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Implications of the Education Reform on Tertiary Education Institutions110
Quality Assurance, but for What?123
Emergence of planning, but for what? - Education reform in Karnataka, India137
Culture influences on education99
Education and Asian development100
Commercial Presence: Benefits and Costs, and in What99
International education and Asian culture123
Efficiency, equity and quality of higher education in a time of expansion: The case of Hong Kong103
A Profession of Learning and a Learning Profession92
The strategic significance of studying Hong Kong's education98
Learning in Knowledge Society123
What have we done to our children? Reforms under challenges102
Hong Kong higher education: culture and changes109
Reforms in the administration and financing of higher education in China98
Information era, knowledge economy, learning society. [published in Chinese]96
How to prepare oneself in the information era?97
What is the Real Challenge from a Knowledge Society?80
Traditional Values and Western Ideas: Hong Kong's Dilemmas in Education105
The neglected dimension: cultural comparison in educational administration189
The Chinese Traditional Culture and the Internationalization of Education Research100
Creative Economy: Challenges for Education121
Information Era and Lifelong Learning: Public-Private Partnership in East Asian Culture80
Arts in Education for a Knowledge Society108
Views from outside: Perspectives about private education86
IT & Tertiary Education: Issues and Policies88
Globalisation and higher education in China100
Educational development in a knowledge society. [published in Chinese]86
The evaluation of the higher education system in Hong Kong135
Vision building among school leaders111
Quality educational leaders112
Teaching in primary schools in China and India: Contexts of learning59
International student mobility in Hong Kong: private good, public good, or trade in services?261
The Information Era, Lifelong Learning and the Home90
Information Era and Lifelong Learning: Public-Private Partnership in East Asian Culture80
Ethnographic methods in educational policy research. In Z.F. Yuan (Ed.)117
Information Era, Lifelong Learning & Education Reform: Shift of Paradigm in Hong Kong86
The education system100
Physics education in China: Some basic facts43
Changing cultures and schools in the People's Republic of China: tradition, the market and educational change117
From training to education. Lifelong learning in China212
Collaboration between Education and Business114
Education Reform in Hong Kong108
Learning in a Knowledge Society: The Democratic Dimension88
Primary schooling in China and India: Understanding how socio-contextual factors moderate the role of the state56
Marking Minban Education from Public Education103
The Workplace Challenges to Higher Education105
One Country, Two Systems: What for?117
Education for All, But for What?89
The Future of Our Children: Communications And Reading89
Blueprint of education in the 21st Century116
Education and development: the neglected dimension of cross-cultural studies132
Where are the Teachers in the Web Era?83
China: Turning the Bad Master into a Good Servant'123
School effectiveness in the Chinese culture: concepts, origins and implications104
Education Review (personal weekly column with a total of 42 articles 2,000 words each, 1994-1995)113
Education for a better China: from here to there78
Empowerment of the powerless through the politics of the apolitical: Teacher professionalisation in Hong Kong114
The policy making process27
University and College Admission Policies and Practices in Hong Kong: Opportunities and Challenges in Moving from Secondary to Tertiary Education32
Role of students in the knowledge society112
Issues in teacher education reform: an international perspective93
Appreciating culture: Networking in East Asian communities127
Advancing 21st Century Competencies in Hong Kong130
Redefining Education: Learning in a Knowledge Society76
Des pratiques occidentales dans une culture orientale: I'efficacite9 du syste8me d'e9ducation e0 Hong Kong92
Higher Education and Student Learning in 21st Century101
The changing legitimacy in a decentralizing system: the state and education development in China67
What is schools' competence? Partnership in learning in knowledge society110
When Technology is Forgotten?91
Can education values be borrowed? Looking into cultural differences137
Education reform and media education119
Universities, schools and the community: New challenges and changed roles76
Internationalization of Higher Education vis-a-vis WTO86
Impact of financial crisis on Higher Education: the case of Hong Kong125
Expansion of higher education in China: then what?129
International student mobility in Hong Kong: a GATS framework of analysis128
Diversity in education: the Chinese version138
Knowledge society and education reform: The new role for teachers93
Multiple intelligence and education reform84
Education in China406
Education: decentralization and the market107
A Chinese model of high education? Lessons from reality.97
Questioning Decentralisation90
From industrial to knowledge society: re-inventing education for Hong Kong131
Collegiate Education in Karnataka86
Socio-contextual influences on teaching mathematics: Lessons from Indian classrooms103
Accountability in Education: A Study Guide124
Decision-making theories114
Changing Functions of the Curriculum100
Excellence in education: is it culture free?137
Learning with Information Technology at the University of Hong Kong93
Understanding basic education policies in China: What ethnographic research can tell175
Education, decentralisation and regional disparity in China91
The quest for quality education: The quality assurance movement in Hong Kong132
Quality graduates and their development112
How education reform affects teaching - evidence from rural China77
Trends of higher education development and higher education in China91
Issues amidst assistance: Foreign aid to education in China. In K. King and L. Buchert (ed.)82
Re-inventing the view: Education Reform133
Markets in a socialist system: Reform of higher education in China117
Education on the Mainland (Responsible for around 2,000 entries)73
Education: crises amidst challenges100
Problems facing the change of 3-year to 4-year university programmes105
Preparing Teachers for Student Learning: Challenges of the Knowledge Society158
International aid and China's education77
Cultural dimensions in policy-related research99
The Teaching Profession in Knowledge Society73
Thinking in a Knowledge Society: Influence of Culture and Implications for Education98
Problems Facing the Change of 3-year to 4-year University Programmes112
The quality of primary education: a case study of Zhejiang Province, China203
Private Schools in a Socialist Market: progress and controversies118
Autonomy and accountability system in higher education89
Pedagogy: East and west, then and now63
Management of academic teachers: A view from the University of Hong Kong81
Educational Research in the South: an Initial Review, Trial Edition185
China's Education in Global Perspective: The Place for Traditional Culture83
Hong Kong's handover and prospects for its education87
Steering from outside: policy organisation and policy environment in education83
Turning a Bad Master into a Good Servant: Reforming learning in China149
Planning of Basic Education for All: Culture Implications95
When everybody in on the Web: IT development and teacher education78
Educational Research in the South: An Initial Review Vol. III: Latin America and the Caribbean116
Learning Sciences and Educational Policy: Review of the International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning)53
Role of special educationalist in education reform119
School design in a knowledge society: challenges119
Qualitative research and educational policy-making: Approaching the reality90
Preparing Teachers for Student Learning: Partnership78
Quality of education as perceived in the Chinese culture167
Hong Kong's Education Under Political Changes119
Mathematicians as educators104
Performance Indicators and Children's Value-addedness82
Information technology and education: Misunderstanding and challenges84
Reform in China's higher education: environments and implications105
Educational reform in Hong Kong103
Do We Know What We Are Doing in Higher Education116
Japanese ODA's impact on Human Resources Development: The cases of Thailand and Indonesia155
Will Universities be the Same? Perspectives on Higher Education Reform from the Workplace in a Knowledge Society201
Institutional Collaboration in Higher Education: Challenges of the Information Era106
School effectiveness in East Asia: Concepts, origins and implications110
Power of the powerless and politics of the apolitical: changing legitimacy of educational policy-making in a changing polity85
The meaning of decentralisation: Looking at the case of China104
Education development , II, in Wang, G.W. (ed.)104
Schools into the new millennium: In quest of a new paradigm94
Towards a framework for the analysis of aid-related consulting for education and development: a working group report104
Teaching mathematics: observations from urban and rural schools in Mainland China122
Education and development: the case of China97
IT development in education: Vision, mission and strategic issues84
China's educational reforms: Efficiency at the expense of equity107
Quality assurance in education: The East Asian perspective103
Qualitative Research and Educational Policy-Making: Approaching Reality in Developing Countries (Reprint of an article published in 1999)87
Teacher education: challenges of the knowledge society92
Learning the Native Perspectives85
Key-note address: Education reform in the knowledge era76
Educational leadership and change : an international perspective159
Educational research in Mainland China: views on the fence90
Raising the quality of equality - Asia's challenge for Y2K83
How Children Learn101
IT & education: impact & trend87
Marking Minban Education from Public Education (in Chinese)95
Educational Research in the South: An Initial Review. Vol. II: China and South Asia95
Teaching Mathematics: Observations From Urban and Rural Chinese Classrooms119
Reforming Educational Assessment to Meet Changing Needs89
Personal Capacity, Social Competence and Learning Together116
Issues in decentralizing education: What the reform in China tells153
A Cultural Value in Crisis: Education as Public Good in China46
Informing policy-making: policy related research in China84
Riding the Tide: Ministries of Education in Currents Contexts of Change97
Quenching the Thirst: Meeting the Demand for Post-secondary Education in Asia118
Do We Understand Hong Kong?98
Educational Research in the South: An Initial Review. Vol I: Africa140
Comparing the educational policy-classroom teaching interface in China and India: Cultural beliefs context and effective teaching102
A Tradition Turned Modern: E-learning in China89
Education Leadership: the post-industrial challenge105
Setting the research agenda: an initial view87
The Science of Learning Strategic Research Theme at the University of Hong Kong16
Engineering values: Education policies and values transmission81
Changes of the School Education System101
Reforms in the administration and financing of higher education in China87