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The University of Hong Kong8628
Criminology: A Sociological Introduction84
Network domains in social networking sites: expectations, meanings, and social capital108
When giving feels good: The intrinsic benefits of sacrifice in romantic relationships for the communally motivated20
Book Review: Wallis, Cara. 2013. Technomobility in China: young migrant women and their mobile phones. New York: New York University Press. 288 pp. Hb.: US$45.00. ISBN: 978‐0814795262.79
Actions in reflexive modernity : an investigation of animal rights movement in Hong Kong47
Relational Work in Intermediated Ties: The Dynamics of Guanxi in Hospital Care in China48
The body: health, nation and transcendence158
Government sponsored crime prevention in Hong Kong: an overview217
Collaborative Problem Solving in Aids Prevention: A Case Study of Hawaiis Neddle Exchange Program51
Ritual Conquests and Socialist Event Productions: An Exorcist Goddess and Political Ritual in Contemporary China 16
Attitudes to insanity and crime202
Categories and Politics of Religion in China86
An Entrepreneurial Party-state and Its ‘City Manager’: The Ningbo Urban Construction Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (NBUCI) and Ningbo’s Tianyi Square Project38
To study the role of non-government organisations in cultural conservation and promotion through the case of the Hulu culture108
A preliminary discussion of the Lüshan ritual tradition of Huanghua Township, Yingde County, North Guangdong34
A tale of two industries: the restructuring of Hong Kong's garment- making and electronics industries80
Norms, values and cynical games with party ideology61
New arrival students in Hong Kong: adaptationand school performance1286
Tracking Gay and Lesbian/Queer Studies in Sexualities3
"Creative labor in radio" : the creativity of radio show host in Hong Kong86
Introduction: Crime, Control, and Modernity in China68
Violence against women: a study of victimization reporting in Hong Kong307
Discovering nationalistic sentiment in the Chinese fandom of Japanese and Korean popular culture251
人體: 健康, 民族與超驗性42
Credit Card Fraud in Hong Kong: How is it organized?97
One world is not enough: the structured phenomenology of lifestyle migrants in East Asia66
Structures of hosting in a south-western Chinese town119
The Bahá’í encounter with Western esotericism in the early 20th Century35
A critical analysis of probation service in Hong Kong279
In Search of Workers’ Power: Garment Workers in Global Production Networks52
The Falun Gong in China: A sociological perspective219
Money, migration, and market reform: the case of male sex workers in contemporary China21
Policing the transnational protests in oriental context: the WTO 6th Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, 200592
Juveniles and their moral reasoning196
Flow of moral obligations: Chinese women feeding their ancestors43
Shimokitazawa: Precarious Bohemians and World City Development69
Case study of young drug abuser in Tsuen Wan167
The making of a god: the deification of Chairman Mao Zedong259
Beijing’s Games: What the Olympics Mean to China by Susan Brownell111
We Belong to Glasgow: The Thirdspaces of Youth ‘Gangs’ and Asylum Seeker, Refugee and Migrant Groups52
Criminology Perspective: Primary Juvenile Offense in Hong Kong57
Project Polar Star in Hong Kong: An Innovative Police Strategy to Deal with Deviant Juveniles106
The Development of Investigative Reporting and Journalistic Professionalism in Southern Weekend192
Mistrust of Physicians in China: Society, Institution, and Interaction as Root Causes27
Doing compassion: the reach of humanistic Buddhism into China63
The Meaning and Gendered Culture of Getting High: Gang Girls and Drug Use Issues36
Race, Gender, and Surveillance of Migrant Domestic Workers in Asia33
Introduction doing families in Hong Kong: Values, relations and strategies107
Scandalous democracy: outlaw legislators and the police power in post-Authoritarian Taiwan31
Nurturing a culture of Giving: preliminary reflections on the role of Religion39
(The Lack of) Ethnic minority researchers in studies of ethnicity and drugs27
Human Trafficking40
Community, policing, and justice in modern Taiwan56
Urban Legends: Gang Identity in the Post-Industrial City273
(Im)mobile Methods? Capturing the complexity of young people's leisure lives in Cross-cultural Context72
Police accountability: the role of the complaints against police office460
Spheres of Solidarity, Moral Codes and Civil Society in China24
Social money? Digital money and migrant labour in China42
Doing ideology amid a crisis: collective actions and discourses of the Chinese Falun Gong Movement220
Legitimation and cognition: western knowledge in 19th century China30
Human Trafficking71
The newspaper constructions of female homicide offenders in Hong Kong236
Divorcing localization from the divergence paradigm: Localization of chinese life insurance practice and its implications204
Living intimately: conditional spaces for Hong Kong lesbians35
Online literature in China: a symbolic interaction between authors and readers77
The poetics of religious philanthropy: Buddhist welfarism in Singapore55
Female Expatriates in Hong Kong – Negotiating a Transnational Life and Identity in a Global City35
Where anthropology meets diaspora studies: Some considerations in Qiaoxiang studies182
Place and Spirit in Taiwan. Tudi Gong in the stories, strategies and memories of everyday life76
Daily Ups and Downs: An Event-Sampling Study of the Mediated Moderation of Prosocial Engagement on Well-Being34
Negotiating masculinities: the story of Hong Kong young basketballers311
A Cloudy Future for Hong Kong Trade Unions After Handover41
The Impact of Social Media: Teacher pack (January 2018)117
Clash of civilizations, dialogue of civilizations, global civilization52
Children raping children: penal elitism and the contested innocence frame in Hong Kong81
Fantasy is More Believable: The Shadow Civil Sphere in Chinese Online Fiction14
Dancing and Drugs: A Cross-National Perspective56
The social construction of the Chinese youth new arrivals and crime inHong Kong newspapers: reflecting the truepicture?202
The Impact of Social Media: Student pack (January 2018)186
Finding place in the liquid city : mobility and identity in Lan Kwai Fong229
Report on Research of Beat Drugs Master (BDM): Executive summary77
Islam, desires, and intimate relations in an ethnic context : exploration of extramarital relationships among the Hui in Western China238
Developing a base for global fashion in Korea: how a budding fashion industry emerged from a big business-driven economy67
Sex Work at the Crossroads: New Books in the Field37
Introduction: ‘Redemptive Societies’ – ‘Rural Religion’ or ‘Heterodox Sects’?83
Is art education a mission impossible in Hong Kong?48
Strategic in/visibility: Does agency make sex workers invisible?120
Medicine and Religion: The Contrast of Orthodoxy and Secularism in Indian Medicine (Ayuverda)68
The role of social network in production regime and labor protest : a study on the migrant construction workers in China107
The cultural politics of clan associations in contemporary Singapore55
The Changing Language Usage and Identity: Hong Kong under Re-nationalization57
"Healing Tao USA" and Popular American Daoism31
The Pursuit of Masculinity by Young Gay Men in Neoliberal Hong Kong and Shanghai3
Humanistic Buddhism and the Global Reach of Philanthropy17
Towards religious modernity: Reformist Buddhism in Singapore34
Rebuilding the Ancestral Village: Singaporeans in China72
Social cohesion in meeting youth development needs in deprived communities in Hong Kong: The case of Tin Shui Wai72
Producing difference, producing knowledge23
Ethics And Experiences Of Honoraria With Marginalized Groups124
Policing a modern Confucian order: bureaucratizing virtue and standardizing sentiment34
Falun gong : La tentation du politique119
A market of distrust and obligation: the micropolitics of unofficial payments for Hospital Care in China104
Broadening the Criminological Terrain - Public Criminology meets Southern Criminology2
Abstract and Summary of 'Getting into the Gang: Methodological Issues in Studying Ethnic Gangs', for special issue, 'Etiology and Prevention of Drug Use: The U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Monographs: 1991-1993'80
Policing the 1967 riots in Hong Kong: strategies, rationales and implications1175
Les danwei religieuses: l'institutionalisation de la religion en Chine populaire96
Tolerance and Trust: Exploring the Ethos of the Hong Kong People100
Sexual violence: perceptions and experiences of adolescent girls in Hong Kong217
Youth gangs and drugs: The case of marijuana98
Repositioning a literary magazine to an art group : challenges and strategies145
The alchemical wedding of Michael Winn: an American Daoist Master gets married atop a sacred Chinese mountain56
Precarious conditions and the Bohemian ethic: the structuring of non-regular employment in recessionary Japan32
Customary and legal marriages: Emerging trends in Hong Kong40
Going Home: Tille Double-Edged Sword: The Paradox of Family Among Women Drug Users in Hawai'i61
Negotiating Status: Interaction between Customers and Salespersons of Online Shopping In China37
Aborigines and Crime in Australia80
Chinese women and the cyberspace80
Mission strategy of the Roman Catholic Church of Hong Kong, 1949 to 1974213
“Healing Tao USA” and the History of Western Spiritual Individualism38
Employee's health insurance66
The perspective of feminists : gender role modelling on Disney princess theme songs112
Globalisation and the Illicit Drug Trade in Hong Kong38
Democratisation and the Hong Kong middle: class towards an integrative approach261
Trafficking and Global Crime Control99
Constructing hegemony by the making of news: case studies on television and the press in Hong Kong216
Judicial crisis in Hong Kong: a case study ofCheung Tze-Keung215
Author-meets-critics panel on Dream Trippers: Global Daoism and the Predicament of Modern Spirituality16
Mafia State: The Evolving Threat of North Korean Narcotics Trafficking140
Violence and Girl Gangs48
Street Habitus: Gangs, Territorialism and Social Change in Glasgow84
The Aporia of the Divided Self: Closet Volunteers and Moral Breakdown in China18
Contesting Space, Contesting Power: Policing Slogans/Posters in Guangzhou65
Tolerance and Trust: Exploring the Hong Kong Ethos54
Cultural policy in action: a comparative study of community arts endeavours in Hong Kong and Sydney356
Maurine’s folly : an archival and oral history of the leisure craft of Hong Kong’s colonial governors88
Voluntary organizations in the Chinese Diaspora62
The impact of Chinese culture on corruption in Hong Kong249
School deviance and the role of the discipline master in some Hong Kong secondary schools588
Intertwining intimacies and the male client in the Chinese Sex Industry30
Music, space and community in Hong Kong107
Rights to drug rehabilitation: lessons to be learned from treatment of heroin addiction in Hong Kong for treating young psychotropic drug users56
"Criminal village" : cake uncle and cake delivery in rural China418
Rehabilitative programmes for female offenders operated by the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department204
Zhoujiazhuang village: A study of the heritage of the people's commune39
Rural leadership in change: the case of Sheung Shui Village, Hong Kong225
The Global Crisis and Its Impact on Undocumented Migrants17
Im Calling My Mom: The Meaning of Family and Kinship among Latina Homegirls61
The Meaning and Gendered Culture of Getting High: Gang Girls & Drug Issues43
Consumption, taste and cultural capital: the case of Hong Kong407
Introduction: The Chinese diaspora and voluntary associations45
Doing criminological ethnography in China: Opportunities and challenges93
Part-Time Employment and Problem Behaviors: Evidence From Adolescents in South Korea33
Doing gender: a case study of a coeducationalsecondary school in Hong Kong273
Hanging out with Goals: Intimate Economies in Hong Kong13
Worshipping KuanTi: a study of subculture in Hong Kong police force and the triad334
Vom chinesischen religiösen Synkretismus zum Reformbuddhismus: Religiöse Modernisierung in Singapur40
Technology and social change : the interaction between aviation development and Hong Kong society43
Media for cultural praxis: a case-study of Hong Kong In-Media293
Food and distinction in Hong Kong families292
Glo-cal fashion marketing communication in China62
Adam Smith and A Contextualized Understanding of Political Economy in China34
An exploratory study of the problems encountered by pre-discharge residents in a probation home183
Strikes in Hong Kong: a sociological study213
Colonial responses to youth crime in Hong Kong: Penal elitsm, legitmacy and citzenship48
Crime, Punishment, and Policing in China93
Governing injecting drug users in the context of risk environment under neo-liberal drug policy in Macao244
Corruption and its complainants: reasons for complaining to the ICAC - a theoretical model192
Transnational queer sociological analysis of sexual identity and civic-political activism in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China8
Universalistic humanitarianism in Mainland China: A case study of a French NGO74
An examination of child sexual abuse in Hong Kong381
"I'm calling my mom": The meaning of family and kinship among homegirls248
Adam Smith in Beijing: Lineages of the Twenty-First Century. By Giovanni Arrighi. Verso Press, 2007 (Book Review)30
Hong Kong's Middle Class After the Crisis (In Chinese)133
Perspectives of Same-Sex Sexualities and Self-Harm Among Service Providers and Teachers in Hong Kong35
A 'world-class' (labor) Camp/us: Foxconn And China's New Generation Of Labour Migrants65
The Resurrection of Lei Feng: Rebuilding the Chinese Party-State’s Infrastructure of Volunteer Mobilization28
Making Money Visible: Digital Money and Financial Precarity amongst Chinese Migrant Workers77
Author-meets-critics session on The Religious Question in Modern China5
Yoga and master Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings: the practice of self-reflexive projects among forty individuals inlate modern Hong Kong365
Shifting public anti-trafficking discourses through arts and media36
Confucian corrections? A Taiwanese case for an East Asian idea of police48
Social movements in Hong Kong since the 1970s: the prelude of democratization476
Emotions contests and reflexivity in the news: Examining discourse on youth crime in Canada162
Juvenile Gangs, Collective Violence and Triad Societies in Hong Kong72
Accomplishing Femininity Among Girls in the Gang86
Globalization, ethnicity and racism: An introduction89
Exploratory study on motivation and causation of shoplifting215
Hong Kong Gangs280
Andre Laliberte, The Politics of Buddhist Organizations in Taiwan: 1989-2003. Safeguarding the Faith, Building a Pure Land, Helping the Poor111
Clash and infighting: a pre-election study of the 2011 District Council Elections in Hong Kong44
The cultural economy of illlegal migration: migrant workers who overstay in Hong Kong72
The challenge for Mondragon: Searching for the cooperative values in times of internationalization36
Factors in Hong Kong airport customs stop and search decisions85
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods: Event-sampling Method, Multilevel Linear Analysis, And Big Data Analysis29
After The Bo Xilai Trial: Does Corruption Threaten China's Future?187
The Impact of Social Media: Conducting Independent Enquiry About Social Media – Teacher pack for HKDSE Liberal Studies (November 2018)44
社交媒體的影響: 關於社交媒體的通識教育科獨立專題探究 – 教材套(教師版)繁体中文版 2019年05月23
Space and Personal Contacts: Cross-Group Interaction between Mainland and Local University Students in Hong Kong158
Lived citizenship and lower-class Chinese migrant women: A global city without its people76
Triad related homicide in Hong Kong: 1989-1998182
Globalizing Daoism at Huashan: Quanzhen Monks, Danwei Politics and International Dream Trippers37
Organising discontent: NGOs for southeast Asian migrant workers in Hong Kong77
The making of female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong221
The dormitory labour regime in China as a site for control and resistance47
Gay and Grey: Participatory Action Research in Hong Kong93
The Peoples’ Peking Man: Popular Science and Human Identity in Twentieth-Century China, by Sigrid Schmalzer131
An anatomy of parole system in Hong Kong274
Introspective Narratives and Social Action: Participatory Videos from Hong Kong’s Domestic Workers, Asylum-seekers and Ethnic Minorities16
Perceptions of Policing in Hong Kong: Rule of law, political policing and tensions with Mainland China46
Beyond the 'All Seeing Eye': Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers’ Contestation of Care and Control in Hong Kong13
Transnationalizing compassion and the emergent cosmopolitan feminist spiritual self38
The Chinese diaspora’s new venture: Buddhist philanthropy50
Rethinking migration control in Asia29
Assimilation and delinquency: a study of teenage new Chinese arrivals in secondary schools of Hong Kong265
Kinship and Community: The Ice Crisis in Hawaii49
Accidents of equity and the aesthetics of Chinese offshore incorporation61
Understanding Sheng Nu (“Leftover Women”): the Phenomenon of Late Marriage among Chinese Professional Women660
Body Cultivation in Contemporary China136
Disappearing of traditional stores on Shanghai Street : how can/cannot the traditional stores survive?144
An Examination of Public Order Policing and MC6 in Hong Kong48
Gang Girls in Hong Kong99
Occulting the Dao: Daoist Inner Alchemy, French Spiritism, and Vietnamese Colonial Modernity in Caodai Translingual Practice31
Making home: three generations of Chinese immigrant women in Hong Kong301
Evaluation Report of Beat Drugs Master for Barnabas Charitable Association55
Power and Gender Dynamics in Chinese-Mozambican Fashion Exchanges3
Crying and Laughing: Ah Poh Narrating History76
(Un-)bottling : a discourse analysis of bottled water consumption culture in Hong Kong69
An Institutional Explanation of Media Corruption in China61
Policing prostitution in Hong Kong: an exploratory study in Mongkok District537
The Emergence of Clubs and Drugs in Hong Kong59
Social structure, gender consciousness and identity: analyzing the life history of middle class women in HongKong in the 1990s228
The Hong Kong social indicators surveys: objectives, practices and lessons68
Putting transnational labour process in its place: The dormitory labour regime in post-socialist China34
Handbook of the Sociology of Religion91
All I get is an emoticon: Intergenerational dating on lesbian mobile phone app Butterfly52
Policing the 1967 Riots in Hong Kong: An Alternative Account from Frontline Police Officers138
Transnational fashion media communication and Consumption in China and South Korea33
The political economy of public housing in Hong Kong: a sociological analysis334
Ordinary hopes, extraordinary lives : an ethnographic study of community college students in Hong Kong601
The Accidental Reconstruction of Colonial Legacy in Hong Kong: A Sociological Review of Built Heritage Revitalisation since 199717
Mediatizing outsiders: social media and the stranger in rural China49
Consuming home in Hong Kong: a qualitative study of middle class aspirations and practice250
Secularization, Sacralization and subject formation in modern China51
Chinese Governmentality and the Genealogy of Socialist Spiritual Civilization39
Women in the Global Religious Supermarket13
Stealing Shots: The Heroics and Helplessness of Media Labor103
Testing the global city-social polarisation thesis: Hong Kong since the 1990s195
Tethering rehabilitation and punishment: the salience and ambiguity of rehabilitative rhetoric within Canadian youth justice debates1093
Embodying Utopia: Charisma in the Post-Mao Qigong Craze124
Seeking Help for Mental Health Problems in Hong Kong: The Role of Family6
Rebuilding the Ancestral Village: Singaporeans in China97
Film Festivals as Institutions46
The Ethos of the Hong Kong Chinese Revisited128
Pathological Casino Gamblers and Big Winning Experiences in Hong Kong38
Negotiating Transnational memories: Singapore Chinese in between the Ancestral Village and their Adopted Home'52
Moving the goal post: middle class returnees encountering post-1997 Hong Kong and a growing Chinese economy65
Immediate Context, Culture, and Selective Attention: The Perceptions of Long-term Petitioners84
Reading audiences: spectatorship and stars inHong Kong cinema : the case of Chow Yun-fat218
Doing anthoropology within a transnational framework: A study of the Singapore Chinese and emigrant village ties66
Comics fandom in Hong Kong: a study of internet newsgroups260
State, technology and market : how were the virtual public spheres created in Hong Kong?318
Stockholm Syndrome as Vernacular Resource147
The Sacred Village. Social Change and Religious Life in North China79
The Gendered Meaning of Violence45
“Iron fi st in a velvet glove” vs. “people-biting rabbits”: exploring state-society relations in the making of the motorcycle ban policy in the Pearl River Delta14
Underprivileged students who succeed189
Negotiating Civility between Hong Kong Volunteers, Village Populations and Local Authorities: A Volunteer Teaching Group in Hongde County, Guangdong Province47
Strangership and Social Media: Moral Imaginaries of Gendered Strangers in Rural China205
Girls, Guys, Alcohol and Violence37
Attempted suicide among young rural women in the People's Republic of China: Possibilities for prevention55
The Politics of Cross-Border Crime in Greater China. Case Studies on Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau (Book Review)93
Enterprising self and labour subordination in a transitional economy : a case of R&D engineers in a Chinese high-tech firm32
Alcohol Use and Abuse among Asian Americans51
Industrial restructuring and labour-market adjustment under positive noninterventionism: the case of Hong Kong75
Senator Sir, Meet Susie Wong and the Inscrutable Fu Manchu41
Just click on it: political participation and Internet use among Hong Kong lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities86
Human trafficking and transnational migration37
Navigating conflict : a study of Christian sexual minorities in Hong Kong414
Globalization and the Illicit Drug Trade in Hong Kong35
Beyond the Social Centrality of Work and Post-Work Conditions: Creative Labour's Experience and Reaction to the Crumbling of Meaningful Employment in the Cultural and Creative Industries33
Deviant Police Officers in Hong Kong: Are They All Bad Apples73
Richard Madsen, Democracy’s Dharma: Religious Renaissance and Political Development in Taiwan. Berkeley: University of California Press. 2007 (Book Review)33
White collar crime: major bank fraud cases inHong Kong503
How is Death Penalty Used in China?59
Ethnic Confrontation and Legal Jurisdictions in Late Imperial Inner Mongolia13
Legitimate Force in a Particularistic Democracy: Street Police and Outlaw Legislators in the Republic of China on Taiwan63
Inventing a Moral Crisis and the Singapore State145
Creativity and its Discontents: China's Creative Industries and Intellectual Property Rights Offenses, by Laikwan Pang86
Negotiating the ethics of gendered online spaces in Mainland China and Hong Kong75
Shoplifting should not be dealt with by criminal sanction251
Class Talk: Oral Narratives and Class Identity58
Its alot to live up to: gangs, girls and femininity41
Obedient Autonomy: Chinese Intellectuals and the Achievement of Orderly Life, par Erika E. S. Evasdottir. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press, 2004144
A decade's struggle: ideology, frame transformation, and collection action of the Falun Gong57
To nip the pot in its bud is to sniff out the dirty laundry: as the Hong Kong till rings40
Creating a market in the presence of cultural resistance: The case of life insurance in China321
Alcohol and violence in the lives of gang members182
Entrepreneurship in an indigenous community: sustainable tourism and economic development in a newly inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site92
Market socialism in China: the case of middlemanagement in small-sized state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen208
Imagin(eer)ing Peace: Simulations of the State3
Crying and Laughing - Ah Poh Narrating History96
INVITED SPEAKER - at the Book Launch of MY BOOK Social Movements in China and Hong Kong in the ICAS Publication Series26
Local Corporatism and Culture-oriented Urban Redevelopment: Transforming a Ferry Terminal into an Art Museum in Ningbo, China67
More than a sex machine: Accomplishing masculinity among Chinese male sex workers in the Hong Kong sex industry412
Maternity and modernity in Hong Kong249
Perception of rape: gender differences in theattribution of responsibility on acquaintance rape victims200
Oral Histories of Older Gay Men in Hong Kong: Unspoken but Unforgotten4
Challenging Digital Capitalism: SACOM’s Campaigns against Apple and Foxconn as Monopoly Capital80
Face-Work on Social Media in China: The Presentation of Self on Renren and Facebook64
Business networks, cultural values and the state in Hong Kong and Singapore108
Chinese women and the cyberspace80
社交媒體的影響: 關於社交媒體的通識教育科獨立專題探究 – 教材套(學生版)繁体中文版 2019年05月24
The Hukou and Traditional Virtue: An Ethnographic Note on Taiwanese Policing51
Community policing in the Yau Ma Tei wholesale fruit market in Hong Kong : a social capital perspective163
The juvenile justice system in Hong Kong: helpful or punitive?602
Emerging Costs Of China’s Belt And Road Strategy For Transboundary Water In South And Southeast Asia8
What it feels like for a whore: The body politics of women performing erotic labour in Hong Kong326
New imaginations of sustainable consumption in Hong Kong40
In search of a good life: Class, consumption and gated communities in lifestyle migration in Asia47
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Crime, Policing and Punishment in China, 2nd edition64
Collective memories as cultural capital: from Chinese Diaspora to emigrant hometowns44
Ethnic identity and transnational religious innovation in modern Vietnam: conjugating Chinese Redemptive Societies and French Occultism in the Cao Dai Religion50
Undocumented Indonesian workers in Macau: The human outcome of colluding interests133
Risks, resources and allies: sex workers' strategies for working with other sex workers32
'Cowboy Cloth' and kinship: The closeness of denim consumption in a south-west Chinese city65
Rethinking Chinese Sociology of Homosexuality in Contemporary China36
The representation and projection of Hong Kong and Asia through corporation branding : British Airways as case study71
Interns or Workers? China’s Student Labor Regime106
What makes the food commercials sticky with Chinese adolescents?58
Public sensibilities towards crime and disorder in Hong Kong43
A Clown, a Political Messiah or a Punching Bag? Crafting and Negotiating Multiple Celebrity Identities through Social Media 35
The government and the clerical workers: a case study of labour-management conflict in the Hong Kong civilservice169
Falun Gong: The End of Days. By MARIA HSIA CHANG. [New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 188 pp. $25.00; £16.99. ISBN 0-300-10227-5.]113
Institutionalizing sentimental control: community policing and neighbourhood justice in Taiwan43
Reporting shoplifting: how do the Hong Kong citizens behave?295
Familiar Strangers: Social Media and the Outsider in Chinese Kinship​22
The making of migrant entrepreneurs in contemporary China: an ethnographic study of garment producers in suburbanGuangzhou224
Social theory and gender bias187
Embodied Versus Disembodied Information: How online artifacts influence offline interpersonal interaction17
Welfare in Chinese state enterprises: managerial and employee response to state-mandated reforms216
The causes of collective violence among vietnamese asylum-seekers in Hong Kong217
Framing social movements in contemporary China and Hong Kong89
Teachers, pupils and schools: a study of social class and school processes in primary one classes in HongKong219
Particularism and the Chinese social fabric86
Anti-Globalisation Movement as Protest Space in Hong Kong Society31
Restorative justice: the future penality of Hong Kong261
Art worlds in transitional societies: An actor-network theory (ANT) perspective on art and social change in China1350
How China promotes its military officers: Interactions between formal and informal institutions150
Luxury Brands and Deriving Fashion Meanings in a Media Context in Hong Kong154
Alcohol and Masculinity: The Case of Gangs48
The right to leisure : how do Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong spend their free time?84
An examination of the care and protection order in Hong Kong251
Tuned Out or Tuned In: A Global Perspective on Dance Drug Scene38
Private Knowledge and Public language: The Deictics of Discretion in Online Disclosures119
A chronology of Hong Kong’s umbrella movement: January 2013–December 201448
Small Places Turned Inside-Out: Social Networking in Small Communities40
The Impact of Social Media: Conducting Independent Enquiry About Social Media – Teacher's Slides for HKDSE Liberal Studies (May 2018)37
The Meaning and Response to Domestic Violence in a Chinese Society38
Revitalizing a fading art : the future of Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong93
Chinese women and the cyberspace166
Hong Kong's 1970s266
Gan-en (感恩) and Ye (业): locating collective compassion in the monastic individual40
How the World Changed Social Media93
Where anthropology meets Diaspora atudies: Some considerations for emigrant village (Qiaoxiang) studies40
Negotiated order between writers and readers: a symbolic interaction perspective on online literature in China91
Human Trafficking: The Case of Hong Kong43
Prayers, press, protest, and practice : police praxis in Hong Kong550
Authenticity and Authority in the Emergence of a Global Daoist Field14
Policing Protest: The Western Experience51
The Charisma of Shangri-la130
Practice versus Doctrine in Cross-Cultural Knowledge Transfer: The Reception of Western Medicine in Nineteenth-Century China78
Domestic violence: who is the victim?245
The invisible linkages: a study of Chaozhou rice entrepreneurs in Hong Kong213
The Increasing Threat of Chinese Organised Crime: National, Regional and International Perspectives182
Hong Kong's changing opportunity structures: political concerns and sociological observations590
Institution, Culture, and Corroboration of Everyday Life – Situational Identification of Migrants and their Children in Urban China58
School Contexts and 'Acting White' - Peer Networks of Somali Immigrant Youths in an Afrocentric Charter School30
Mutual Fashion Adaptation in the Context of Chinese Migration to Mozambique5
Negotiated order between writers and readers: a symbolic interaction perspective on Chinese online literature47
Buying Sex as Edgework: Hong Kong Male Clients in Commercial Sex208
Physical activity for cancer survivors: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.157
Irregular migration in East Asia34
Youth Rape In Hong Kong208
Migration Control in Asia20
An exploratory study of intimidation of adolescents using the lifestyle/exposure model of personal victimization176
Hong Kong Lifestyle Migrants in China31
Moving beyond the gang-drug-violence connection110
Collective Memories as Cultural Capital: From Chinese Diaspora to Emigrant Hometowns14
Creative industries in flux – a critical investigation into the challenges, agency and potential of cultural and creative workers in Hong Kong130
Motorcycle taxi drivers and motorcycle ban policy in the Pearl River Delta699
Your kingdom come : A case study on Christian giving10
Policing the Southern Chinese Seaboard66
'Tip of the ice-berg': exploratory study on the increasing trend of abusing 'ICE' by young people in Hong Kong215
Public trust in policing in Hong Kong72
Differentiated normalization?: Heroin and psychotropic drug use in Hong Kong68
Navigating liquid modernity and flexible capitalism: negotiating 'work', 'success', and 'character' in HongKong290
Lineage and rural industry in South China: the case of Taishan228
Accomplishing femininity among the girls in the gang138
The Potential Contribution and Curious Absence of Social Constructionism from Debates over Public Sociology51
Moral Education26
Women in transition: from working daughters to unemployed mothers325
Leaderless resistance and ideological inclusion: The case of the earth liberation front129
Strategic planning in arts education programme : the case Of Asia art archive in Hong Kong97
Education Ethos and Social Change66
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