the dominant approach and its critique102
Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to suicide prevention202
Arts and health in Asia: Opportunities and challenges103
Care for Chinese Families with Patients facing Impending Death: Nurses' Perspective84
Working with Youth Gangs: An RGC Approach99
Introduction And Overview94
Letting Go' and 'Holding On': Grieving and Traditional Death Rituals in Hong Kong135
Child victimization in China: prevalence and risk factors155
Child victimization in China: interpretation of findings and recommendations138
Modelling Money Bet on Horse Races in Hong Kong149
Growing Tensions in Hong Kong’s State-Nonprofit Relations41
An East-West approach to mind-body health of Chinese elderly147
Sex & life politics formed through the Internet: Online & offline dating experiences of young women in Shanghai172
Competition and control in public hospital reforms in Hong Kong and Singapore117
Qigong exercise for chronic fatigue syndrome93
The Cultivation of Global Citizenship through International Student Exchanges: The Hong Kong Experience106
Health-related Quality of Life of the Elderly in Hong Kong: Impact of Social Support105
Social Welfare In China83
Study on child abuse in Hong Kong94
Police School Liaison Scheme91
Stress and Coping of Parents with Handicapped Children: a Developmental Perspecticve96
Qigong Practice: Healing and Self-Management for Mental Health and Mental Illness78
Psychosocial and Palliative Care in the Chinese Context: The Challenges Ahead84
Towards Quality Management86
Social Welfare and the Challenges of a New Era88
Gender issues in market socialism126
Anxiety Syndrome76
Promoting social concern for the under-privileged (in Chinese)78
Our Memorial Quilt: Recollections of Observations from Clinical Practice on Death, Dying and Bereavement74
Mental health telephone counseling service - its strengths and limitations within the existing mental health care services in Hong Kong103
Housing and Environmental Needs of Elderly People102
Community work and community service (In Chinese)88
Services for people with intellectural and developmental disabilities in Hong Kong85
Protecting the rights of Chinese olders in need of residential care: The social justice and health equity dilemma in the People’s Republic of China164
Migration, labor market and wellbeing: Theories, policies and practice53
Supporting Patients at their End-Stage of Life: A Volunteer-Partnered Community Capacity Building Approach41
Formulating a treatment plan: a multidimensional approach115
History of community work in Hong Kong (in Chinese)100
Chinese Culture64
Facilitating children's adjustment to S1 studies: What parents can do (in Chinese)87
How Cancer can Change our Lives'109
Solution-focused Therapy practice guide122
Parenting and Grandparenting of Left-Behind Children in Rural China83
Promoting Social Concern for the Under-privileged89
The Prospect of Community Work in the New Political order98
Social justice and the social services100
Preface on dementia caregiver47
Making Hong Kong a better place: contributions of social workers in innovation111
Depression in Disasters and Traumatic Events37
The essence of community care in community development117
The Common Trends and Challenges facing Social Welfare Development in the Mainland and Hong Kong in the 21st Century116
Social support and well-being of older adults in Eastern Asia: a systematic review35
Economic development and household economic well-being in urban China61
SF-12 and SF-36 Health Survey42
Juvenile Justice107
The future of community-based end-of-life care in Hong Kong: some concluding thoughts78
Migration from Mainland China to Hong Kong: Social Integration of Children Born in Hong Kong to Mainland Women53
Reflective Learning in Social Work Education115
Elderly learning in Chinese communities: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore89
Cyber Self-centres? Young Hong Kong Women and Their Personal Websites153
Treating Childhood Trauma: Perspectives from Asian Medicine98
「去者善終,留者善別,能者善生」, 對智障人士來說是甚麼?313
Suicide prevention through restricting access to suicide means and hotspots79
Personality and aging: Flourishing agendas and future challenges39
Social Work in China97
A Hong Kong Perspective130
Crisis Intervention as Common Practice60
In a paddle-less boat114
Chinese traditional belief systems, livelihood and fertility.132
My Views towards the Future Development of Community Centres117
From Individual Counseling to Collective Empowerment: The Case of Divorced Women87
A Body-Mind-spirit Model in Health: An Eastern Approach173
Social work education in China: time to take root?50
Achieving dynamic balancing: Application of Daoist principles into social work practice103
Chinese Approaches to Understanding and Building Resilience in At-risk Young People: The Case of Hong Kong129
A grief intervention embedded within a Chinese cultural practice for bereaved parents40
Social work skills laboratory in action: Integrative and reflective learning through students' participation137
Social welfare reforms101
Population Aging in Asian Chinese Communities104
Mental health of mainland Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong105
Growth Through Coping: A Developmental Perspective on Social Work Practice with Parents of Handicapped Children134
Integrative body-mind-spirit approach to enhance women's well-being114
The future of Hong Kong's anti-drugs campaign: Prospective practitioners' views on engaging in drug abuse work, attitudes toward young drug users and satisfaction with drugs education56
Parenting Style126
Family Comes First: A Family-based Resource Model for the Wifes Pre-migration Adjustment When Couples Live Apart103
Behavioral Gerontology84
Applying integrated body-mind-spirit approach into counseling on reproductive medicine40
Application of Social Skills Training101
An expressive-arts-based life death education program for the elderly: A qualitative research223
Social skills laboratory97
Chinese rituals190
Moving toward Xiakang in China88
Pension reform in China87
Child maltreatment in Chinese societies: a comprehensive review142
Crisis helplines173
Negotiating Anal Intercourse in Inter-racial Gay Relationships in Hong Kong284
The things girls shouldn't see: relocating the penis in sex education in Hong Kong201
Death superstitions26
Social Security Reform in China164
Social Welfare Department112
Community care122
Social Work Education in the Midst of Economic and Social Changes102
Community Work and Critical Thinking86
前進就是心碎 (反之亦然) : 七問靈魂49
Group work method, (in Chinese)104
Working approaches in serving special needs' groups107
Improving the quality of life and psychological well-being of patients with colorectal cancer123
Education services (In Chinese)87
Supporting Children with Trauma through Arts and Movement68
Early Childhood Socialization and Well-being43
A cultural sociological review on Chinese funeral rituals118
Lecture notes on cognitive-behavioural therapy45
An Embarrassment of Riches: Good Men Behaving Badly in Hong Kong66
Traditional Chinese Medicine154
Expressive Arts Therapy87
Scripting Sexual Practice in Differing Social Contexts: Young Women Negotiating Mothers' Expectations in Hong Kong and Britain94
Problem Based Learning in a Social Work Context: Experience at The University of Hong Kong. (Departmental Monograph Series: Number 53)265
Interviewing across cultures: talking to mothers and daughters in Hong Kong and Britain69
The Changing Mission of Community Centre113
Report on Housing Needs and Conditions of Old People in Central and Western District144
End of Women's Emancipation111
Social action research methods and art therapy110
Community education172
The Hong Kong 'Uncle Long Legs' Letter Box Project39
Oncology Social Work Practice in Integrative Medicine65
Children of the incarcerated fathers in Hong Kong: their rights and needs103
社區工作 ...蛻變與挑戰座談會113
The problem-based approach in social work training: Potentials and considerations84
Working with Youth Night Drifters in Hong Kong81
Workplace well-being: Paradigm shift from combating burnout and stress to nurturing engagement and body-mind-spirit (BMS) wellness96
Family mealtime environment and child behavior outcomes in Chinese preschool children51
Gender consideration in couple work: Reflections from social workers involved in marriage counselling107
Commuity Sentences117
Development in end-of-life care: a global perspective84
From entanglement to equanimity: An application of a holistic healing approach into social work practice with infertile couples82
Rehabilitation Service109
Aging Issues And Policy In Hong Kong: Lessons For Other Countries106
Working with Chinese families impacted by cancer: An Integrated body-mind-spirit approach45
Added Years of Life in Asia-Current Situation and Future Challenges100
The 1995 Legislative Council Elections: Ineffcacious Opposition Characterized by Fragmentation.122
Ageing in Hong Kong93
Nurturing the body for balance and tranquility115
'Living Memoirs' Videography114
Community Work in Hong Kong andMainland China: Differences and Common Challenges100
Needs of Chronic Patients and How Mutual Help Groups can Help81
Dignity and Quality of Life in Community Palliative Care119
Support for people bereaved by suicide in Hong Kong: Current practice and challenges155
Empowerment for unemployed people84
High density living in Hong Kong153
Disruptive Behaviors85
Intimate partner violence in Hong Kong95
Responses of low-income communities to environmental challenges in Hong Kong95
The Manual of the Empowerement Workshop for Divorced Single Parents87
Health Social Work72
Beliefs About Poverty97
Body donation: The prefect penultimate note41
Social work in practice: Family and Child Social Work42
An Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach for Women Experiencing Infertility44
Social Skills Training for Psychiatic Patients: The Case of Schizophrenics in Hong Kong93
Professional? Effectiveness and Changes': Interview with Felice Mak-Lieh (In Chinese)106
Bereavement care77
Internal Migration in South Korea58
The Social Action Approach in Empowerment of Renal Patients142
另類介入 - 情緒治療與愛滋病139
The day after: The suicide bereavement experience of Chinese in Hong Kong110
向智障人士提供紓緩治療及實踐臨終照顧計劃, 有甚麼要注意的地方?80
The Dual Process Model and Resilience40
Social work with support networks117
抗癌斗士: 癌症患者身心灵康复治疗126
Elder Abuse in Asia: An Overview36
Science and Religion: what kinds of truth do they seek?79
Behind the mask of bullying51
Expanding Paradigms: Art As Performance And Performance As Communication In Politically Turbulent Times97
Public relations and communication191
Inducing Critical Thinking104
Challenges in operationalizing spirituality for evidence-based psychosocial intervention126
Family services (In Chinese)90
Benefits and Drawbacks of Chinese Rituals Surrounding Care for the Dying118
Self determination128
Volunteer management and the Millennium Development Goals: Integrating humanitarian work psychology and the study of volunteerism83
Building volunteer collaborative leadership: an academic community partnership initiative70
A Culturally Relevant Model for Evaluating Family Services in Hong Kong141
Activity Plan 6: The all-round choice107
Chinese Immigrants in Canada: Profiles, Challenges, and Social Services26
The application of social work & social sciences theory97
Uplifting Social Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers25
Social Work Education and Training121
Continuing Bond as a Double-Edged Sword in Bereavement?51
Good Separation in Bereavement: The Bereavement Experience of Chinese Persons in Hong Kong:121
Social Support as Spiritual Capital of Chinese with Cancer: Towards a Holistic Approach30
Making Hong Kong a better place: contributions of social workers in innovation116
Regional disparities and education inequality: city responses and coping strategies114
Common Humanity; Recognition of interconnectivity among Health professionals and their patients27
天台屋在香港: 簡介438
Expressive Therapies for Bereavement: The State of the Arts120
The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in China: Reflections on the Role of Social Workers in Disaster Intervention44
Exploring the life experiences of less-educated rural older adults: Challenges and the possible solution – life story interviews25
Working with 'Youth-at-risk': The way ahead35
The Social and Psychological Procession in Community Education: Towards Attitudinal and Behavioural Change in Environmental Management101
Extending women's voice through innovative methods: Lessons from struggles for democracy in Hong Kong20
Inside-out Outside-in: found objects and portable studio101
The Social Impact of SARS: Sustainable Action for the Rejuvenation of Society137
預防兒童性侵害: 保持家庭完整還是保護兒童安全?151
Narrative accounts of Chinese male batterers & implications to treatment132
Community Work in Guangzhou: An Evaluation of 5 Years Experience of Field Work Placement Conduced by HKU (in Chinese)128
Elite-mass relationship in Hong Kong: evolving patterns and directions of development89
Mindfulness Practice in Medical Education191
Systemic assessment: everything is connected133
The Chinese prison system for female offenders: A case study66
Sex, Sexual Problems, and Sexual Agency in Hong Kong Chinese Women126
Social Welfare Ideology and System in China: Implications for Hong Kong95
Organisational changes toward recovery oriented services125
End-of-life care competences for all: Building a cross-cutting core competency framework for health and social care professionals in the community79
Hong Kong: services for the elderly120
Publicity, Promotion and Public Education89
The loss and grief of parents with a child suffering from Cancer in Shanghai96
Study on future development and strategies of community work43
Net worth at retirement and 10 years later29
Commentary on "How do others get under our skin? Social relationships and health" by Seeman T.36
Retirement income protection in Hong Kong108
Chinese Medicine and Yang Sheng348
Death Awareness and Palliative Care93
Family Comes First: A Family-based Resource Model for the Wife’s Pre-migration Adjustment When Couples Live Apart90
Integrating Spirituality into Healthcare Service Delivery in Hong Kong : Development of Spiritual Resources and Consolidation of Values in Care107
Alternative intervention: a Chinese body-mind-spirit perspective116
Chinese culture and research92
The problem-based learning approach in social work training: Potentials and considerations118
Community work for elderly people.104
An Empowerment Group for Chinese Cancer Patients170
Service Programmes for 'Youth-at-risk' in Hong Kong107
Promoting Community Care for the Elderly in Public Housing Policy141
Expanding paradigms: Art as performance and performance as communication in politically turbulent times47
Assessment in social work education – an emerging issue107
The ‘Reluctant Welfarism’ of Hong Kong Government (in Chinese)116
Introduction: The Phenomena of 'Youth-at-risk' in Hong Kong94
Social Security Reforms in Guangdong: The WTO Challenges108
Social Development in Asia: Stragies, Problems and Prospects117
Policing Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Communities134
Effect of Tai Chi on depressive symptoms amongst Chinese older patients with major depression: The role of social support.129
Elder financial asset management82
Social change and community work106
Juvenile justice: Social work and juvenile justice134
Beyond Being Gay: The Proliferation Of Political Identities In Colonial Hong Kong148
Macro-Practice in Health Care - Application of Policy Change Model for Silicosis Workers107
BSW curriculum design and development.101
Smart, A. & Chui, E. Program expansion and claimant exclusion in Hong Kong's squatter resettlement program: The ratchet of exclusion into temporary and interim housing98
From Case to Policy: Organization of Single Parents and Position Paper137
Social Support for Bereaved People: A Reflection in Chinese Society98
Clapping Qigong180
Biobehavioral Effects95
Mental health services in Hong Kong81
Home-based services: Hong Kong and the United States85
Holistic care for cancer patients in China and Hong Kong.108
Hong Kong111
On the Seam: Fiction as truth- what can art do?44
Transformation intervention : facilitating growth after loss and grief due to cancer or bereavement121
Health Quality of Life of the Elderly in Hong Kong: Impact of Social Support112
Social Work in Mental Health67
The Transformation of Social Welfare Policy108
Mending the Broken Mirror: Handling Emotions after Divorce86
Innovations and knowledge transfers through online learning: Cultural representation and identity of social work students in Chinese communities100
Promotion of community care in the changing Chinese communities99
Socio-demographic profile85
Research on elder mistreatment in Chinese society : an update41
Environmental Education: Strategies and Roles of Children and Youth Services Units84
The Transformation of Social Welfare Policy: The Re-structuring of the Iron Rice Bowl81
Understanding Suicidal Ideation In Chinese Undergraduate Students41
Personal growth and self-actualization: Concepts and Application49
Empowering dementia caregivers: A strength-based care management approach126
Opportunities & obstacles: employment for people with disability92
Social Support for Marginalized Children41
Ultra-low fertility in Hong Kong: a review of related demographic transitions, social issues, and policies to encourage childbirth252
Community Development in Hong Kong: Past, Present, and Future106
Quality Management in Social Service108
Comments on Liu Zhongneng41
Elderly Chinese in Pacific Rim Countries (Invited paper)80
From practice wisdom to research knowledge: The case of the development of the Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit intervention model42
Older People as Peer Researchers in Ageing Research: nuisance or necessity?50
Narrative Therapy.254
Chinese culture and research: Implications on social work education and practice.114
Key stakeholders of their own development100
Meaning of life and adjustment among Chinese adolescents with and without economic disadvantage116
A young man waiting for a transplant: dilemmas for a hospital-based social worker. Commentary 2108
Social Work in Hong Kong40
Women Status Since the Economic Reform98
Case Management in Community-Based Long-Term Care: Good Practices and Challenges in Hong Kong194
Liberating dying people and bereaved families from the oppression of death and loss in Chinese societies: a public health approach132
Family Support And Community Services For Older Adults In China: Integration And Partnership183
Bipolar disorders73
Indigenization of social work values in Hong Kong: Directions for research132
P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood: A Jockey Club Youth Enhancement Scheme: Secondary One Curriculum65
Reaching the unspoken grief: continuing parental bond during pregnancy loss50
Measuring Mindfulness Grounded in the Original Buddha’s Discourses on Meditation Practice38
『深夜之子』 - 青少年『通頂』現象121
Promoting concern for under privileged groups (in Chinese)75
The Efficacy of the Body-Mind-Spirit Intervention and Social Support groups on Chinese breast cancer patients122
The Strength-Focused and Meaning-Oriented Approach to Resilience and Transformation (SMART): A body-mind-spirit approach to trauma management115
The indigenous and imported 'Leifung': mobilization of youth into voluntary community services in the PRC107
Case study of an adult survivor from child sexual abuse171
Alternative social work intervention approaches in hospital setting-patient resource centre113
Teaching and Conducting Gestalt Research in Hong Kong40
住房政策與政府責任: 混合福利的視角24
Rediscovery of the 'self': Culturally sensitive intervention for Chinese divorced women.107
From Expression to empowerment: Using creative arts as self-healing media for cancer patients125
Advocacy on self help for patients with chronic illness: the Hong Kong experience109
Locality-based Care for the Elderly - an Illustration from Estate Liasion Officer Scheme in Hong Kong134
Family and Community Engagement in End-of-life Care for Older Adults96
Aging in Hong Kong102
Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Intervention for People with Dementia: A Holistic Revitalization Model 82
Rooftop Housing in Hong Kong: Hong Kong's informal rooftop communities135
Spousal violence in Chinese societies90
Family and Community Support in China96
Developing culturally informed research on bereavement interventions49
我愛長腿叔叔 - 文字輔導對兒童成長的意義104
History in community work88
Mental health of community-dwelling frail elders receiving long-term care services in Hong Kong165
Housing services123
Bereavement care in Hong Kong: Past, present and future102
Community and the Environment in Hong Kong95
The service structures in the promotion of self-help for persons with disabilities83
Privatization of Social Services in Contemporary Socialist China115
The Highly-Skilled in Hong Kong: Asia’s ‘World City’64
Chinese Society95
Social security reforms in China119
The Chinese approach to cancer care104
Social Security Reforms: The Long and Winding Road131
Suicide prevention in Hong Kong: opportunities and challenges135
個案分析: 施虐者權力的展現95
Culture and mental health in (the greater) China92
Healthcare Reforms in Thailand: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom116
The best interest of crime victims: Protection of rights and remedies in Queensland, Australia116
Cultural Psychiatry56
社會工作價值在香港的本土化過程 : 一個硏究的方向160
Grassroots Participation of Squatters in Environmental Management86
Stage-specific and culture-specific coping strategies used by Mainland Chinese immigrants during resettlement in Hong Kong: A qualitative analysis100
Problem based learning in the BSW programme: A study of student learning outcomes.82
Neuropsychological aspects of cognitive stimulation therapy173
The Status Quo101
Moving out of darkness: Application of the Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach in the treatment of depression73
终生学习与社会参与: 台湾和香港老年教育政策和服务比较103
The public health approach to the prevention of family violence in Hong Kong116
The Strengths Model in Hong Kong46
Social Policies for Aging Societies41
Reviewing consumer-run mental health services168
Neuropsychological aspects of cognitive stimulation therapy36
Protecting the rights of Chinese older persons in need of residential care: The social justice and health equity dilemma in the People's Republic of China137
Prevention and control of dental erosion: Psychological management37
Political Development in the HKSAR (Invited paper)110
Managerialism and Quality Service88
The challenge for community work107
The dual rose70
Cognitive competence90
Mental health profile of sexual violence perpetrators among university students in Hong Kong.123
From Individual Counseling to Collective Empowerment: The Case of Divorced Women108
Promoting concern for under-privileged groups86
Family Comes First: A Family-based Resource Model for the Wife's Pre-migration Adjustment When Couples Live Apart80
The indigenization of social work values in Hong Kong: Directions for research107
Social Work in Health Settings115
Social welfare in Hong Kong: Colonial legacy and challenges for the HKSAR77
The Cultivation of Global Citizenship through International Student Exchanges : The Hong Kong Experience98
Migration in China: Changing China, Changing the World41
Social Costs of Moving toward a Market Economy85
Resettlement Stressors Confronting Mainland Chinese migrants in Hong Kong102
Family caregiving and impact on caregiver mental health: a study in Shanghai203
Social Work with New Arrivals178
重燃生命: 善別成長小組115
Problem based learning in the MSW Programme: A study of learning outcomes.100
Services for women in China: monopoly of the women's federation97
The Body-Mind-Spirit Approach in Counseling for Divorced Single Parents116
Msw Curriculum Design And Development.85
A Review Of The Portable Comprehensive Social Security Assistance For Elderly Persons Retiring To Guangdong Province117
Housing and Welfare Services for New Arrivals from China: Inclusion or Exclusion104