Blue-light Emitting Material for Practical OLED Application

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Blue-light Emitting Material for Practical OLED Application
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Professor Che, Chi Ming   (Project coordinator)
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Blue-light Emitting Material, OLED Application
Others - Physical Sciences
Physical Sciences
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Innovation and Technology Fund Internship Programme
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Over the years, we have developed a class of high performance green light-emitting phosphorescent materials, which are presently been evaluated by our industrial partners. Several red-emitting materials and a panel of yellow light-emitting materials with good device performance data for white OLED (WOLED) application have also been developed. The goal of this project is to fill the gap in blue-emitting material. We are going to develop new blue-emitting materials based on our own patent(s) and/or new, patentable materials which are structurally robust for OLED applications. Built upon our previous findings and patents, we design and prepare new robust ligand systems. New tetradentate ligands are designed to have favorable properties, such as high LUMO levels and high thermal stability. The ligands would have strong donor atoms for making new organometallic materials to display blue emission with high emission quantum efficiency and good thermal stability. High-efficiency blue OLED will be fabricated with these new materials. The results obtained from the project will form the guidelines for making practical blue-emitting phosphorescent materials with industrial applications. As platinum complexes show good performances in OLED application, we step forward to prepare blue-emitting platinum(II) materials. We have strong track record on inexpensive blue-emitting zinc complexes. In this project, we will design and prepare structurally robust zinc (II) materials for OLED applications.