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Dust extinction in compact planetary nebulae49
The 30 micron emission band in carbon-rich pre-planetary nebulae97
The curious case of II Lup: a complex morphology revealed with SAM/NACO and ALMA36
Heritability of corticosterone response and changes in life history traits during selection in the zebra finch24
A slowly expanding disk and fast bipolar outflow from the S star π1 gruis62
Vegetation patterns generated by a wind driven sand-vegetation system in arid and semi-arid areas61
Sub-lethal effects of cadmium and copper on RNA/DNA ratio and energy reserves in the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis71
A quantitative analysis of objective feather color assessment: Measurements in the laboratory do not reflect true plumage color39
Using polymer conformation to control architecture in semiconducting polymer/viral capsid assemblies68
The effects of testosterone on immune function in quail selected for divergent plasma corticosterone response32
Catena-poly[[diaquacalcium]bis-[μ-2-(1,3-dioxoisoindolin-2-yl)acetato] -κ 3 O,O′:O;κ 3O:O,O′]115
Allometry and growth of eight tree taxa in United Kingdom woodlands51
Does testosterone determine dominance in the house sparrow Passer domesticus? An experimental test27
Curriculum traditions in Berlin and Hong Kong: a comparative case study of implemented mathematics curriculum71
Growth rate and hatching date in ostrich chicks reflect humoral but not cell-mediated immune function27
Aerosol Emission Monitoring and Assessment of Potential Exposure to Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Manufacture of Polymer Nanocomposites50
Radio observations of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 before and after Deep Impact66
Monochromatic morphologies of Abell planetary nebulae44
Omics of the marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma) and its relevance to marine environmental research81
Low variation in the polymorphic Clock gene poly-Q region despite population genetic structure across Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) populations56
The effects of testosterone on antibody production and plumage coloration in male house sparrows (Passer domesticus)28
Assessing the aerodynamic effects of tail elongations in the house martin (Delichon urbica): Implications for the initial selection pressures in hirundines28
Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors among Secondary Students in Hong Kong148
Reconciling actual and perceived rates of predation by domestic cats60
Mixed aromatic-aliphatic organic nanoparticles as carriers of unidentified infrared emission features89
Recruitment Gaming: A New Tool at the Interface of Education and Employers512
Physiological, morphological and behavioural effects of selecting zebra finches for divergent levels of corticosterone35
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Predictive ecology: Systems approaches36
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Energy distributions of symbiotic novae51
The carbon-rich proto planetary nebula IRAS 22272 + 543572
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Seasonal heterogeneity provides a niche opportunity for ascidian invasion in subtropical marine communities89
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How do birds' tails work? Delta-wing theory fails to predict tail shape during flight28
Search for a light exotic particle in J/ψ radiative decays129
Automated classification of 2000 bright iras sources56
The discovery of circumstellar arcs around two bipolar proto-planetary nebulae65
Impacts of human activities on distribution of sulfate-reducing prokaryotes and antibiotic resistance genes in marine coastal sediments of Hong Kong105
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New slants on ornament asymmetry31
Fluctuating asymmetry and long tails: The mechanical effects of asymmetry may act to enforce honest advertisement30
Measurement in French experimental physics from Regnault to Lippmann. Rhetoric and theoretical practice57
Circumstellar water vapour in M-type AGB stars: constraints from H<font size=-1><sub>2</sub></font>O(1<font size=-1><sub>10</sub></font> –1<font size=-1><sub>01</sub></font>) lines obtained with Odin62
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Do simple models lead to generality in ecology?33
Testing the functional significance of tail streamers30
W Hya through the eye of Odin satellite observations of circumstellar submillimetre H2O line emission64
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A study of the 3.3 and 3.4 μm emission features in proto-planetary nebulae46
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Metal toxicity to freshwater organisms as a function of pH: A meta-analysis73
European barn swallows use melanin pigments to color their feathers brown30
An experimental analysis of mate choice in the wren: A monomorphic, polygynous passerine35
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Emergent technologies and analytical approaches for understanding the effects of multiple stressors in aquatic environments64
High-resolution near-infrared imaging and polarimetry of four proto-planetary nebulae56
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Post Asymptotic Giant Branch Bipolar Reflection Nebulae: Result of Dynamical Ejection or Selective Illumination?59
A young multipolar planetary nebula in the making—IRAS 21282+505053
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The Spatio-kinematical Structure of H2O and OH Masers in the "Water Fountain" Source IRAS 18460-015141
Delivery of Complex Organic Compounds from Evolved Stars to the Solar System89
ISO SWS spectroscopy of proto-planetary nebulae62
On The Origin Of The 11.3 Micron Unidentified Infrared Emission Feature69
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[Fe III] emission lines in the planetary nebula NGC 239272
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Removal Efficiency of Bimodal PM2.5 and PM10 by Electret Respirators and Mechanical Engine Intake Filters52
A chemical model of the neutral envelope of the planetary nebula NGC 702774
Male wrens with large testes breed early34
The capacitance and charge of agglomerated nanoparticles during sintering62
A comparison between data requirements and availability for calibrating predictive ecological models for lowland UK woodlands: learning new tricks from old trees38
Radio morphologies of planetary nebulae77
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On The Origin Of The 3.3 Micron Unidentified Infrared Emission Feature64
Looking backwards to look forwards: the role of natural history in temperate reef ecology57
Plasticity in foraging behaviour as a possible response to climate change64
Encapsulation of semiconducting polymers in vault protein cages74
The role of testosterone in bib size determination in the male house sparrow Passer domesticus, is age dependent40
Massive expanding torus and east outflow in planetary nebula NGC 630236
Regional and temporal characteristics of bovine tuberculosis of cattle in Great Britain53
Selection on swallow tail streamers [4]27
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Unidentified Infrared Emission bands: PAHs or MAONs?67
Optimizing Filtration Experiments for Length and Fractal Dimension Characterization of Non-Spherical Particles37
Speed of exploration and risk-taking behavior are linked to corticosterone titres in zebra finches26
Search for Hydrogenated C60 (Fulleranes) in Circumstellar Envelopes 53
Discovery of a Halo around the helix nebula NGC7293 in the wise all-sky survey200
Convergence Rate For The Ordered Upwind Method52
Diffraction-limited 3 μm spectroscopy of IRAS 04296+3429 and IRAS 05341+0852: Spatial extent of hydrocarbon dust emission and dust evolutionary sequence88
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Multipolar planetary nebulae: Not as geometrically diversified as thought50
CO observations of candidates for carbon-rich asymptotic giant branch and post-asymptotic giant branch stars65
Data availability and model complexity, generality, and utility: A reply to Lonergan37
A new species of chameleon (Sauria: Chamaeleonidae) from the highlands of northwest Kenya29
meta versus para Substitution: How Does C-H Activation in a Methyl Group Occur in 3-Methylbenzophenone but Does Not Take Place in 4-Methylbenzophenone?102
2-45 micron infrared spectroscopy of carbon-rich proto-planetary nebulae62
The function and evolution of the tail streamer in hirundines39
An inhibitor of arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase, Nordy, Induces differentiation and inhibits self-renewal of glioma stem-like cells90
Nanodiamond as a possible carrier of extended red emission63
Patterns of morphological variation in two sexually dimorphic bird species with different tail shapes32
Subarcsecond optical imaging of proto-planetary nebulae36
Test of planetary nebula evolution models by distance-independent parameters46
The dynamics of honesty: Modelling the growth of costly, sexually-selected ornaments34
Experiential learning in a common core curriculum: student expectations, evaluations, and the way forward203
Bayesian Analysis on the X-Ray Spectra of the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW1708179
Nest building signals male condition rather than age in wrens27
High-resolution radio continuum observations of compact planetary nebulae61
On the Detections of C60 and Derivatives in Circumstellar Environments53
A morphological study of planetary nebulae45
IRAS 22272+5435 - A source with 30 and 21 μm features47
Laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy of iridium monophosphide130
Planetary nebulae detected in the Spitzer Space Telescope GLIMPSE 3D Legacy Survey71
Odin observations of H 2O in the galactic centre71
The odin orbital observatory64
Subarcsecond mid-infrared imaging of two post-asymptotic giant branch 21 micron sources53
The usefulness of sensitivity analysis for predicting the effects of cat predation on the population dynamics of their avian prey27
Long tails matter in sugarbirds-positively for extrapair but negatively for within-pair fertilization success36
Modelling ecological systems in a changing world42
Nectar and flower production of Lobelia telekii inflorescences, and their influence on territorial behaviour of the scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird (Nectarinia johnstoni)25
High-resolution imaging of proto-planetary nebulae: The effects of orientation55
Confirmation of G6.31+0.54 as a part of a Galactic supernova remnant45
Molecular Line Observations of the Carbon-rich Circumstellar Envelope CIT 6 at 7 mm Wavelengths52
A Concept of a Novel Solar-Assisted Large-Scale Cleaning System (SALSCS) for Urban Air Remediation151
On the formation of carbon stars73
New low-resolution spectrometer spectra for IRAS sources63
Odin water mapping in the Orion KL region199
Uninformative Exaggeration of Male Sexual Ornaments in Barn Swallows33
New Galactic Planetary nebulae selected by radio and multi-wavelength characteristics35
Population genetics and morphological comparisons of migratory european (hirundo rustica rustica) and sedentary east-mediterranean (hirundo rustica transitiva) barn swallows26
Two-temperature X-ray emission from the planetary nebula NGC 729356
Discovery of two new, carbon-rich proto-planetary nebulae: IRAS Z02229+6208 and IRAS 07430+111552
Spatial ability is impaired and hippocampal mineralocorticoid receptor mRNA expression reduced in zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata) selected for acute high corticosterone response to stress.26
A self-consistent photoionization-dust continuum-molecular line transfer model of NGC 702737
The size of adornments of male scarlet-tufted malachite sunbirds varies with environmental conditions, as predicted by handicap theories32
High velocity precessing jets from the water fountain IRAS18286-0959 revealed by very long baseline array observations91
The asymmetrical cost of tail elongation in red-billed streamertails34
Penetration of Sub-50 nm Nanoparticles Through Electret HVAC Filters Used in Residence67
Sexy streamers? The role of natural and sexual selection in the evolution of hirundine tail streamers62
Discovery of a multipolar structure with an equatorial disk in NGC607285
A dual protein expression system in Bacillus subtilis143
Investment in eggs is influenced by male coloration in the ostrich, Struthio camelus29
Conserving intertidal habitats: What is the potential of ecological engineering to mitigate impacts of coastal structures?91
Observations of water in comets with Odin64
Subarcsecond mid-infrared imaging of dust in the bipolar nebula Hen 3-40157
Testosterone manipulation postcastration does not alter cloacal gland growth differences in male quail selected for divergent plasma corticosterone stress response spi_sup1spii_sup25
Proto-planetary nebulae32
Submillimeter emission from water in the W3 region66
Detection of HC 11N in IRC + 10°21645
Sub-arcsec mid-IR imaging of OH 231.8+4.244
Specifics of course management system benefits for new university faculty87
Classification and identification of IRAS sources with low-resolution spectra40
CO Structure of the 21 μm Source IRAS 22272+5435: A Sign of a Jet Launch?62
A study of H2 emission in the bipolar proto-planetary nebula IRAS 17150-322467
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Molecular oxygen in the ρ Ophiuchi cloud84
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Organic Compounds in Circumstellar and Interstellar Environments48
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Female Cape sugarbirds (Promerops cafer) modify egg investment both for extra-pair mates and for male tail length31
Wide-band observations of the 557 GHz water line in Mars with Odin46
Research highlights from Regional Studies in Marine Science79
Understandings of Nature of Science and Multiple Perspective Evaluation of Science News by Non-science Majors122
Male coloration reveals different components of immunocompetence in ostriches, Struthio camelus29
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Soft X-ray-assisted detection method for airborne molecular contaminations (AMCs)68
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Predictive systems ecology53
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Effects of growth rate, size, and light availability on tree survival across life stages: A demographic analysis accounting for missing values and small sample sizes39
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High-resolution imaging of two bipolar proto-planetary nebulae56
Exploration of a Relic Circumstellar Envelope in the "Water Fountain" Source IRAS 18286-095960
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