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Electrohydrodynamic slip flow through a micropatterned channel36
A framework of design for life-cycle cost60
Achieving natural and hybrid ventilation in practice80
Interaction with collagen matrix modulates migratory and associated properties in human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs)43
Erratum: Numerical Modeling of the Interactions between Circular/Elliptic/Line Inhomogeneities Embedded in a Matrix (International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (2003) 4:1 (1-10))41
Selective laser sintering of poly(L-Lactide)/carbonated hydroxyapatiteporous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering312
Microscopic simulations of the behavior of ferroelectrics and ferromagnetics80
Theranostics-embedded and growth factor-incorporated nanofibrous tissue engineering scaffolds19
10 years of Autogas in Hong Kong105
The continuous and discrete extended Korteweg-de Vries equations and their applications in hydrodynamics and lattice dynamics188
Forced convective heat transfer over ribs at various separation109
Special facilities of a PC-based structural design software package for the marine industry76
The influence of building height variability on pollutant dispersion and pedestrian ventilation in idealized high-rise urban areas179
Quadtree based mouse trajectory analysis for efficacy evaluation of voice-enabled CAD80
Delay-dependent L2-L∞ model reduction for polytopic systems with time-varying delay55
Strain and temperature dependence of deformation banding54
A computational framework for studying the mechanics and dynamics of biopolymer networks15
Mould design with sweep operations - a heuristic search approach117
A simple string model for annihilation of antiphase-boundary tubes in intermetallic compounds64
Generating assembly features onto split solid models114
An Ankle Based Soft Active Orthotic Device Powered by Pneumatic Artificial Muscle4
Release and biological performance of theranostics from novel tissue engineering scaffolds for cancer patients16
FOL-PEG-g-PEI-g-PLGA polymeric vector for gene delivery: synthesis and characterization28
Stabilization of nonlinearly parameterized discrete-time systems by NLS algorithm30
A new weighted rational cubic interpolation and its approximation100
An energy-efficient adaptive overlapping custering method for dynamic continuous monitoring in WSNs39
Determining parting direction based on minimum bounding box and fuzzy logics68
2D Simulation of Ventilation and Pollutant Removal in Urban Street Canyons90
A theoretical analysis on the final sizes of human respiratory droplets in different relative humidities55
HAPEX(TM) for otologic applications93
Natural voice-enabled CAD: Modeling via natural discourse97
Effects of thermal radiation on airflow with displacement ventilation: an experimental investigation89
Turbulence and dispersion studies using a three-dimensional second-order closure Eulerian model69
CFD modeling analysis of membraneless micro fuel cell with different oxidant-supplying strategies at cathode45
Special section on engineering control of respiratory infectious diseases: Editor's remark40
Investigation of air pollutant short circuit in high-rise naturally ventilated residential buildings41
In vitro Degradation of HA-containing and PHBV/PLLA-based composite scaffolds50
Finite element method in hydrodynamic stability203
Effects of trapping dislocations within small crystals on their deformation behavior111
Hydrogen production from biomass or biomass derived feedstock47
Full delayed state feedback pole assignment of discrete-time time-delay systems113
Spatially quantifying the leadership effectiveness in collective behavior104
In vitro biological evaluation of fibrous PHBV polymer and CHA/PHBV nanocomposite scaffolds developed for tissue engineering applications65
Structure and mechanical properties of Apatite/TiO2 composite coating synthesized on Ti-6Al-4V alloy48
Stabilization of networked control systems via dynamic output-feedback controllers67
Biodiversity assessment of green roofs for green building design210
Neuro-fuzzy generalized predictive control of boiler steam temperature89
Strong and ductile medium Mn steel without transformation-induced plasticity effect52
An anisotropic local grid refinement method for fluid flow simulation62
The coiling and whipping instability of an electrically charged viscous jet32
Delay-dependent stability condition for uncertain linear 2-D state-delayed systems53
Novel urchin-like Fe2O3@SiO2@TiO2 microparticles with magnetically separable and photocatalytic properties82
Chemical composition study of high-K La-silicate gate stacks at sub-nanometer scale61
Atmospheic Corrosion Test52
Dislocation-density kinematics: a simple evolution equation for dislocation density involving movement and tilting of dislocations26
Development of an enthalpy and carbon dioxide based demand control ventilation for indoor air quality and energy saving with neural network control3
A simple design method for mixed-mode ventilation systems in Australian carparks50
Entropy generation and mathematical inequalities12
Interfacial shear horizontal waves in a piezoelectric-piezomagnetic bi-material79
Control of transition of flow over circular cylinder20
Microbial particle transfer via surface touch21
Timescale analysis of chemically reactive pollutants in the atmospheric boundary layer using HPC15
Origami and Kirigami Nanocomposites29
Role of grain boundaries, deformation and transition bands in the nucleation and successful growth of y grains during the recrystallization of IF steel47
Nano-scale structure and mechanical properties of the human dentine-enamel junction163
A review of automatic dimensioning and tolerancing schemes97
Flexural properties and failure behavior of TCP/PHB biocomposite52
Simulation of a coupled system of long wave – short waves with a slight detuning in group velocities70
The effects of stent porosity on the endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms located near a bifurcation69
Multiple aneurysms anatomy challenge 2018 (match): phase 1: segmentation12
Example of intelligent structural design system75
US 62/640,302 27
Multiphoton photochemical crosslinking-based fabrication of protein microstructures with controllable mechanical properties31
Detection of small cracks and cavities using laser diffraction95
Robust synchronization criteria for recurrent neural networks via linear feedback93
Improved delay-dependent stability criteria for time-delay systems452
Innovative Design of Embedded Pressure and Position Sensors for Soft Actuators4
Design of Anthropomorphic Fingers With Biomimetic Actuation Mechanism14
Neural network based force modeling for haptic virtual machining simulation46
Electrokinetic flows through a parallel-plate channel with slipping stripes on walls85
Bioceramics and developments8
Electrokinetic effects on flow and heat transfer in parallel-plate microchannels97
Scaling up microfluidic aluminum-air cell with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) assisted performance analysis28
A room-temperature process for fabricating a nano-Pt counter electrode on a plastic substrate for efficient dye-sensitized cells48
References on Sustainable Buildings1192
Body-force-driven multiplicity and stability of combined free and forced convection in rotating curved ducts52
Indoor aerosols: From personal exposure to risk assessment6
Lower wake structures in the near wake of an axisymmetric bluff body15
Mass Transport Velocity of Bi-viscous Mud Under Progressive Waves84
An ungrounded hand-held surgical device incorporating active constraints with force-feedback71
Bioinspired robotic fingers based on pneumatic actuator and 3D printing of smart material11
Minimum bounding boxes and volume decomposition of CAD models372
Optical trapping and measurement of a single cell using capacitive sensors4
The effects of different precipitation states on the annealing behaviour of AA611180
Convergence of gradient-based iterative solution of coupled Markovian jump Lyapunov equations94
Two-step stability analysis for general polynomial-fuzzy-model-based control systems42
Penetration coefficient and deposition rate as a function of particle size in non-smoking naturally ventilated residences3
Computer-aided parting line and parting surface generation in mould design223
Regulating the cross-membrane transport activity and fate of live cells22
Online casebook on industrial accident analysis: Improvement of learning and teaching38
Investigation of flows over grooved surfaces200
IAQ Applications: Natural Ventilation Use87
Approach to automate the design of fixed offshore platforms68
Surface and interface controls for biomaterials35
Inhomogeneity dislocation interaction of piezoelectric materials under remote non-uniform shear & electric field67
Electrospun fibrous tissue engineering scaffolds: topographic cues and their influence on cell behavior43
P6222 phase of yttrium above 206 GPa from first principles29
Numerical analysis of incompressible flow over smooth and grooved circular cylinders16
Fomite and Close Contact routes16
Platinum nanoparticles on flexible carbon fiber paper without transparent conducting oxide glass as counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells116
Dual steady flow solutions of heat and pollutant removal from a slot ventilated welding enclosure containing a bottom heating source5
Designing-in of high value for manufacturers in the new millennium81
Mode III interfacial edge crack in a magnetoelectroelastic biomaterial66
Collagen-based microspheres and methods of preparation and use thereof132
Control over the number, size, and type of inner drops inside a double emulsion55
Methane emissions abatement by multi-ion-exchanged zeolite A prepared from both commercial-grade zeolite and coal fly ash5
Structure and properties of injection-moulded hydroxyapatite reinforced polyhydroxybutyrate, (Invited paper)55
Filtering for a class of nonlinear discrete-time stochastic systems with state delays77
On exact exponential stability assignment of retarded delay systems via static output-feedback controllers68
Delay-dependent energy-to-peak model reduction for neutral systems with time-varying delay43
Smart multifunctional tissue engineering scaffolds18
Cell-encapsulated device for intraocular delivery of glial-cell derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF)49
An eight-node hybrid-stress solid-shell element for geometric non-linear analysis of elastic shells159
Alumina Nanohoneycombs – novel actuation behaviour and fabrication methods28
Nanofibrous scaffolds with both MSC-laden cell fibers and growth factor-loaded fibers for tissue regeneration5
On the effect of nano-particle clustering on toughening of nano-composite ceramics44
Virtual reality78
Development of two-dimensional elements with a central circular hole75
Biodiesel - is it feasible to be used in Hong Kong52
Three-dimensional printing-based electro-millifluidic devices for fabricating multi-compartment particles34
An augmented system approach to static output-feedback stabilization with h ∞ performance for continuous-time plants77
Predicting effective magnetostriction and moduli of magnetostrictive composites by using the double-inclusion method95
Detection of respiratory viruses and efficacy of face masks in reducing viral release in human exhaled breath96
Design of a multitasking robotic platform with flexible arms and articulated head for Minimally Invasive Surgery66
Anisotropic mechanism on distinct transition modes of tip-activated multipolorizaion switching in epitaxial BiFeO 3 films85
Dynamic response of a cooling and dehumidifying coil to variations in air flow rate196
Effect of energy density on morphology and properties of selective laser sintering polycarbonate79
Synthesis and characteristics of PEI-based copolymers and nanoparticles for potential gene delivery applications27
A novel nonlinear process monitoring approach: Locally weighted learning based total PLS41
Analysis of natural and hybrid ventilation in simple buildings270
Augmented Reality-Guided Visual Servoing for Flexible Endoscope Control5
Effect of microwave irradiation on the flow of micro-particle suspension (TiO2/H2O) in micro-Scale porous Structure84
Real-time surface shape sensing for monitoring flexible structures using fiber Bragg grating36
Microarchitecture and nanomechanical properties of trabecular bone after strontium administration in osteoporotic goats102
Assembly of interfacial materials at aqueous-aqueous interfaces17
v-p material point method for weakly compressible problems53
All-aqueous Approach to Droplet-based Formulation9
Deformation and recrystallisation of Cu-2%Fe220
Field‐Effect Transistors Based on 2D Organic Semiconductors Developed by a Hybrid Deposition Method23
Direct measurement of the Be7 solar neutrino flux with 192 days of Borexino bata196
Characteristics of urban ozone level in Hong Kong86
Gas dispersion and atmospheric turbulence on the roof top of a medium rise building190
Investigating the Humidity Effect on Si/PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Solar Cell and Power Conversion Efficiency Recovery by Re-deposition of the Hole Transporting Layer84
Instability of Axial Flow Over a Plate Hinged at Its Leading Edge79
In vitro chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in collagen gels216
Study of ductile fracture and preform design of upsetting process using adaptive network fuzzy inference system80
Orientating, tessellating and direct slicing of 3D CAD models: improving accuracy and efficiency forrapid prototyping process200
An optimization-based "phase field" model for polycrystalline ferroelectrics83
Atomistic simulation of energetics of motion of screw dislocations in bcc Fe at finite temperatures100
A spectral method for the mass transport in a layer of power-law fluid under periodic forcing86
Modeling and flight control simulation of a quad rotor tail-sitter VTOL UAV19
Do unknown initial conditions and disturbances matter to microchannel forced convection?54
Short circuit current improvement in planar heterojunction organic solar cells by multijunction charge transfer115
Wave interaction with multiple flexible-porous barriers near a rigid wall48
Ground-state crystal structure of strontium peroxide predicted from first principles22
Microband formation in an IF steel during cold rolling at low strain levels58
A combined finite element-Langevin dynamics (FEM-LD) approach for analyzing the mechanical response of bio-polymer networks110
Hydrostatically extruded HAPEXTM86
Finite element solution to passive scalar transport behind line sources under neutral and unstable stratification99
Collagen microspheres: a three-dimensional culture system for notochordal cells98
Theoretical and experimental studies on laser transformation hardening of steel by customized beam79
Stabilisation of hybrid stochastic differential equations by delay feedback control112
Microstructural effects on macroscale thermal properties in nanofluids83
Advances in interfacial crack/inclusion problems and constitutive models in solids208
Studies of freak or rogue waves by the nonlinear Schrödinger model55
Anti-dark solitary waves for a derivative nonlinear Schrodinger system46
Droplet generation in co-flow microfluidic channels with vibration4
Pollutant dispersion over two-dimensional idealized street canyons: a large-eddy simulation approach35
Dispersion and control of SARS virus aerosols in indoor environment - transmission routes and ward ventilation114
Inertial and viscous forces on dripping-to-jetting transition in aqueous two-phase systems25
Propagating wave patterns for the 'resonant' Davey-Stewartson system73
Interfacial properties of fibre-reinforced composites95
Effects of microstructural length scales and of carbon content on the work hardening of Twinning Induced Plasticity Steels25
Modern Physical Metallurgy141
Dispersion engineering of plasmonic nanocomposite for ultrathin broadband optical absorber71
Large Eddy Simulation of Reactive Pollutant Dispersion Over Street Canyons of Different Aspect Ratios73
Short-range airborne transmission of expiratory droplets between two people93
Delay-dependent output-feedback stabilisation of discrete-time systems with time-varying state delay178
Hankel-type model reduction for linear repetitive processes: Differential and discrete cases55
Transport phenomena of human exhaled droplets due to respiratory action in ventilated indoor environments2
Carbon audit toolkit for small & medium enterprises in Hong Kong185
Electro-coiling of viscous liquid jets and its applications9
Surface characteristics, properties and in vitro biological assessment of a NiTi shape memory alloy after high temperature heat treatment or surface H 2O 2-oxidation: A comparative study93
Nanofibrous composite scaffolds incorporated with a growth factor: Structure, property and In Vitro release behaviour35
Development of a three-dimensional urban energy model for predicting and understanding surface temperature distribution67
Numerical analysis of the performance of horizontal and wavy subsurface flow constructed wetlands90
Model reduction for dynamic systems with time delays: a linear matrix inequality approach178
Modeling of a micro auto-electrolytic cell for hydrogen production119
Electrospinning of poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) fibrous tissue engineering scaffolds in two different electric fields96
Numerical study on interaction processes and sequences in bistable flow regime of two circular cylinders26
Editorial: Special issue on data-driven modelling methods adn their applications40
Influence of transverse normal strain and temperature profile on thermoelasticity of sandwiches in terms of the enhanced Reddy's theory69
Air distribution design in a SARS ward with multiple beds70
The use of rapid prototyping to assist medical applications142
High thermoelectric performance of Ag9GaSe6 enabled by low cutoff frequency of acoustic phonons21
Smolder initiation of horizontally oriented flexible polyurethane foam under natural convection12
Engineering control of indoor transmission of infectious diseases - movement of droplets and ventilation control39
Mobility of non-planar screw dislocations ahead of a mode III crack tip84
Representation and CAD modelling of heterogeneous objects47
Terminable cell-based GDNF delivery device for intravitreal applications92
Urban heat island circulations of an idealized circular city as affected by background wind speed13
Ultrafine particles, and PM<inf>2.5</inf>generated from cooking in homes14
Sound sources in the interactions of two inviscid two-dimensional vortex pairs87
Enhancing sustainablility of buildings by using underfloor air conditioning systems49
PHBV/PLLA-based composite acaffolds containing nano-sized calcium phosphate particles for bone tissue engineering68
Mobility of screw dislocations in BCC crystals: A review on modelling methods63
Realizations of a special class of admittances with strictly lower complexity than canonical forms45
Influence of dipole defects on polarization switching in the vicinity of a crack in relaxor ferroelectrics79
Product and rational decompositions of theta functions representations for nonlinear periodic waves85
Adaptive refinement analysis using hybrid-stress transition elements112
Transitions of flow regimes of circular cylinder6
On the development of a haptic system for rapid product development83
Development and application of natural ventilation potential evaluation system54
Modeling of contaminant dispersion by statistical mechanics255
Research and engineering practice in nanofluids24
Modeling of river discharge using neural network with structure determined by the support vectors51
Wind tunnel modeling on flows over different patterns of urban-liked surface27
Physical constraints and turbulence models46
Photo-oxidation of alkanes and their environmental effects44
Noise attenuation of compensators for rate and amplitude contrained systems67
BMEE04.1: Biomaterials - Polymer/Organic Coatings - no. BMEE04.122
Microstructural evolution of a nanotwinned steel under extremely high-strain-rate deformation39
Electrospun nanofirous scaffolds consisting of aligned fibers for gastrointestinal regeneration39
Pollutant transfer coefficient in street canyons of different aspect ratios35
On the propagation of a two-dimensional viscous density current under surface waves80
Application of homotopy analysis method in nonlinear oscillations52
Evolution of the vortex ring and its role in particle transport37
Thermal analysis and crystallinity study of bioresorbable polymer composites containing particulate b-TCP34
Computer vision for general purpose visual inspection: a fuzzy logic approach67
Apatite/TiO2 composite coatings formed on Ti, Ti-6Al-4V and NiTi shape memory alloy65
Globally stable compensators for systems with actuator saturation36
Ultra-strong and Ductile Nanotwinned Steel37
Stability of fuzzy controllers subject to actuator saturation58
Dispersion mechanism and parameterizations of chemically reactive pollutant in the atmospheric boundary layer76
High performance organic transistor active-matrix driver developed on paper substrate89
Reachable set estimation and controller design for distributed delay systems with bounded disturbances56
Semi-global stabilization of linear time-delay systems with input energy constraint58
The influence of defects on the domain structure and properties of ferroelectrics189
A rolling-annealing cycle for enhanced deep drawing properties in interstitial free steels90
Efficient formulation of robust hybrid elements using orthogonal stress/strain interpolants and admissible matrix formulation75
MD simulations of bio-nano-system: controllable translocation and selective separation of single-stranded DNAs through a polarized CNT membrane218
Two nanofluid configurations for heat conduction systems: performance comparison75
Spatial solitons supported by localized gain in nonlinear optical waveguides68
Spreading rate and reattachment of coaxial jets of high mean-velocity ratio15
Large-eddy simulation of flows and pollutant dispersion over urban areas in thermal stratification37
Nonlinear waves, computer algebra and vortex dynamics60
Integrated intelligent management platform for the built environment incorporating agent-based simulation and geographic informationsystem176
Bijels-derived hybrid hydrogel membranes and growth factor delivery26
Reliable observer-based H∞ control of uncertain state-delayed systems65
Effects of interface factors on the handgrip and pinchgrip force exertion capabilities, muscular contraction speed and endurance106
Nanocomposites for hard tissue regeneration39
Simulation and experiment of substrate aluminium grain orientation dependent self-ordering in anodic porous alumina72
Generation of an osteochondral interface using rabbit mesenchymal stem cells and collagen gel38
Effect of nanometred-sized carbides on the work hardening rate of TWIP steels11
Modification of the physicochemical properties and microstructures of collagen scaffolds using photochemical crosslinking60
Modeling of Soft Fiber-Reinforced Bending Actuators148
Functionalized Porous Aromatic Frameworks as High-Performance Adsorbents for the Rapid Removal of Boric Acid from Water15
Transmission routes of microbes in built environment16
Thermoelectric energy conversion using nanostructured materials1138
An improved electrochemical model for the NH3 fed proton conducting solid oxide fuel cells at intermediate temperatures77
Multifunctional thin coatings formed on NiTi shape memory alloy through plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition (PIIID)24
An advanced PLS approach for key performance indicator-related prediction and diagnosis in case of outliers96
Thermally assisted peeling of an elastic strip in adhesion with a substrate via molecular bonds45
Size effects of NiTi nanoparticle on thermally induced martensitic phase transformation31
Fabrication of tunable spherical colloidal crystals immobilized in soft hydrogels78
Aggregation pattern transitions by slightly varying the attractive/repulsive function134
Effect of water on alkaline-catalyzed biodiesel production35
Particle removal efficiency of the portable HEPA air cleaner in a simulated hospital ward117
A pentacene monolayer trapped between graphene and a substrate58
Biomaterial-assisted stem cell-based therapies for intervertebral disc degeneration20
Influence of different indoor activities on the indoor particulate levels in residential buildings3
Hexahedral connection element based on hybrid-stress theory for solid structures72
Interphase in composite materials223
Distributed algorithms for shape sculpting of lattice-arrayed modular robots via hole motion66
Broadband sound reflection by plates covering side-branch cavities in a duct98
A novel fracture mechanics model explaining the axial penetration of bone-like porous, compressible solids by various orthopaedic implant tips72
Numerical study of vortex interactions behind two circular cylinders in bistable flow regime13
Reverberation time in a high-rise city19
An investigation of the deformation of anodic aluminium oxide nano-honeycomb during nanoindentation241
Predicting the stress-strain behaviour of carbon steels under hot working conditions: An irreversible thermodynamics model222
Computational models for piezoelectrics and piezoelectric laminates207
A delay-partitioning projection approach to stability analysis of continuous systems with multiple delay components100
Three-Dimensional Printing for Planning Occlusion Procedure for A Double-lobed Left Atrial Appendage36
Fault diagnosis for systems with black-box model using neural networks43
Break highly viscous colloidal suspension jet in electrical field11
The interfacial properties of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene186
Development of a six degree of freedom (DOF) hybrid robot for femur shaft fracture reduction64
Chemical and transport behaviors in a microfluidic reformer with catalytic-support membrane for efficient hydrogen production and purification100
Stress evolution in a phase-separating polymeric gel55
Optimization approaches to robust pole assignment in control system design179
Engineering embolic microparticles from a periodically-pulsating charged liquid meniscus9
Electroosmotic flow of a power-law fluid through an asymmetrical slit microchannel with gradually varying wall shape and wall potential39
Developing bioceramics for medical applications38
Nanocomposites for Human Tissue Repair and Regeneration30
Formation of controlled all-aqueous droplets and biomimetic materials10
Controlled release of drugs from microsphere-attached scaffolds under static or cyclic loading46
Investigations on the air conditioning system of Knowles Building271
Electro-induced manipulations of liquid marbles for chemical reactions23
Working principles of solar and other energy conversion cells126
Formulation of solid elements for linear and geometric nonlinear analysis of shells182
A hidden symmetry-broken phase of MoS2 revealed as a superior photovoltaic material19
Study of zero energy building and zero carbon building93
Novel approaches to liquid/solid-fueled fuel cells50
Fabrication and characterization of graded calcium phosphate coatings produced by ion beam sputtering/mixing deposition86
Compact environmental noise absorber259
Epidermal electronics38
Fabricators, industry and academia: the technology transfer challenge70
Incompressible unsteady flow around a rotating circular cylinder23
Microfluidics-based pH-differential reactor for CO2 utilization: A mathematical study15
Analysis methods and tools for hybrid ventilation systems62
Bioglass®/high density polyethylene composite for soft tissue applications: Preparation and evaluation71
A new C2 rational interpolation based on function values and constrained control of the interpolant curves105
On the comparison of the ventilation performance of street canyons of different aspect ratios and Richardson number93
A new nine DOF triangular element for analysis of thick and thin plates107
AuNR@mSiO2@Au composite nanoparticles for cancer detection and combined cancer therapy64
Dispersion of exhalation pollutants in a two-bed hospital ward with a downward ventilation system117
Modeling and simulation of the mechanical response of biopolymer networks / y Wei Xi211
Interactions between deformation-induced defects and carbides in a vanadium-containing TWIP steel141
The Crooked Rod Sign7
A time-varying diffusivity model for shear dispersion in oscillatory channel flow102
Development of a simulation model for PWR reactor coolant system196
Large enhancement of electrical transport properties of SnS in the out-of-plane direction by n-type doping: a combined ARPES and DFT study6
Property of period-doubling bifurcations128
Modelling of a bacterial bioreactor for nitric oxide abatement39
Motion of a rectangular bar under traction on a horizontal plane120
Performance investigation of nanostructured composite surfaces for use in adsorption cooling systems with a mass recovery cycle34
Rogue waves for a system of coupled derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equations55
Effects of external vs internal length scales on strength of small metallic materials33
Colloido-polymersomes: Capsules consisting of a composite layer of particles and polymer55
Analysis and synthesis of Markov Jump Linear systems with time-varying delays and partially known transition probabilities204
An effective method for multi-material part design104
Development of eight-node quadrilateral membrane elements using the area coordinates method108
Unsteady large-scale flow patterns and dynamic vortex movement in near-field triple buoyant plumes35
Optimal estimation and control for lossy network: stability, convergence, and performance37
Dislocation kink-pair energetics and pencil glide in body-centered-cubic crystals90
Surface modification of biomaterials and tissue engineering scaffolds for enhanced osteoconductivity69
Effects of extrinsic grain boundary defects on Kapitza resistance under laser pulse55
A new family of elements for h-type adaptive analysis for shell problems48
Single-digit nanometer nanoimprint templates66
Green Design and Construction of Site Offices78
City ventilation of Hong Kong at no-wind conditions176
Benchmarking the energy performance of hotel buildings in Hong Kong50
H∞ filtering for systems with delays and time-varying nonlinear parameters83
Piezoelectric Nanogenerators: Energy Harvesting Technology23
Photochemical repair of Achilles tendon rupture in a rat model88
Variable structure compensators for system subject to actuator saturation47
Study on biomass gasification methanol synthesis system90
On solitary waves forced by underwater moving objects54
Wave induced oscillatory and steady flows in the annulus of a catheterized viscoelastic tube63
Nanofluids: synthesis, heat conduction, and extension141
Air pollution impact due to road transportation in Hong Kong in the next decade80
Dual-Species Transport Subject to Sorptive Exchange in Pipe Flow89
Experimental observations on the interface front of phase change material inside cylindrical cavity17
Visualization of flows in curved channels with a moderate or high rotation speed75
Application of electromechanical coupling in noise and vibration control43
Experimental study on near-ground boundary layer response to the change in different patterns of urban-type surface42
Use of multi-transition-metal-ion-exchanged zeolite 13X catalysts in methane emissions abatement16
Localized modes of the Hirota equation: Nth order rogue wave and a separation of variable technique58
Preliminary Study of the Parameterisation of Street-Level Ventilation in Idealised Two-Dimensional Simulations80
A high-performance aluminum-feed microfluidic fuel cell stack44
Numerical study for evolution of coherent vortex in unidirectional oscillatory boundary layer over sand ripples48
Petrol is cleaner41
Correcting power-law viscoelastic effects in elastic modulus measurement using depth-sensing indentation129
Strengthening and recovery mechanisms of A nanostructured TWIP steel13
On the longitudinal dispersion of settling particles in a horizontal circular pipe41
Three-dimensional vibration analysis of a cantilevered parallelepiped: Exact and approximate solutions73
Room noise filtering by shunted loudspeaker95
Sustained release of neurotrophin-3 and chondroitinase ABC from electrospun collagen nanofiber scaffold for spinal cord injury repair119
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Flow Interaction cum Exhibition/Lectures on Interaction of Science and Art35
Driving Force and Logic of Development of Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive Applications252
Budget Analysis of Pollutant Transport over Urban Roughness21
A simple model for the two dimensional blood flow in the collapse of veins122
Fracture behavior of inclined elliptical cavities subjected to mixed-mode I and II electro-mechanical loading111
Study of enthalpy of evaporation, saturated vapor pressure and evaporation rate of aqueous nanofluids22
Numerical study of multiplanar tubular DX-joints subject to axial loads102
Local exhaust ventilation for infection control in hospitals142
Passive urban ventilation by combined buoyancy-driven slope flow and wall flow: parametric CFD studies on idealized city models149
Investigation on semi-active control of vehicle suspension using adaptive inerter84
Transition from Deterministic to Stochastic Deformation26
Numerical and experimental comparative study of microfluidic fuel cells with different flow configurations: Co-flow vs. counter-flow cell15
Developing New Theranostics Based on Au-Ag Nanostructure29
Adaptive H∞ control using backstepping design and neural networks94
Dependence of corrosion properties of AISI 304L stainless steel on the austenite grain size77
Fabrication of (Ti, Si, O, N)/Ti composite coating on NiTi shape memory alloy using PIIID and coating evaluation76
The Implementation of Standardization and Certification for FIR Products in Hong Kong13
Optimization of the spraying process for multiphase perfect materials by means of virtual manufacturing51
On distribution of contact forces in random granular packings112
A new design method for components made of a multiphase perfect material37
Interfacial waves due to a singularity in a system of two semi-infinite fluids86
A full-scale mock-up study of SARS busters' new air-conditioning system for SARS wards69
Pressure fluctuations behind V-groove circular cylinders14
Movement and evaporation of droplets in indoor transmission of infectious diseases - a review51
Exploring the use of impedance spectroscopy in relaxation and electrochemical studies4
Wave propagation and induced steady streaming in viscous fluid contained in a prestressed viscoelastic tube86
Finite difference lattice boltzmann method for compressible thermal fluids6
Flow visualization of the near wake of a circular cylinder at different aspect ratio10
Lagrangian transport induced by peristaltic pumping in a closed channel72
Lagrangian transport induced by peristaltic pumping in a tube72
Bifurcation, stability and thermodynamic analysis of forced convectionin tightly coiled ducts293
Highly Sensitive Metabolite Biosensor Based on Organic Electrochemical Transistor Integrated with Microfluidic Channel and Poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone)-Capped Platinum Nanoparticles101
Influence of size-dependent electrostatic energy on the ferroelectric nanodot domain structure by phase field method67
Dual-phase-lagging Heat Conduction98
Development of Nb-TiO2/Nb2O5 functional photoanode and flexible metal-mesh cathode for dye-sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells58
A study on the performance of proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells and solar electrolysis for hydrogen production194
Electrospinning of poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) fibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering applications: Effects of electrospinning parameters and solution properties119
Hydrodynamic interaction between a fixed and a moving cylinder202
Precise Placement of Microbubble Templates at Single Entity Resolution37
Unsteady free-surface waves generated by bodies in a viscous fluid222
Analysis of piezoelectric ceramic multilayer actuators based on an electro-mechanical coupled meshless method107
Engineering micromotors with droplet microfluidics12
Interaction and fusion dynamics between cellular blebs3
A saturation compensation approach for constrained velocity algorithms of PID controllers with amplitude limits40
Experimental study and control of noise from a window-type ventilation fan74
Low cost universal High-k dielectric for solution processing and thermal evaporation organic transistors79
A computational method for simultaneous LQ optimal control design via piecewise constant output feedback72
A generalized Peierls-Nabarro model for non-planar screw dislocation cores76
Hydrogel-integrated plasmonic nanostructures on optical fiber facet for remote and real-time pH sensing53
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Biomaterials for human body tissue repair and regeneration47
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Increased EGFR expression induced by a novel oncogene, CUG2, confers resistance to doxorubicin through Stat1-HDAC4 signaling2
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Computational Mechanics of Soft Robots – from Design, Control to Sensing14
Mass transport due to oscillatory flow through a prestressed viscoelastic tube56
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Tension- and Adhesion-Regulated Retraction of Injured Axons7
Controlled Synthesis of Paclitaxelloaded PLGA@Ag-Au Nanoparticles and their Properties46
Positive filtering for continuous-time positive systems under L1 performance31
Early development drug formulation on a chip: Fabrication of nanoparticles using a microfluidic spray dryer98
Reachable Set Estimation for Periodic Piecewise Time-varying Systems20
Tool path generation for protrusion milling235
Physics-preserving turbulent closure models: SGS flux rectors of mass and energy54
Free-formed submicron-fabrication of protein matrix via multiphoton photochemical crosslinking53
Optimization of a clamped plate silencer72
Three-dimensional writing of conducting polymer nanowire arrays by meniscus-guided polymerization39
Implementation of a robot system for sculptured surface cutting. Part 1. Rough machining73
A method for recognizing feature interactions40
A novel H∞ tracking control scheme for periodic piecewise time-varying systems29
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Fabrication of multi-component tissue-like constructs toward spinal motion segment and intervertebral disc tissue engineering62
Environment modelling investigations of infectious diseases16
Non-existence of finite-time stable equilibria in fractional order nonlinear systems65
Beyond the classical theory of heat conduction: a perspective view of future from entropy4
Electrochemical utilization of carbon dioxide : an investigation into intrinsic thermodynamics, microfluidic network and interface control116
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City ventilation for better urban and indoor environment13
Oblique wave scattering by a system of floating and submerged porous elastic plates38
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Visual Servoing of Soft Robotic Arms by Binocular8
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Smoothed molecular dynamics for large step time integration180
An efficient rotation-free triangle and its application in cloth simulations263
Solitons, Positons, and trains of algebraically decaying waves75
Airflow and air temperature distribution in the occupied region of an underfloor ventilation system11
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Large-eddy simulation of flows over idealized urban areas in thermal stratification57
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Design of actuator saturation compensators for absolute stability.60
Tuning the geometrical parameters of biomimetic fibrillar structures to enhance adhesion81
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Effect of wind fluctuations on pollutant dispersion modelling36
Origin of the deformation microstructure in if steel after medium cold rolling reductions63
Dispersion of expiratory droplets in a general hospital ward with ceiling mixing type mechanical ventilation system10
Hybrid-stress six-node prismatic elements125
Adaptive control of nonlinear systems using neurofuzzy networks52
Use of a portable HEPA air cleaner in a hospital ward for reducing disease infection74
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Fracture measurement on materials with low yield stress and high toughness211
Droplet based microfluidic fabrication of designer microparticles for encapsulation applications84
A new perturbation procedure for limit cycle analysis in three-dimensional nonlinear autonomous dynamical systems99
Pressure distributions on circular cylinders with stepwise change of the diameter19
Modelling of exhaust emissions from spark ignition vehicles112
Control simulation of a six DOF parallel-serial robot for femur fracture reduction82
Design and analysis of offshore lifting padeyes359
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Study of electrostatic-induced jumping droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces37
Direct observation of inversion domain boundaries of GaN on c-sapphire at sub-ångstrom resolution80
Self-tuning control of nonlinear systems based on neurofuzzy networks209
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A connection between the maximum displacements of rogue waves and the dynamics of poles in the complex plane40
Anharmonic lattice dynamics of bcc sodium under high pressures25
Ventilation performance measurement using constant concentration dosing strategy2
Responses of hot wire to acoustic excitations184
Nonlinear filtering for state delayed systems with Markovian switching70
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Soft robotic glove for combined assistance and at-home rehabilitation380
The capillary force in micro- and nano-indentation with different indenter shapes88
Parametric study on the fabrication and modification of TiO2 nanotube arrays for photoeletrocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants220
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Experimental study and asymptotic analysis of horizontally forced forward smoldering combustion2
L1-induced Performance Analysis and Sparse Controller Synthesis for Interval Positive Systems69
Thermal percolation in stable graphite suspensions122
Stability analysis of discrete-dime positive switched linear delay systems48
Trefftz indirect methods for plane piezoelectricity88
Electroosmotic flow of a power-law fluid in a non-uniform microchannel80
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Advanced gas-emission anode design for microfluidic fuel cell eliminating bubble accumulation42
Stability, stabilization and L2-gain analysis of periodic piecewise linear systems69
Control and Motion Scaling of A Compact Cable-driven Dental Robotic Manipulator7
Formation of injectable and osteoinductive bone-like microparticles using mesenchymal stem cell-collagen microspheres48
Low-cost Al-air batteries with paper-based solid electrolyte26
Body-force-driven multiplicity and stability of combined free and forced convection in rotating curved ducts: centrifugal force62
Knowledge-guided inference for voice-enabled CAD112
Structure characterization of amorphous CoxGd1-x nanowires and magnetic properties of their arrays94
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Grain boundary precipitation in an Fe-7.8Al-31.7Mn-0.54C alloy6
Computer simulation for the performance of a solar hot water system216
Singularities and symmetry breaking in swarms82
Characteristics of the synthesis of methanol using biomass-derived syngas129
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Investigation on street vortex196
Discussion of the adaption of between blinds glass for residential buildings in different climate regions of China based on energy consumption analysis76
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Computer-aided quotation system for modular machine tools and production lines47
Droplet Formation by Rupture of Vibration-Induced Interfacial Fingers22
An LMI approach to design robust fault detection filter for uncertain LTI systems160
Controlled release of growth factors from tissue engineering scaffolds made by positive and negative voltage electrospinning47
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Ultra-strong nanotwinned steel with large tensile elongation73
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Bioinspired Nanostructured Surfaces for On-Demand Bubble Transportation54
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Non-symmetrical Plumes Generated by a Single High-rise Building18
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Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society Asia Pacific Meeting 201180
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FEM-based Soft Robotic Control Framework for Intracavitary Navigation78
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Collective behavior coordination with predictive mechanisms105
Control of spurious mechanisms for 20-node and transition sub-integrated hexahedral elements78
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Stability and L2 Synthesis of A Class of Periodic Piecewise Time-varying Systems10
Machinery constraints in modern ship propulsion54
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Design of a one-motor tree-climbing robot91
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Suppression of Void Formation at Sn/Cu Joint Due to Twin Formation in Cu Electrodeposit26
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Frontier in nanofluids47
Short-circuiting of ventilation air - a factor to be considered in the design of ventilation systems48
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Functional organic field effect transistor devices for sensing applications119
Multiscale transport of mass, momentum and energy225
A study to determine a practical technology for manufacturing components made of a multiphase perfect material183
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Gaze-contingent motor channelling and haptic constraints for minimally invasive robotic surgery55
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Potential use of a combined ozone and zeolite system for gaseous toluene elimination4
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An experimental investigation of a solar chimney model with uniform wall heat flux178
Absence of Detectable Influenza RNA Transmitted via Aerosol during Various Human Respiratory Activities – Experiments from Singapore and Hong Kong111
A Rotational Tri-fingered Gripper for stable Adaptable Grasping53
Deep subwavelength acoustic metamaterial for low-frequency sound absorption26
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Magic microfluidic droplets and bubbles45
Breakup of double emulsions in constrictions100
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Relationships between cold rolling microstructures and recrystallisation textures in Al-5% Mg41
Evaporation of Al2O3-water nanofluids in an externally micro-grooved evaporator21
Kirigami Nanocomposites as Wide-Angle Diffraction Gratings19
Vibration inside tall buildings17
Rationalizing the inelastic neutron scattering measurements of phonons from computational modeling7
Materials and fractal designs for 3D multifunctional integumentary membranes with capabilities in cardiac electrotherapy20
Electric Current Tuning the Self-Oscillation Frequency of EC-VCSELs57
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A review on the energy production, consumption, and prospect of renewable energy in China232
Interfacial Fast Release Layer in Monodisperse Poly (Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid) Microspheres Accelerates the Drug Release103
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Computation on vortex interactions behind two circular cylinders40
Programmable artificial phototactic microswimmer103
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Effects of microscale physics on macroscale thermal properties in nanofluids56
環保建築, 綠帽罩大屋50
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Effect of guide wall on the potential of a solar chimney power plant73
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Totally biodegradable and osteoconductive composite material consisting of polyhydroxybutyrate and tricalcium phosphate for bone tissue repair66
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Materials for multifunctional balloon catheters with capabilities in cardiac electrophysiological mapping and ablation therapy21
Broadband Light Management with Thermochromic Hydrogel Microparticles for Smart Windows25
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Effect of Free Surface on the Stability of Individual Retained Austenite Grains in a Duplex Stainless Steel225
Robotics in ecommerce logistics191
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Dynamics of an elastically moored floating body by the three-dimensional infinite element method81
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Arrested coalescence of particle-coated droplets into nonspherical supracolloidal structures88
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Critical frequency for coalescence of emulsions in an AC electric field10
Crystal instability in nanocrystalline materials33
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Integral partitioning approach to stability analysis and stabilization of distributed time delay systems44
Parallel computation of atmospheric pollutant dispersion under unstably stratified atmosphere102
Ferromagnetic convection in a heterogeneous porous medium48
Solution-Processed Transparent Nickel-Mesh Counter Electrode with in-Situ Electrodeposited Platinum Nanoparticles for Full-Plastic Bifacial Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells52
Queuing model simulating Kwai Chung Terminal's utilization191
Chinese kangs - thermon-fluid principles, present status and future42
Alumina Nanohoneycombs with Controlled Spatial Ordering of Pore Channels22
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Multifunctional complex tissue engineering scaffolds16
Multilayered electrospun scaffolds for improved vascularization and regeneration of layered structure of tissues39
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Modelling of nonlinear stochastic systems using neural and neurofuzzy networks189
Interaction between discrete heat sources in horizontal natural convection enclosures92
Developing calcium phosphate/poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) nanocomposite scaffolds via selective laser sintering for bone tissueengineering306
Advances in Transport Phenomena 2011100
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Characteristics of urban ozone in Hong Kong41
Electrospinning of porous poly(hydroxybutrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) fibers46
Analysis of effective lighting systems for university classrooms46
Characteristics of flocculated silica dispersions93
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A correction function to determine the -fusion heat in a mixture of α- and β-PP72
Bioactive hydroxyapatite-polysulfone composite for tissue replacement56
An improved RuO4 staining technique for saturated crystalline polymers57
Event-triggered control over noisy feedback channels33
Statistical plastic events in small material volumes17
Finite element model with continuous transverse shear stress for composite laminates in cylindrical bending94
Noise of individual vehicles in a high-rise city18
Robust approximate pole assignment for second-order systems: Neural network computation64
Analysis, prediction and design of natural and hybrid ventilation for simple buildings138
Multiphase Protein Microgels38
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Energy upcycle in anaerobic treatment: Ammonium, methane, and carbon dioxide reformation through a hybrid electrodeionization–solid oxide fuel cell system46
Dynamic behaviors of oppositely charged emulsion droplets15
Fixed-time synchronization of complex networks with impulsive effects via non-chattering control18
In the intermixing region behind circular cylinders with stepwise change of the diameter12
The role of aperture in the extraction of functional components from plant materials1178
Exponential stability analysis and l1 synthesis of positive T-S fuzzy systems with time-varying delays64
Ostraciiform Underwater Robot With Segmented Caudal Fin40
A semi-Analytical model for the thermal conductivity of nanofluids and determination of the nanolayer thickness13
Multi‐ATOM: Ultrahigh‐throughput single‐cell quantitative phase imaging with subcellular resolution77
Fabrication and application of novel porous scaffold in situ-loaded graphene oxide and osteogenic peptide by cryogenic 3D printing for repairing critical-sized bone defect15
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Responses to air-conditioning system noise17
On the mechanisms of pollutant removal from urban street canyons: a large-eddy simulation approach57
Good Environmental Quality while Achieving Building Energy Efficiency18
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Bioactive bioceramic coatings. Part I, Coatings on non-metallic biomaterials52
Robot-Assisted Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Is Effective in Treating Patients With Early-Stage Gastric Neoplasia100
Propagation of construction noise in a high-rise city16
Dual delivery of biomacromolecules and drug from nanofibrous tissue engineering scaffolds11
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Dynamic regimes of electrified liquid filaments33
Design, implementation and verification of a quadrotor tail-sitter VTOL UAV15
Wearable soft robots46
High Strength Conductive Composites with Plasmonic Nanoparticles Aligned on Aramid Nanofibers25
Numerical study on the slip effect of the non-Newtonian electroosmotic flow in microchannels75
Novel electrospun bicomponent scaffolds for nerve tissue repair36
Bio-filament polymerization driven phenomena : experiments and simulations144
Electrospun bicomponent scaffolds with osteoconductivity and osteoinductivity27
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Some behaviours of coherent structures in coaxial jet under acoustic excitation11
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Development of integrated design for disassembly and recycling in concurrent engineering101
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On the Mechanical Stability of Austenite Matrix After Martensite Formation in a Medium Mn Steel50
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Synergistically catalytic oxidation of toluene over Mn modified g-C3N4/ZSM-4 under vacuum UV irradiation17
Centralized control for parallel operation of distributed generation inverters in microgrids70
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Dual-source Dual-power electrospinning and characteristics of multifunctional scaffolds for bone tissue engineering54
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Command search for CAD system86
Boundary effect on ship-generated waves215
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Measurement of the rate of ve + d → p + p + e- interactions produced by 8B solar neutrinos at the sudbury neutrino observatory107
Message from the chairpersons302
Robust stability and stabilization for singular systems with state delay and parameter uncertainty160
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Active Nanodiamond Swimmers Fabricated by Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD)46
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A review of building energy standards and implications for Hong Kong: An energy efficiency office was formed in Hong Kong in 1994 and represents the territory on the Asia Pacific economic co-operation working group on regional energy co-operation. It is hoped this participation will enable Hong Kong to learn from the experience of other countries in the region63
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Manufacture of Biomaterials34
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Control and management of hospital indoor air quality112
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