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The University of Hong Kong1982
Questioning Allegiance: Resituating Civic Education33
Research and evaluation on liberal studies examination and assessment112
Politics, Managerialism, and University Governance: Lessons from Hong Kong under China's Rule since 199753
香港少數族裔學生學習中文的研究: 理念、挑戰與實踐253
Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific Comparative Study on Assessment of Transversal (or 21st Century) Skills/Competencies (HK), The University of Hong Kong58
The Adventure of a Monkey22
Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL2011 Conference Proceedings126
China’s Soft Power Projection through Higher Education: A Preliminary Assessment118
梁醒波傳 : 亦慈亦俠亦詼諧149
Comparative Education: Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms171
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Assessment for learning: the development and implementation of an innovation in enhancing Chinese language oral communication skills41
The innovative teaching practices of Chinese language curriculum: The instructional practices of higher-order thinking skills108
China’s rural education in transition108
Education in China: Reform and Diversity43
Understanding Expertise in Teaching: Case Studies of Second Language Teachers434
Writing With Young English Language Learners53
My Career Map 2020: Operation guide of Life+46
Preparing foreign language teachers for next-generation education86
International Status Anxiety and Higher Education: Soviet Legacies in China and Russia79
Asian Higher Education: An International Handbook and Reference Guide56
The malleability of intellectual styles67
English Conversation921
New Directions in the Philosophy of Education41
Chinese language learning progression framework for non-Chinese speaking children in kindergartens in Hong Kong: Writing79
Education Inquiry39
Family cultural capital and student achievement: Theoretical insights from PISA51
The 21st Century Mathematics Education in China47
Texas, our Texas19
Research studies in education. Volume 8, 201055
Teaching Language Promoting Citizenship14
Findings from the Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project: A brief report covering September 2018- August 202025
Longman activate. JS3 (2nd ed.)155
The train with no wheels: teacher’s guide52
Comparative Education: Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms128
Recalibrating Careers in Academia: Professional advancement policies and practices in Asia-Pacific111
Chinese language curriculum design for students with special needs66
A Critical Study of Thailand's Higher Education Reforms: The culture of borrowing 71
閱讀推手: 學校圖書館專業62
Educational Development in Western China: Towards Quality and Equity80
Nurturing the Digital Generation: A Participatory Approach107
E-Learning in the Workplace: A Performance-Oriented Approach Beyond Technology131
Towards a World Without Poverty: Empowering Adolescent Girls as Agents of Social Transformation24
Methods of Research and Enquiry in Chinese Language Education98
ICT-enabled Innovation for Learning in Europe and Asia: Exploring Conditions for Sustainability, Scalability and Impact at System Level39
Comparative Education Research: Approaches and Methods (Japanese Translation)170
Enhancing Learning Through Technology: Research on Emerging Technologies and Pedagogies123
Comparative Education: Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms122
Going to School in East Asia76
Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? (Mongolian Translation)156
Academic collaborations in the global marketplace31
Educational Technology Program and Project Evaluation100
Comparative Education Research: Approaches and Methods199
Empowered Educators: How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World44
Learning objects, learning tasks and handhelds120
Lily The Little Girl53
Classroom Discourse and the Space of Learning403
Crossing borders in East Asian higher education141
Islamic education and indoctrination: The case in Indonesia4
Evidence-based Education171
追求卓越 - 教師專業發展案例研究273
Global Mobility and Higher Learning58
Mother Tongue Education in Hong Kong: Research and Practice208
Interactional Research Into Problem-Based Learning45
A Simple Guide To Better Voicing: For Teachers and Professional Voice Users (3rd (E-Book) ed.)157
The Hong Kong Learning Behaviour checklist for Preschool Children (Parent Version)260
Citizenship and citizenship education in a global age: politics, policies, and practices in China43
Promoting Chemistry Learning By Active Reading And Writing Tasks134
Medium of instruction policies: which agenda? whose agenda?205
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Global competition and internationalization of higher education: Continuity and change in China and Russia89
Knowledge Repository for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Amongst Successful Cases of School Libraries in Hong Kong Forum 2016161
Handbook of Research on Applied Learning Theory and Design in Modern Education94
From ‘Aggressive Masculinity’ to ‘Rape Culture’: An Educational Philosophy and Theory Gender and Sexualities Reader51
My Ninth Birthday33
From Helpless to Mutual Help: Teachers' handbook on teaching Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking Primary Students68
Exploring Mathematics: 4107
Cross-regional Peer Evaluation on Chinese Composition between Students in Shanghai and Hong Kong581
Studies of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language to Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong: Theories, Challenges, and Practices107
E-course Chinese [French-English adaptation with substantial update]24
Counting the full cost: parental and community financing of education in East Asia42
Music is everywhere: teacher's guide44
Worldwide English Language Education Today: Ideologies, Policies and Practices11
A Teaching Kit for Putonghua Extra Curricular Activities145
Student Participation in Online Discussions: Challenges, Solutions, and Future Research89
Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? (Polish Translation)59
Perspectives on the Nature of Intellectual Styles122
Designing Effective Feedback Processes in Higher Education: A Learning-Focused Approach61
The chocolate boy (story book)125
香港中國語文課程新路向: 學習與評估210
A study on Chinese language new curriculum and school-based good practices88
Career Development Self-efficacy Inventory and Users' Manual134
Directions in Educational Planning: International Experiences and Perspectives80
My pet hamsters124
A scary day: teacher's guide48
La laptop XO en el aula58
Problem-based learning in clinical education: the next generation155
The Oxford Handbook of Language Policy and Planning288
Acculturation of Young Arrivals from the Mainland143
Effective teaching and learning of Chinese characters102
Asian and Pacific American Education: Learning, Socialization, and Identity39
From testing to productive student learning: implementing formative assessment in Confucian-heritage settings164
The Tortoises’ Adventure37
共創成長路︰賽馬會青少年培育計劃: 學生成長週記203
Handbook of research on complex dynamic process management: techniques for adaptability in turbulent environments131
Bilingual and multilingual education52
Class Size Reduction: Key Insights from Secondary School Classrooms54
Perspectives on thinking, learning, and cognitive styles147
Chinese language learning progression framework for non-Chinese speaking children in kindergartens in Hong Kong: Speaking33
The Value of Intellectual Styles78
Fostering the culture of reading and enhancing information literacy: exemplars of school libraries226
The academic citizen: The virtue of service in university life29
Emerging Perspectives in Education in China62
Education in the Commonwealth: Quality Education for Equitable Development98
The Hong Kong Reader: Passage to Chinese Sovereignty164
Research on Teaching and Learning Developments of CKC Chinese Computer Input System108
The Global Ranking Regime and the Reconfiguration of Higher Education48
Accessing Chinese: for ethnic minority learners in Hong Kong (Unit 7, 8 & 9)281
Tertiary Education in Small States: Planning in the Context of Globalization162
Constructing Development: Civil Society and Literacy in a Time of Globalization83
Trends and challenges in Science and Higher Education: building capacity in Latin America73
Devising a Chinese-language curriculum for non-Chinese-speaking students in Hong Kong198
Chinese language learning progression framework for non-Chinese speaking children in kindergartens in Hong Kong: Introduction42
Improving Language And Learning Across The Curriculum Through Subject Specific Genre Teaching100
Asian American Identities, Families, and Schooling33
The Nature of Intellectual Styles145
Productive Multivocality in the Analysis of Group Interactions55
Development and Evaluation of Positive Adolescent Training through Holistic Social Programs (P.A.T.H.S.)62
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Effective School Librarianship: Successful Professional Practices from Librarians around the World (Two-Volume Set)54
Functions of language and the teaching of Chinese: application of systemic functional linguistics to Chinese language education (2nd ed.)139
Mr. Brain and Ms. Hand16
Language Policies in Education: Critical Issues87
School-University Partnerships in English Language Teacher Education: Tensions, Complexities, and the Politics of Collaboration90
Language Policies in Education: Critical Issues (2nd ed.)73
Assessment, Testing, and Evaluation67
Diversities in early childhood education: Rethinking and doing78
Revisiting the Chinese learner: Changing contexts, changing education164
Learning of algebra : inspiration from students' understanding of the distributive law130
All about me38
Evaluation of Community Preschool and Home-Based Early Childhood Programmes in Cambodia142
How assessment supports learning: Learning-oriented assessment in action132
Subject-specific Genres of School Physics: A Resource Book126
The Fairy Tale Shuffle41
Music is everywhere49
Secondary Analysis of TIMMS-R data for Hong Kong: A Report for Hong Kong in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study - Repeat (TIMSS-R)118
Urban Schools and English Language Education in Late Modern China: A Critical Sociolinguistic Ethnography174
Parental training manual: Building positive social emotional behaviour for children7
Teaching Writing in Chinese Speaking Areas102
Let's go134
Speech Therapy In Hong Kong (1960-2020) A Personal History4
Life skills development of junior secondary school students in Hong Kong: Brief report of follow-up survey120
與全球孩子同行: 閱讀與服務的力量50
Research On Lexical Standardization In Hong Kong Curriculum127
Hong Kong Becoming China97
母語基本能力對比研究 - 華語地區123
Education in China: Reform and Diversity36
Common Interests, Uncommon Goals: The Histories of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies and its Members153
Chinese language education for students with special learning needs: school-based curriculum, teaching materials and teaching methods127
Educational policy borrowing in China: Looking west or looking east?6
Empowered Educators in Singapore: How High-performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality21
C-for-Chinese@JC Teacher Guidebook7
Professional Development of CLIL Teachers37
Subject Specific Genres of School Economics: A Resource Book170
Regulating Private Tutoring for Public Good : Policy Options for Supplementary Education in Asia810
Close and Extensive Reading of Rich Language: Learning and Teaching of Great Classical Chinese Literary Works109
Psychology of Teaching and Learning, Learning Guide58
Teaching, Learning and Scaffolding in CLIL Science Classrooms9
Teaching and Learning of Chinese Language Series - Volume 835
Comparative Education: Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms117
飛越困難, 一起成功: 教授非華語學生中文的良方205
Hong Kong's Reunion with China: Global Dimensions119
The XO laptop in the classroom (1st ed.)41
Language Policy, Culture, and Identity in Asian Contexts1252
Early childhood care and education in the Asia-Pacific region: moving towards goal 146
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Why do I have to clean my room46
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Developing upper primary students’ 21st century skills: Inquiry learning through collaborative teaching and Web 2.0 technology251
Teacher Language Awareness142
Construction of web-based learning: Research and teaching of Chinese Language122
Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education: Renewing the Role of the University Professor67
新版中文八達通: 香港少數族裔中文教材(單元一、二、三).347
Series on Innovation and Knowledge Management: Vol. 7. Knowledge Management: Competencies and Professionalism109
Longman activate. JS1 (2nd ed.)91
International organizations, changing governance and china's policy-making in higher education: an analysis of the World Bank and the World Trade Organization155
Peer Checklist Evaluation Of Chinese Composition: Research and Practice127
Shadow Education: Private Supplementary Tutoring and Its Implications for Policy Makers in Asia (Vietnamese translation)67
Portraits of 21st century Chinese universities: In the move to mass higher education110
A Record of Joy from a Sixth Grader40
Subject Specific Genres Of Liberal Studies And The Skills Of Expression58
E-Learning Pedagogy and School Leadership Practices to Improve Hong Kong Students’ Computer and Information Literacy: Findings from ICILS 2013 and beyond203
Portraits of 21st Century Chinese Universities: In the Move to Mass Higher Education96
Too many kites120
Assessment for learning: resource kits for the development of Chinese language oral communication skills49
Education and Social Change in China: Inequality in a Market Economy78
IEEE MultiMedia: Special Issue on Multimedia Big Data Analytics in Technology Enhanced Learning69
Self-understanding workshop 2012: Becoming a confident and well-adjusted learner - Facilitators’ handbook76
A scary day (story book)139
Changing conceptions of teaching and learning in Hong Kong: from geography to liberal studies86
Connectedness and life skills development among primary students in Hong Kong: A brief report145
Managing knowledge for global and collaborative innovations101
Education in China: Reform and Diversity64
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Learning from TIMSS: Implications for Teaching and Learning Science at the Junior Secondary Level98
Feminist Theory in Diverse Productive Practices: An Educational Philosophy and Theory Gender and Sexualities Reader, Volume VI29
母語基本能力: 香港教育工作者的看法133
Researching with integrity: The ethics of academic enquiry75
China's Assimilationist Language Policy: The Impact on Indigenous/Minority Literacy and Social Harmony86
Understanding and guiding whole-person development. Learning Guide Part 238
Mathematical modelling education in East and West15
Media And Information Literacy Curriculum For Teachers221
Ethinicity and Educational Achievement76
被選中的: 哈佛、耶魯和普林斯頓的入學標準秘史22
Algebra Teaching around the World75
China’s precarious balance in higher education: Domestic demands and going global76
Problem Based Learning in the Field Environment165
Culturally Responsive Parental Involvement: Concrete Understandings and Basic Strategies45
Subject Specific Genres of School Chemistry: A Resource Book108
促進電腦與資訊素養的電子學習教學法和學校領導策略: ICILS 2013國際比較研究的啓示173
China's National Minority Education: Culture, Schooling and Development44
Resonant Voice: Hong Kong Humming19
Student Usability in Educational Software and Games: Improving Experiences39
Monograph of Negative and Insignificant Findings in Voice Research6
Evaluation of three thematic seminars for secondary school teachers on life planning education and career guidance services for students with diverse needs 2019/20 school year29
The Changing Academic Profession in Hong Kong93
Promoting Social Justice for Young Children39
Introducing Classroom Interaction1642
Researching Higher Education in Asia: history, Development and Future26
中文閱讀能力訓練: 認讀、理解、策略307
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Teaching in primary schools in China and India: Contexts of learning69
Children's Competencies Development In The Home Learning Environment13
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Cross-national Policies and Practices on Information and Communication Technology in Education152
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Cross-National Information and Communication Technology Policies and Practices in Education (Revised Second Edition)168
Life Skills Development and Comprehensive Guidance Program: Theories and Practices162
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Educational Technologies in Medical and Health Sciences Education127
My Birthday37
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Early childhood education in Chinese societies139
Ethnicity and American Social Theory: Toward Critical Pluralism58
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Stories of English 300’s141
Education in the Commonwealth: Towards and Beyond the Internationally Agreed Goals39
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Life skills development among upper primary students in Hong Kong: Brief report on follow-up survey148
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Teacher’s Handbook on the Application of 'Chinese Language Learning Progression Framework for Non-Chinese Speaking Children in Kindergartens in Hong Kong'31
兒童閱讀能力進展: 香港與國際比較216
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My Secret Base41
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Let's go: teacher's guide78
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Private tutoring across the Mediterranean: power dynamics and implications for learning and equity76
Shadow Education in Africa: Private Supplementary Tutoring and its Policy Implications46
Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong: Family Life, Psychological Well-Being and Risk Behavior138
Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Mathematical Modeling Education132
C-for-Chinese@JC Parent Guide4
Early Childhood Education Policies in Asia Pacific: Advances in Theory and Practice115
Effective learning and teaching in business and management66
Media Literacy Education in China72
Analysis of practical writing in China Mainland105
Research In Media Education169
Princess Chang Ping Classroom156
New Media, Knowledge Practices and Multiliteracies: HKAECT 2014 International Conference81
Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? (Hindi Translation)124
Muslims and Islam in U.S. Education: Reconsidering multiculturalism54
First Language Competency of English Speaking Regions89
Curriculum reform in school: Intelligence and challenges56
Our Nation18
The'Second Wave' of ICT in Education: From Facilitating Teaching and Learning to Engendering Education Reform: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computers in Education 2003108
Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field176
多語言、多文化環境下的中國語文教育: 理論與實踐168
Education and Society in Hong Kong and Macao: Comparative Perspectives on Continuity and Change103
Train without Wheels!115
協作式教學手冊: 小四常識科探究式專題研習118
Educational Innovations Beyond Technology: nurturing leadership and establishing learning organizations119
Family Strategies, Guanxi, and School Success in Rural China83
Assessment for learning: good practices in enhancing of Chinese language oral communication skills58
The train with no wheels122
Early Child Cantonese: Facts And Implications283
East Asia at School40
Balancing the Books: Household Financing of Basic Education in Cambodia369
Power and Inequality in Language Education1532
Exploring Mathematics97
Early Childhood Research Quarterly21
Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? (Korean Translation)149
Comparative Education: Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms98
Plagiarism-free inquiry project-based learning95
Early Childhood Literacy: Effective Chinese Language Acquisition and Teaching69
ICT In Education Around The World: Trends, Problems And Prospects759
Inclusive education: a step towards social Justice69
L'éducation de l'ombre en Afrique: Implications politiques du soutien scolaire privé44
Subject-specific Genres of School Biology: A Resource Book108
Variation Theory and the Space of Learning132
Shadow Education in Myanmar: Private Supplementary Tutoring and its Policy Implications93
Subject-specific Genres of School Geography: A Resource Book169
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The Challenge of Shadow Education: Private Tutoring and its Implications for Policy Makers in the European Union608
On the Learning of Chinese117
Atypical Affection: Literary Reports of SARS Incidents in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan115
Floods [English-Traditional Chinese translation]23
Learning from Shanghai: Lessons on achieving educational success6
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Education, Ethnicity, Society and Global Change in Asia: The Selected Works of Gerard A. Postiglione70
Mobile Learning Design: Theories and Application143
Mass Higher Education Development in East Asia: Strategy, Quality, and Challenges120
Let's make a zoo: teacher’s guide39
New cultural dialogues : conversation with outstanding librarians, archivists, and curators in greater China67
Promoting Effective Group Work in the Primary Classroom : A Handbook for Teachers and Practitioners (2nd ed.)121
The Costs and Financing of Education: Trends and Policy Implications92
Enhancing Learning Potentialities Of Electronic Portfolio89
Media education in Asia122
Scaling up Assessment for Learning in Higher Education165
Stepping from Self-Evaluation to Self-Improvement99
Life Skills Development Curriculum: Activity Plans129
Our Communities18
Legend of the Purple Hairpin Classroom118
The international handbook of collaborative learning (Educational psychology handbook)197
Education and Society in Hong Kong and Macao: Comparative Perspectives on Continuity and Change103
Chinese language learning progression framework for non-Chinese speaking children in kindergartens in Hong Kong: Reading40
Overcoming obstacles associated with other learning experiences and school-based assessment: Perspectives of high school students with visual impairment in Hong Kong - Collaborative research project report105
Learning and development of Asian students: what the 21st century teacher needs to think about296
Research on the Education of Asian Pacific Americans18
Chinese language learning progression framework for non-Chinese speaking children in kindergartens in Hong Kong: Listening33
Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? (Sinhala Translation)47
Technical Report: Evaluation Study on the Roles of Teacher-librarians in Public Sector Schools196
Perspectives in Education in China36
Comparative Education at Universities World Wide164
Academic Development Self-efficacy Inventory: Users' Manual130
Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? (Bangla Translation)135
Life Skills Development and Comprehensive Guidance Program: Assessment and Applications121
Reducing the Burden on the Poor: Household Costs of Basic Education in Gansu, China167
L'ombre du systeme educatif: Quel soutien scolaire prive, quelles politiques publiques?185
Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring? (Urdu Translation)142
Educational innovation in economics and business: Pedagogy, technology and innovation VIII34
Understanding and guiding whole-person development. Learning Guide Part 151
Bamboo-shed Cantonese Opera & School Education: from Culture Space to Learning Space61
Handbook of English91
Knowledge Studies in Higher Education26
維基之道: 協同與創造性學習225
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China's Rural Education in Transition34
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变异与整合: 玄儒佛道敎育思想比较硏究24
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Let's go114
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