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Professor Sun, Min 孫敏


Contact Information
Professional Qualifications
YearAwarding InstitutionQualification
1982Peking UniversityB.Sc
The University of British ColumbiaM.Sc
The University of British ColumbiaPh.D

Professor Min Sun obtained his B Sc degree from Peking University in 1982 and then he worked in Canada for his M Sc and Ph D degrees (both from UBC) and PDF research (Saskatchewan). He came to HKU in 1994 as an assistant professor and became a full professor in 2006. 

Professor Min Sun teaches courses in Physical Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry. At HKU, he worked on geochemical projects on North China Craton, South China Craton, and paleo-climate reconstruction using coral proxy. Now he is mainly working on the Central Asian Orogenic Belt.

Honours, Awards & Prizes
AwardeesAward DateHonours / Awards / PrizesCategory
2001-12-01Outstanding Young Researcher Award (2001), HKU
Research Achievement
1999-08-01Outstanding Young Researcher, NSF China, 1999
Research Achievement
2018-12-01Natural Science Award (First Class): Ministry of Education, China
Research Achievement
2015-12-01State Natural Science Award (2nd Class; First Awardee): State Council of P.R.China
Research Achievement
2018-06-01Geologic and Geochronologic analysis of fossil-bearing amber from Myanmar: RGC General Research Fund
Research Achievement
Professional Societies
Term PeriodPositionProfessional Societies
06/2009 - presentCoucil MemberGuangdong Association of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
05/1997 - presentFellowGeological Association of Canada
04/1997 - presentCommittee MemberGeological Society of Hong Kong
08/2000 - presentExecutive Committee MemberWorld Chinese Geological Union
06/1986 - presentMemberAmerican Geophysical Union
04/2009 - presentCoucil MemberChinese Association of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
09/1995 - presentCommitte MemberSubcommittee of mantle study, CAMPG
Media Contact Directory
Area of Expertise:
Area of Expertise (EN)Area of Expertise (ZH)
Isotope geochronology同位素地質年代學
Spoken Languages:
Spoken Language(s) (EN)Spoken Language(s) (ZH)
English, Putonghua英語、普通話
Written Languages:
Written Language(s) (EN)Written Language(s) (ZH)
English, Chinese英文、中文
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