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Case 7: Social and political Influences of Celebrity - Interview with Denise Ho (Cantopop singer/actress/social activist) and Pakho Chau (Cantopop singer-songwriter/actor)98
Customary and legal marriages: Emerging trends in Hong Kong29
The Ethos of the Hong Kong People: Taking Stock in 1997100
Cyberspace and the Emerging Chinese Religious Landscape – Preliminary Observations39
As local and global cultural brokers: A Fujianese territorial-based association (Fujian Tongxiang Hui) in Hong Kong134
Public perceptions of crime and safety in Hong Kong147
階級流動的路徑與經驗 --- 一項口述歷史的探索219
Girls, Gangs and Violence109
Situations of violence in the lives of girl gang members127
The Hong Kong social indicators surveys: objectives, practices and lessons122
Beyond Freudian Narcissism and the Cowboy Myth: Queering the Narcissistic Desires in Brokeback Mountain92
Anti-Globalisation movement as protest space in Hong Kong society40
Framing social movements in contemporary China and Hong Kong110
Intuiting illegality in sex work73
The Development of Investigative Reporting and Journalistic Professionalism in Southern Weekend176
The Ethos of the Hong Kong Chinese Revisited163
Senator sir, welcome to the world of 'Orientalism'47
The split family phenomenon: An emerging new immigrant family structure in contemporary Hong Kong143
The relationship between ancestor worship and cultural aapitalism in a Qiaoxiang village in Fujian, South China112
Lived citizenship and lower-class Chinese migrant women: A global city without its people99
Criminological Perspectives53
On models, modelling and the exemplary107
Conflict diamonds, globalization and consumption : an examination of Kanye West's Diamonds from Sierra Leone81
Police as Linking Principle: Rethinking Police Culture in Contemporary Taiwan67
Reforming health : contrasting trajectories of neoliberal restructuring in the city-states74
Triad Involvement in the Sex Service Industry in Hong Kong and its Impacts on Southeast Asia150
Negotiating emigration and the family: individual solutions to the 1997 anxiety124
The most critical unresolved issue associated with contemporary police corruption100
Jung guk dosiui ‘Kauboui otgam’ shoping (Diverse denim: shopping for 'Cowboy Cloth' in a Chinese city)63
Chinese religious innovation in the Qigong movement: the case of Zhonggong128
Introduction: Diasporic memories and identities153
在倫敦與香港之間: 「麥理浩時代」的殖民性213
Essential labels? Gender identity Politics on Hong Kong Lesbian Mobile Phone Application Butterfly66
Police Diversion Measures for Juveniles at Risk116
Le protestantisme en Chine97
Gender and Imprisonment in Hong Kong80
Globalisation and the Illicit Drug Trade in Hong Kong82
Drugs policing123
Secularization, Sacralization and subject formation in modern China106
Shifting public anti-trafficking discourses through arts and media50
Alcohol Use and Abuse among Asian Americans110
Senator Sir, Meet Susie Wong and the Inscrutable Fu Manchu92
I'm Calling My Mom: The Meaning of Family and Kinship among Homegirls137
Falu renci guanzhi zhongxi bijiao (Legal Mercy in Chinese and Comparative Perspective)98
Life satisfaction of the children of migrant workers in Chinese cities42
Introduction: the Daoist Encounter with Modernity41
Fashion Communication In Asia: Participant Observation And Qualitative Interview With Media Personnel At MILK X Monthly53
Gang Girls in Hong Kong127
Morality and class inequality105
The lives and times of Asian-Pacific American Women methamphetamine user101
Family In Flux: Benchmarking Family Changes In Hong Kong Society202
Bugis street in Singapore: Development, conservation and the reinvention of cultural landscape111
Luxury Brands and Deriving Fashion Meanings in a Media Context in Hong Kong102
Le qigong au carrefour des « discours anti ». De l’anticléricalisme communiste au fondamentalisme du Falungong131
Stunt workers and spectacle: Ethnography of physical risk in hollywood and Hong Kong55
Chinese women and the cyberspace164
核心價值: 香港社會指標研究的啟示116
Parent's Choice: A Note on Parental Values and Social Class185
Religion, Spiritual Principles and Civil Society39
The Social Structure162
From Expatriates to New Cosmopolitans? Female Transnational Professionals in Hong Kong58
The Daoist Encounter with Modernity: Some issues in the History and Sociology of Daoism in the Modern Era102
Alcohol and Masculinity: The Case of Gangs108
Comparative Perspectives on Crime in China90
The role of self-gentrification in sustainable tourism: Indigenous entrepreneurship at Honghe Hani Rice Terraces World Heritage Site, China86
Education Ethos and Social Change99
Introduction: Chinese ethnic business and globalization41
Emotions contests and reflexivity in the news: examining discourse on youth crime in Canada116
Negotiating the ethics of gendered online spaces in Mainland China and Hong Kong112
Political attitudes and identity100
Lesbianism among Indonesian Women Migrants in Hong Kong161
Legal activism or class action?: The political economy of the "no boss" and "no labour relationship" in China's construction industry41
The poetics of religious philanthropy: Buddhist welfarism in Singapore110
Border Trading and Policing of Everyday Life in Hong Kong206
We Belong to Glasgow: The Thirdspaces of Youth ‘Gangs’ and Asylum Seeker, Refugee and Migrant Groups61
The Lives and Times of Asian Pacific American Women Drug Users95
Introduction: Body Politics and Gender/Sex59
Introduction: Locating Chinese women in the cyberspace27
Trafficking and gender47
Business networks, cultural values and the state in Hong Kong and Singapore146
Gender and sexuality153
Buddhism in Singapore129
Reprint of Just Every Mother's Angel: An Analysis of Gender and Ethnic Variations in Youth Gang Membership88
Why We Post – a team approach to research dissemination103
身份製造: 跨國電影工業41
Internet as social capital and social network99
From Clicks-and-Bricks to Online-to-Offline: The Evolving E-tail/Retail Space as Immersive Media in Hong Kong and Mainland China180
Residential segregation of visible minority groups in Toronto40
Dialect and territory-based associations: cultural and identity brokers in Hong Kong132
生於1974: 香港流行文化的前世今生208
Collective memories as cultural capital: from Chinese Diaspora to emigrant hometowns88
Zhoujiazhuang village: A study of the heritage of the people's commune67
Class analysis: the relevance of weber117
The Cultures and Subcultures of Illicit Drug Use and Distribution60
The Origins of Investigative Journalism: The Emergence of China's Watchdog Reporting103
Abstract and Summary of 'Getting into the Gang: Methodological Issues in Studying Ethnic Gangs', for special issue, 'Etiology and Prevention of Drug Use: The U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Monographs: 1991-1993'102
The Civil Sphere in the Cultural and Political Transformations of Modern East Asia76
Case 5: Rethinking the Symbiotic Relationships between Celebrity and the Media in the Era of the Korean Wave - Interview with Patrick Suen (seasoned media worker/Korean celebrity agent)93
Anti-Globalisation Movement as Protest Space in Hong Kong Society39
Social Indicators and the Hong Kong Way of Life94
Immigration and its impacts on Canadian cities43
Facework on Chinese Social Media30
Assessing the new political culture by comparing cities around the world44
La religion: culture ou contre-culture?26
Criminology Perspective: Primary Juvenile Offense in Hong Kong139
Diversities and unities: towards a reformist Buddhism in Singapore129
Class Talk: Oral Narratives and Class Identity122
Presence of the State: Probing the Middle Class and Civic Organizations in Chinese Societies76
Drugs, Violence and Women's Crime152
The Fourth Wave? A Critical Reflection on the Tongzhi Movement in Hong Kong302
Introduction: Remaking citizenship in Hong Kong50
Social cohesive efforts to meet youth development needs in Tin Shui Wai in Hong Kong161
Educational Ethos and Educational Change89
Organized crimes in a transitional economy: the resurgence of the criminal underworld in contemporary China156
Employee's health insurance110
Three Moral Codes and Microcivil Spheres in China71
Religious philanthropy and Chinese civil society160
Migration: Rethinking border and boundary49
Doing anthoropology within a transnational framework: A study of the Singapore Chinese and emigrant village ties112
Religion in the Peoples’ Republic of China: An Overview57
Universalistic humanitarianism in Mainland China: A case study of a French NGO48
Group Boundaries and Immigrant Income30
Borders and migrant domestic workers12
Senator Sir, Meet Susie Wong and the Inscrutable Fu Manchu90
The cultural economy of illlegal migration: migrant workers who overstay in Hong Kong107
On violating one’s own privacy: N-adic utterances and inadvertent disclosures in online venues113
Shifting public anti-trafficking discourses through arts and media29
Sapphic Shadows: Sworn Sisterhoods and Cyber Lesbian Communities in Hong Kong92
Fantasy is More Believable: The Shadow Civil Sphere in Chinese Online Fiction33
Gang youth, risk behaviors, and negative health outcomes151
Red Mafia42
Case 6: The Vicissitudes of Star Identity: Lingering between the Domestic and Public Spheres - Interview with Hilary Tsui (Hong Kong actress/fashion blogger/entrepreneur)70
Partial residential integration: Suburban residential patterns of new immigrant groups in a multi-ethnic context42
The Presence, Performance, and Publics of Online Interactions11
The social structure98
Women's Status94
Exiting Hong Kong: social class experiences and the adjustment to 1997156
Chinese labor protest and trade unions55
Cultural and network capitals: Chinese women and the "Religious" industry in South China103
Residential segregation of visible minority groups in Toronto38
Im Calling My Mom: The Meaning of Family and Kinship among Latina Homegirls105
The cultural politics of Mainland Chinese migration to Hong Kong23
Heretical Doctrines, Reactionary Secret Societies, Evil Cults: Labeling Heterodoxy in Twentieth-Century China158
Tolerance and Trust: Exploring the Hong Kong Ethos125
The Singapore-Anxi connection: Ancestor worship as moral-cultural capital41
State, conservation and ethnicization: A case study of Little India in Singapore33
Dao and Nation: Li Yujie: May Fourth Activist, Daoist Cultivator, and Redemptive Society Patriarch in Mainland China and Taiwan142
Decoding Localization: A Comparison of Two Transnational Life Insurance Firms in China72
Dance drug scenes: a global perspective122
Daoism and Human Rights: Integrating the Incommensurable70
Crimen y castigo en China (Crime and Control in China) (in Spanish)104
Religiosity and Social Movements in China: Divisions and Multiplications103
Sex trafficking and control158
Physical Co-presence and Distinctive Features of Online Interactions21
Le discours sur les sectes en Chine contemporaine16
Introduction: The disappearing frontier?118
The worship of Qingshui Zushi and religious revivalism in South China126
The body: health, nation and transcendence132
Introduction: Crime, Control, and Modernity in China90
Where Is My Brokeback Mountain?163
Embedding digital money amongst Chinese migrant factory workers40
Intercultural Relations In Hong Kong64
Hong Kong: the state of criminology86
Ethnic church attendance and social participation of immigrants in Canada39
From a free economy to an interventionist society: the crisis of governance in Hong Kong105
Nurturing a culture of giving: some preliminary thoughts on the role of religion51
Understanding Human Trafficking114
Vom chinesischen religiösen Synkretismus zum Reformbuddhismus: Religiöse Modernisierung in Singapur103
Post-70s Artists and the Search for the Self in China117
Branding Satire, Being Alternative: Locating Queerness in the Videos of Hong Kong Media Artist Yuen Pui-Man105
Sexualizing Asian Male Bodies'450
Inequality, Grievance and Justice: A Preliminary Study of the Hong Kong Middle Class Ethos89
Mögliche Einflüsse Mao Zedongs auf die Strategie des IS33
Just Every Mother's Angel: An Analysis of Ethnic and Gender Variation in Youth Gang Membership (Reprinted from Gender and Society Article)96
Using Social Networks to Exit Hong Kong130
Rebuilding their ancestral villages: The moral economy of the Singapore Chinese130
Senator Sir, Meet Susie Wong and the Inscrutable Fu Manchu91
Introduction: Immigration, social structures, and social processes38
Human Trafficking and Border Control in the Global South81
Kin networks and the plan to leave Hong Kong96
Colonial Govermance and the Hong Kong Story139
Hong Kong’s Film Industry Reconstituted: Pathways to China after the Golden Age259
Anti-Trafficking in Southeast Asia218
Globalization and the Illicit Drug Trade in Hong Kong100
Entrepreneurship in an indigenous community: sustainable tourism and economic development in a newly inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site60
Chinese male bodies: a transnational study of masculinity and sexuality247
Face-work on Social Media in China: The Presentation of Self on RenRen and Facebook210
Correctional Services Department85
Tapping into their social networks: Chinese businesswomen in the garment industry in Guangzhou100
SWAN Vancouver: Supporting Immigrant and Migrant Women in the Sex Industry45
Culture (Religion comme)98
Alcohol and Violence in the Lives of Gang members116
Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta in China: Cross-border integration and sustainability88
Globalizing Daoism at Huashan: Quanzhen Monks, Danwei Politics and International Dream Trippers26
Governance crisis and changing state-business relations : a political economy perspective62
Chinese ethnic economies within the city context40
Desiring Mobiles, Desiring Education: Mobile Phones and Families in a Rural Chinese Town70
Negotiating central, provincial, and county policies: Border trading in South China108
Race, Gender, and Surveillance of Migrant Domestic Workers in Asia65
East Asian Intelligence and Organized Crime: An Introduction117
The flow of the traders' goddess: Tianhou in nineteenth- and twentieth-century America41
現身說教: 反思香港、台灣及中國大陸的性∕別教學經驗43
Being a young tomboy in Hong Kong: The life and identity construction of Lesbian schoolgirls196
Social support amongst recent immigrants in Hong Kong45
The Emergence of Clubs and Drugs in Hong Kong99
Accomplishing Femininity Among Girls in the Gang132
A strategic partnership between Buddhism and the state: Delivering welfare services in Singapore105
Where anthropology meets Diaspora atudies: Some considerations for emigrant village (Qiaoxiang) studies80
Crying and Laughing - Ah Poh Narrating History135
Body Cultivation in Contemporary China96
Chinese crime at the turn of the millennium131
Small Places Turned Inside-Out: Social Networking in Small Communities54
Globalizing Daoism at Huashan: Quanzhen Monks, Danwei Politics, and International Dream Trippers98
人體: 健康, 民族與超驗性39
Transnational Organized Crime and International Security: Business As Usual104
Re-thinking Public Criminology: Politics, Paradoxes, and Challenges24
Kinship and Community: The Ice Crisis in Hawaii111
Some Thoughts on the Politics of Race and Its Impact on Girls in Gangs88
The Production Culture of the Hong Kong Film Industry39
Introduction: The Chinese diaspora and voluntary associations86
Moral Education42
Vom chinesischen religiösen Synkretismus zum Reformbuddhismus: Religiöse Modernisierung in Singapur87
Changing opportunity structures : political concerns and sociological observations101
Dormitory labour regimes and the labour process in China: New workers in old factory forms57
Is Chinese (Lack of) Religion Exceptional?62
Shimokitazawa: Precarious Bohemians and World City Development35
Human Trafficking80
Overseas Chinese and the construction of Qiaoxiang society90
Outcast Bodies: Money, Sex and Desire of Male Sex Workers in Mainland China220
Crime and Deviance111
Religion in Chinese social and political history149
Citizens and Outlaws: The Private Lives and Public Lifestyles of Women in the Illicit Drug Economy159
Social, economic, and demographic characteristics of Korean self-employment in Canada41
Lesbian Spaces in Hong Kong59
After the crises: changes in social ethos100
Women and work: opportunities and experiences99
The cultural politics of clan associations in contemporary Singapore99
Generating and Applying Spiritual Capital: The Case of the Baha’i Community96
Male Sex Work in China360
Between Liberal and Substantive Democracy: The Conceptions of Democracy of Hong Kong People and Their Determinants50
Tolerance and Trust: Exploring the Ethos of the Hong Kong People169
Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong12