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Workplace productivity losses related to acute upper respiratory tract infections among Health Care Workers in Hong Kong78
Development and evaluation of an Electronic School Absenteeism System for Influenza-Like-Illness Surveillance in Hong Kong123
A case-control study on the effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine in reducing hospitalization among healthy young children, Hong Kong, 2008-200956
Evaluation of an Electronic Smart-Card Based School Absenteeism Surveillance System63
Change in patient-reported outcomes in single-unit transfusion comparable with double-unit transfusion62
Immune Responses To Twice-annual Influenza Vaccination In Older Adults In Hong Kong90
Factors affecting patient-reported outcomes after red blood cell transfusion in medical patients51
The effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine in Hong Kong326
Risk factors of human myiasis in Hong Kong, 2002-200928
Using point-of-care tests for influenza to aid clinical decisions in primary care setting177
Can automated alerts generated from influenza surveillance data reduceinstitutional outbreaks in Hong Kong319
Diagnostic performance of clinical symptoms and rapid test for influenza in primary care65
Impact of school-based vaccination on primary school absenteeism in Hong Kong28
Immune responses to twice-annual influenza vaccination in older adults in Hong Kong130
Designing and pilot-testing a health promotion programme targeting early school-age children for influenza prevention in Hong Kong148
The effectiveness of influenza vaccination against medically-attended ilnesses in Hong Kong across three years with different degrees of vaccine match, 2014-1758
Change in Patient-Reported Outcomes in Single-Unit Transfusion Comparable with Double-Unit Transfusion60
A foodborne outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by vibrio parahaemolyticus and norovirus through non-seafood vehicle171
The potential use of twice-annual repeated influenza vaccination in older adults100
Health Promotion Programme Targeting Early School-age Children for Influenza Prevention in Hong Kong17
Immunogenicity of twice-annual influenza vaccination in older adults in Hong Kong: a randomized controlled trial19
Health-related quality of life in young adults with acute respiratory infections61
Estimating influenza vaccine effectiveness using the Test-negative Design128
Estimating seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness using the Test-Negative Design in Hong Kong87
Training sufficient and adequate general practitioners for universal health coverage in China54
Point-of-care diagnostic test for seasonal influenza54
Evaluation of an electronic smart-card based school absenteeism surveillance system46
A Smart Card-Based Electronic School Absenteeism System for Influenza-Like Illness Surveillance in Hong Kong: Design, Implementation, and Feasibility Assessment122
Comparative Immunogenicity of Several Enhanced Influenza Vaccine Options for Older Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Trial33
Increases in absenteeism among health care workers in Hong Kong during influenza epidemics, 2004–200957
Comparison of Side Effect Profiles of Inactivated and Live Attenuated Seasonal Influenza Vaccines in Primary School Children of Hong Kong32
Factors affecting humoral immune responses to seasonal influenza vaccination in older adults in Hong Kong138
Immunogenicity of Twice-annual Vaccination against Seasonal Influenza for Two Hemispheres in Elderly in Hong Kong130
The effect of influenza vaccination history on changes in hemagglutination inhibition titers after receipt of the 2015–2016 influenza vaccine in older adults in Hong Kong7
Acute respiratory infections associated productivity loss among healthcare workers in Hong Kong51
Knowledge, attitudes and practices on seasonal influenza vaccination among health care workers in Hong Kong375
Apparent increase in Legionnaires' disease in Hong Kong attributed to rapid diagnostic kits113