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The University of Hong Kong311
Computer-aided writing and reading software38
Role of special educationalist in education reform43
How does the HK school based curriculum project scheme foster professional competency? The case of mathematics32
Is there an Asian approach to ICT in education?47
Reflecting on Washback: High-Stakes Tests and Curriculum Innovation42
Peer Power in Literacy Instruction30
Motivational and Mathematics Achievement: A Comparison of High and Low Achieving Chinese Students41
The Development of Media Education in Hong Kong Secondary Curriculum29
Applying Comparative Education in Hong Kong and Beyond (Keynote Speech)47
When everybody in on the Web: IT development and teacher education31
Universities, schools and the community: New challenges and changed roles30
Mathematical Literacy in Hong Kong Primary Curriculum: An Experience from the Target Oriented Curriculum.41
Parent and Teacher Agreement in the Assessment of Autism32
Peer power: Harnessing children as an instructional resource32
Teachers' Awareness in an Assessment Reform: Implication for Teacher Professional Development49
Sharing behaviour in preschool35
From social studies to general studies: the impact of 1997 on the primary curriculum51
Problems facing the change of 3-year to 4-year university programmes89
Helping children to experience the world through a second language26
Implementation of a Whole School Approach to Civic Education in a Primary School: The Role of the Discipline Mistress45
Management of academic teachers: A view from the University of Hong Kong33
Wrong answers are better than no answers: A case for alternative assessment44
What do linguistic descriptions have to say about discourse?40
Textbooks For (or Against?) the New Curricular Trends: A Preliminary Study of Local Secondary Mathematics Texbooks Published in 200134
Role of students in the knowledge society37
WorldMaker: Making collaborative exploration of complex systems accessible to children57
Systemic functional linguistics and its application to teaching of writing - learning report writing in senior secondary Chinese class in Hong Kong53
Knowledge society and education reform: The new role for teachers32
Rethinking professional development - new strategies for teacher learning45
Beyond labels: teacher-centred and student activities51
The development of the Putonghua teacher education curriculum and the training of quality Putonghua teachers47
Consumer education in Hong Kong secondary schools38
A hierarchy of students' formulation of an explanation39
How to help students with hyperactivity?37
Teacher education: challenges of the knowledge society30
Motivational Beliefs, Cognitive Strategy Use and Academic Achievement in Chinese Students43
21 Century Chinese education: information technology as new force63
Investigating the facilitation process for fostering the information of knowledge building communities in Hong Kong48
The anatomy of an 'Open' mathematics lesson35
A brief introduction of the assessment of Chinese language in Victorian Certificate of Education in Australia47
Using computer for promoting Chinese comprehension: training, diagnosing and evaluating42
Performance Indicators and Children's Value-addedness35
Indicators of high-quality preschool programs in a Chinese cultural context45
Transformations in the composing process in Chinese35
Defining the developing expertise in teaching through supervisory conferences40
The academic profession in Hong Kong higher education77
A whole school approach to guidance in Hong Kong secondary schools: some empirical findings47
View of autism: A study of Hong Kong teachers34
Primary Chinese language educational reform: From research to practice42
Students' concerns, their causes and school guidance: Social representations of Hong Kong students and teachers31
Hong Kong Higher Education and Professionalism Toward 199757
Using computers for promoting Chinese language comprehension: training, diagnosis, evaluation and analysis51
Interactive teacher's network: technological support for teacher professional development87
Trying to be fair; but is it really fair?35
Planning Developmentally Appropriate Play Environments for Children34
Staff appraisal as a means of teacher development - a comparative study45
State Schooling and Ethnic Stratification in China63
Comparing the educational policy-classroom teaching interface in China and India: Cultural beliefs context and effective teaching46
Educating teachers for the information age: Using an integrated environment for infusing technology into pre-service teacher education43
Education and human resources development in Shenzhen111
Professional standards and professional autonomy30
Using information technology to enhance pupils' awareness of the structure of Chinese words and characters89
From technical rationality to the artistry of professional practice34
Language education in China: a comparison of Chinese and English37
Psychological Impact of Grade Retraction on Hong Kong Chinese students41
Biology teachers' struggle with the issue of fairness in a school-based assessment scheme55
Issues in the promotion of the extensive reading scheme in the Chinese language lessons48
Problems of implementing a cognitive approach to measurement38
Steering from outside: policy organisation and policy environment in education39
Staff Development and Appraisals in Hong Kong Primary Schools38
Students' Thinking Styles: Implications for Teachers33
The application of systemic functional linguistic theory to Chinese language education - the teaching of practical writing48
Nurturing competent teachers with a dose of popular culture72
Teachers' attitudes toward computers: Development of a computer attitude scale for teachers34
IT & education: impact & trend34
'Community Initiatives in Education: Goals, Dimensions, and Linkages with Governments' (Keynote plenary presentation)40
A research on the implementation of curriculum objectives through discourse analysis of report writing lessons in Melbourne and Hong Kong30
The Chinese language curriculum of Hong Kong: evaluation and suggestion37
New methods in teaching Chinese: comprehension and writing64
Schools as Learning Organisations: Perspectives and Practice on Learners' Tasks29
The Making of Secondary School Principals - the Hong Kong Experience48
One Hong Kong: Two histories 'History' and 'Chinese History' in the Hong Kong School Curriculum39
Implementation of media education in Hong Kong secondary schools34
Reform in China's higher education: environments and implications50
Guidance and Counselling in Hong Kong secondary schools: A focus group study of guidance teachers' beliefs and strategies56
Market Mechanisms in Hong Kong Higher Education61
Practising What We Preach: cooperative learning in teacher education in Asia33
Quality graduates and their development56
Multimedia simulation for learning computer programming47
Hong Kong higher education: culture and changes40
How does the Hong Kong school based curriculum project scheme foster professional competency: the case of mathematics40
Excellence in education: is it culture free?87
Where are the Teachers in the Web Era?37
Developing investigatory laboratory exercises for class use26
Towards holistic reform of the Hong Kong mathematics curriculum (Poster presentation)40
Thinking in a Knowledge Society: Influence of Culture and Implications for Education37
A study on the composing process in playwriting in Chinese of professional playwritings in Hong Kong30
Globalization of Community Colleges: The Case of Hong Kong and Mainland China60
Learning Asymptotes with Graphing Calculators: A Case Study in Hong Kong46
Dialogic Ego Support: A Case Study in Science Teaching35
Education for a better China: from here to there27
Comparative education studies and the role of comparative education in Hong Kong65
Government-Community Partnerships in Education: Patterns and Policy Implications in Asia30
The reform of the Mandarin Chinese curriculum in the international schools in Hong Kong39
A Hong Kong school-university partnership scheme for training Chinese language teachers71
The Shadow Education System: Comparative Perspectives on Supplementary Private Tutoring125
Moving towards high quality early education and care in Hong Kong40
Comparative Education in a Microcosm: Methodological Insights from the International Schools Sector in Hong Kong43
Teacher's professional development and teacher education policy in Hong Kong56
Attitudes and beliefs of faculty in Hong Kong higher education66
Key-note address: Education reform in the knowledge era43
Computer-based text comprehension exercises and its effect on comprehension test performance (Abstract)105
Maximizing CMC as a collaborative learning environment for ESL teachers43
Institutional Collaboration in Higher Education: Challenges of the Information Era41
The future of business education in Hong Kong secondary schools34
Humanities educaiton in the 21st century: an exploratory study of the secondary school curriculum in Hong Kong53
Peer-Assisted Learning with Asian Students52
In search of an East Asian identity in mathematics education - the legacy of an old culture and the impact of modern technology42
Perceptions on teaching: views of leading physics teachers and teacher educators55
A more challenging curriculum to motivate academically low achievers46
Information technology and teacher's professional development40
Emergence of planning, but for what? - Education reform in Karnataka, India53
A framework for describing progression in algebraic thinking36
The impact of information technology on mathematical open-ended problem solving32
How to use information technology to enhance the teaching of Chinese Language36
Implications of the Education Reform on Tertiary Education Institutions40
University and Technology for Literacy and Basic Education in China59
IT development in education: Vision, mission and strategic issues32
Differences in attitudes between teachers in China and Britain towards Mathematics education56
Promoting Cooperative Learning By Example: a teacher education case study from Hong Kong37
How to Promote Language Education Reform38
Schools into the new millennium: In quest of a new paradigm40
Music Education in Taiwan: the Dynamics and Dilemmas of Globalization, Localization and Sinophilia57
Learning Asymptotes with Graphing Calculators: A Case Study43
A more challenging curriculum to motivate academically low achievers38
Evaluation of a Personal and Social Development Curriculum for Inservice Teachers35
Perspectives of Mainland China Academics on the Relationship Between Education and Society73
Learning with Information Technology at the University of Hong Kong30
A profile of listening in Chinese language learning in Hong Kong junior secondary education51
How education reform affects teaching - evidence from rural China34
Curriculum development for theory-practice integration: a focus on coherence and changing needs of students in a B.Ed. programme40
Metalinguistic awareness and ELT textbooks42
Changes of the School Education System51
Ideal' parenting in Hong Kong and Pakistan35
Education and social change: the growth and diversification of the international schools sector in Hong Kong56
Medium of Instruction and Students' Self-Perception, Motivation, Learning Strategies and Academic Attainment49
Building up web site to promote Chinese as a medium of instruction and to develop quality education40
Algebraic Thinking of Secondary-one Students in Hong Kong: A Case Study53
School-University Partnership for Teacher Education: A Unified Professional Development Project41
Cultivating students' confidence in learning do science through dialogic means42
Colonialism and the politics of 'Chinese History' in Hong Kong's schools52
Visual motor development in Hong Kong preschool children47
Making science teaching and learning a SMILE experience: an invitation to the SMILE Circle48
The place of consumer education in the curriculum41
Motivational beliefs, study strategies and exam performance in Chinese high and low achievers42
Young ESL writers' responses to peer and teacher comments in writing63
The Initiation of Educational Reform by a Supra-state body: Japan and Taiwan45
Promoting Chinese as the medium of instruction and developing quality educational through web station38
The use of grounded theory for requirement analysis in educational software development37
Information Era, Lifelong Learning & Education Reform: Shift of Paradigm in Hong Kong35
Cross-cultural predictors of teachers' attitudes toward gifted education: Finland, Hong Kong and USA53
Communication styles of tertiary teachers53
From Media Education to Moral Education: The Common Thread43
School effectiveness in the Chinese culture: concepts, origins and implications51
Links between socialization goals and child-rearing practices in Chinese and Indian mothers256
Colonial Models and Contrasting Trends: Decentralization and Centralization of Education in Hong Kong and Macau45
Societal influence on Chinese literacy attainment: A longitudinal study of preschoolers in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore38
Pleasure in Words – multimedia assisted the learning of Chinese words42
Cognitive dimensions in classroom interaction40
Harnessing video technology for developing reflectivity in English Language teaching36
Can two variables be tested at any one time: a question failing not only pupils but teachers too!33
Using Chinese to Teach World History - Problems and Possibilities33
The use of information technology to support learning in humanities subjects: Framing the future curriculum34
Perception of occupational stress and coping strategies in qualified and unqualified kindergarten teachers39
Striving for expertise in teaching? The impact of supervisory conferences on novices' development of theory and practice44
Extending the concept of teacher efficacy: The guidance and counselling dimension37
Virtual Tutorial Programme: Awareness of effective communication of university students in Chinese61
An example of open-ended questions in quadratic functions (in Chinese)101
Education and Asian development34
Helping students with learning difficulties: Ideals, Concerns and Common Miracles38
Classroom discourse analysis of Form 1 mathematic using Chinese as medium of instruction27
Cultural difference and teachers' views on mathematics and mathematics education46
Collaboration between Education and Business31
The Challenges of the Information Society for Chinese Universities61
Conceptualisation of teachers' roles and change: a consideration of cultural perspectives50
Eight ways to enhance communication between two generations44
Educational reform in Hong Kong42
Educational research in Mainland China: views on the fence52
An 'open' mathematics lesson in Shanghai35
Studying ICT supported pedagogical practices103
Decolonization and education: comparative perspectives on change and continuity39
Algebra: students' interpretation for 'a (bc)=a ba c'53
The development of the action research model of the Chinese language teaching in primary schools of Hong Kong51
Promoting peer learning in computer assisted learning: reading strategies30
Do they make sense of Chinese History: an Investigation of Historical Consciousness among Hong Kong students44
An innovative curriculum for business education in Hong Kong after 199737
East Asian students' mathematics performance in TIMSS61
Student Guidance Teachers' Perceptions of Principal Support: A Qualitative Study39
A cross-cultural study of the assessment of writing through text analysis of senior secondary students report genre42
IT & Tertiary Education: Issues and Policies30
Verification or Proof? Justifications in mathematics classrooms in Hong Kong and Shanghai38
National minority border education45
Peer-Tutored Instruction in Reading: what are the outcomes and how are they determined?49
Higher Education in China: Change and Development77
Why East Asian Students Excel in Mathematics? - Characteristics of High Achieving Classrooms39
What have we done to our children? Reforms under challenges36
Blueprint of education in the 21st Century60
The Relationship of Student Guidance Teachers' Job Satisfaction to their Perceived Principal's Support in Hong Kong Primary Schools39
Culture influences on education59
Innovative methods in teaching of Chinese writing29
Ways of seeing and ways of enacting an assessment reform45
Formal operational thinking and algebra42
Teachers' perceptions of their role in an assessment reform: implications for teacher professional development28
The relationship between childrearing and peer competence in Chinese and English preschoolers47
The anatomy of a Chinese lesson69
The differential impact of parental beliefs and practices on Chinese and English preschoolers' social competence54
A study of school dropouts in national minority border regions of China64
Developing Emotional Intelligence in the School of the 21st Century33
Multiple intelligence and education reform64
Mathematicians as educators35
Is there a Chinese Approach? - A Comparison on the Ways of Teaching Pythagoras' Theorem among Australia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Shanghai61
Education and development: the case of China42
Student Adjustment: Hong Kong Students' and Teachers' Belief46
The 'Unobservable' in classroom interaction62
The Reform of Detracking: The Shanghai's Experience88
Classroom discourse analysis of senior secondary school: Chinese report writing lessons in Melbourne and Hong Kong47
Correlates of high quality early education and care in Hong Kong40
Private Schools in a Socialist Market: progress and controversies55
Whole language approach in teaching writing45
The Information Era, Lifelong Learning and the Home31
Trends of higher education development and higher education in China50
Globalization and Professional Autonomy: The Academy in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing85
Effective ways in teaching Chinese writing36
The impact of a structured teaching programme on Chinese autistic children's development, learning and behaviour51
An Evaluation of university teachers as action researchers40
The place of consumer education in the curriculum33
Guidance and Counselling in Hong Kong Schools: Policy, Practice and Future Direction40
Lessons from studying cognitive development in three cultures - China, Portugal, and the U.S.39
Marking Minban Education from Public Education74
The use of popular culture in teaching civic education45
Towards a conceptual framework for web-based learning38
The Cultures of School Based Teacher Education in Guangzhou and Hong Kong41
Relationships of children's beliefs about learning, learning strategies and depth of understanding in Chinese text comprehension33
Introducing new technology in Algebra in Hong Kong: addressing issues in learning35
Social support among teachers of special schools for maladjusted children38
Coping with Stress: Do Culture and Self-concept Make It Different?35
Media Education as an Innovative Curriculum for the 21st Century34
Community Partnerships in Education: Dimensions, Variations and Implications48
Quality education and the demands on teachers: constructive ways forward35
Setting the research agenda: an initial view33
What is schools' competence? Partnership in learning in knowledge society37
International education and Asian culture35
Composing Process of Writing: Generating50
Confucianism and modern education70
A web-based system to provide scaffolding support for self-directed collaborative learning40
'Learning To Be': A Hongkong Pilot Project43
Enhancing Teacher and Course Effectiveness: A Critique of the Role Played by Student Ratings49
Teaching of Cantonese speaking pupils to write modern standard written Chinese40
A Structural Model on Self-esteem and Coping of Adolescents from Hong Kong and Australia42
Confucianism and the quality of education60
Improving IT training for serving teachers through evaluation56
Why the content should be keep invariant when comparing teaching in the same subject in different classroom, in different countries49
From technical rationality to the artistry of professional practice: potential and problems47
The use of Cantonese popular songs in the teaching of civic education40
The design of CALL software for learning Chinese characters (in Chinese)63
Creation of incomes by schools in China40
The Hong Kong science curriculum guides: how do these guide our science curriculum in schools, and where to?33
A network to support educational changes38
Improving IT training course for serving teachers through course evaluation47
Socio-contextual influences on teaching mathematics: Lessons from Indian classrooms47
Teacher management of writing workshops: two case studies43
The historial consciousness of students in a transitional society: contributions from Hong Kong to debate about secondary school history students as meaning-makers57
An alternative guidance programme for pupils: A case study of the co-operation between school and community centre65
Peer Tutoring: identifying & explaining outcomes32
Corpus as a powerful resource for language teaching and learning37
The internationalization of Hong Kong higher education84
A framework for the understanding of the distributive law, Communicaciones Breves (short presentations)29
Research and policy-making in education: linkages, roles and responsibilities42
The comprehension strategies of topic deduction used by Form 4 students of Hong Kong in analysing expository writing36
Autonomy and accountability system in higher education56
What makes a school famous - the concept of school popularity in the perceptions of students, teachers and parents58
The space of learning in language teaching41
Government and Household Financing of Education: Finding Appropriate Balances (Keynote paper)39
An exploratory study on the assessment of primary 3 pupils' communicative writings37
Unattended children in Hong Kong: Do they have a right to protection?39
Multimedia computer assisted learning of Chinese language59
Language and identity in transgender: the case of the kathoey45
Understanding student teachers' constraints and potential in professional learning: Supervisors of teaching practicum as developing professionals39
In Pursuit of Excellence in Higher Education: A critique of the role that can be played by student ratings of teachers and teaching44
Information technology assisted reading: From the design of curriculum to assessment32
Collegiate Education in Karnataka49
Education in Hong Kong: features and reforms49
Teacher education as an enabling process52
The Third International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS) - some preliminary results33
Integrating Discipline and Guidance in Schools: Educating the Whole Person and Improving the Whole School38
Using William Perry's theory to bridge Chinese and American culture37
Globalisation and higher education in China42
Supporting gifted students in Hong Kong secondary schools: School policies and students' perspectives37
School support service: educational psychologists as consultants in Hong Kong Schools43
From industrial to knowledge society: re-inventing education for Hong Kong52
Thought imagery and writing of primary school pupils44
The Reform of 'Creation of Income' by schools in Shanghai27
Involvement and training needs in counseling and guidance among guidance teachers in Hong Kong51
Basic education and school discontinuation in national minority regions of China64
Mathematics achievements of East Asian students27
Classwide Peer Tutoring with or without Reinforcement: Effectiveness of Two Versions Compared.38
Learning in a new era - or an expensive trip to a 'technology rich' educational wasteland?36
Teachers' Attitudes Towards Inclusive Education: Quality Education for all?38
Corpus Linguistics and Language Awareness38
Cross Regional Comparison of Assessment of Report Genre - Text analysis of senior secondary students' composition in Hong Kong and Melbourne27
Application of Fuzzy Set Theory to Grounded Theory methodology49
Motivational Beliefs, study strategies and mathematics achievement in Chinese high and low achievers: a longitudinal study41
Developing Cooperative Learning in Teacher Education45
A computer-based environment to support the development of cognitive skills in learning Chinese characters and text comprehension64
Early Childhood Education in India: Challenges and Prospects for their development33
Cognitive Development, Learning Approaches, Abilities, and Achievement: A Triadic Cross-Cultural Study50
The understanding of algebra of secondary students in Hong Kong52
The impact of literacy on the daily living behaviour of senior citizens in Hong Kong35
Self-regulated learning strategies in Chinese and Indian students41
An extended research on the training needs of aided secondary school teachers in Hong Kong30
Whole School Guidance: Curriculum change and implementation strategies41
The Challenge of Globalization for Higher Education in Hong Kong and Mainland China74
Virtual learning community: Issues and challenges33
Quality educational leaders57
Sociopolitical transitions in Asian higher education: the case of Hong Kong63
Opening up a new world - IT in ESL teacher knowledge enhancement40
Professional Relevance and the de-professionalization of teacher education68
A network to support educational change49
Developing Emotional Intelligence: A Project Involving 'Thought Power'34
Facing informational technology: The new development of communicative writing51
Financing Education in Asia: Patterns and Policies. (Keynote presentation)51
New direction in the assessment of Chinese composition: communicative competence34
Student perception on competencies of teachers for the gifted and the talented47
How to prepare oneself in the information era?33
Students' attitudes towards gifted education39
Learning opportunities with graphing calculators: The case of asymptotes31
Planning developmentally appropriate play environments for children31
Globalization and the Coming Crisis of Governance in Higher Education: The Case of Hong Kong and Mainland China73
Community financing of education: cultural variations and policy tensions in developing countries36
Fostering professional competence and development: an experience of the HKAL biology teacher assessment scheme52
International Comparisons of Student Achievement: A Critical Analysis36
Implementation of the Putonghua Curriculum in Hong Kong39
Promoting Student Success through Understanding Thinking Styles44
Hong Kong teachers' belief about school guidance: Implications for teacher education46
Building an electronic community of teachers47
An exploration into the reasons for the high achievement of East Asian students35
Cultural dimensions in policy-related research41
The teaching material development of the Chinese practical writing of engineering in Hong Kong39
From popular culture to language learning - a bridging experience47
'Comparative Education Research in Hong Kong: A Decade of Development, and an Agenda for the Future' (Presidential Address)40
An understanding of the rave phenomenon and its realization in the Hong Kong context52
The Implications of Community Colleges for the Development of Higher Education in Hong Kong68
When the majority is the minority: choosing a medium of instruction in Hong Kong secondary schools57
Extending the Frontiers of Teacher Education34
TOC in action: tasks in Chinese and English33
The use of popular culture in language teaching43
'Comparative Education: Global Trends and Asian Contributions' (Keynote Address)39
Classroom discourse analysis of the teaching of reading skill of the narrative for primary 4 school pupils44
A Comparative Study of In-service Education and Training for Teachers in Hong Kong and Guangzhou53
A network to support the change of medium of instruction - from English to Mother tongue Chinese33
Towards a model of IT training for in-service teachers32
A Hong Kong Case Study - Implementation of Sathya Sai Education into the Mainstream Curriculum49
Students as Teachers of Reading35
The use of information technology in business education49
Developing understanding in Economics27
Globalization and Higher Education: Knowledge Management in Hong Kong and Mainland China64
Computer assisted learning comprehension and Chinese characters: development of cognitive abilities47
Education and global migration: the growth and diversification of Hong Kong's international schools36
Two faces of variation120
Education reform and media education43
Hong Kong students' perception of their concerns and the causes of their difficulties51
A Response to the Curiculum Guide for Maladjusted Children: A teacher educator's perspective32
Community Financing of Education: Patterns, Issues, and Implications for Government Policy (Keynote speech)36
Revision strategies of Hong Kong primary school pupils writing in Chinese51
Employers' expectations of graduate employees: the Hong Kong scenario52
The anatomy of an 'open' mathematics lesson39
In search of excellence in teaching40
Teaching through the mother tongue and/or the second language40
Effective learning and teaching of Chinese characters31
Bringing Learning About52
Education policy making: continuity and change in Hong Kong49
Guidance and counseling in Hong Kong secondary schools: Exploring guidance teachers' convictions42
A framework for the quality of explanation in relation to the distributive law55
A study of the relationship between reading comprehension and written composition of grade six students in Hong Kong39
Information technology and education: Misunderstanding and challenges46
WORLDMAKER (HK) - an iconic modelling tool for children to explore complex behaviour37
Being good at teaching language61
Educational Psychologist as a Change Agent in School Guidance41
Student Discipline and Teachers' Stress and Coping60
Developments of Civic Education in Taiwan: Implications to Post-1997 Hong Kong42
Communication styles of mathematics teachers50
What happens in project-based learning37
School design in a knowledge society: challenges55
Partnership in curriculum development: experience of the HKAL biology teacher assessment scheme47
Progression in the understanding of an algebraic rule48
Language development of children in Hong Kong and teaching material43
Ethnotheories of Chinese and Indian Mothers36
Power of the powerless and politics of the apolitical: changing legitimacy of educational policy-making in a changing polity41
The Challenge of Online Learning to Teacher Education53
An Open Mathematics Lesson in Shanghai', paper presentation in Topic group TSG22, Topics in Mathematics Education in Asian Countries46
Supplementary Private Tutoring: Scale, Dimensions, and Possible Hidden Effects on School Effectiveness58
Business education in Hong Kong: the next millennium42
What are the characteristics of innovative pedagogical practices using technology that lead to '21st century learning outcomes?'44
Vocational education in Hong Kong secondary schools entering the next millennium: some reflections and considerations53
School-based curriculum and teacher training: a case study82
Computer assisted Chinese reading: From curriculum planning to assessment31
The strategic significance of studying Hong Kong's education31