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The University of Hong Kong620
Clarks Summit486
Kwun Hang208
A developmental language screening scale for use in Hong Kong141
Horse racing112
The diagnosis and prevalence of hyperactivity in Chinese schoolboys143
Convex linear combinations of compositions58
The Localization of the Hong Kong Civil Service211
An alternative method for dating unknown tephras based on a segmented regression model95
Modern society shocked by its risks2329
Separation and comorbidity of hyperactivity and conduct disturbance in Chinese schoolboys90
Multi-disciplinary Investigation on the Health of Hong Kong Primary School Children155
Bayesian loss functions for structure choice68
Homeostatic cardiovascular responses to haemorrhage, hypoxia and halothane overdose in the anaesthetised hypertensive and normotensive rat - A pilot study99
The Open Access Advantage200
An approximation to ordering probabilities of multi-entry competitions486
A social history of industrial strikes and the labour movement in Hong Kong, 1946-1989195
International markets and national traditions Japanese capitalism in the 21st century : a public lecture delivered at the University of Hong Kong on 25 February 1991 /85
Approximating the Ordering Probabilities of Multi-entry Competitions by a Simple Method533
Development of clinical decision support for the management of acute abdominal pain125
Antagonism of the hypnotic effect of midazolam in children: A randomized, double-blind study of placebo and flumazenil administered after midazolam-induced anaesthesia147
The international prevalence study on physical activity: Results from 20 countries152
Active and passive smoking, kerosene stove usage and home incense burning among female lung cancer patients: A case-control study176
Modelling the winning probabilities229
Recent developments in the area of creative thinking in Hong Kong109
Emigration and stability in Hong Kong160
A study on the validity and reliability of telephone interview and mail questionnaire in obtaining patient satisfaction levels in the accident and emergency department80
An investigation of the enhancement of tumour growth by blood transfusion91
Factors influencing indoor air quality in Hong Kong: Measurements in offices and shops111
Open Access in Hong Kong – where are we now?83
The determination of cut-off point in receiver operating characteristic curve for the management of acute abdominal pain146
Multivariate discrete density estimation using kernel densities108
Bayesian optimal designs for probit regression with errors-in-variables101
Public opinion in the late transition period63
The structure and prevalence of behavioral problems in Hong Kong preschool children82
The paradoxes of civil society106
Air pollution and environmental injustice: Are the socially deprived exposed to more PM2.5 pollution in Hong Kong?108
The Polish criminal justice system and recent political developments in Poland a public lecture delivered at the University of Hong Kong on 1 May 1990 /90
Probability and Statistical models for racing263
Viability of the health protection account in Hong Kong.144
Bilingualism and multilingualism in the HKSAR: Language surveys and Hong Kong's changing linguistic profile164
Proceedings of the opening of the Drug Addiction Research Unit of the University of Hong Kong137
Corporate interlocks and social network analysis109
Ranking methods for compositional data74
The application of ranking probability models to racetrack betting147
Hong Kong, The United Nations International Crime Victim Survey: Final Report of the 2006 Hong Kong UNICVS246
Hong Kong's health system: Reflections, perspectives and visions196
Health financing reform122
Preschool behaviour disorders in Hong Kong: a cross-cultural perspective121
Diagnosis of acute appendicitis: a robust system to handle variations in the quality of input data121
A comparison of three induction agents in paediatric anaesthesia - Cardiovascular effects and recovery136
Knowledge transfer at HKU177
Victims' reactions to gang extortion in New York City's Chinatown a public lecture delivered at the University of Hong Kong on 11 January 1994 /94
Multidisciplinary investigation of the health of Hong Kong primary school children69
The prevalence and correlates of severe social withdrawal (hikikomori) in Hong Kong: A cross-sectional telephone-based survey study531
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods470
Public attitudes to tobacco control in Hong Kong283
The Hong Kong Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking: Technical Report185
Levels Of Habitual Physical Activity In Hong Kong Chinese As Assessed By Ipaq (short, Interview)134
Gait of normal Hong Kong Chinese children: The bootstrap approach125
History, ethics and forces of change86
The renegotiation of Chinese cultural identity in the post -mao era a public lecture delivered at the University of Hong Kong on 19 March 1991 /141
A comparative study of computed tomographic and plain radiographic methods to measure vertebral rotation in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis90
On buffered threshold GARCH models31
Situational versus pervasive hyperactivity in a community sample96
Compositional data: an overview99
English-medium instruction in Singapore higher education: policy, realities and challenges89
When does corruption grease wheels of an economy164
The selection of Olympic athletes97
Public opinion62
A comparison between two models for predicting ordering probabilities in multiple-entry competitions122
Mixing of compositions at points and along lines94
A short history of compositional data analysis125
A study on the Use of Language in the Workplace of Hong Kong40
Log contrast models for experiments with mixtures85
Admission to hospital, characteristics of the admitted patients and attitude toward quality of care in an accident and emergency (A&E) department: implications for data bases and information systems149
Cognitive-behavioural group therapy for Hong Kong Chinese adults with mental health problems114
The risk ratio versus odds ratio argument revisited from a compositional data analysis perspective65
Discrete and Continuous Compositions118
Establishing the constructs of childhood behavioral disturbances in a Chinese population: A questionnaire study108
Why leaders fight eating and drinking: anticorruption campaigns in China62
Bayesian analysis of errors-in-variables in binary regression models163
Social movement as cognitive praxis the case of the student and labour movements in Hong Kong /194
The Open Access Advantage Revisited196
Global business regulation and the sovereignty of citizens a public lecture delivered at the University of Hong Kong on 10 April 1995 /101
A study on characteristics and levels of satisfaction for semi-urgent and non-urgent patients utilizing the accident and emergency service85
Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution in shops and offices in Hong Kong and health effects126
Language Use, Proficiency and Attitudes in Hong Kong736
Peak oxygen uptake of 12-18-year-old boys living in a densely populated urban environment.110
A comparison between two models for predicting ordering probabilities in multi-entry competitions210
Bayesian estimation of finite subpopulation size67
Bayesian Analysis of 3-State Devices118
A modified racetrack betting system178
Dietary behavior and knowledge of dental erosion among Chinese adults76
Environmental correlates of physical activity levels needed to promote health in Hong Kong87
Modelling Structural Zeros in Compositional data123
Proceedings of a conference psychiatric rehabilitation the Asian experience /99
The difference in vote shares for multiple vote systems87
Japan and the multiplicity of cultural programmes of modernity89
Globalization, 'folk models' of the world order and national identity Japanese business expatriates in Singapore /115
Business and the Risk of Crime in China120
Logistic analyses for complicated bets223
People, culture, and society a researcher's guide to psychological studies in Hong Kong /186
Convex linear combination processes for compositions96
Knowledge exchange at HKU58
Recasting development theory in Latin America and East Asia79
Hong Kong International Violence Against Women Survey112
An Integrative Model of Internalized Stigma and Recovery-related Outcomes among People Diagnosed with Schizophrenia in Rural China107
Application of discriminant function analysis and change-point problem in dating volcanic ashes116
Mobile vs. Fixed-line Surveys in Hong Kong105
Organisational, management and quality of care issues121
Hong Kong's scleractinian coral-gallery communities117
Privacy and Law Reform: What can we learn from the Hong Kong process?74
The 'representativeness' of the senior civil service in Hong Kong108
Reinstating class a structural and developmental study of Hong Kong society362
Longitudinal assessment of community psychobehavioral responses during and after the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong120
On detecting the differences in jazz: a reassessment of comparative methods of measuring perceptual veridicality70
Compound compositional data processes100
Compositional data, Bayesian inference and the modeling process160
Development of public opinion surveys88
A comparison of expiratory flow rates in two breathing circuits used for manual inflation of the lungs133
Charting multilingualism: language censuses and language surveys in Hong Kong261
The developmental language screening scale: a validation and normative study144
Policing by consent current thinking on police accountability in Great Britain : a public lecture delivered at the University of Hong Kong on 2 April 1990 /92
The relationship between smoking & adolescent substance abuse in Hong Kong106
The early Japanese translations of Sigmund Freud's works an annotated list /83