InvestigatorsNo. of Grants
shen, shunqing 3
chen, gang 1
wang, chenjie 1
wang, zidan 1
zhao, yuxin 1
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Keywords in Grants
keywordsNo. of Investigators
quantum matter, quantum dynamics, topological transport, many-body localization, strongly correlated systems 4
crysalline topological phases, topological metal/insulator, global topology in the k space, real equivariant k theory, quantum simulations 3
theoretical, topological states, condensed matter systems, cold atoms 2
cold atoms, optical lattices, syntheic quantum matter, quantum simulation, quantum gases 1
dilute fermi gas, p-wave resonance, effective range expansion, fermi liquid theory, transport coefficient 1
large spin fermi gases, spin diffusion, contact and universal relation, su(n) fermi gases, fermi liquid theory 1
quantum state, ultracold atom, optical lattice, laser cooling and trapping, quantum physics 1
spin diffusion in fermi gases, bec-bcs crossover, fermi liquid theory, unitary fermi gases, universal relations 1
spin-orbit coupling, optical lattices, superfluid-mott transition, slave, topological phases 1
spin-orbit coupling, superfluid and normal density, landau hydrodynamic theory, second sound 1
strongly interacting fermi gas, p-wave resonance, contact and universal relation, low-dimensional quantum gases, exact relations 1
topological phases, majorana fermions, optical lattices, spin-orbit coupling, p-wave superfluid 1
unitary fermi gas, bulk and shear viscosity, transport coefficient, effective range, p-wave fermi gas 1
unitary fermi gas, spin diffusion, kinetic equation, umklapp scattering, transport coefficient 1
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Disciplines in Grants
DisciplinesNo. of Investigators
physics 6
physics,materials sciences 2
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