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Social work values - commitment and training81
Body-mind interventions for insomnia and comorbidity of depression32
Connecting The Body, Mind And Spirit - A Case Of Embodiment Of Grief And Meaning Reconstruction114
Prevalence and risk factors for the use of physical and chemical restraints amongst older people living in residential care: data from the Hong Kong Longitudinal Study on Long-Term Care Facility Residents355
Diurnal cortisol pattern, psychological distress, and treatment-related symptoms among breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment33
Bereavement care for sudden death107
Chinese women’s perception of self before and after cancer: What do patients’ metaphors tell us?120
Operationalising Chinese medicine 'stagnation' concept as a psychological construct107
Risk Factors of Spousal Violence in Chinese Society112
Working with young night drifters in Hong Kong91
Stage transitions of smoking cessation among Chinese youth who called the Youth Quitline in Hong Kong149
Validation of violence screening tool and risk assessment tool, as common language for health and social work professionals.130
Factors associated with healthy longevity: a report from the Study of Oldest-Old and Centenarians in Hong Kong205
Cultural Adaptation of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Study65
Does illness cognition mediate the adverse impact of traditional childbearing beliefs on mental health? - Directions for psychosocial interventions for women undergoing assisted reproduction technologies.41
Challenged motherhood: risk and protective resources perceived by mothers with adolescent children in an impoverished New Town in Hong Kong106
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Psychological profile of hereditary colorectal cancer genetic screening test recipients in Hong Kong: results of the first 88 participants163
Perceived attitudes towards LGB issues and mental health among Taiwanese LGB adults: The mediating role of self-acceptance16
Suicide Prevention in Micronesia: A Review of the Academic Literature.117
A Trauma of Knowing: needs of Cancer Patients and Family Members103
Conceptions of social workers on helping relationship in Mainland China42
Children engaged in commercial sexual exploitation in Nepal: the role of social work and research61
Social worker-led holistic interdisciplinary community-based end-of-life care: Development, implementation and evaluation.66
Accurancy and utility of school screening for scoliosis in Hong Kong139
The Use of ICQ in Counseling80
When social support rises above all: determinants of end-of-life-treatment and long-term anxiety and depression for Chinese female cancer survivors94
Orphan drugs - access and unmet needs in 194 countries and six regions: a comprehensive policy review with content analysis57
Support from family members: buffer or stressor to Chinese bereaved people?108
Developing and testing a novel dignity-enhancing life story intervention group for Chinese terminal patients and family caregivers in Hong Kong91
The Social Impact of SARS: Sustainable Action for the Rejuvenation of Society165
Initial Validation of the Chinese Signficant Wish Fulfulliment Scale (CSWFS)58
The model of teaching community work skills104
From stormy to smooth sail: resilience of adult children of parents with gambling problems116
Enhancing spiritual well-being: a non-religious approach in Chinese context36
Inter-regional and intra-regional disparities in health of Chinese older population105
Gender Differences of Persons with Schizophrenia in Rural China248
Who are they? Abusers or stressed mothers?119
Policy adequacy, inclusion, and commitment: Impact of Household Expenditure in Education in China75
Why do battered women abuse their children? Explore and discussion37
Qigong exercise improved quality of sleep and reduced interleukin-1 beta and interleukin-6 among persons with depressive symptoms and sleep disturbances: a randomized controlled trial226
Best Practice Guidelines for Maintaining Well-being of Children with Incarcerated Parents68
Intergeneration connection: The overlooked wish among Chinese Older Adults in Hong Kong34
Parent education and child protection: Challenges and opportunities (in Chinese)104
Death in Family – Bereavement and Mourning in Contemporary China59
Productive activity profiles and depressive symptoms of urban Chinese elderly: evidence from a national survey94
Service Evaluation and Formulation of Strategies Development Plan for Lok Hong ICCMW - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals231
The role of non-governmental organizations and informal associations in service delivery for African migrants and their families in China135
Memory recall accuracy is associated with glutamatergic neurotransmission in the right hippocampus92
Indigenization of social work values in Hong Kong146
Gobalization and Pension Reform126
Meaning Reconstruction and Post-cancer Growth in Chinese Cancer Survivors94
A psychometric evaluation of the Chinese mini-mental adjustment to cancer scale1430
Mindfulness facets predict quality of life and sleep quality via distresses in cancer patients: Moderated mediation analysis58
Study of family violence poly-victimization in China: design and preliminary findings132
Couples with only one spouse having depressive symptoms: prevalence and the role of intergenerational support among Chinese older adults94
The meaning of involvement: working with Chinese older people in the UK112
Employing foreign domestic helper: A relief for Hong Kong mothers?95
Psychosocial impact of disaster: experience from Sichuan130
The impacts of support source structure on life satisfaction of older adults in Hong Kong45
Can Time Heal? Grief Trajectory of the Bereaved in Sichuan152
Intimate partner violence related head-neck-face injuries in women at Hospital Emergency Departments: visible signs and invisible harm113
Posttraumatic stress symptoms in childbirth and reproductive loss among Chinese Women.84
The Effectiveness of an Eastern Body-Mind-Spirit Group Intervention for Chinese Breast Cancer Patients: Some Qualitative Findings113
Attributional pattern on mental illness of old psychiatry patients in Mainland China106
Poverty and outcomes of people with severe mental disorders in rural China: a 21-year survey56
Community engagement for a sustainable future124
Participatory Action Research in Poverty Alleviation in Anomic Community in Hong Kong88
Promoting colon cancer screening among older Chinese adults: reaching out through community elderly centres149
Community social capital and graceful ageing25
Time trend and seasonal pattern of fall incidence among Chinese older population in Hong Kong 2005-201474
Would dementia literacy play a role in positive caregiving in dementia?64
Our work, Ourselves – reflecting on our losses as thanatologists11
Cultural influence on the development of palliative care in Hong Kong14
Psychosocial and Spiritual Management for Women in Pain31
Does Grief Intervention Works?78
The role of medical social worker in palliative care settings183
Developing a Program on Leadership and Professional endeavor for Pre-university Students under the Early Admission Scheme181
Welfare Development into the 21st Century: Family and Gender Relations, Information Technology, Relationship with China83
Quality of Life: Facilitating Self-Determination of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities19
Quality Of Life And Functioning Among Community-based Individuals Of Schizophrenia In Hong Kong99
Difference on Parenting Attitude and Father-Adolescent Conflict in Chinese Families in Hong Kong122
Patterns of old-age mortality, emergence of the centenarians and the compression of deaths above the mode (Tribute to Roger Thatcher)125
Effects of Dance Movement Therapy on subjective stress and cortisol slope among breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy149
The effectiveness of a tai-chi exercise program on gross motor coordination, negative symptoms and functional disabilities among patients with chronic schizophrenia: a pilot study85
The promotion of positive health behaviors of South Asian minority youth in Hong Kong: A mixed-methods study on resilience and social inclusion.70
Cognitive performance and psychosocial well-being of cancer patients: a preliminary study67
Social Quality and Social Harmony: Comparison and Implications105
Social support and psychological well-being of older adults in eastern Asia: a review and reflection97
Caregiver's needs and psychological well-being in Shanghai, China439
Complying with the twelve-month probation order: the role of procedural justice and social capital99
Two exhibitions between two major strikes: exhibiting Hong Kong at British empire exhibition in 1924 and 1925200
Working with Trans-generational Families – Turning High Stress into New Strength110
A characteristics and help-seeking pattern of mutual violence couples62
Self and Mutual Help Group for Unemployed Men in a Chinese City106
Family migration and child development: Mixed-methods research and practice implications25
Unraveling the mediating role of body-esteem in the relationship between gender role and psychological well‐being: a community-based cross-sectional study of Hong Kong Chinese lesbians34
A miracle journey for BSW students via action learning approach31
Enhancing Quality of Life and De-stigmitization of People with Epilepsy in Hong Kong: the pilot study of the effectiveness of the psycho-educational group “Breakthrough from Epilepsy”63
Exploring fertility-related quality of life of infertile women experiencing in vitro fertilization treatment failure and role of childbearing beliefs in women's well-being in traditional family systems119
Politics, Pedagogy & Practice in Social Work Field Education.126
Qigong exercise improves the sleep quality of the patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: a waitlist randomized controlled trial105
SMART Story Telling: Clinical Application98
Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit approach Intervention in health and mental health92
A study on well-being of children of the incarcerated and their caregivers29
Multifacet of Grief, Multufacet of Coping: The ADAPTS Model76
What has gone wrong in the planning and development of the City of Misery: the case of Tin Shui Wai in Hong Kong157
The cultural sensitive palliative care in Hong Kong13
Enhancing spiritual well-being among Chinese older adults: A self-help empowering approach64
Mind-skin Connection: A New Direction in Pruritus Management33
The prevalence of intimate partner violence among pregnant women in Hong Kong123
Spirituality of Meaning – Enabling Life Review and Reconciliation in End-of-Life15
Frequently access to health information among diabetic patients: do they really get it?134
Community support and ageing-in-place preference of low income elderly people93
Continuity of care in health and welfare: interface of hospitals with non-governmental organizations79
The Cultural Barriers and Adaptation of Applying Dance Movement Psychotherapy to Chinese Population113
Management of emergency department adult patients with elevated blood pressure and the impact of the 2017 ACC/AHA definition of hypertension – a Hong Kong perspective49
Trans-disciplinary vs Multi-disciplinary Approach in Palliative Care: Social Work Input33
Understanding the preferred role in infertility treatment decision making among Chinese infertile women in Hong Kong72
A longitudinal study of satisfaction with consultationand communications in cancer patients receiving palliative radiotherapy in five regional hospitals: preliminary baseline results125
ADAPTS – a new bereavement care model167
Pathway to Fieldwork Placement: A Systematic Pre-placement Learning in Real Encounter17
Psychosocial Care of Dementia Caregivers32
Who called the Youth Quitline: a comparison of characteristics between youth smokers in school and in the workplace118
Operationalizing Chinese medicine concept 'stagnation' as a mental health construct98
Service for Young Night Drifters in Hong Kong - The Youth Mobile Teams: An Inclusion Movement?147
Unpaid productive activity among Chinese elderly: a cluster analyses30
A global online classroom: Teaching international social work to students across border50
Get SET & Go - Surviving, Empowering and Transforming Goals in Spousal End-of-Life Care, Death and Bereavement103
Filial Piety and Dignity in End of Life Caregiving: Lived Experience of Chinese Families Facing Terminal Illness78
Enabling Family Re-integration after Stroke through Two-levels of Care Management: We-RISE Project26
A meta-analysis of the clinical effectiveness of school scoliosis screening170
Seeing the other: Facilitating exhibit viewing experiences for social change22
Social Development in China: Change and Continuity102
Social network development and salivary cortisol in healthy older people134
Evaluating the effectiveness of 'Ling Chi Service (靈智服務)' to elderly with early depressive symptoms and dementia signs in Hong Kong128
Recent Community Work Development in Hong Kong87
Dissecting an Aging-In-Place Scheme: Activities Contributing to Positive Outcomes91
The mark of an ex-prisoner: perceived discrimination and self-stigma of young men after prison in Hong Kong121
Essential Skills For Outreach Social Work24
Bereavement-related disorders in DSM 534
Surmounting Challenges Of Specific Learning Disabilities (In Chinese)36
Effectiveness of School-based Intervention Programme: a longitudinal study on the development or orphaned children117
Evidence-based practice: how to facilitate service growth in face of challenges26
The role of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund in fostering social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: A study on public policy innovation130
Impact of support group on cancer patients in Hong Kong110
Acceptance of psychiatric disability among Schizophrenic Patients in Long-Stay Care Home and Half-Way House: correlation with hope, self-esteem and mental well-being62
Children raping children: Contesting the innocence frame in Hong Kong99
From despair to peace: spiritual experience of Chinese palliative care patients at the end of life127
Elderly poverty and old age pension reform in Hong Kong: issues and prospect114
Perceived stress level of nurses working in Elderly Homes in Hong Kong and the factors influencing the stress level45
More or Less?: Welfare provision amidst economic downturn - the Hong Kong experience145
Changes in the Neurocognitive Profile of Help-Seekers in a Dementia Early Detection Program: 2006 to 2013104
Examination of Mental Health Status, Mental Health–related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours among the Working Population in Hong Kong65
Understanding the expectation of the field supervisors on the readiness of students’ competencies for the placement through OSCE scale 10
As both person and a professional: cultivating compassion satisfaction among Healthcare practitioners specialized in assisted reproductive technologies (ART)47
The Spillover Effect on Children in Family with In-law Conflict148
Grassroots environmental management in Hong Kong86
Community Elderly Mentorship Project21
Living alone but not lonely: a selection, optimisation, and compensation analysist196
Strength-based cognitive-behavior therapy for people with severe mental illness29
Nurse competence model67
Reducing depressive symptoms through tailored social activities among long-term care facility residents25
Successful Aging among Chinese centenarians in Hong Kong: A multidimensional approach126
Who choose to stay in community?125
Integrative body-mind-spirit approach to wellness enhancement of people with disabilities102
Violence against separated, divorced and married women in Canada, 2004124
How Chinese men narrated their wife abuse92
Teaching law and mental health in the social work context17
"Desirability” and “Feasibility”: evaluation in fieldwork practicum. Hong Kong.109
Mental health social work in the Eastern context27
Impacts of regular exercise on adaptive daily living among people with chronic schizophrenia90
Empower stroke caregivers by integrated health and social care: A capacity building approach65
Exploring brain mechanisms in cognitive stimulation for dementia61
Sense of indebtedness to parents among Singaporean childhood cancer survivors: A protective factor?160
​以照顧者為本 – 同心、攜手26
Strengthening Communication Within and Between Families in Hospices119
Let the dying shine: are they lessons of dying or lessons of living? Meaning making of patients with terminal cancer in Chinese cultural context155
Sandtray Applied into the Assessment of Resilience of College Students of China56
Recent aging issues in Hong Kong92
Changing Lives and Giving Meaning: Review of Social Work Studies for Patients in Hong Kong126
The effects of a mindful practice training for the staff of a new children’s hospital in Hong Kong for the cultivation of resilience and compassion30
Housing and Welfare Services for New Arrivals from China: Inclusion or Exclusion?148
Urban renewal and neighborhood relationship in Hong Kong128
Learning health issues via web search: Hong Kong Chinese older adults' experience111
Estimating long term care needs of older people in Beijing85
A factor mixture analysis of social stigma toward people with mental illness253
A psychometric evaluation of the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory in Chinese health care workers37
The protective functions of meaning of life on emotional well-being in acculturation: a resilience framework93
A Qualitative Analysis of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in Long Term Care Facility In Hong Kong48
The stories behind women's use of violence in violent couple cases presented in Accident and Emergency Departments 32
Having elders and social worker as co-researchers in interventional research: The implementation of a community-based participatory research methodology in a low-income neighbourhood in Hong Kong13
Comparing the effectiveness of I-BMS informed self-help interventions in alleviating psychosocial distress for women awaiting the outcome of IVF treatment19
Boundary Ambiguity with the Unborn: Understanding Perinatal Grief and Psychological Distress among Chinese Women who Experience Miscarriage after In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)47
A study of children’s bullying victimization in Xi’an: prevalence, risk factors, and correlation with family violence207
Trends in transparency of nascent nonprofit sector: Implications for policy and practice43
Psychosocial Counselling on Infertility and Assisted Reproduction Technologies43
Community participation in cancer care in an urban setting: the Hong Kong Experience74
The role of psychosocial factors in long-term care utilization among elderly Chinese192
Community capital and well-being of older people in Hong Kong80
Willingness to provide care of family caregivers for community-dwelling older adults: trends in Hong Kong 2004, 2006, 2008127
The anxious fourteen days–the role of spirituality in helping women during their in vitro fertilization result awaiting period by a self help IBMS model (RCT)47
A Share Care Program to empower the patients and carers in Geriatric Unit: a pilot study160
The Science and Art of Holistic Care.102
Predicting Adverse Health Outcomes in Nursing Home: A Frailty Measure Using Minimum Data Set 2.070
Prevalence and risk factor of family violence in Hong Kong92
Integrated Family-Based Intervention for Persons Bereaved by Suicide30
Development and early experience of a mindfulness training program for medical students129
Satisfaction with communications and consultation among patients referred for palliative radiotherapy in Hong Kong SAR, China132
Social inclusion – Definitions & application31
Building students' professional capacity: a study on the impact of an action-learning course in social work undergraduate education43
Mental health of people with mild cognitive impairment and their family caregivers: A concordance analysis57
Deconstructing Patterns of Social Stigma towards people living with mental illness: A Latent Class Analysis in Hong Kong96
Enhancing spiritual well-being of Chinese elders through volunteer-assist self-help intervention28
Objective structured clinical practice enhances novice Nursing Student’s clinical knowledge29
An Efficacy Study of the Body-Mind-Spirit Intervention and Supportive Expressive Therapy on Emotional Suppression in Chinese Breast Cancer Survivors (XI-2)158
A place for rituals36
Digital Exclusions and their Indexing in Information Society: Implications for E-Learning Process and Social Consequences112
Empowerment of young people140
The test of an all-purpose social security system: how well does the Comprehensive Social Security Allowance (CSSA) Scheme in Hong Kong perform its income protection function during economic crises?152
Programming and standard of neighbourhood service planning in Hong Kong (in Chinese)110
Use of Animal Assisted Therapy among Demented Elderly: A Pilot Study109
Preliminary findings from the community care voucher pilot program in Hong Kong126
Gender differences in influences of childhood trauma on intimate trust and interleukin-6 of persons with depressive symptoms89
Review of prevailing Western definitions and models of mindfulness with reference to the original Buddha’s discourses42
When will youth smokers make a quit attempt and resume smoking after receiving telephone counseling? A longitudinal study133
A critical review: Multi-faces of users-led services, the ‘Us’ vs ‘Them'36
A practice model for working with the bereaved of cancer patients95
Diagnosed prevalence and health care expenditures of mental health disorders among dual eligible older people51
Prevalence and risk factors of prolonged grief among bereaved Chinese41
Application of Solution-Focused Therapy in school setting33
The Relationship between Glutamate and BOLD signal changes During Face-Name Paired-Associates Encoding and Retrieval Memory Task in Healthy Adults concerning age, performance level and genetic risk-A combined 1H-MRS and fMRI study31
Envisioning a Future for Women's Sexuality Research in East Asia87
When All is Lost: Hope Floats21
Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit (I-BMS) Social Work: Bringing together Eastern and Western approaches to practice111
Using standardised SPOCs to prepare Hong Kong students for service-learning programmes40
Liberating Women from the Bondage of Commercialization: a Holistic Health Perspective79
The relationship between attachment style and adjustment to bereavement among Hong Kong Chinese111
Applying Assistive Technology among Long-Term Care Home Residents with Cognitive Impairment 30
The role of boundary ambiguity: a new understanding on perinatal grief and psychological distress among Chinese women who experience miscarriage after IVF97
Social Problems and the Local Welfare Mix in China Public Policies and Private Initiatives19
The Application of Family Therapy in Hong Kong Chinese Families177
When is enough, enough?: Decision making after unsuccessful in vitro fertilization treatments and its effects to couple intimacy in Hong Kong19
Cultivating Self-reflective Ability In Social Work Students: An Evaluative Study On A Course 'knowing Ourselves, Knowing Our World'50
Building Hong Kong into an age-friendly city: results from a baseline assessment81
Labour of Love​ The Ambivalence of Caregiving18
Indigenization and private initiatives of welfare in China97
Soon-to-be-old and health promotion in the Chinese context100
农村社区重性精神疾病自杀行为21年(1994-2015) 的变化32
Caregivers' well-being and wisdom: a new horizon33
Hope in bereavement - the silver lining126
Post-hysterectomy fatigue in women with malignant or benign gynaecologic diseases170
Emergency admissions and bad news disclosure as precipitators of suicide: A territory-wide cohort analysis of 458 oncology patients who completed suicides30
Workshop on mindfulness, downshifting and cardiac rehabilitation12
'King of Rage' against 'King of Calm'— Application of narrative therapy in handling children with bad temper28
Chinese face, masculinity and violence against women101
Associations among mindfulness, emotions, and behaviors in rural Chinese youth: Implications for school-based interventions12
Effects of parenting programs on child abuse prevention: a meta-analytic study89
Converting Master of Social Work curriculum into PBL: Pains and gains for students, staff and teaching quality138
From Obligation to Compassion: The Transformation of Filial Piety in Chinese Family Caregiving at the End of Life105
Poverty alleviation should be integrated into mental health recovery in rural China31
From Anxiety to Appreciation: Death Attitude of Chinese Professionals106
Tailored activity program to promote meaningful engagement for people with dementia68
Traditional Chinese medicine’s perspective of depression – a strategic integrative for mood disturbances10
Body-Mind-Spirit Model of Mental Health109
Gerontological social work in internet area: family-based participatory strategy20
The anxious 14 days - the role of spirituality in helping women during their in vitro fertilization result awaiting period by a self-help I-BMS model (RCT)58
Age-friendly design: case studies in Canada and China184
A Comparative Study of Social Inclusion among Elders with a Disability in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China37
Service integration at the neighbourhood level114
Does it hurt to face the reality? – Insight on prognosis, anxiety and quality of communication in patients with terminal cancer103
Quality of care: importance of evidence26
'Pains of imprisonment': Narratives of the women partners and children of the incarcerated98
Acute Care Service Utilisation and the Possible Impacts of a User-Free Policy in Hong Kong128
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Intimate partner stalking and mental health outcomes in abused Chinese women: a population-based study55
‘Face Teen’, many faces of teenagers228
The important role of family-based care on the long-term outcome of persons with schizophrenia in rural China50
Fluid vs. settled: Dual identity construction among Chinese Immigrant Young Gay Men in Canada17
Gender difference in bone mineral density, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength in adults with down syndrome162
Patterns of wealth trajectory in later life: Critical period, accumulation, and social mobility models18
Grieving as insanity or expression of love?73
Home care services for the elderly in Hong Kong90
Suicides by jumping from a height in Hong Kong51
Indirect effects from neurological signs to functional outcomes via psychiatric symptoms in Chinese schizophrenia patients69
Strengthening family cohesion27
Continuing bond among Chinese20
Harmony House: Nurturing Heart Domestic Violence Prevention Project: Preliminary Research Result20
Beyond Orgasm: 'normal' Women Rearticulating Desire96
Toward an empowerment based long term care policy18
Where have All the Flowers Gone?22
Before and after death: the role of medical social worker in palliative care43
Effects of an expressive-arts-based intervention program for people with mild to moderate intellectual disability49
Who are the youth smokers who phoned the Youth Quitline? A gender comparison127
The Fun and Challenge in Conducting Family Therapy with Asian Chinese Families42
Mechanisms of a brief mindfulness-based intervention in facilitating personal recovery in people with bipolar disorder: A pilot study65
Long-term follow-up study of psychosocial intervention in persons with mental disorders in China34
Small house nursing homes for frail elders in Asian countries?37
Family members of end-of-life care patients as secondary patients25
Living in Precariousness: Role of Spiritual Wellbeing in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis.28
Examining elite discourse on youth crime in Hong Kong: moral panic and moral regulation during Hong Kong’s Colonial Era168
Quality of life and concerns of Chinese cancer patients93
New projects on domestic violence: Issues, challenges and future directions21
Supporting children through examination stress34
Becoming Art Therapists: Pathways to Training Art Therapists in Asia21
The unemployment crisis in the PRC: issues and prospects81
Preferred roles in treatment decision-making, decisional conflict and depression: a longitudinal study of Chinese women making decisions on IVF treatment99
Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association Survey 201647
Social Sharing of Bereavement Experience by Chinese Bereaved Persons in Hong Kong238
Walkability at government-subsidized housing in North America and East Asia133
Suicidal ideation of relief officials with engagement and bereavement116
Suvivorship and liver cancer: 'My advice to you'112
The bittersweet tale: A qualitative examination of infertile couples’ perception of fertility treatments17
Integrative Clinical Social Work: An Eastern SMART (Strength-oriented, Meaning-focused Approach to Resilience and Transformation) Empowerment Mode39
Holistic wellness and meaning reconstruction: an eastern integrative body-mind-spirit invention model for people with cancer108
The psychosocial rehabilitation of patients with early psychosis: Insights on spirituality and coping in recovery62
Characteristics of Stigma of Mental Illness in Persons with Severe Mental Illness in a rural China31
Family issues101
Providing Justice for Low-Income Youths: Publically-funded Lawyers and Youth Clients in Hong Kong77
Child protection research and publications30
21-Year Longitudinal Study on Changes of Mental Illness Spectrum: Implications for Mental Health Policies and Services in Rural China41
Use of foreign domestic helpers: Coping stress of life by standing new stressors101
Associations among Neighborhood Characteristics and Preference for Ageing-in-place among Community-dwelling Older Chinese48
The impacts of yoga and exercise on neuro-cognitive function and symptoms in early psychosis438
Measuring transcednence among Chinese older adults: a spiritual approach159
Awareness and life skills training: Implication for character education and school social work services36
Brief cognitive-behavioral education program for main family carers of patients in intensive care units: A randomized controlled trial65
The Role of Hope and Optimism in Bereavement: The Chinese Experience94
Underpinning Social Capital among Older Adults: the Need for Community Practitioners17
Working with bereaved groups: process, activities and evaluation28
Studying the neuroendocrine functioning in Chinese breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy50
The Application Of Solution-focused Therapy In Working With Chinese Clients With Depression 24
Illness experience of Chinese patients with psoriasis: a dynamic balancing model.85
Reconnecting women with their breast cancer experiences by employing movement based focus group43
Grief and Bereavement Care23
Youth Quitline: an accessible telephone-based Smoking Cessation Hotline for youth133
Catching the winds: Reflections on switching an established Master of Social Work Program into a problem-based learning mode109
Spirituality of Care Giving131
Effects of dance/movement therapy on the psychological distress in breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy122
Bereaved government officials in quake-hit areas: resilience104
Improving the emotional competence of workers in palliative care setting113
Bereavement care as an integral part of palliative care25
Promoting reflexivity among social work students: the development and preliminary evaluation of a course ‘Knowing Ourselves, Knowing Our World’130
The promotion of active interest for successful retirement - CADENZA Community Project Active Interest Mentorship Scheme158
Change of treatment status of persons with severe mental illness from 1994 to 2015 in rural China42
Teblet-based volunteer-partnered intervention in enhancing well-being of older adults with cognitive impairment26
In search of labour market and welfare strategies to combat poverty in a transforming economy: the case of Hong Kong108
Magic as being Spect-actor: Application of Forum Theatre to Empower Parents to Handle Parent-Adolescent Conflicts28
Workshop on 'Application of cognitive-behavioural therapy for handling of stressful emotion for parents with special needs children'18
Getting Through the Two Week Wait – A Self-Help Intervention for Women Anxiously Waiting for Their in Vitro Fertilization Result23
Building social capital for social inclusion135
Does the Community You Live in Make A Difference? Multilevel Analysis of Ageing-in-place Preference in China56
Mental well-being of Chinese older adults: explorations and reflections120
Helping beyond skills and ethics: cultivating compassion satisfaction among healthcare professionals working on ART in Hong Kong59
Abuse of older Chinese with dementia126
Cost-Effectiveness of JC JoyAge51
Marriage at a distance: An equilibrium hypothesis for marital stability88
Health-related learning among soon-to-be-aged adults in Hong Kong110
Constructing and reconstructing life for depressed individuals: fostering positive spirituality in Clay Art Making81
What is science really all about?32
A Process Model of Spiritual Well-being of Chinese Older138
When DSM-5 bereavement-related disorders meet Chinese34
'Beauty is only skin deep' - Focus Group findings with skin disease patients42
Intimate Partner Violence and its Psychological Impact in Older Chinese Men and Women42
Disorientation and Reconstruction: Dynamic Adaptation of Patients with Colorectal Cancer167
Effects of a multifaceted economic empowering intervention and savings incentives on long-term multidimensional poverty among orphan youths in rural Uganda33
Student preparation for and learning process in fieldwork as predictors of student learning outcomes - a mediation path model analysis of Chinese social work students37
Positive Academic Achievements in Yi Youths of Rural China: Effects of Ethnic Identity and Social Support via Motivation50
Ways of Financing Social Services for the Elderly in Hong Kong105
Body perception in stroke survivors: A pilot study on the effect of Expressive Arts-based Intervention42
How prepared am I for End-of-life, Death and Bereavement?40
Policy considerations in long-term care in Hong Kong125
Tobacco control policy has an indirect impact to help youth get rid of the risk of future cardiovascular disease: The side on smoking cessation motivation194
The application of solution focused therapy in school setting34
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I have lost my patient - How to cope when your young patient dies49
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Chinese concept of yi and marital violence97
New developments in purchase of services in social welfare: the China case31
Family Experience and Care Decision in Chinese Families Caring for People With Cognitive Impairment28
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Professionalism in Nursing enhances nursing care: a systematic review51
Use of Clinical Tools for Assessing Meaning in Social Work Practice99
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Children of incarcerated fathers in Hong Kong: Their rights and needs97
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Communication between primary schools and parents: Research report27
Home-school Support Model For Children With Dyslexia And Their Families: An Interim Report115
The Holistic Well-being Scale: development and validation of a self-reported measure on equanimity and affliction489
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Transformation through Pain: The Growth Challenge in Cancer and Bereavement97
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