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Bridges towards the evolution of new contact varieties in the multilingual, multicultural knowledge economy42
Chinese education and the prestige of English236
An evaluation of reading comprehension strategies used by Chinese students of English735
Cross-jurisdiction discourse on legal multilingualism33
Peripheral Vision, Landscape, and Nation-Building in Thomas Pennant’s Tours of Scotland, 1769-7254
African English speakers in Chinese criminal courts: the issue of mutual understanding in communication with interpreters27
Acceptability of new swearwords by young netizens in China7
Orientalist art twice re-oriented: Margaret Murray Cookesley's Byzantine Harem Paintings43
Same formal pattern, different contact situation, different propagation: evidential vs. deontic NCI constructions in Dutch (contrasted with English)93
Multilingual, Globalizing Asia: Implications for Policy and Education104
Investigating digital sex talk practices: A reflection on corpus-assisted discourse analysis26
Recalling Oceanic Communities: The Transnational Theater of John Kneubuhl and Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl13
Plumb Duff: Review of Alan Duff, Out of the Mist and Steam37
Hateful Hills and Joyful Dread: Emotive “Filler Words” in the Old English Metrical Psalms34
Resisting incorporation: The melodrama of agency and the naturalist text36
The Parsi theatre, Shakespeare and Performing Europeanness6
Grammaticality And The English Teacher In Hong Kong: An Integrationist Analysis101
Early English adopters in British Malaya: The significance of the Peranakans41
Imagining an umbrella community : place, practice and affect65
Making sense of transitions: Identity construction of migrant doctors in Chile and Hong Kong 6
Daniel Defoe'82
A stylistic study of Lao She's works229
Guo Songtao in London: An Unaccomplished Mission of Discovery108
Space and memory in Asian transnational writing175
Duff, Alan75
Postcolonial narratives in Australian children's literature14
The flower and the mirror: a comparative study of certain novels of D. H. Lawrence and Henry Miller.254
Had better, ’d better and better: Diachronic and transatlantic variation61
Orwell's BBC broadcasts: Colonial discourse and the rhetoric of propaganda83
'High-brow' George Eliot and 'Popular' Fanne Lewald: 'Separateness and Communication', the Anxiety of Influence, or Difference without Contact?34
Temporality in modernist literature: Ezra Pound and Virginia Woolf409
Race science and scientific racism'45
Code-switching variation in Gibraltar2
Noises offscreen: Could a crisis of confidence be good for media studies?36
Travel writing and the natural world, 1768-18401107
Is a general non-ethnocentric theory of human communication possible? An integrationist approach5
Poetics and Framing28
Silence is Golden: The 'Anti-communicational' Linguascaping of Super-elite Mobility188
Rationality and irrationality in modernist writing228
Towards a typology of prominence perception: the role of duration31
Maybe you are not interested in screening test but I will tell you about it’, or Is non-directiveness attainable in prenatal genetic counselling of Chinese patients?82
Oceanic Hong Kong?38
Accounting for decisions about genetic testing: the case of Chinese families in Hong Kong60
Mediatization and enregisterment of a gender stereotype: the case of the 'Kong Girl'98
Family Communication in Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions in Ireland37
Kipling in China: Empires of Noise178
A transformational-generative outline of 'Swatow' grammar356
Aspectos problematicos del significado: analisis critico del discurso74
Implicit learning of tonal rules in Thai as a second language45
Experiments in subjectivity: a study of postmodern science fiction267
Tourism discourse: Languages and banal globalization80
Language and Power in Blogs : Interaction, Disagreements and Agreements61
Chinese middle cosntructions [i.e. constructions] : lexical middle formation372
'His story is truly vivid…': The role of narratives of vicarious experience in commodification and marketisation of genetic testing in Chinese social media72
Law and language: problems of meaning and interpretation in the Hong Kong courts619
'Orientalism' in Auden and Isherwood's Journey to a war281
Moral Luck in Thomas Hardy's Fiction23
Naturalizing Laziness: Renegotiating Cantonese Identity at the Edge of Post-colonial Hong Kong54
"I believe that" or "It is suggested that"?: authorial presence in the use of reporting verbs in 'soft'discipline academic writing by community college students in Hong Kong803
Speaker variability in the realisation of lexical tones29
Language and identity positioning of multilingual Southeast Asian sojourners in Hong Kong417
The Academic Debate on the Standardisation of Cantonese108
Transgender identity in law and society : finding the meaning of the words "man", "woman" and "transgender"117
Henri Cole54
The Beginning of the End: the Prologue and Epilogues of Hungry Hill and The Glass-Blowers5
Documentary linguistics in teaching and learning: A ‘Knowledge Exchange’ perspective24
Hulstijn, Jan H.72
The crisis of experience: James Joyce and T.S. Eliot183
Corporeality, Aryanism, Race: The Theatre and Social Reform of the Parsis of Western India9
Othering in gossip: "You go out you have a laugh and you can pull yeah okay but like..."86
Going About: Conrad's Progress in A Personal Record77
Recent changes in the spread of verbal modal expressions in the Hong Kong and Singapore printed press, in contrast with the British and American ones: Exploring the potential of Factiva® for the diachronic investigation of World Englishes94
The applicability of the psychoanalytic approach to literary criticismwith reference to the novels of Charles Dickens444
Short-term and long-term retention of new words: investigating the role of L1 glossing in vocabulary learning amongHong Kong ESL learners363
New Dreams Of China: The China Novels Of Anne Duffield70
Innovation and change: information technologyand in-service teacher professional development315
The languages of identity in Anita Desai's Baumgartner's Bombay101
“Je t'aime … moi non plus”: Deconstructing Love in Open Confession to a Man from a Woman71
Erotic Disposition: Episode and Permutation64
Between knowledge and 'plagiarism,' or, how the Chinese language was studied in the West116
With others and for others: accounting for decisions about genetic testing in the Clinic116
The lure of the global : gender and geopolitics in selected novels by transnational Chinese women writers152
The role of English in Hong Kong theatre and dance productions214
Law and Race in George Orwell62
New lingualisms, same old codes45
From Athens to Beijing: The Elgin Marbles and the Ruins of Yuan Ming Yuan77
Exploring decision-making in prenatal visits for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in Mainland China: a discourse analytic perspective3
George Eliot's poetry and ideas on poetry: a study of her own verse and her tastes and opinions concerningpoetry230
Asian crossings: Travel writing on China, Japan and Southeast Asia104
'A Fraud Called John Buchan': Buchan, Joseph Conrad and Literary Theft82
Towards a functional characterization of the news of the BBC World Service145
The picture, the parable, the performance and the sword: secularism’s demographic imperatives11
The effectiveness of teacher written feedback on S.3 students' abilityto produce elaborations in expository writing258
Shallow Equality and Symbolic Jurisprudence in Multilingual Legal Orders10
"It's like throwing a dice". The management of 'extreme' uncertainty and decision making in the age of genome medicine: the case of pre-conception counselling32
Interdisciplinary Collaboration between Medical Professionals and Sociolinguists17
Singapore women's writing in the global market: Hwee Hwee Tan's Foreign Bodies49
Global indigeneity, place-based imagination and the politics of identification36
Elliptical representations in Maxine Hong Kingston's writing and her articulation in the subversion of grand narratives177
Understanding transgender marriage case W v registrar of marriages through Ms. W's voice22
Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar148
Nigerians in Chinese criminal courts: the legal-lay encounter in the periphery33
A study of discourse of professionals in a medical laboratory44
Legal sex, self-classification and gender self-determination53
Formalism of final statement in Chinese criminal courtroom18
Rita Dove and Backyard Updates32
Constructicons are bound to change: constructional change in a radically usage-based perspective55
Modern Macbeth in Hong Kong212
Language and identity: the case of the Zhuang306
Learning English through films: a case study of a Hong Kong class593
Lyric Licence in Early Modern Spain95
Passion impossible: sex abroad, the Sheik and other stories61
Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis: Subjectivity in Enunciative Pragmatics: Johannes Angermuller, Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, 2014, 176 pp., ISBN: 9781137500380 (hardbound), GBP 58.0013
The theme of alienation in modern Chinese and Anglo-American fiction262
Linguistics and nationalism57
The use and function of signs in the gospel according to John: a semiotic analysis190
Joseph Conrad45
Craig Santos Perez's from unincorporated territory: The 'Excerpted Space' of Activist Poetics3
Compacted Doctrines: Empson and the Meanings of Words'53
Teachers' beliefs and practices in the implementation of a new Englishcurriculum in China: case studies of foursecondary school teachers444
Wrestling with the Patriarch: Review of Witi Ihimaera, The Uncle’s Story52
An investigation into the effectiveness of the use of semantic maps and pictures in vocabulary notebooks by a group of S.2 students in aChinese-as-a-medium-of-instruction secondary school289
Texts from the history of German linguistics (edited in 8 volumes, with an introduction to each volume)47
Interaction from an activity theoretical perspective: comparing learner discourse of language face-to-face, inchat and in audio conferencing in second language learning237
Recontextualizing Cultural Heritage and Identity through Three-dimensional Spaces: The Case of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum12
The Language Myth and the Race Myth: Twin Evils of Modern Identity Politics?51
Balcony romance: stage distance andclosure238
English and multilingualism in Singapore80
Introducing Relational Work in Facebook and Discussion Boards83
The aesthetic of imperial ruins: The Elgins and John Bowring116
Contention of ideologies: a study of literarywritings in the People's Republic of China since 1978192
English-Language Creative Writing in Hong Kong: Colonial Stereotype and Process73
Yuan yang = 鴛鴦152
A radically usage-based account of the development of the English 'epistemic' be bound to construction41
Colonial officials and the linguistics of triad societies54
The colonies in concrete: Walter Benjamin, urban form and the dreamworlds of empire46
Louise Ho and the local turn: the place of English poetry in Hong Kong87
Hearing Beckett41
Reconstructing Romanticism: Organic Theory Revisited55
Nathalie Sarraute: Le planetarium.292
How I Learned to Drink Coffee33
Translation, Parallel Texts, and the Present of the Past67
As good as it gets? Unrepresented litigant and courtroom dynamics: a case study185
A study of John Donne's Songs and sonnets and Divine sonnets in the context of some aspects of the sonnet and lyric tradition of thesixteenth century295
Skehan, Peter159
Gezegd worden + te-infinitief: een verouderde evidentiele constructie.69
Discrepant norms: culture, ecology and indeterminacy in Victor Turner's anthropology of meaning13
'Painting the beat of the drum that beats round the world': Lady Elizabeth Butler’s Visual Empire49
Evaluating an independent learning programme at tertiary English language centre in Hong Kong: implicationsfor the theory and practice of autonomy in learning289
Comparing British and American English in the media215
The Implicit Learning of Mappings between Forms and Contextually-Derived Meanings86
Supplement to the Voyage of Columbus: Literary Voyages of (Un-)discovery in the South Pacific38
Writing back in the works of Hanif Kureishi226
Linguistic Landscape, Law and Reflexive Modernity77
The development of non-deontic be bound to in a radically usage-based diachronic construction grammar perspective62
Forms and functions of genre in transnational popular culture46
Eastern figures: orient and empire in British writing79
Multilingual Mediators: The Role of the Peranakans in the Contact Dynamics of Singapore66
Debates in the Digital Humanities Formerly Known as Humanities Computing68
The cross-cultural confluence of museum and theater in Victoria Kneubuhl's Hawaiian plays71
The medium of instruction in Hong Kong schools: some problems and possible measures299
Lao Ashe in London78
Ha Jin and the location of representation177
Undoing and redoing corpus planning: Reviews79
The Tyranny of Ordinary Meaning: Corbett v Corbett and the Invention of Legal Sex4
Once Were Warriors48
Research integrity in a socio-legal study on unpresented litigants15
Communicating and Excommunicating Hate33
The Language Myth and the Race Myth: Twin Evils of Modern Identity Politics?85
Stancetaking and the Making of the ‘(Hong) Kong girl’112
A unity of opposites in the poetry of Robert Frost215
Post-Colonial Transformation and Global Culture48
Fictional Travel'70
Orientalism, Linguistics and Postcolonial Studies109
English in Singapore: modernity and management88
Shakespearean Arrivals: The Birth of Character13
Ideologies of Language Standardization: The case of Cantonese in Hong Kong118
Narratives of identity struggles by ex-professional expatriate women in Hong Kong25
Public Privacy: Woolf, Flanerie and the City51
Sherlock Holmes, The secret agent, and ideas of justice393
Mr. Wu and the Middlebrow Domestication of the Yellow Peril Discourse49
Introduction: Silence in institutional and intercultural contexts95
Using literary texts in ELT: retrospect and challenges37
Representing gender and workplace discourse on reality TV: The Apprentice367
Africa-Asia Literature and the Ethics of Recognition44
Samoan Ghost Stories: John Kneubuhl and Oral History155
The new style of English among returnee bilinguals in Hong Kong49
Gender stereotype as a vehicle for social change? The case of the Kong Girl69
Perceptions and practices of mixed-code teaching among English teachers in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education392
Layman comprehension of legal reference texts and writing common law Chinese in plain language: an empirical study99
English in designs in Hong Kong183
Does diachronic construction grammar equal grammaticalization theory?50
Adverbial Clauses In Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus-based Study32
Racial ideology as elite discourse: Nordicism and the visual in an age of mass culture52
English, Motility and Ismaili Transnationalism79
The Poetic Image, the Speaking Subject and the Poststructuralist World60
The Object of Fidelity in Translating Multilingual Legislation45
The politics and imperialism of British missionary beginnings in Tahiti23
ACI verbs and NCI verbs in English and Dutch: A diachronic construction grammatical investigation69
Bad Boys and Bad Language: chou hau and the sociolinguistics of swearing in Hong Kong389
Shared expertise in negotiating future actions in the genetics case conference.5
'An act of welcome': writing hospitality in Refugee Tales24
The diverging need (to)'s of Asian Englishes47
Gender representation in personal ads in Hong Kong and the U.S.: a linguistic investigation210
System, order, creativity : models of the human in twentieth-century linguistic theories247
Likeness and unlikeness in postmodern fiction199
Exploring metaphor, metonymy and subjectification in Cantonese slang28
A study of tense and aspect in Caryl Phillips crossing the river214
Language policy and identity conflict in relation to Afrikaans in the post-apartheid era37
Location, lore and language: An erotic triangle29
Reclaiming masculinity in an account of lived intersex experience: Language, desire, and embodied knowledge26
The arrival of Oceania: Ending Extractivism, Politics of Enactment, and Pacific Island Representations of a Good Life47
Structuralism(s) and the reading of poetry with special reference to William Wordsworth300
The transnational journey of an Indonesian Chinese couple in Hong Kong: the story of one family, three places, and multiple languages93
Un-bordering the Border: Mariko Nagai and Collier Nogues27
The Art of Arts: transcendental dialectic in Early Modernity54
Modal Particles in Cantonese: a Corpus-based Study91
Cross-Jurisdiction Appropriation of the Equal Authenticity Principle89
Roy Harris and freedom of speech29
Tradition as inheritance and departure: transformation, survival, and the trickster in Love medicine, Chinamen and Illywhacker280
How to fail well37
Implicit knowledge of lexical stress rules: Evidence from the combined use of subjective and objective awareness measures51
Integrating the Self and Other: An integrational critique50
Trafficking Exoticism: Popular Late-Victorian Novels on the East42
Gender ideologies in public discourses27
Between remembrance and forgetting: fact, fiction and the importance of form in Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (1979) and Semprun’s What a Beautiful Sunday! (1980)23
Linguistic diversity and language loss: A view from integrational linguistics89
Introduction to the Special Issue 'Narratives of Vicarious Experiences in Professional and Workplace Discourse'5
Authentic Chinese or Worshipers of the West? Linguistic Levels and the Social Distinctiveness of Code-switching Styles in Hong Kong63
Constructional renovation: The role of French legal language in the survival of the nominative-and-infinitive in Dutch55
Civil Journey: Mediating the Personal and the Political in the Essays of Storm Jameson74
Hegemony, national allegory, exile: The poetry of Shirley Lim.97
Language Education, Gender, and Sexuality21
African Bermudian English and the Caribbean connection31
Living with George Orwell19
Southeast Asia40
Trespassing and re-defining boundaries: EdithWharton's mobilization of her characters against prejudice andreproduction194
The tangle of colonial modernity: Hong Kong as a distinct linguistic and conceptual space within the global common law35
Communities of practice21
Obscenity and Marginality50
The Typology of Asian Englishes84
The Modern Chinese University51
Mr. Wu and the Rearticulation of 'The Yellow Peril'49
Plotting the News in the Victorian Novel23
Growing Up Big31
European Literature as the unworking drive in Literary Studies today26
Modal expressions in English in the educational sector203
The different facets of 'culture' in genetic counseling: A situated analysis of genetic counseling in Hong Kong23
Globalese: A new visual-linguistic register56
The representation of interracial romance in the 20th century179
A cognitive-linguistic approach to the study of slang lexicography in Hong Kong Cantonese36
Adult English language learners: are they really understood? : a comparison between teachers, IELTS examiners,and native speakers306
John Buchan, Myth and Modernism56
Representations and problematics of hybridity in Amitav Ghosh305
Corelli's Populist Post-Romantic Aesthetic43
“We can talk about it. We can joke about it, you know, which is nice”: Tensions surrounding (in)directness in talk about death and dying involving women with ovarian cancer61
A(nother) day in the life of a purist: Anglicisms in the speech of norwegian university students3
How permeable is the formal-informal boundary at work? An ethnographic account of the role of food in workplace discourse26
Defining spaces: clubs and their membership in the colonial fiction of Kipling, Orwell and Scott178
Ethics and Aesthetics of Translation: Exploring the Work of Atxaga, Kundera and Semprun39
Durian Adrift: The Contiguities of Identity in Fruit Chan's Durian Durian55
Contradictions and ambiguity: characterization and identities in Jean Rhy's novels206
Lexis in blog writing: the case of Hong Kong English19
Language Policy and Nation-Building in Post-Apartheid South Africa52
Secular humanist discourses on rationality: Exploring questions in the philosophy of language and communications43
Closure and the short story: with readings oftexts by Elizabeth Gaskell and Angela Carter202
Let us annex China!’Visuality and Ventriloquism in the Far East41
Boundary 2: Introduction46
Singapore: Language situation47
In the shadows of the Third Reich: case study of a dialectologist47
An investigation into the effectiveness of guessing the meaning of unfamiliar words in enhancing reading comprehension among secondaryfour students in a Hong Kong secondary school281
Exploring the effectiveness of integrating language arts into a language classroom: a case study of a HongKong secondary two classroom262
“I can't remember them ever not doing whatI tell them!”: Negotiating face and power relations in ‘upward’ refusals in multicultural workplaces in Hong Kong93
The China Boom and Peking Romance: Anne Duffield's The Lacquer Couch42
Narratives of vicarious experience in talk at work95
An account of distinctive phonetic and lexical features of Gambian English45
Sea burial60
Examining learner vocabulary notebooks in a low proficiency form-four Chinese-as-the-medium-of-instruction (CMI) class in Hong Kong248
Time and mobility in the writing of Charles W. Chesnutt144
Introduction: Difference and Convergence in Globalization64
Beyond the rim: redrawing boundaries in Pacific theatre97
Eugenics in dystopian novels323
The Conundrum of Colonial Cosmopolitanism: Arthur Smith's Journey to Hong Kong in 185839
Race and Language: Ties of 'Blood and Speech', Fictive Identity and Empire in the Writings of Henry Maine and Edward Freeman87
Sociolinguistics: issues of language in education in Hong Kong344
Uneven city: colonial architecture, imperial maturity and the crisis of development in Mulk Raj Anand's Bombay19
Narrating Transnationalism: How to Write a Grounded Dispersion40
English in Singapore: policy and practice66
The writing on the wall: The Umbrella Movement, language and revolution335
Accounts of consent: Orienting to self-other relations regarding motivations to participate in cancer bio-banking28
Future for Palestine: An Exegesis on the Triad of Development, Soft Power and Palestinian culture5
Narration in Heart of Darkness, The Waste Land and Lolita272
Resurrection and History in That Deadman Dance6
A study of errors in the written English of learners in Anglo-Chinese secondary schools in Hong Kong265
Interactional difficulties as a resource for patient participation in a prenatal screening setting in Hong Kong.45
Language and law: a critical-semantic approach to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special AdministrativeRegion314
George Eliot: Felix Holt, the Radical30
The stylistic analysis of literary language in relation to English teaching in Hong Kong622
The making of the poetic image243
The lifecycle of Sri Lanka Malay48
Contact in the Asian arena61
The Duff reconsidered: a prelude to iconoclasm18
Social attitudes towards swearing and taboo language672
Representations of 'Hong Kong' in Hong Kong poetry in English237
Orwell, Kipling, Empire, Race64
Feminism and the representations of teenaged girls in 20th century children's literature471
Improvisation in the Political Economy of Music36
Contraries in Blake's poetry372
The Territorial Shaggy Dog32
Teacher's language alternation in an ESL classroom in an English as the medium of instruction (EMI) secondary school: a case study306
From Critique to Consolation: Spinster Fiction in Interwar Women's Writing51
The notion of 'identity' and the role of English in the writings of Singaporean and Malaysian writers211
The formation of the critical conscious58
Bad boys and bad language: the sociolinguistics of swearwords in Hong Kong Cantonese147
Female sexuality in Grimm's fairy tales and their English translations388
The politics of English: South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific88
Phonocentrism and the Concept of Volk: The Case of Modern China7
Ruins in the Jungle: Nature and Narrative83
Oscar Wilde in the mirror of the work of Katherine Mansfield211
A bottom-up approach to understanding obscenity54
Jonathan Swift'44
(with Zhou, X.) Comparative Literature in China48
Meaning, time and the law: Ex post and ex ante perspectives51
Roston, Murray. Graham Greene’s narrative strategies: a study of the major novels59
Literary representations of the Himalayas from imperialist, postcolonial and ecological perspectives217
Grammaticalization in diachronic construction grammar88
George Orwell87
Linguistic gatekeeping in job interviews17
Colonial cosmopolitanism: Albert Smith and Rudyard Kipling in Victorian Hong Kong82
A critical study of the Chronique des Pasquier199
Stealing Victory?: The strange case of Conrad and Buchan39
An evaluation of W.B. Yeats's treatment of Irish Subject-matter in hispoetry217
Ezra Pound, Identity in Crisis: a Fundamental Reassessment of the Poet and His Work87
Implicit learning of L2 word stress rules51
Journey to the West: The Happy Hsiungs: Performing China and the Struggle for Modernity21
Review: 'History, Theory, Text: Historians and the Linguistic Turn', by Elizabeth A. Clark (2004)77
Embracing Domesticity Between the Wars: The Writing of Jan Struther62
The Pig under the Roof: Chinese Characters as Condensed History46
First impressions are lasting impressions: Small talk as an index of identity within elite job interviews9
The Malaya of Isabella Bird and Emily Innes13
Who owns language? Mother tongues as intellectual property and the conceptualization of human linguistic diversity124
Modern Chinese Criticism: 20th Century58
Domesticity and the Essays of E.M. Delafield38
Negotiating Multilingualism: Return migration and identities in Hong Kong51
Visual silence and non-normative sexualities: Art, transduction and performance73
Modality and voices of authority in Animal farm and 1984227
What the consultant saw42
Durian Durian and the Contiguities of Identity: Rootless in Hong Kong and China40
The ‘risk of knowing’ talk and decision-making in prenatal screening for Down’s syndrome in Hong Kong’158
Race and the Third Reich: linguistics, racial anthropology and genetics in the dialectic of Volk76
The discursive production and maintenance of class privilege: Permeable geographies, slippery rhetorics55
Oaths: Law, Language, and Allegiance. A roundtable discussion18
Twentieth-Century Images, Nineteenth-Century Frames: An Overview30
Staging Justice: Courtroom Semiotics and the Judicial Ideology in China34
Review: 'Reading, Publishing and the Formation of Literary Taste in England, 1880-1914', by Mary Hammond44
From Historiography to Geography and Back Again: Postmodernism's Spatial Turns, Starring Topophilia, and the New Poetics of Space-Time60
Lexical borrowing in Hong Kong: a study of the Englishization of Chinese and the nativization of English614
Between memory and hope: John Kneubuhl and the idea of a Polynesian home57
Projections of sovereignty: (re)politicizing the so-called Islamic State5
Resisting and reinscribing the separation of spheres in the counter-narratives of 19th century lady travellers to colonial India61
Alienation in three novels by Jean Rhys291
The Old Curiosity Rock: Hong Kong, the first Opium War, and the Travelogues and Fictions of 1839-4265
David Copperfield, the Bildungsroman, and the Mobile Forces of Modernity33
For a radically usage-based diachronic construction grammar100
In what sense is integrational theory lay-oriented? Notes on Harrisian core concepts and explanatory terminology5
'China Abroad: Between Transnation and Translation'104
A study of Hokkien vowel sounds: a spectrographic analysis of their properties in phonetic contexts andwhen modified by speakers' emotions.265
The voices of self in transnational narratives of Indonesian Chinese women in Hong Kong17
‘Two hundred ninety-four’: Remediation and multimodal performance in tourist placemaking119
Timothy Mos Man Sundae and other overseas workers57
Global transitions in health care52
A linguistic study of interrogation in Cantonese: comparisions [sic. comparisons] with English251
Positioning and repositioning: Linguistic practices and identity negotiation of overseas returning bilinguals in Hong Kong176
The entrenchment of the nominative and infinitive construction in Late Modern English58
Traveling Imperialism: Lord Elgin’s Missions to China and the Limits of Victorian Liberalism73
Mapping Neverland: a reading of J.M. Barrie'sPeter Pan text as pastoral, myth and romance354
Being (im)polite in New Zealand workplaces: Māori and Pākehā leaders59
The spectral properties of Cantonese vowels: comparison with English vowels.296
Linguistics and Race Theory: The Entanglement of Politics and Science in the Study of Human Diversity37
Don’t feel kawawa; it’s ok to be kiasu; add oil! Advancing intelligibility and acceptability of New Englishes in the multilingual global ecologies of Asia32
Language And Media: A Resource Book For Students153
'Being gay guy, that is the advantage': Queer Korean Language Learning and Identity Construction30
Questioning the nation: #QandA and the mediatisation of Zaky Mallah33
Negotiating Conflict Within the Constraints of Social Hierarchies in Korean American Discourse90
Standards of English in South-East Asia57
The experience of learning German of a group of university students inHong Kong506
Expressions of self/censorship: ambivalence and difference in Chinese women's prose writings from Malaysia andSingapore239
Postmodern Blackness and Unbelonging in the Works of Caryl Phillips84
John Buchan, myth and modernism43
Cultural understanding in English studies: anexploration of postcolonial and world Englishes perspectives249
From Peasants to Lords: The Intellectual Evolution of Grant Evans45
The literary reception of Flaubert's Madame Bovary in China393
The ethics of the Gift: representing Aboriginality in children's literature19
Societal multilingualism and legal order30
Does pragmatics matter? Migrant doctors' perceptions of conflict talk: The case of Chile and Hong Kong46
Concord patterns with collective nouns in Hong Kong English. With Illustrative Material from the International Corpus of English (Hong Kong Component)110
"I can't remember them ever not doing what I tell them!" Negotiating ‘upward’ refusals in multicultural workplaces in Hong Kong124
Travels in globality: Pico Iyer and Jan Morris in Hong Kong112
Raymond Williams's Keywords: Investigating meanings 'offered, felt for, tested, confirmed, asserted, qualified, changed'49
Digital Humanities in Praxis: Contextualizing the Brazilian Electronic Literature Collection49
Patterns in metaphor translation: translating FEAR metaphors between English and Chinese105
Impact of Prominent Themes in Clinician-Patient Conversations on Caregiver’s Perceived Quality of Communication with Paediatric Dental Visits167
Verbs for wanting and needing in modern standard Chinese and in Cantonese54
Traditions of guardianship in Maori literature51
The Rule of Law as Rhetoric28
Typological aspects of Chinese dialectal grammar51
Tennessee Williams: a study in the use of violence in drama.242
Unmasking the trauma of partition99
(Im)possible Maps of Hong Kong15
Scaling value: transnationalism and the Aga Khan’s English as a “second language” policy40
Heavy NPs, processing and topicalization in Chinese47
Institutions of Poetry from Petrarch to Milton62
Who owns language? Mother tongues as intellectual property56
Policing the 'Unprofitable' in William Makepeace Thackeray: Victorian Power and Social Discipline30
"A lady wanted": Victorian governesses abroad1856-1898520
NEED and NEED TO in Asian Englishes53
The problems of visual discourse: a study of the politics of representation with special reference to thephotographic image204
News Versus Novel: Speaking on Behalf of Minority Communities in Israel Zangwill’s Children of the Ghetto18
Impromptu #2: Bureaucratic Syntax [Craft essay]42
Metaphor, travel, and the (un)making of the steppe32
On digital aesthetics: scrutinizing aestheticstudies in the digital era245
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