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The University of Hong Kong1317
Cross-listing corporate governance and financial center cooperation between Hong Kong and Mainland China244
Economic growth and land conversion in post-reform China, 1996-2005209
Measuring environmental quality of life : a GIS approach to deriving objective measures using Hong Kong as a case study330
Urban development and modern architecture in Beijing267
Industrial clusters and local competitiveness: a case study of Dongguan, China291
Integrating GIS into the geography curriculum of Hong Kong schools226
Assessing the microclimatic and cool-island benefits of vegetation at a Hong Kong golf course14
Biometeorological modelling and forecasting of ambulance demand for Hong Kong: a spatio-temporal approach376
Spatio-temporal transmission modelling of an infectious disease: a case study of the 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong304
An evaluation of geocoding practices183
Casino boom in Macau: exploring casino liberalization's impact on Macau residents' sense of place and theirsatisfaction and support for casino development772
Interactive mapping using scalable vector graphics technology188
Pedestrian crashes in commercial and business areas: a case study of Hong Kong228
Quantitative assessment of the intra-regional precipitation variability in Northwestern China and its driving forces, AD 580-1979316
Decoding mega-events in urbanizing China : state power, capital mobilization and the reproduction of space86
Globalization of financial risk: a case studyof the US sub-prime mortgage crisis341
Sway aerodynamics of urban tree in response to strong winds204
Case study of island tourism : a place theories approach16
The mitigating effect of substrate depth on green roof stormwater discharge331
The embeddedness of governing the commons : a game theoretic perspective on cooperation, coordination and trust in water sharing interactions255
Framing and transition : understanding places of tourism in rural, ethnic China206
Controlling vehicular emissions in an era of rapid motorization: a case study of Guangzhou370
Understanding the development of China's urban construction land : the state, market, and peasantry in action405
Modern heritage conservation in China : an implementation gap perspective2
Profiling domestic ecotourists in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong344
Geographical variability of transit-oriented development in Hong Kong442
An Exploratory study of the multiple values and roles of urban green spaces in Hong Kong337
Headquarters strategic location of multinational corporations and super service hubs development in China252
A study of GIS data warehouses in Hong Kong317
A GIS application of Hagerstrand's theory in implementing accessibility models1020
Profiling the tourist market of Hong Kong to Thailand189
The role of special port and trade zones in China172
A study of sustainability indicators: Hong Kong's ecological footprint313
A study of the impact of environmental issues after China's entry intothe world trade organization219
Road safety and land use : different methods in detecting hazardous road locations120
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Community participation in tourism: a case study from Tai O, Hong Kong657
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Climate change and grain market in pre-industrial Europe252
An evaluation of 3D-GIS as a public engagement tool in environmental impact assessment340
Landscape ecology assessment and planning of urban green spaces in Hong Kong293
Understanding China's ICT industry: state-firm strategic coordination and the geography of technologicalinnovation273
Globalization and its impact on economic change and urban structure: a case study of Hong Kong, 1980-20001083
Visitor perceptions and experiences of the Hong Kong geopark262
A social perspective on Macau's sex industry: a survey on the public opinion of the recent development in theMacau SAR336
Remaking urban logistics space : e-tailing and supply chain revolution in the case city of Shenzhen, China216
Quantifying the urban heat island (UHI) intensity in Hong Kong574
Motorcycle safety in developing countries : a case study of Maoming, China348
Correlating rainfall and natural terrain landslides in Hong Kong317
Parking policy and its mechanism toward a sustainable city in china : a contextualized analysis approach261
Driving the growth of international financial centres : an econometric analysis of capital markets and the banking sector137
The character of producer service demand in mainland China : its repercussion on Hong Kong's service industries153
Industrial cluster of Taiwanese electronics firms in Dongguan, China269
Climatic change and Chinese population growth dynamics over the last millennium246
Effects of mega events on destination images: towards a theory via "problem-centric approach" : examining the 2008Beijing Olympic Games251
Understanding the uneven growth of service industries in China: state, market and the changing geography ofconsulting services227
Megacity triumph : big trend and big factors in contemporary human urban settlement190
Using statistical downscaling to project the future climate of Hong Kong374
Urban Chinese residents practicing autonomy through consumerism from 1993 to present200
Microclimatic monitoring of climber green walls and an intensive green roof in subtropical summer9
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Planning for the aged using GIS196
Green-roof thermal effects in the context of climate change and sustainable urban design379
Aeropolitics in East Asia : a comparative case study449
A comparative analysis of railway patronage in two metropolitian [i.e.metropolitan] cities: Hong Kong and New YorkCity254
Emergence of the Greater Pearl River Delta mega-city region: a study on polycentricity354
A GIS approach to analyzing microclimate variations and the urban heat island phenomenon in Hong Kong565
Multi-national corporations in China: a comparative study of regional headquarters in Beijing, Hong Kong andShanghai215
Assessing the standard and perception on visibility for tourists and local people in Hong Kong303
Individual mobility for socially sustainable transport446
A transitional city: the case study of Shenzhen, China, 1980-2005223
China's extended metropolitan regions: formation and delimitation169
Investigation of sediment properties and provenance in the EastRiver (Dongjiang), China336
Urban governance and cultural heritage conservation in Guangzhou481
Tourism and movies: a study of theme park in CCTV Nanhai TV and movie town292
Use of GIS in campus crime analysis: a case study of the University of Hong Kong382
Using GIS in assessing the redevelopment potentials of heritage buildings in Wan Chai, Hong Kong227
Expert system rules for the classification of road intersections and turns in Hong Kong215
The role of OCAO in promoting Chinese diaspora tourism: a case of Jiangmen FOCAB263
The globalisation of port business: an Asian perspective229
Sustainable transport in Hong Kong : reshuffling the transport hierarchy based on geographical and trip characteristics variations317
An exploratory study of public engagement in Hong Kong's environmental impact assessment process372
Stakeholder engagement in cultural heritage management in Hong Kong686
The role of the states in developing Chinese gateways: the case of Ningbo in the Yangtze River Delta677
An exploratory study of environmental risk factors to elderly falls inHong Kong: a GIS case study of Mong Kok,2006-2007514
Stakeholder engagement in China world heritage tourism : taking Fujian Tulou as a case study392
The ableist city unveiled: disabled people, social injustice and urban space in Hong Kong347
Farmland conservation in Hong Kong's rural hinterland: conflicts and potentials384
Spatio-temporal modeling and forecasting of air quality data337
Spatial perspective on sustainable transport under population decentralization: a case of Hong Kong309
An evaluation of user's perception on the planning information system for urban renewal in Hong Kong195
Geography of the e-society in China142
Urban development and evolution in Hong Kong: reciprocity between nature and culture268
Sediment flux through the Yellow River sediment routing system210
Digital photogrammetry as a means of data capture for GIS281
GIS in aircraft noise exposure assessment, Tsuen Wan district, Hong Kong205
Multinational enterprises' entrance strategy in China: a comparative study of DHL and UPS (1986-2006)238
Land use changes and ecological rehabilitation: a case study in the reservoir region of the Three GorgesProject in China203
Dynamic visualization of multi-dimensional urban environmental data : a case study of spatio-temporal air pollution dispersion in Hong Kong60
Policy entrepreneurship and the management of transboundary externalities in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region227
An empirical model of gentrification: an operationalization of a modified rent gap theory188
Understanding ecotourist perception of ecotourism services and development in Hong Kong495
Air pollution and respiratory disease incidence of Guangzhou: a study of spatial interpolation methodsusing GIS, 2003-2004217
Does place have an effect on the traditional Chinese medicine concept of body constitution?264
Visitor perception of the natural environment: a case of the Laojunshan mountain areas, China247
Environmental information transparency, trust in government and societal preferences for urban river restoration11
An alternative perspective on the mapping of built environments: space use within a college campus183
Environmental policies, urban planning strategies and urban development in Hong Kong539
Examining fear of crime and perceived safety in urban parks in Hong Kong11
GIS for ground investigation in bored pile foundation works296
From path creation to path dependence in international financial centre development : the emergence of the entrepreneurial financial firm342
A comparative study of financial centres of Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen903
City branding: a case study of Beijing552
Development of environmental citizenship in students in Hong Kong280
Use of GIS in biodiversity conservation in Hong Kong688
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Circum-harbour afforestation plan around Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong205
Assessing the services and value of green spaces in urban ecosystem: a case of Guangzhou City309
Habitat loss and fragmentation under urbanization: the spatio-temporal dynamics of causes, processes andconsequences at landscape level341
Carbon and nitrogen content of suspended matter in a headwater catchment in Hong Kong240
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Contingent valuation and residents' attitudes towards heritage tree conservation in Guangzhou (China)255
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An application of geographic information systems in the study of spatial epidemiology of respiratory diseases in Hong Kong, 1996-2000203
Challenges for joint-venture travel companies in the new phase of China's tourism development: a case study ofctrip267
A landscape approach to strategic environmental assessment for spatialplanning213
The effect of rapid economic growth on social service workers in urbanChina: the existing difficulties of domestichousehold helpers192
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Habitat change in the transboundary Deep Bay catchment : its implications for spatial integration and nature conservation197
Dynamics of the central business district of Hong Kong248