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A field experiment testing frontline opinion leaders as change agents211
The effects of group decision support systems and task structures on group communication and decision quality184
A Validity Study of the Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire in Hong Kong187
Reliability and classification stability of learning style inventory in Hong Kong173
How Does Customer Participation Drive Performance Outcomes? The Salience of Value Cocreation and Culture120
Servant leadership and team performance: moderating effects of cultural values96
The mediating effects of social exchange and self-enhancement on the relationship between idiosyncratic deals and employee contribution55
Is customer participation in value creation a double-edged sword? evidence from professional financial services across cultures375
The Effects of Job Complexity and Autonomy on Cohesiveness in Collectivistic and Individualistic Work Groups: A Cross-Cultural Analysis146
SERVQUAL: A tool for measuring patients' opinions of hospital service quality in Hong Kong360
Gender, extra-firm mobility, and compensation attainment in the United States and Hong Kong183
Evaluating Hong Kong Performance Appraisal Systames: A Cautionary Note from Clinical Perspective87
Quality management and job satisfaction: an empirical study161
Assessing the validity of SERVQUAL: an empirical analysis in Hong Kong159
Revealing Complex Chinese Industrial and Organizational Cognitions Using System Elements84
Applications of quality improvement tools in Hong Kong: an empirical analysis144
The Impact of Leader Eye Gaze on Disparity in Member Influence: Implications for Process and Performance in Diverse Groups50
Measuring service quality: A test-retest reliability investigation off SERVQUAL87
Relationship between organizational justice and employee work outcomes: A cross-national study194
The effects of group esteem on group communication and decision quality140
Social power for quality policies compliance143
The role of social capital and dynamic capabilities in growth and survival of international new ventures91
Social Power for Compliance of Middle Managers and Front-Line Workers with Quality Improvement Policies119
Embracing Transformational Leadership: Team Values and the Impact of Leader Behavior on Team Performance164
Esteem maintenance among groups: Laboratory and field studies of group performance cognitions168
Service quality of hospitals in Hong Kong: a longitudinal measurement by SERVQUAL77
The utilization of influence tactics for the implementation of quality improvement policies105
The role of locus of control in reactions to being promoted and to being passed over: A quasi experiment215
Test-retest reliability of the organizational commitment questionnaire85
Applications of quantitative techniques in Hong Kong: An empirical analysis63
Performance appraisals in Hong Kong: how consistent are the cognitive maps of non-human resource appraisers and non-human resource appraisees in determining what makes an effective appraisal system121
The relationship between external job mobility and salary attainment across career stages118
An assessment of the reliability and validity of the leadership practices inventory in Hong Kong190
Performance appraisals in Hong Kong: How consistent are the cognitive maps of human resources and non-human resources professionals in determining what makes an effective appraisal system122
Theories of Job Stress and the Role of Traditional Values: A Longitudinal Study in China207
Eliciting Personal Constructs of Chiense Respondents: Grid Applicaiton in Human Resources90
Organizational citizenship behavior: Comparing perspectives of supervisors and subordinates across four international samples116
Integrating HR planning and organisational strategy170
Hidden Profile Decision Making: The Effects of Group Efficacy136
Do Customers and Employees Enjoy Service Participation? Synergic Effects of Self- and Other-Efficacy215
Collective efficacy versus self-efficacy in coping responses to stressors and control: A cross-cultural study248
Good for the Goose or Gander? Effect of Customer Participation Orientation on Customer and Employee Satisfaction116
Instrumental values of organizational citizenship behavior for promotion: A field quasi-experiment207
Group Citizenship Behaviour: Conceptualization and Preliminary Tests of its Antecedents and Consequences126
Designing a Customer/Student-Driven Teaching Evaluation using the repertory Grid Technique: From Abstract Understanding to Hearing it from the Natives102
Can good citizens lead the way in providing quality service? A field quasi experiment336
Responses to formal performance appraisal feedback: the role of negative affectivity.172
Quality Planning: The Relationship Between Objectives and Process112
Applications of quality improvement tools in Hong Kong: An empirical analysis72
Staff localization and environmental uncertainty on firm performance in China181
Improving group decisions by better pooling information: A comparative advantage of group decision support systems214
Participative decision making and employee performance in different cultures: The moderating effects of allocentrism/idiocentrism and efficacy116
Measuring service quality: an empirical analysis in Hong Kong235
Active trust development of local senior managers in international subsidiaries134
Effects of Staff Localization on Firm Performance in China116
Job Satisfaction among Quality Managers in Hong Kong: A Survey109
Comparing lots before and after: Promotion rejectees' invidious reactions to promotees349
Total quality management and its impact on middle managers and front-line workers167
Chinese Managerial Cognitions of Appraisal Systems110
Can Peers' Ethical and Transformational Leadership Improve Coworkers' Service Quality? A Latent Growth Analysis.115
Quality planning performance: an empirical analysis in Hong Kong110
Can I do it? Can you do it? Roles of self-efficacy and other-efficacy of customers and employees in service participation150
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Promotion- and prevention-focused coping: A meta-analytic examination of regulatory strategies in the work stress process219
Comparing apples with apples: The importance of element wording in grid applications55
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The effects of job complexity and autonomy on cohesiveness in collectivistic and individualistic work groups: A cross-cultural analysis252
Total quality management and performance appraisal: An experimental study of process versus results and group versus individual approaches195
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Counterproductive Work Behavior: Do Males and Females Differ?116
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Organizational citizenship behavior in work groups: A team cultural perspective.143
Organizational Citizenship Behavior within the Supervisor-Subordinate Dyad OCBs in the Supervisory Dyad114
Validity and reliability of the Rahim Leader power inventory: an investigation in Hong Kong120
Influencing tactics on successful implementation of quality improvement policies73
What Good Soldiers Are Made Of: The Role Of Personality Similarity66
Psychological contract breaches, organizational commitment, and innovation-related behaviors: A latent growth modeling approach222