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Incorporation of expert reasoning into the bim-based cost estimating process7
Cross-boundary collaboration in waste management research: A network analysis39
Critical success factors for on-site sorting of construction waste: A china study189
Rising costs of construction34
Valuing options in commercial real estate leases384
What are the solutions to stabilize costs?18
Personal construct-based factors affecting interpersonal trust in a project design team98
Scenarios for applying RFID technology in construction project management136
What is a Tong Lau? I Know, as I Lived in One11
Restoring Social Equity, Financial Stability and Global Competitiveness in the HKSAR: A Reform of the Property Tax System58
Organisational culture profiles of construction enterprises in China93
Analysis of Hong Kong Commercial Property Performance: 1984-199440
A Critical Review of Construction Safety Motivation in Hong Kong84
Infrastructure Finance: The Sydney Cross City Tunnel172
Achieving social sustainability in the workplace in construction industry: professional burnout-engagement and organizational environment202
Improving performance: an effective approach for an organisation providing low cost housing221
Hong Kong’s Back Alleys: The Ugly, the Bad and the Good138
The Agent-construction System for procuring mega projects in China118
Modeling Developing Control of Residential Development: A Probit Analysis of Rent Seeking and Policy Autonomy in Town Planning in Hong Kong68
Understanding the Home Purchase Decision of the Younger Generation in Hong Kong67
BIM and the small construction firm: a critical perspective91
Effect of Implementing Safety Management System in the Hong Kong Construction Industry (in Chinese)57
Investigating waste reduction potential in the upstream processes of offshore prefabrication construction104
Privatization, housing conditions and affordability in the People's Republic of China44
The Long Term Housing Strategy Review: A Measured Response with Private Sector Participations in Mind46
Recollections of the Battle of Hong Kong and Life of a POW by Mr. Arthur Ernesto Gomes, 5th Company (Machine Gun), HKDVC165
Facility Management Benchmarking in Asia-Pacific Cities52
Volatility transmission in the real estate spot and forward markets62
A better future for Mai Po?99
The impact of the 1997 issue on Hong Kong's real estate market64
A SCO-based tower crane system for prefabrication construction.124
Redevelopment or rehabilitation?85
High value information in engineering organisations20
Personal construct based factors affecting willingness to share knowledge between architects in a project design team76
The effects of changing visitors' profile on the hotel industry in Hong Kong: the growth of visitors frommaindland China192
The Demand and Supply of Protection: a Reinterpretation of the Emergence of a Weberian/Olsonian State through the Lens of Modern China44
Intertemporal pricing strategies: a study of the primary private housing market of Hong Kong254
A Study of RFID-based Multi-Agent-based Materials Management System in the Supply Chain Environment47
Explaining total factor productivity trend in building construction: Empirical evidence from Hong Kong91
Environmental strategies for enhancing the quality of elderly care facilities in an aging society : post-occupancy evaluation on care and attention homes for the elderly in Hong Kong79
The rise and fall of discriminatory zoning in Hong Kong115
Renewing a Lease at a Discount or Premium?55
Methods of project financing and refinancing, their relevance to development projects in Hong Kong933
Slope mainteannce [i.e. maintenance] and repair works in Hong Kong82
Inter-partner Fit and Performance for Construction Joint Venture59
The Enforcement of Mainland Awards before and after the Arbitration (Amendment) Ordinance 200059
Hong Kong: City of Contrasts46
Declarations Section in Policy Issues of Sustainable Built Environment Research40
Evaluating the impact of urban redevelopment projects in China : a case study of Liede Village in Guangzhou390
An Integrated Station (Re)development Model for Mong Kok, KCRC52
Occupant Health, Indoor, and Neighborhood Environment of Green versus Conventional Buildings: A Comparison Study4
Crime rate and socio-economic factors106
Housing prices, income and urban quality of life : an empirical study across 35 cities in China270
The effect of Chinese culture on the implict value of graveyard view in Hong Kong residential property market156
The traditional procurement method: the choice of Hong Kong private sector clients for residential projects1477
Econometric Modelling and Forecasting Techniques37
Value enhancement effects of building management practices: a preliminary study in Hong Kong49
The application scenarios of smart construction objects (SCOs) in construction70
The determinants of renovation frequencies an empirical study of shopping centres in Hong Kong /86
An evaluation and analysis of the production efficiency in Hong Kong's construction industry84
Risk premium of real estate investment in Hong Kong96
Criteria of incorporating planning conidtions [sic] into leases69
Subcontracting in the construction industry: a transaction costs minimization perspective45
The impact of zoning on housing prices in Hong Kong248
Burnout and its relationship with architecture students' job design inHong Kong329
Citic Tower 2: The Real Option142
Economic Indicators of Sustainable Development in Fish culture41
Gap rock lighthouse; The History of Lighthouses In Hong Kong25
Factors affecting spatial autocorrelation in housing prices : an empirical study of Hong Kong370
Research Methods for Construction (3rd ed.)2646
The Modern Real Estate Paradigm as Framework for International Comparisons: An Application to the Hong Kong Real Estate Economy30
Understanding the interplay of innovation climate and leadership in construction innovation37
Do unexpected land auction outcomes bring new information to the real estate market?133
Commercial Premises43
What empowers individuals and teams in project settings? A critical incident analysis91
Research Methods for Construction (3rd ed.) (In Chinese)162
Balancing Rural and Urban Development: Applying Coordinated Urban–Rural Development (CURD) Strategy to Achieve Sustainable Urbanisation in China29
Space and scale: A study of development intensity and housing price in Hong Kong213
Construction Waste Management Policies and Their Effectiveness in Hong Kong: A Longitudinal Review126
Culture dynamics of information and communication technology (ICT) adoption in construction companies129
Applying organizational semiotics for developing Knowledge-Based cost estimation of construction project8
Hong Kong government's construction price estimating methodology380
Resolving conflicts in project management247
Economics of Gei Wai Shrimp Culture in Hong Kong: from Commercial Aquaculture to Bird Production126
International Real Estate Investment Research Forum Proceedings62
Improving social sustainability in construction: a conceptual framework based on social network analysis79
The Adoption of advanced technologies for Hong Kong construction industry100
Urban Renewal in an Emerging Markets: The case of Guangzhou38
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: a Comparative Study of Public Bus Terminals as Civic Spaces99
The level of direct property in Hong Kong property company performance66
Binomial Option Pricing Models for Real Estate Development123
Role of leadership in fostering innovation climate in construction firms133
Equality, efficiency and compatibility: towards sustainable development : changes in the Chinese economicsystem, 1911-2010189
The role of alternative dispute resolution methods in the constructionindustry and the application of these methods in Hong Kong395
Management strategies for 5D-BIM adoption in Hong Kong175
The role of leadership and organizational climate in fostering innovation in construction242
The safety performance of apartment buildings: empirical evidence from Hong Kong429
A critical analysis of integrated project organisations in meeting client's objectives278
An examination of the effect of a new transportation node on residential property price in Tuen Mun78
Prospects for No-Dig Technology in Hong Kong construction industry102
Effectiveness of various construction safety measures in Hong Kong184
Empirical testing of real options in the Hong Kong residential real estate market247
An empirical study73
Application of life cycle costing (LCC) technique in Hong Kong warehouse industry315
Implementing housing rights in China : reinterpreting Chinese constitutional property229
Conference Proceedings of One-day Conference on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP): Opportunities and Challenges, Hong Kong, 22 February 2005582
A tridaic sign framework for heritage conservation : bridging the objectivist-subjectivist dichotomy57
Proceedings of the WABER 2015 Conference: West Africa Built Environment Research (WABER) Conference 2015, 10-12 August 2015, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana102
Myns Insiens: Die De Kock-Verslag en Eiendomsbelegging42
Accelerating cultural changes through innovative procurement processes: a Hong Kong perspective153
Real Estate Networking, Invited Plenary Session Paper37
Demystifying BIM & Innovation74
Project management during property crisis281
An examination of the effect of feng shui on residential property price in Hong Kong144
A Research Model of Project Complexity and Goal Commitment Effects on Project Outcome38
Transformation of the Real Estate Market in Shanghai50
An empirical analysis of the impacts of government policies on private housing prices in Hong Kong158
Community activation and participatory design: a case study of community building through the community gardens37
Mega-challenges: programming management for event projects77
Promoting Market Development with Structured Finance and Regional Credit Enhancement58
Assessing the quality of property management of public rental housing between housing department and property management agents122
Disentanglement of age, time, and vintage effects on housing price by forward contracts71
Information evaluation empirical investigations in engineering organizations6
‘Cognitive facility management’: Definition, system architecture, and example scenario8
Economic Indicators of Sustainable Development in Fish Culture32
Linkages between direct and indirect property performance in Hong Kong61
Project management of building services engineering work in Hong Kong building construction industry310
Transaction Cost Economics and Planning: a Note on the Contribution of Steven N. S. Cheung95
Demand Uncertainty, Timing of Development, and Leasehold Land Valuation: Testing Real Options in Residential Real Estate Development49
Embodied energy of service trading in Hong Kong55
Measuring building performance for sustainable built heritage77
Estimating the value enhancement effects of refurbishment95
A study of office location in Hong Kong: an analysis of the relationship between selected location variables andabsorption of office space in localized office markets224
Refinancing the Western Harbour Crossing, Hong Kong91
Land auctions and housing prices in Hong Kong44
Smart Construction from Head to Toe: A Closed-Loop Lifecycle Management System Based on IoT49
Identifying factors influencing demolition waste generation in Hong Kong159
The fable of economic animals: an empirical study of the impacts of shocks and crises on the Hong Kong real estateindustry194
Is strata title a solution to the problems of multi-storey building management in Hong Kong455
IPO location as a quality signal: the case of Chinese developers126
BIM-Based design coordination for china’s architecture, engineering and construction industry70
A public trust doctrine for Hong Kong179
Mobilising Information, RFID, and BIM: A new paradigm8
Why Build More To Earn Less: Property Right Implications Of Urban Villages60
Implementation of Safety Management Systems in the Hong Kong Construction Industry53
WTO accession, financial reform and the rule of law in China99
Shaping mega-event flagships: A case study of Expo Center of Expo 2010 Shanghai, China49
The dynamics of the Hong Kong Real Estate Economy55
Valuation of leasehold properties47
Transferable Development Rights: A Solution to the Problems of Building Dilapidation?235
A golden jubilee critique of Hong Kong public housing policy (1954-2004)204
A study on investment opportunities for real estate development in Shanghai, China272
Analysis on the links between housing and respiratory health of residents in Hong Kong79
Construction waste management in Hong Kong: 10 years, no change?128
The government franchising of bus services in Hong Kong70
An Internet of Things-enabled BIM platform for on-site assembly services in prefabricated construction112
Influence of collectivism on organisational citizenship behaviour of construction participants57
Managing power, conflict and change: an analytical model for construction contract procurement284
Culture as a component of complexity in construction60
Prices and Competition in Property Market: Analysis and Policy Issues63
The Impact of the Asian Financial Crisis on the Pricing of Condominiums in Malaysia177
Testing the dividend-ratio model on real estate assets68
Quality assurance in construction by independent experts: A case study of the efficiency performance of state-owned enterprises in China151
Optimizing the Configuration of a Compact Thermal Facade Module for Solar Renovation Concept in Buildings12
An analysis of fire safety legislations and fire safety management for hotels in Hong Kong147
Cost risk management in West Rail project of Hong Kong311
In search of Chineseness: the abused child syndrome and individual rights72
Construction innovation: A view from the lens of learning and culture24
A Culture-based approach to the management of Conflict on Multi-National Construction Projects41
Marine fish production and marketing for a Chinese food market: A transaction cost perspective127
Property Right Implications of Public Private Joint Ventures for Housing Development Projects51
Implementing Sustainable Development: Institutional Features56
Building for joint venture clients in the People's Republic of China34
Children’s participatory design for sustainable development and community planning44
Empirical Study of BIM Implementation-Based Perceptions among Chinese Practitioners45
In-situ shearographic nondestructive testing of aging concrete structures44
Lease renewal discount or premium? Evidence from office market in Hong Kong66
An empirical study of the determinants of loan-to-value ratio in residential property market in Hong Kong77
Are The Markets For Factories And Offices Integrated? Evidence From Hong Kong84
Willing to pay more for high-quality schools?22
The dynamics of office markets : the case of Seoul158
Editorial: On institutions and sustainoble development33
Bim-based Integrated Management Workflow Design For Schedule And Cost Planning Of Building Fabric Maintenance28
How transaction costs affect real estate developers entering into the building energy efficiency (BEE) market?79
Property Rights, Collateral, and Creditor Rights in East Asia53
The impact of transformational leadership on safety climate and individual safety behaviour on construction sites42
Intelligent building maintenance A novel discipline147
Conservation for the People: Conserving Hong Kong’s Built-heritage for Community Benefit17
Sustainable development91
Supervising for quality: An empirical examination of institutional arrangements in China's construction industry85
Environmental Protection under Common Law65
An SCO-enabled logistics and supply-chain management system in construction122
Scale Economies of the Franchised Buses and Ferries of Hong Kong, 1948 to 199855
Monte Carlo simulation of construction costs using subjective data75
The existence of used goods market with asymmetric information on quality40
Measurement costs and property speculation in Hong Kong40
A tenure choice under the Hong Kong public housing policy244
Politics, Institutions and Project Finance: The Dabhol Power Project137
A study on the potential for Industrial Real Estate Development in Tsuen Wan district in the context of the new port and airportdevelopment projects219
Learning Construction in Virtual Worlds64
A Smart Construction Object (SCO)-Enabled Proactive Data Management System for Construction Equipment Management96
Nexus between contracting and construction professional service businesses: empirical evidence from the international market49
Towards the “third wave”: An SCO-enabled occupational health and safety management system for construction33
What Determines Small Retailers' Location Preferences in an Old and Densely Populated Urban Area?45
Cultural Heritage in Shamshuipo - A Chapter on Building Heritage51
The effects of Exchange-rate Market Disequilibrium on stock price predictability and property stock performance under a Currency Boardsystem165
The significance and performance of infrastructure in China50
Competition in the Non-Residential Sector of the Construction Industry64
Breaking Down Barriers - The Future of Real Estate Activities39
A study of the non-legal factors that may affect the quantum of land compensation in the Lands Tribunal in Hong Kong69
Commentary: Journey through six property rights stories along the pacific rim53
The State, the Private Sector and Gentrification in Hong Kong50
The relationship between human resource practices and organizational performance in the Chinese construction enterprises145
Weathering effects on external wall tiling systems107
A study of the causes of conflicts in the tenants purchase scheme in Hong Kong109
Economics analysis of tax litigation39
The impacts of the town planning ordinance on the real estateindustry: a focus on the impact of the TownPlanning (amendment) Ordinance (1991)934
Impact of political incidents, financial crises, and severe acute respiratory syndrome on Hong Kong property buyers98
Conceptualizing Team Adaptability and Project Complexity: A Literature Review4
The interplay between formal and informal networks in construction projects56
Children's participatory design for sustainable development and community planning58
Procurement Systems: the View from Hong Kong77
Trading volume-induced spatial autocorrelation in real estate prices91
Planned conversion of rural land: A case study of planning applications for housing and open storage uses in agriculture zones144
Schumpeterian Innovation for Regulated Natural Monopoly as a Corporate Strategy59
The Role and Effectiveness of Communication Networks in Future Construction Management Research34
Effectiveness of Safety Measures in Reducing Construction Accidents in Hong Kong66
Information Technology Used by Hong Kong Contractors250
Privatising management services in subsidised housing in Hong Kong91
Analysis of the Japanese attack on the Gin Drinker’s Line, Hong Kong, in December 1941113
Using Computer Software to Support Surveying Students in Learning Structures43
The Impact of Housing and Financial Wealth on Household Consumption: Evidence from Hong Kong77
Performance of property companies in Hong Kong: A style analysis approach94
West Rail (Phase I)--Prehypothesis-led Research64
Residential real estate price indices in Hong Kong: A pseudo-repeat sales approach93
An Empirical study of the impact of built environment on child development in Hong Kong96
The Roles of Motivation and Coping Behaviours in Managing Stress: Qualitative Interview Study of Hong Kong Expatriate Construction Professionals in Mainland China42
Towards a model for forming psychological safety climate in construction project management163
“What makes Price-to-income ratio in Asian cities so high?”49
Origins and Desired Destinations of Construction Project Cultures91
Voluntary and imposed racial segregation zoning: a Coasian-Olson Hong Kong comparative empirical study237
Reinventing government? Explaining management reform at the Hong Kong Housing Authority106
A Proposed Framework of Developer Obligations to Unleash Land Supply in Hong Kong: Land Readjustment97
Roads and Tunnels36
Reducing risks of aging buildings : the impact of citizenship on building management and maintenance in Hong Kong409
Innovation in construction education: The role of culture in e-learning111
Property owners' liability for personal injuries claims for damages change in risk perception after albert house case /88
Public Domain, Private Interest: Social Space in Hong Kong71
Impacts of Library Space on Learning Satisfaction – An Empirical Study of University Library Design in Guangzhou, China30
Evolution of a project organisation in a client authority168
Framework of a Knowledge-based Risk Management System for Construction Joint Venture53
Engagement as enrolment: An exploration of the power dynamics of public engagement processes48
Beyond the technical: A snapshot of energy and buildings research82
How Much Extra Do Housing Buyers Pay for Developer's Goodwill?43
Social sustainability in urban renewal: An assessment of community aspirations282
Construction management lessons from the construction of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre and its extension57
The framework underpinning conflicting keys in sustainability: Harmony-in-transit73
Decisions Made on Construction Sites43
Using bargaining-game theory for negotiating concession period for BOT-type contract165
A Social Identity Approach to Operationalizing Culture in Construction Management Research: The Need for a New Paradigm52
Development of a Multifunctional BIM Maturity Model144
Optimising choices of ‘building services’ for green building: Interdependence and life cycle costing14
Impact of stress-coping behaviour on estimation performance61
The significance and performance of the emerging property markets in Asia54
Modeling intra-destination travel behavior of tourists through spatio-temporal analysis17
Asset Quality in HKSAR's Real Estate Market: A Public Policy and Legal Analysis70
The Optimal Strategy of Using BIM in Construction Management77
The production characteristics in Hong Kong's construction industry341
Preventing construction worker injury incidents through the management of personal stress and organizational stressors64
Integrated model for the stressors and stresses of construction project managers in Hong Kong27
A comparison between growth in labour productivity in the construction industry and the economy174
Technological innovation in PPPs: Incentives, opportunities and actions59
School quality and housing prices83
Determinants of safety climate among construction workers in Hong Kong143
Programming practices of large-scale public building projects by construction professional and clients in China54
The effectiveness of DustBubbles on dust control in the process of concrete drilling98
On FDI-led growth and the price of residential properties in Guangdong65
Alternative Real Estate Research150
Liquidity-induced spatial dependence in real estate prices41
The Global Financial Crisis and the Future of Financial Regulation in Hong Kong116
Urbanisation and spatial distribution of development in China54
Empowering the project team: Impact of leadership style and team context119
Hong Kong Central Library278
The History of Planning for Kowloon City83
Commonhold as a solution to the problems of building management87
Review on the development & construction management of the airport in Chek Lap Kok455
Quarry industry and infrastructure development in Hong Kong131
A Sustainable Framework Of Building Quality Assessment For Achieving A Sustainable Urban Environment97
Institutional determinants of construction safety management strategies of contractors in Hong Kong30
Corporate social responsibility disclosures in international construction business: trends and prospects105
The impact of feng shui landscape on residential property prices in Hong Kong154
Usage of Technological Facilities in Service Sector Firms and Floor Space per Employee: Evidence from Hong Kong77
Are re-entrants good or bad? An empirical test in Hong Kong74
Learning Mechanisms and Commercial Capability Development from the Project Owner Perspective12
The Western Harbour Crossing, Hong Kong34
The feasibility in the use of statute-based adjudication for dispute resolution in the construction industry in Hong Kong311
Effects of building management regimes of private apartment buildings in Hong Kong106
Population and building densities: a probit analysis of the Town Planning Board's decisions277
Job burnout among construction engineers working within consulting and contracting organizations107
Special Issue Introduction60
Institutions and leverage: the case of Chinese property firms43
Disparity of willingness-to-pay and ought-to-pay for construction waste in Hong Kong: a conceptual model36
An empirical study of the impact of the nature of the property management company on the prices of private residential property in Hong Kong90
A legal analysis of the concept of "planning by contract" in non-statutory planning control in Hong Kong100
Patterns of cancer-related risk behaviors among Hong Kong construction workers: a latent class analysis78
Profiling buyers of green buildings90
A behavioral analysis of learning processes amongst construction project team members in China827
Contributions of environmental management systems towards sustainable development47
Governance, Property Rights and Financial Development57
Does bus accessibility affect property prices?39
A CSV concept to address health and safety issues and achieve firm competitiveness in the Hong Kong construction industry38
The price differential between freehold and leasehold interests38
Gentrification and Hong Kong’s Inner Urban Areas176
A conceptual link among facilities management, strategic management and project management69
An investigation into the implementation of safety management systems by Hong Kong construction contractors1178
Housing price gradient with two workplaces - An empirical study in Hong Kong119
Multiple-objective bidding strategy using goal programming technique196
Homeownership and life stability of expatriates in Hong Kong : a grounded theory analysis54
Structural Relationships between Cultural Values and Coping Behaviors of Professionals in the Stressful Construction Industry56
The correlation of noise and vibration in bridge movement joints281
A model of planning by contract: Integrating comprehensive state planning, freedom of contract, public participation and fidelity169
Managing boundary interfaces of complex project22
Intelligent BVAC information capturing system for smart building information modelling13
A framework for integrating syntax, semantics and pragmatics for computer-aided professional practice: With application of costing in construction industry13
Conflict Management Climate in Contractor’s Project Team: Conceptualizing its Relationship with Interface Management and Project Performance38
Owner project capabilities in infrastructure projects: unpacking commercial capabilities55
The impact of social stigma: an examination of the public and private housing markets in Hong Kong70
The Competitiveness of Hong Kong's Construction Industry33
Rational Development under Uncertain De Facto Jurisdictional Boundaries54
Wa! The wú wéi academic librarian92
Seen from above: The theoretical future of aerial photos in land use, environmental and planning study27
Development of a stressors-stress-performance-outcome model for expatriate construction professionals58
The Hong Kong solution to the overfishing problem: a study of the cultured fish industry in Hong Kong200
Cooperative relationships in partnering projects in Hong Kong51
Evolution of the Contractual Nature of Landuse Control: Property Rights Aspects of Landuse Planning in Hong Kong46
SCO-enabled process reengineering of construction logistics and supply chain management115
Considering on the administration of real estate valuation in China (in Chinese)46
An Overview of Research on Aquaculture Economics and Management in Hong Kong51
Health and space : a quantitative and qualitative research on the design of healing space in high-density urban built environment : the case of Hong Kong and Singapore217
Property rights analysis on planning applications and planning appeals52
Quarrying licensing system and infrastructure development in Hong Kong28
Change in Use of Land: A Practical Guide to Development in Hong Kong, Third Edition47
Development of public sector client capabilities within the context of new public management51
The Impact and Philosophy of Abercrombie’s Plan76
Lifecycle housing preferences of middle class residents in Guangzhou : an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) approach286
The impact of stress on performance of construction professionals40
The effects of rental growth expectation on real estate return : a term structure model and an empirical test in Hong Kong301
Design for Manufacture and Assembly Oriented Design Approach to a Curtain Wall System: A Case Study of a Commercial Building in Wuhan, China15
Positioning Mega-event Flagships – From Performing Arts Center of Expo 2010 to Mercedes-Benz Arena113
Problems in property valuation: market/individual behaviour and information flow75
The Interaction between Economic Growth and Residential Investment54
Are contractors prepared to take on design and build contracts?73
The Construction Industry in Hong Kong, 2nd ed.230
The Price-volume relationship in Hong Kong’s residential market53
Two Dialogues on Land Readjustment in Hong Kong14
The impact of infrastructure investment to coordinated urban and rural development in China46
Unauthorized building works - Does building management regime matters?101
An overview of research on aquaculture economics and management in Hong Kong105
Partnership in the redevelopment of urban villages in China: the cases in Shenzhen497
Town Planning in Hong Kong: A Review of Planning Appeals58
The housing supply system in urban China: a market-oriented approach195
Conflict on multi-national construction projects73
Market response to land auction events: a transaction volume approach48
The impact of different types of transactions on the property prices58
Management of climatic heat stress risk in construction: A review of practices, methodologies, and future research125
Integration of virtually real construction model and design-for-safety-process database108
Institutional reform in the provision of public services in Hong Kong: An efficiency evaluation120
Accessibility-based premiums and proximity-induced discounts stemming from bus rapid transit in China: Empirical evidence and policy implications6
Comparative study of Building Performance Assessment Schemes in Hong Kong165
Decision support systems for real estate evaluation238
Failure probability of external wall tiling systems: An empirical study of weathering impacts139
A study of establishing property re-sale market in China with particular reference to coastal special economic zones in PRC186
The role of co-creation in enhancing explorative and exploitative learning in project-based settings108
The translation of power: a study of boundary objects in public engagement processes42
Benchmarking Safety Management in the Real Estate and Construction Industries in Hong Kong88
Real options, portfolio effects and financial structure : theory and evidence from Hong Kong real estate companies317
Risk-taking behaviours of Hong Kong construction workers411
Laws of Banking and Finance in the HKSAR42
Study on analyzing questionnaire survey by Monte Carlo Simulation56
Transaction Cost Reduction and Innovations for Spontaneous Cities: Promoting a “Meeting” between Coase and Schumpeter78
Burnout among future construction professionals in Hong Kong42
A proposal for sustaining the quality of buildings in Hong Kong132
Benefit sharing for BIM implementation: Tackling the moral hazard dilemma in inter-firm cooperation121
The impact of corporate diversification and cash holdings on the performance of real estate companies : empirical evidence from Hong Kong450
Competitiveness and survival of Hong Kong real estate agencies199
A study on the effects of stress level on working performance of construction project managers in Hong Kong186
A brief history of the Gap Rock Lighthouse101
Direct Beleggen in Aziatisch vastgoed:Kansen en Bedreigingen85
Overview of Historic lighthouses in the region13
An analysis of the effectiveness of the project management process andorganisation structure employed by government in new town development227
Introducing Facilities Management Benchmarking Research in the Asia Pacific Region59
The changing nature of household demand and housing market trends in China79
Walking accessibility and property prices45
Fostering industry-science collaboration through government funding in China : network evolution of knowledge-based organizations141
Is the Financial Crisis over in the HKSAR? An Evaluation of its Banking Framework54
Proceedings of CIB W92 - Procurement Systems : North Meets South : Developing Ideas, the Department of Property Development and Construction Economics, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, 14-17 January 1996.62
A study of strategic orientations and perspective of professional quantity surveying consultant firms in Hong Kong271
The relationship between organizational culture, job burnout and job satisfaction of the Hong Kong construction professionals213
Institutional environment and institutional logics in construction safety management: the case of climatic heat stress on site73
Determinants and Sustainability of House Prices: The Case of Shanghai, China65
A study of safety in lift industry203
Public expenditure and property cycle: The case in shanghai25
Emerging Issues in Procurement Systems40
The formation of owners’ corporations in Hong Kong’s private housing estates: A probit evaluation of Mancur Olson’s group theory62
Embracing the principles of sustainable development: the case of Hong Kong198
Measuring building information modelling maturity: A Hong Kong case study88
Rights to views: a Planner’s Economic Note on the Fate of Victoria Harbour57
An Assessment of the Technical Efficiency of Construction Firms in Hong Kong71
An essay on the sustainability of a species: The story of the paradise fish, Macropodus opercularis, an endangered species in Hong Kong80
Understanding Construction Technology Transfer from a 'SCOT' Perspective74
Revisiting the autocorrelation of real estate returns11
Sustainable development as a modern utopia: aHong Kong case study169
Occupational health and mental risks in Hong Kong12
A study of land resumption for real estate development in Hong Kong318
The characteristics of the production structure and the nature of technological progress in Hong Kong's construction industry83
An ecological framework for the strategic positioning of a shopping mall193
Conceptual Maturity Model for Sustainable Construction77
A development planning in comfort: a treatise on teaching a technology in Australia45
Land supply and housing prices : empirical studies of Hong Kong and Guangzhou332
An exploratory study of information maturity in construction and developing a decision-making model7
A study on the relationship between organizational commitment and task performance in Chinese construction firms33
Land tenure and neighborhood property market dynamics: a real options approach5
The role of informal relationships in strengthening partnerships between public and private sectors76
Concession models for Build-Operate-Transfer projects?56
Application of hedonic valuation model to the price of privateestates' carpark in Hong Kong264
Benchmarking construction waste management performance using big data160
Communicative planning for sustainable development: a Coasian Hong Kong study on planning by contract inaction287
A theory of joint venture partnership in property investment: with special application to the profitsharing arrangements for property development in Hong Kong and thePeople's Republic of China455
A review of interdependence of sustainable building57
Does Green Pay Off?172
Quarrying History in Hong Kong15
The Real Estate Market and Land Use Rights Reforms in China47
The Japanese Assault on Pillbox 375
Success factors in an alliancing contract - A case study in Australia45
Informal Land Registration under Unclear Property Rights: Witnessing Contracts, Redevelopment, and Conferring Property Rights93
Relational Contracting, Culture and Globalisation?40
Impacts of stressors and stress on the injury incidents of construction workers in Hong Kong13
The pricing of 'luckiness' in the apartment market220
A tenant-mix model for shopping malls287
An examination of the effects of feng shui on property prices in Hong Kong92
Corporate social responsibility 'glocalisation': Evidence from the international construction business13
Exploring stressors of Hong Kong expatriate construction professionals in mainland China: focus group study112
The MTRC Worker Health and Wellbeing Month – What is it like to be a Construction Worker?138
In-situ nondestructive evaluation of aging concrete structures by use of shearography65
Burnout among future construction professionals in Hong Kong43
Institutional costs and the nature of subconstraction69
Critical analysis of relationship between real estate cycle and credit ratings68
Stress management in construction: Mind full or Mindful13
Dynamic Panel Analysis of Construction Accidents in Hong Kong23
Demystifying construction project time-effort distribution curves: a BIM and non-BIM comparison105
Estimation algorithm for predicting the performance of private apartment buildings in Hong Kong104
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