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Buffered threshold autoregressive time series models99
A margin scheme that advises on when to change required margin171
A Vulnerability Index for Predicting Extreme Market Events in Hong Kong122
ICLUS: A robust and scalable clustering model for time series via independent component analysis124
On some aspects of inference about effect sizes36
Regression estimator in ranked set sampling206
Kernel method for the estimation of the distribution function and the mean with auxiliary information in ranked set sampling206
Estimation of normal variance based on balanced and unbalanced ranked set samples178
Smooth transition quantile capital asset pricing models with heteroscedasticity54
Bilinear probabilistic principal component analysis192
A comparative study of Chinese, American and Japanese nurses' perceptions of ethical role responsibilities356
Detecting change points in the stress-strength reliability P(X < Y)23
Public Decision Making for Heritage Conservation: a Hong Kong Empirical Study117
Bayesian analysis of wandering vector models for displaying ranking data135
Integrating statistics and information technology into an investment risk course133
Independent component analysis for clustering multivariate time series data150
A sequential sampling plan for exponential distribution44
Angle-based models for ranking data45
A Black–Litterman approach to correlation stress testing106
On a dynamic mixture GARCH model190
Analysis of Duplicate Bridge Tournament Data190
Pricing an accumulator with continuous or discrete barrier106
A Poisson geometric process approach for predicting drop-out and committed first-time blood donors80
On some applications of statistical ranking and selection127
Semi‐Parametric Approach to the Multiple Change‐Point Problem34
Commentary of 'Pricing Hang Seng Index Options around the Asian financial crisis - A GARCH approach' by J.C. Duan104
Estimation of the common mean of a bivariate normal population153
ML estimation for factor analysis: EM or non-EM?190
Graphical representation of ranking data: a Bayesian approach129
Analysis of ranking data34
Zero-inflated Poisson regression mixture model93
A maximum entropy approach to recovering information from ranking data103
Estimation in ranked set sampling using a concomitant variable112
Restrictions on the saddle-point solution in the game of teamball212
Graphical representation of ranking data112
Factor analysis for ranked data with application to a job selection attitude survey199
Financial data mining using flexible ICA-GARCH models173
A generalized pivotal quantity approach to portfolio selection92
SARS case-fatality rates [2]177
Likelihood ratio test for the spacing between two adjacent location parameters183
Separable two-dimensional linear discriminant analysis155
Value at risk estimation using independent component analysis-generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (ICA-garch) models209
Parametric embedding of nonparametric inference problems33
Distance-based tree models for ranking data160
The effects of service climate and the effective leadership behaviour of supervisors on frontline employee service quality: a multi-level analysis81
Weighted distance-based models for ranking data using the R package rankdist.17
Mixtures of weighted distance-based models for ranking data with applications in political studies219
The generalized conditional autoregressive Wishart model for multivariate stochastic volatility64
Ranked set sampling in the presence of censored data174
High dimensional covariance matrix estimation by penalizing the matrix-logarithm transformed likelihood90
Nonparametric tests based on rank correlations with ties and missing data133
Nonparametric rank tests for independence in opinion surveys127
3D Dissimilar-Siamese-U-Net for hyperdense middle cerebral artery sign segmentation26
Fitting factor models for ranking data107
An application of CUSUM Chart on financial trading96
On exact confidence intervals for the common mean of several normal populations202
Rapid automated computer evaluation of CT brain in acute ischaemic stroke and intracranial vessel occlusion123
A note on variational Bayesian factor analysis78
Ranked set sampling in the presence of censored data95
Bayesian analysis of order-statistics models for ranking data209
Detecting comments showing risk for suicide in YouTube126
Analyzing ranking data using decision tree127
Bayesian Finite Mixture Models for Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars97
Supervisor-subordinate agreement in perception of leader-member exchange quality: a beautiful misunderstanding155
An R package for analyzing and modeling ranking data101
Hysteretic autoregressive time series models103
Pattern recognition of the term structure using independent component analysis120
The Autoregressive Conditional Marked Duration Model: Statistical Inference to Market Microstructure129
A Bayesian conditional autoregressive geometric process model for range data68
Detection of COVID-19 Using Deep Learning Algorithms on Chest Radiographs46
Burden of large vessel occlusion stroke and the service gap of thrombectomy: a population-based study using a territory-wide public hospital system registry100
Combining technical trading rules using particle swarm optimization75
On Buffered Threshold Garch Models85
Erratum: Regression estimator in ranked set sampling (Biometrics 53 (1070-1080))42
On some models for value-at-risk176
Testing for the Buffered Autoregressive Processes104
Factor analysis for ranking data106
A Parametric Approach to Nonparametric Statistics47
Cointegrated market-neutral strategy for basket trading128
A single-stage approach for cointegration-based pairs trading99
Formulating hypothetical scenarios in correlation stress testing via a Bayesian framework63
Complex stock trading strategy based on particle swarm optimization62
A predictive approach for the selection of a fixed number of good treatments143
High diagnostic performance of a deep learning artificial intelligence model in accurately diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma on computed tomography20
Factor analysis for bi-attribute ranked data and model assessment using bootstrap predictive checks28
An Algorithm of Fuzzy Collaborative Clustering based on Kernel Competitive Agglomeration111
Prediction of large vessel occlusion on non-contrast CT brain using deep machine learning with Siamese neural network14
Mixtures of weighted distance-based models for ranking data171
A statistical model for duplicate tournaments in games of luck and skill129
Modelling SARS data using threshold geometric process196
Automating technical analysis-the case of head and shoulders149
Estimation of mean based on an unbalanced ranked set sample151
How to predict election winners from a poll202
Combining Technical Trading Rules Using Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization based on Hadoop105
Pricing Hang Seng Index options around the Asian financial crisis - a GARCH approach by J.C. Duan (Invited discussant)110
Forecasting and trading strategies based on a price trend model213
Volatility modelling of multivariate financial time series by using ICA-GARCH models159
The theory and practices of ranked set sampling86
Automating technical analysis154
Statistical exploration from SARS215
Factor analysis for paired ranked data with application on parent-child value orientation preference data73
Likelihood ratio test for the spacing between two adjacent location parameters158
Predicting potential drop-out and future commitment for first-time donors based on first 1.5-year donation patterns: the case in Hong Kong Chinese donors78
Logit tree models for discrete choice data with application to advice-seeking preferences among Chinese Christians79
New-based learning in statistics136
Bayesian spatial analysis of ranking data via wandering ideal point models26
A note on the binomial model with simplex constraints134
How to plan a sample113
Fast ML estimation for the mixture of factor analyzers via an ECM algorithm208
Order imbalance and the dynamics of index and futures prices175
Shrinkage estimation of Kelly portfolios28
Estimating VaR using long memory GARCH models and multiple period VaR estimation' in the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research (HKIMR)109
Modeling threshold conditional heteroscedasticity with regime-dependent skewness and kurtosis212
Permutation model on duplicate bridge tournament data104
Sensitivity analysis of blue for the population mean based on a ranked set sample217
Automated hierarchy evaluation system of large vessel occlusion in acute ischemia stroke76
Bayesian Analysis of Order-Statistics Models for Ranking Data151
Incentives and barriers that influence clinical computerization in Hong Kong: A population-based physician survey257
Analysis of duplicate bridge tournament data106
Statistical modelling of ranking data98
A smoothed bootstrap test for independence based on mutual information185
On buffered threshold GARCH models70
Simulation-based estimation methods for rank-ordered probit models163
How to predict election winners from a poll113
Buffered autoregressive models with conditional heteroscedasticity: An application to exchange rates92
A sequential sampling plan for exponential distribution77
Interval estimation in meta analysis107
Some multiple comparison selection procedures and their applications287
And end-to-end artificial intelligence model accurately diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma on computed tomography80
Basket trading under co-integration with the logistic mixture autoregressive model317
An independent component ordering and selection procedure based on the MSE criterion187
The impact of futures and options tradings on the Hang Seng Index volatility99
VaR estimation using FIGARCH models108
Statistical modelling of ranking data93
Rank aggregation using latent-scale distance-based models50
Empirical analysis of GARCH models in value at risk estimation219
Separable linear discriminant analysis119
Accumulator pricing255
Statistical Methods for Ranking Data116
Diagnostic checking of the vector multiplicative error model68
On the residual autocorrelation of the autoregressive conditional duration model193
Nonparametric Estimation in Ranked Set Sampling with Concomitant Variables159
Economic valuation of historic properties: review and recent developments191
Monte Carlo EM estimation of factor models for ranking data94